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on March 23, 2014
I love this headstrap! So far I've wore it for a half marathon, kayaking, and snorkeling. All with great results.

First of all, the strap is very comfortable. If I wear it above a hat I barely notice it's there. The strap is adjustable so you can get a tight fit and not have to worry about it falling off during filming. I had no problem wearing this during my half marathon, other than the fact I looked like a total nerd...

Second, the shaking on the film is not bad. The whole point of getting a GoPro is to see from the actor's perspective. So if I'm running, I expect to see movement. I debated about getting this or the chest strap for running and decided that a headstrap would avoid the back & forth sway (yaw axis) you would get with a chest strap (not to mention your arms getting in the way). I'm very happy with my choice. Checkout the video for the NYC Half: http://youtu.be/IzUJap3Wcqw

Third, the quick clip. I don't use it. If I had to buy this again I would just get the cheaper version without the quick clip.
Normally the camera is screwed onto a hard plastic plate on the strap. The quick clip clips camera onto the plate, rather than being screwed onto it. I understand the point of the quick clip is to be able to get the GoPro off of your head without taking the whole strap off. I have not used this device because it doesn't look very secure. I would rather take the band off my head since it only takes a second to get it back on. The clip really freaks me out. I'm curious to see if anyone else has had good experience with this thing.

Lastly, couple of tips:

1: After your GoPro is properly screwed onto the plate on the strap, you can still pivot it to point up or down to get the best filming angle (and then tighten the screw further if there's any slack). I didn't get this right the first time I took it snorkeling with me so I ended up filming ABOVE the water instead of all the amazing fish I saw under the surface.

2: If you're filming a long event and can't leave the camera running on your head the whole time because battery power you can obviously get a spare battery. However, if you're running a race and can't finish within time one battery allows, set your on/off to recording, turn your beep to 100% volume and get familiar with the beep pattern on the GoPro. This will allow you to operate your GoPro without looking at the control display and know you're actually filming. Alternatively, you could use the remote or your cellphone, but the wifi would just suck more power out of your camera.

Good luck and have fun!
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on November 10, 2013
I am split 50/50 on this product. I used it on my GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition and on some days it worked perfectly and on other days it did not work. Looked on Google and Youtube for help when inserting the fog inserts therefore I am sure that I put them in the best locations. On one snorkling trip no fog which was great but on a walking trip to the beach and then some swimming caused it to fog. Therefore it worked half the time even though new fog inserts were used.
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on April 23, 2015
I bought this to mount my GoPro Hero 3 on my microlight trike aircraft, but tightening down the bolts bends the brackets so much I worry about them snapping and my camera plummeting to the ground to its ultimate demise. I ended up tightening just enough to hold, and then running a few zip ties around everything as an extra precaution. Further, the bolts aren't enclosed in the brackets. While this allows for easy on-off, if one gets loose from vibration, the whole thing can come off. Ok for non-critical applications, but next time I'll get something more solid. Photo taken with camera on this mount.
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on November 17, 2014
I was in the market looking for the hand grip for my GoPro 3+ black when I got an email saying GoPro came out with the handler. For the price point I say it's pretty spot on knowing other company are around the same price which is fine. Now for the product, this Handler is great! very comfortable in the hand. It has this grip that you can tell will last and it will no slip when wet. I will not be using it for its floating feature but i will be taking it to the mountain this season for snow boarding. With this handler coming with the adjustable wrist strap you are safe from losing your gopro. You can also take the strap off if needed. Comes with a gopro thumb screw which was a cool extra can't complain.

Cons: just wish the mount at the top was metal instead of plastic. Im sure there will be no issue due to not taking impact.

Overall great product!
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on April 26, 2017
I'm not sure why I'm just now buying an actual name brand Gopro suction cup but this is my first one. At first glance the suction cup diameter is much wider...about 3" where my usual mounts are 2". This is all a rough guess on my part. The reason I bought this was to go with my slightly heavier aluminum Gopro cases. I wanted something slight larger diameter but didn't want to use my 6" suction cup mounts. Anyhow, this thing works amazingly well! I like to mount Gopros on my vehicles while driving and never had an issue with it coming detached. Including the one time I forget to tether it to the vehicle driving from Santa Rosa to San Francisco! I was worried to say the least but it held tight!

FYI: I've read a lot about people having issues with the Gopro suction cup mount or similar mounts coming detached or loosing their suction. I have made countless youtube videos with me mounting my Gopros all over my vehicles, usually 2-3 independently mounted Gopros. As of today I've only had one suction cup loose it's suction. My secret to this is making sure the surface if smooth and clean! I always washing the surface down with water. Just pure some water over on the area and whisk it away with your hand...be mindful of any watches or jewelry. I make sure to leave the area slightly damp...not soaking wet but just enough to wet the suction cup when applying it. If it slides around, I'll wipe the area some more but don't dry it completely. I've had great success with this method and it's worked up to at least 85 mph! (Texas has some posted 85 mph speed limits).
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on July 5, 2016
Charging the unit: Where are the LED indicators that the unit is charging. A display of the battery is all you get when its plugged in. If you unplug it you get the same display. You don't know for sure if the unit is charging.
Once it dies you are caring a useless item. You will be back to turning units on manually. I guess GoPro does not think that you go mountain biking all day? But don't forget your special connector or else no chance to even think about recharging it.
1. Make a remote that has RED and GREEN indicators to show charge, and power down unit after charge.
2. Make a standard USB charge port (cap for waterproof), and go the extra mile and have the same batteries as the GoPro. Then people who are smart and take extra batteries to mountain bike all day (you know we do that right?) can just swap them in and keep filming. Like your website says, "a long day on the mountain with your friends", not a short one where you cannot swap batteries and have to wait hours to charge a remote.
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on December 1, 2014
This mount holds the Go Pro perfectly for shots of the dog over its head and on its chest, however, it easily falls off the dog. I've taken it out 3 times to pheasant hunt and each time the harness fell off my dog. I've tried mounting the camera to the back and to the chest, but in both cases the mount still came off. The elastic straps loosen easily and this allows the dog to pull out of the mount when in thick grass or brush. If you use this mount for hunting, keep an eye on your dog throughout the hunt, maybe tape some orange to the mount so you can find it more easily if it does fall off, and remember that on the 3+ Black Edition, there is a locate camera option if you have the wifi turned on.
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on November 19, 2015
Great way for your four legged friend to capture some great shots. I have 5 dogs in my family and this last summer I though it would be fun to get some gopro footage from their perspective. This was the only one on the market at the time (not anymore) so with no other options I threw down the 50 bucks this thing costs (pretty expensive IMO). First tried this on the largest dog I have and took her to the dog park, which got a lot of weird looks and good laughs. Using my hero 3 I was able to use my phone to frame up a nice POV, and we captured a lot of good footage, although I did have to make a few adjustments as big dogs do play rough and she knocked the camera a few times while rolling around and playing. This is got me stoked and gave me many ideas for other shots so the next day I went and put it on my border collie but unfortunately the results were much different. Because she has a very long coat of hair the harness was not able to stay in one place instead it ended up sliding all over the place while she was running around and we could not get a good shot. Then tried it on a few of the smaller 10 to 20 pound dogs but unfortunately even on the smallest settings this harness is just too large for them in the way of the goPro really affects their balance ha ha. The chest mount for the bigger dogs is a nice feature but be warned that the camera is very vulnerable to impact but hey that's what go for resume for just don't be surprised if you're gopro and scuffed up because it is so low to the ground.

In summary if you have a medium to large dog with a short coat this harness should what work well. But honestly save your money and just go for one of the cheaper options it's basically the same thing just without the gopro branding.
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on May 24, 2016
These insert really work! These small anti-fog inserts fit perfectly inside of my GoPro camera case and absorb any moisture that may buildup due to the small amount of heat from the camera. I usually use 2 inserts when I'm in hot environments that are also near water, such as the beach or river Kayaking! When they have made their maximum absorption, you can just dry them out in the oven for 5 minutes to reset them. This is an essential item for GoPro cameras as it takes the moisture and fog away from the lens allowing for a crystal clear picture every time. Both of my GoPro cases have several sets of these Anit-Fog inserts stashed in them. I never leave the house wtihout them. 10/10 must have
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on October 5, 2015
I hate buying accessories from the companies that make items because they are overpriced and poor quality - USUALLY... however this thing is a rockstar, it works well, is small but durable and I used it Scuba diving. Felt safe to use and could do a selfie video :) Now here is an interesting thing, its buoyant at surface, but as you should know as you go deeper buoyancy changes, and it is neutral buoyancy at about 35-40 feet, so if you let go down there it wont shoot up to surface but rather just hang there.. pretty cool and you can do a swim around your neutrally buoyant handler.

Well done GoPro (again).
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