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on September 4, 2014
Having been a huge fan of Penn and Teller for many years, I was very happy to have discovered that Penn is also a writer. I originally subscribed to Showtime just to see their series 'Bullshit'. I loved it and was sorry to see it go. I've seen their magic show in Vegas several times and will watch anything that Penn is currently the cast of. (Not that I'm not a fan of Teller's too, but you know he doesn't talk much.) His humor is wicked and raunchy, but totally enjoyable. He is so very outspoken in public and I really like that too. I find that I agree with his views on 90% of his observations. I have no problem with his Atheism, but instead have learned a lot from it. He's got some really great points to make. If you have an open mind or even if you don't you should read this book. It's pretty awesome.
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on June 14, 2014
I was prepared for something that would offend people with this book's title and subtitle, and besides his atheist beliefs, there are a lot of off-color stories and revelations about himself. The thing that shocked me the most is just how much I was moved by how he dealt with personal loss and taught his children the basics of morality without the belief in a higher power. Penn Jillette proves that it can be done with his new atheist version of the Ten Commandments and his explanations of same. Jillette's book is a funny, shocking, and touching read that is worth your time, no matter which side of the God/No God debate you're on.
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on May 21, 2016
Totally hilarious. Refreshing. Thoughtful. Penn isn't just funny, he's great at sharing personal stuff and making it tie into bigger themes. He writes with heart and with passion, but also with humility. He isn't just bombastic, he's really OK with questioning his own views and actions. A few chapters made me laugh out loud, and one essay make me cry, literally, with laughter. Wish there were more books like this, but yay for Penn existing. I'd tell more but, no spoilers. Just enjoy it.
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on July 17, 2012
I purchased this book because I saw Penn on a few shows talking about it, and curiosity took hold of me. I figured there would be a lot of Penn Points and different angles, views, rants, and discussions.

I read the first pages and he does warn that he goes off into different topics while sharing his ideas. He says he name drops, and he is just a plan a**hole. He's being truthful about it upfront!

So with this in mind, you're getting ready for a ride, a journey, a groove! Maybe I'm not easily offended by words/rants, or maybe I had no glamorous expectations for a book named God No!....

Either way, I'm glad I made the purchase. I might not agree with everything he writes, but Penn makes some great points and shares his thoughts. He's upfront about it and it isn't candy coated for anyone. So I can respect that!
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on April 22, 2012
Penn Jillette leads us through a series of vignettes from his own life, chronicling his own journey to atheism and the journeys of his family, friends, and those he has met along the way. While his writing reflects his bombastic public persona, and he doesn't hold back in his opinions (nor does he moderate his language), he also speaks with compassion and genuine emotion. Admirably, he will admit to his mistakes and those times when his cynicism is proven misplaced; for a man known for an arrogant persona, he is refreshingly humble when appropriate.
As an atheist, I found this an amusing book and well worth reading, but I suspect it would truly come into its own in the hands of someone seeking to find their own truth when it comes to belief in God and religion.
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on March 14, 2017
Love the book
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on May 13, 2015
It is great how Penn actually bucks the trend that everyone in the public eye has to be politically correct and be religious. I can't agree with the author more about is views on religion and god. Great job!
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on August 19, 2013
MP3 Chapter 18 is worth the money I paid. Add to that the funny stories and the personal information Jillette puts in this.
The blow dryer story made me cringe...not funny.
I'd like to write more but I am busy not collecting stamps.
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on August 25, 2015
Great book, easy read. Its not so much about atheism, as it is just a bunch of rambling stories. But don't get me wrong, its great! Just imagine Penn's voice as you read it and you will be laughing out loud, page after page. I was. Only issue I had was that someone just threw this book into a box with some of my other orders, and the cover was bent. :(
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on February 8, 2012
Although I am not an atheist myself,(but do not hold myself to any religious doctrine) I found this book to be funny and thought-provoking.
Having followed Penn & Teller's career for many years particularly their
Showtime program 'Bulls""t' I am very familiar with their opinions on many topics, so there were few surprises in the book.
What impresses me the most about Mr. Gillette is his open-mindedness. Unlike many prominent athiests, who are as fanatical in their beliefs as any religious zealot, he is willing to admit that that he could one day be convinced of God's existence.
Although some of the subject matter may make some uncomfortable. I highly recommend this book to anyone.
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