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4.2 out of 5 stars
God is in the Equation
Format: Paperback|Change
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GOD IS IN THE EQUATION by Author Adrienna Turner is a book that has faith -based principles and inspiring messages to help keep people in the power of god.
This book will help and encourage you to accomplish your dreams and goals and how to maximize your relationship with Christ.

God made each one of us unique, special and beautiful.

In this book the author gives excellent examples from her own life of how one can turn a disappointment into a blessing. You too will find that you can do the same. This book will give you lots of encouragement.

The book is very well put together. The book has many references. I love the book cover it is perfect for the title. The length of the book is perfect not too short and not too long. Each chapter have questions and are very thought provoking. The questions will most definite have you looking deep inside of yourself. The book will most definite give you key steps to help you maximize your full potential.

I very much enjoyed this book. This book would make a great book club discussion and belongs on everyone book shelve. This book will surely be relevant in your life. God is in the Equation will become your spiritual food for thought.

Thank your Author Adrienna Turner for lifting my spirits.
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"God is in the Equation" by Adrienna Dionna Turner presents an insightful and ingenious exposition of faith-based examples and analyses on how to keep the unbeatable presence of God in our lives. In so doing, Ms. Turner, using a valiant and affable method of today's language and practices, labored tirelessly to present the continuing message of salvation and God's eternal presence to the longing heart. In her discourse, she vividly described the marvelous plan of God and his divine will for our lives. God is in the Equation is a delightful read and should be added to our faith-based library so that we can return again and again to get spiritual refreshment to our joy.
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on May 16, 2012
Award-Winning Author Adrienna Turner gives us key steps on how to maximize our full potential. One of which is by writing our vision down; in so doing, greater understanding of your God given purpose can be gained. God is in the Equation, is a study guide full of key nuggets to strengthen your thought process and broaden your horizon, while building a closer relationship with God. Within each thought provoking chapter, you must take a step back to reflect, redirect, then move and drive forward by faith.

Within the book, Turner shares her life journey with us, to gaze upon. Looking through the transparency of the author's journey, readers may/can learn that life does happen however, keeping God in the Equation is the foundation.

"God is in the Equation," is definately spiritual food for thought as you begin to turn the pages and discover your destiny is at your finger tips.~Missionary La' Tanyha, of Faith ABeliver's Virtual Book Club
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on August 10, 2012
God is in the Equation by Adrienna Turner is a great read for those who are seeking out their destiny and purpose and who want a closer relationship with God. Ms. Turner asks us the question "Is God in our Equation?"in everything we do and how can we begin going forward adding God to our equation. Ms. Turner systematically uses math to explain in detail what equation we have put God in: division, addition, multiplication and subtraction. In division, she stated that we can be divided away from God based on our sins, lack of information, lack of courage and boldness to speak God's word and because we don't know our purpose and destiny. Ms. Turner tells us that "it's time to revamp and become a champ" and also " our season to rise before men's eyes" are key statements of motivation and encouragment to walk the path that God has for us. This book is motivational, enlightening and also instructional as we learn what type of relationship we have with God and how we can see additions and mulplications in our lives by seeking God in everything we do. This book is filled with scriptural references so we can go back and read those scriptures and meditate on God's word so we can grow in wisdom and understanding and apply God's word to our daily lives. I really enjoyed this book.
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on October 18, 2011
This is the type of book that belongs on everyone's bookshelf. There are bold statements of both the Word and the interpretation of such; that translate into the author's roadmap for everyday living. She successfully shows us how to allow our dynamic dreams to become reality; by Daring to Believe, Remembering, Enduring, Achieving, and Maximizing our potential, relationships, and covenant with Christ.

At one point in the book, the author speaks to the fact that we are broken and need God's healing. This is emphatically true, for each and every one of us. Even though we may be broken, the dream is still there. Brokenness does not negate the dream.
One of my favorite quotes is as follows: Bill Winston states that God purposefully trains and deliberately plants His people where His light, life, and blessing will be needed the most. This is very hard to come to terms with sometimes, when we are not "feeling" God's Will or cannot ascertain his Secret Will. That statement hit this reader HARD! It was at that point that he light came on...Our brokenness is preparation for the fulfillment of the dream.

The book is well put together, including many references to and from major heavy hitters in ministry. The equation is tantamount to a math problem. There is (in addition to studying the Word) addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Summarily this means: 1. Add positive things and people to your life, 2. If we don't use what God gives us we will lose it (subtraction), 3. Multiply what God has given you and expand your territory!, and 4. Let go of the dead weight.
Remember, all of the elements of the equation apply to your walk with God.

* Website: [...]
* CEO: Revolutionary Disciples Media
& Revolutionary Christian Ministries
* Author: Love Doesn't Live Here Anymore
ISBN: 9781425795290
Rhythms of Generations 1: Past, Present and Future
ISBN: 978-0-9846315-0-6
Rhythms of Generations 2: The Flow of Life
ISBN: 978-0-9846315-1-3
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on August 17, 2011
If you are looking for a read that will move you, motivate you and get you thinking about all the tough questions in your life...then look no further. "God is in the Equation" is a masterpiece. It will have you facing your fears, your spirituality, and putting your destiny back where it belongs, in your future with you walking confidently towards it, God leading the way. If you need a bit of a spiritual boost, if you just feel like you've been stuck in neutral, and you can't find how to get back into drive, read this book. Adrienna Turner will help lead you back to your path. Are you strong enough to weather the storms of life? or will you fall under the pressure?

I fully enjoyed reading this book on a personal level. It moved me to tears in certain parts. this book lifted my spirits and reminded me what i needed to put first and foremost in my life.

Get your copy at [...]

review conducted by Kie Rodriquez

for Diamondstar Entertainment


5 Stars
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on December 17, 2012
"God made us special and unique--be who God created you to be, for you are original. There is not one like you. Give all you have, and surrender your life to His plans. God will do the rest." This is one example of the wisdom you will find in this book. It is all about dreaming, sharing your dream with others, and spreading the word to the specific people who will want what you have to offer. The author gives specific examples from her own life to illustrate the process, and how one can turn a disappointment into a blessing, like she did when her career as a rapper didn't work out but she rewrote the lyrics as poetry which she later published.

This is a wide-ranging book which addresses many different topics related to seeking to know and do God's will. Advice is given to those seeking a mate, to authors, and to those who are looking for work, to name just a few examples. Anyone seeking to faithfully follow God's call will find something that speaks to them in this book.
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on October 14, 2011
I must say the cover and title along caught my interest to read this book. Wow, I tell you it is a book that will change your understanding about what it means to be a person of faith.

Turner challenges us to look beyond just adding God when we need Him. But be willing to work in the true authority God has provided us to fulfill our God given purpose. Her questions at the end were very thought provoking and definitely make you look deep inside. This is not one of those books where you read and move to the next book. No, you really need to read it with intention and focus so you can began to move forward in destiny.

I truly enjoyed this book and recommend you read. Definitely, a great book for adult discipleship groups. If you are serious about taking your spiritual life to another level - FOR REAL, then read "God is in the Equation", your journey to spiritual maturity awaits you!
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on September 18, 2012
God's In The Equation is the MUST-READ novel of the year for the Believer! Not only does Turner challenge the reader to dig far beyond the top layer of faith when tapping into God's destiny. Each chapter concludes with questions that pertain to the points emphasized therein. It's a thorough exploration of the math concepts that are critical to understanding God's plan for your life. You won't be disappointed by this all engrossing novel. You're sure to find it relevant to your daily walk and life. I'm a math enthusiast and this is by far the easiest equation to comprehend.

~Travel Light
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on October 22, 2014
Enjoyed this book (not 100% finished). I appreciate the author's transparency as she chronicles her own journey. This is not my first read of Ms Turner. She is a blessing.

Full disclosure: this book was part of a review swap.
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