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on November 22, 2016
I have ordered Go Picnics on Amazon many times now, and 3 of the last 4 times I have gotten the incorrect order. I give up. My daughter absolutely loves Go Picnics, and I love the convenience, but we keep getting flavors we didn't order and don't like. Amazon needs to figure this out or quit offering choices that they aren't fulfilling.
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on April 15, 2014
baja blend - delicious, I could eat like 5 more of these.

seed blend - not stale, but very dry. but great and flavorful ingredients.

chocolate - was expecting (and really looking forward to) trying that chocomallocrispe thing. instead, it was dark chocolate of excellent quality, except with salt. I know that's a trendy thing the last few years, but I really dislike it.

crackers - very, very tasty. but not enough for the amount of hummus included.

...well, except for the fact that:

hummus - just sort of weird and unexpected chemical sourness. I ended up eating most of the crackers plain (still yum!) and throwing the hummus away. I eat a lot of hummus - from the store; made from scratch at home; even from dehydrated powdered mixes (surprisingly good). but this was like nothing I ever tried, and not in a good way, sorry. given it's sort of the main part of the meal, it kind of made things a letdown overall.

I'm still willing to give other meals a shot, but I would not purchase this one again.

ADDITION: (since amazon won't let me do a separate review for tasty favorites variety pack)

black bean dip:
- ginger fruit & nut mix - decent, although each bite was kind of hit or miss if I could taste ginger or not
- seed mix - very nice, the oil in the sunflower seeds kept it from being too dry
- plantain chips - not much flavor, which was ok because...
- black bean dip - great black bean flavor and well spiced. little too much lime but still good.
- dark chocolate tangerine orbites - not at all what I was expecting it would taste like! but once past that I really enjoyed them.

no. scroll up a bit for my review of the hummus 6-pack, which is basically the same thing. except the variety pack version has the orbites instead of the gross salt chocolate. still, no. I will eat everything except the hummus.

sunflower butter:
- mountain mambo - quite good typical fruit nut mix
- fruit leather - yum. great pineapple and mango taste. texture is a bit softer/sticky, chewier/drier might be better. still, I'd buy these on their own.
- multi-grain crackers - great rice crunch, sweet underlying corn. goes perfectly with...
- sunflower butter - so good. almost think it was peanut butter, just less oily, less rich, less strong, less gluey/sticky. I would buy this in a jar.
- chocolate chip cookies - pretty much as they should be. not amazing but definitely above average.

so overall:
- hummus 6-pack: never again.
- tasty favorites variety pack: never again (but only because of the hummus meals)
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on September 29, 2016
This is an inaccurate description and picture. I was excited to try 1 of each of the 6 gluten free flavors. I double checked the description and picture multiple times. Once the product arrived I discovered I had only received 2 of each of the 3 flavors. It was very disappointing. Of course Amazon customer service was amazing as usual and I have no complaints with them but the inaccurate description was a huge let down.
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on May 3, 2016
I gave this item a "C" grade because it just seems midway; I don't hate them but don't love them. I've tried all the different varieties in the hope that one of them would pop out at me and make me love it, but it never happened. The chocolates, gummies, stuff like that is not bad. However, the hummus is the worst I have ever had in my life. Maybe I am just spoiled because I so enjoy homemade hummus, but this stuff in the little squeezy pack literally made me want to vomit. Crackers are not bad. Salami was eh. The spicy nuts were weird tasting. I usually ended up eating the sweets and crackers and throwing the
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on November 23, 2016
These are delicious but for some reason the last two times I've ordered the variety pack, I instead got six pack of all one single flavor or kind. Please correct this Amazon. It is a great product.
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on November 5, 2013
Amazon combined the reviews for the different GoPicnic products. Overall I would definitely suggest stocking up on these-- IF the PRICE is right. Lately the price of six packs seems to have gone from around twenty and change to almost 25! But, they make good large snacks or small meals. They'd probably be great as part of an emergency supply kit (not sure about shelf life offhand though, check on that before you stock up too much). Here's a breakdown of the ones I've tried:

Edamame & Kale dip: 4 stars. The main course, the plantain chips and Kale dip, is quite good. The dip is made of soy and great northern beans, flavored with citrus and kale. I think the Kale is mostly for color. It reminds me almost of guacamole, but not as creamy or buttery (as it doesn't have avocado). The raw bar dessert thing is OK for a healthy-raw thing, tastes somewhat chocolaty and pleasantly of fresh coconut. The ginger peanut mix is fantastically delicious, but you get just a tiny amount. The fruit leather stuff is probably about what you'd expect.

Turkey Sausage (oval pieces, not the stick) & Cheese with Crackers: 4 stars. Turkey sausage tastes good, cheese spread is OK, crackers are the weakest link here, thickish and dry and not as tasty as, say, wheat thins. The gummies are typical.

Turkey Pepperoni & Rice Crackers with Cheese: 3.5 stars. Very nice, thin, crisp rice crackers that are great with the cheese dip. The pepperoni, though, is kinda moist and the flavor is a bit meh-- you can tell it isn't real pepperoni, but poultry, I guess. The rice cookie is a rice cookie, good for what it is, grainy and crumbly.

Hummus and Crackers: Plenty of hummus, the ratio of crackers to hummus leaves me with extra hummus if I heap it on. The rice crackers are great. The baja blend spicy and sweet nut mix blend does have a nice slight kick to it. The watermelon, pepita, and edamame blend is bland but fine. The dessert though was not the listed crispy rice treat. I think it was the chocolate-orange flavored candy chews, which were fine.

Salami and Cheese: Wheat crackers, fairly tasty salami-- enough for just about two little slices per cracker-- and a little cheese spread make for very nice little cracker sandwiches. The chocolate pillow cookie bites are amazing, the outer part is a thin wafer, yum. The nut, cranberry, and white chocolate chip mix is fine.
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on November 19, 2016
Didn't expect much out of these since 9/10ths of gluten free food still tastes about as good as a cardboard sandwich with government cheese, but you'll be pleasantly surprised with these little meals. Great size for snacking and each item is individually sealed so you can spread it out over time and doesn't need to be consumed at one sitting (but small enough that they easily could be). Healthy snacks that are gluten free AND taste good are rare in my experience (but getting better) so I can easily recommend. So good, we added the variety pack to our monthly Amazon subscribe & save grocery list!
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on March 8, 2017
These are really convenient to keep in the office to satisfy those afternoon snack urges! They don't need to be refrigerated, so I just keep them in my overhead cabinet and open as needed. Each box contains a few different tasty and individually packaged snacks (nuts, fruit leather, hummus, etc.) Each box really contains enough food to constitute a full meal, too, so you can either use them for lunch, or just pick and choose the snacks you want if you just need an individual snack. I've been hoarding these for myself at work, but I think my kiddo would appreciate some of the snacks as well, especially the applesauce and fruit leathers. Just be careful with little ones as most of them contain nuts. Note to vegetarians/vegans: All of the snacks are vegetarian, but I have run into a few that are not vegan. I.e. There is one that contains a tasty rice crunch bar, but it contains egg.
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on May 9, 2017
YUM!!!!!! Keep them coming. As a lazy, vegetarian trying to find high protein and nutritional balanced but not completely boring meals has always been hard. And then transporting them for work lunches and convenient grabs hasn't been easy either. These will be my go to from now on for lunch and snack. Please keep making them! You are my grocery store now!
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on July 6, 2017
I'm having a really hard time deciding how many stars to give the GoPicnic Awesome Lunches Variety 6-Pack. Every single item included was enjoyable, which was a pleasant surprise, and I felt the price was entirely reasonable for what I got ($23.16 with Subscribe & Save is what I paid). However, I couldn't help but be disappointed. First of all, instead of the Beef Stick & Classic Herb Cheese that was listed, I received the Black Bean Dip & Plantain Chips (which tasted fine, but what self-respecting carnivore wouldn't rather have some beef sticks?). Secondly, I was expecting these "meals" to be more filling than they were. I think that these are a great option for kids or adults with small appetites. But for me, these are merely a glorified snack that will only hold me over for a couple of hours before I can get some real food. Frankly, I think a couple of Old Wisconsin Turkey Snack Sticks and a string cheese would fill me up just as much as these did for less than half the cost.

EDIT: I just realized that the pepperoni in the "Beef Pepperoni & Asiago Cheese" meal is NOT all-beef pepperoni as I had assumed. There is indeed beef in the pepperoni, but the first ingredient is pork. Maybe it's just me, but "beef pepperoni" should mean all-beef pepperoni. Otherwise, just say "pepperoni." Just wanted to add that just in case I was the only one who assumed this entire set was pork-free. Also worth noting that the picture and description said that it would be turkey pepperoni with Asiago cheese. So what I got in this set was two Beef Salami with Asiago Cheese meals, two Beef Pepperoni and Asiago Cheese meals (that was actually pork and beef salami), and two Black Bean Dip and Plantain Chips meals.
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