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on May 29, 2017
ok here are my thoughts: first off the online pass was expired no big loss though.
the story is hardly there, its pretty much a throwaway tale anyway. the game is super short i beat it the day after i bought it. that said its a entertaining game though it has flaws.
mainly i got sick of the "kratos on ice"sliding sections because of the cheap deaths.
overall its a decent game for gow fans. edit ok i forgot some stuff
first of all, i dont have a fancy 50 foot tv with 20k that makes toast or what not. that said,
the picture was EXTREMELY off center to the point i had to immediately go to options and recenter it. it was so far to the left i couldnt even see what my cursor was pointing to and text was cut off. once that was fixed no issues. also i didnt care for the control changes but again once i got used to holding square instead of block and square i was good to go.
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on December 10, 2013
Just a quick side story, I've literally followed all the God of War games from God of War 1 on the PS2 to Ascension. To be honest, my favorite God of war games were God of War 1, 2, Ghosts of Sparta and GOW3. (though I enjoyed God of War 3 less than previous efforts)

Anyway, here's my review-


Graphically, God of War Ascension's a mixed bag. When you first play the game's first level, it looks amazing. It also introduces a strange layer of motion blur that gives it more of a cinematic feel and it's good to actually see a full sized Kratos all scarred up from being chained up or from past battles.
The backgrounds are nicely done too, even though they do not compare to past God of War games (just think about the first time you experienced God of war 2 or 3 for that matter. The scale of the games even with a fixed camera angle is impressive), and some levels I really didn't care for, but then there were other levels such as the furnace that looks incredible. (especially with the fire effects)
The enemies are also something I wasn't too crazy about. The problem is, they're mostly the same enemies spammed in waves which boils down to Goat-men, a Harpy or two tossed in, a Giant spartan looking guy with a big hammer, bigger goat-men, every now and then some dogs and snake women, which you'll all fight throughout the game and they really aren't detailed enemies or cool looking in any way.
But every now and then Ascension does toss in Huge Elephant creatures, Cyclops, Snake women (Medusa) and some ghost-like purplish creatures that revert to solid form once you grab them.
One of the things I did like a lot about the graphics in Ascension is after executing mini bosses such as a Cyclops or an Elephant man, you'll see their intestines spill out whilst a pool of blood wooshes out their cut-open belly, or you'll see an Elephant man's Brain and spinal column after ripping it's face apart. There are also the little touches like slashing a Boss' giant hand and the cut still remaining intact that I thought was cool.
Execution although brutal looking in this game do not compare to the likes of God of War 3 or God of War 1. (Remember defeating the Sea Serpent by pulling it's heads down on sharp wooden pikes? Or in GOW3 when you got to remove eyeballs?)
The cutscenes are mostly in real time, but there are actual cutscenes that look dull and generic with mostly just dialogue and stills.

My last quirk with this game lies in the motion blur that I actually gave credit to earlier.

While Motion Blur looks nice in this game and does add a little something, sometimes it just looks very odd looking, especially up close when Kratos performs a roll and he has that odd blur following slower than usual. This is a classic example of motion blur being overdone at times. What was wrong with how GOW3 looked?

Score- 8.5/10


I really don't have anything bad to say about the sound other than the music just being the forgettable factor in Ascension. The voice acting is superb as usual and the sound effects are a tad different. You can really hear Kratos chain as he swings the Blades of Chaos, and enemies sound pretty cool.

Score- 10/10


Something about Ascension stops me from giving it a higher score than 3/5, and if I could, I'd give it a 3.5/5 for the following reasons.

Ascension has good puzzles and lots of platforming at times, I didn't particularly care for the QTE chain grappling or some of the QTE's being that some of those QTE events are going to be the reason why you even die in the game. Even on the hardest difficulty.
Let me elaborate further on this issue. Ascension is NOT a hard game at all. You'll always win in combat scenarios but during certain boss battles there are QTE events that you can fail. Sadly, failing these QTE events doesn't punish you much; and the difficulty settings only tweak the time you'll have to get QTE's right and how much damage Kratos takes.
The boss battles also are more about timing or insanely mashing the attack button and never anything in the middle. For example, the first boss is ridiculously easy and has a "1, 2, 3 ,4" timing scheme.

The boss battles are also less memorable in my opinion.
There's also the combat system which completely takes away all the cool moves Kratos normally has available in other games by upgrade, and instead gives you these moves if you use Rage (which is done by pressing in both analog sticks), I wasn't particularly crazy about this change, especially considering the game uses a Devil May Cry combat system in which you'll have to constantly land hits on an opponent to fill the rage meter, but this can be hard considering some regular enemies cannot be hit and block you without even guarding. Take for example, fighting Juggernauts in this game who cannot be hit for a long time and there's really no indication as to when to hit them. You'll simply just land a hit on them after they take 8-10 seconds or more attacking you or trying to squash you from above.

I won't touch on the story since I do not like spoiling anything for anyone that doesn't have the game, but in a nutshell, the story's just decent and centers around Kratos exacting revenge on The Furies.

Also, the combat system features elemental attacks like Lightning, Fire, Ice and Hades. The upgrade system is also surprisingly easy and you'll also find some items which aren't available for use during your first playthrough that's a nice bonus. There's also multiplayer which I think I've played once and didn't really care for it.

Score- 7/10


If you can get this game cheap then by all means buy it, however, I'd have to say after finishing it, I wasn't really impressed. I loved the puzzles, the platforming was decent as well, the graphics are really good, but the boss battles and story fell flat in my opinion. Hopefully, Santa Monica will get the next game right.

Overall score- 7.5/10
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on August 9, 2013
So I've played all the GOW games including the PSP versions and I have to say this is the most boring in the series. I tend to always jump in on hard difficulty with these games as I feel the challenge is usually good thing. Well, this is definitely not the case with Ascension. The combat feels disconnected compared to other games in the series. On hard you really can't risk doing a full 3 time combo since you'll just get snapped out of it and take some nice damage. Even when you manage to "stun" them you really can't feel like a boss and dig into them (there's usually more than a few to worry about). Block is your savior in this is complete garbage. I'm almost done with the game and I'm feeling like I'm completely over Kratos as a character. He's boring to me due to his mainly one dimension attitude. Past games I was really into the story and how he came to overcome all these hardships but playing a prequel is cumbersome to see unfold.

Haven't tried the multiplayer yet...might not even give it a chance with the combat feeling so boring. I'm tired of 3 hit combos...give me something more deep to master. Using the d-pad to switch elements with the same weapon was a boring idea. Bleh...
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on July 21, 2014
This game was great if not short of amazing. This game was a great game to play over a weekend marathon if you're just doing story mode, but if you want to play multiplayer like I did then you gonna get addicted like I did.

Story: The basic premise of this game is Kratos trying to defeat the furies, and they're a pain in the butt. Their is plenty of boss fights and puzzles to keep you enterain for up to 15 hours. 3/3.

Graphics: The cutscenes were outstanding and their was no glitches. The movements were precise and clean to me. If only all games had these kind of graphics. 3/3.

Multiplayer: This was a blast. I loved every minute of this and to join with one of the gods and earn equipment and powers from them was awesome. I joined hades and I was winning 80% of the time. This is were the game truly made the biggest impact on me and I am hoping God of War makes more multiplayer experiences in the future. 4/4.

Overall, this was a great game and I highly recommend anybody to play this game if it's even for the story alone. 10/10

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on January 26, 2014
From a gameplay and storytelling point of view iactually quite enjoyed this game. I think it makes more sense just to have the blades with elemental upgrades then to have four different weapons and I liked the other side weapons as well. I experienced three to four weird glitches during my gameplay that kept this from being my favorite in the series.

1. When the bridge collapses in chapter 5 u have to pull a pillar down. The white dot didnt appear for me so I had to start chapter five all over. This is a common glitch.

2. At the part where you repair the chain and you fight amongst a bunch of eggs, an enemy got stuck offscreen and I had to restart cuz I couldnt advance.

3. When u first get the slow mo amulet you fight enemies in a place. I used the amulet as the gates went up and the gates went right back down. Infinitely spawning enemies occured. I could have gotten thousands of orbs here. I left after getting 6000.

There were a few other small things with sound cutting out etc. I loved this game. And the glitches I didnt mind was just surprised because they made 5 games previously with very few problems like this (I never experienced any at least in any of the previous games like this). Maybe they will get fixed. It wouldnt bother me if they didnt they were small in number would have just made my first two playthroughs more enjoyable.
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on July 2, 2016
This game doesn't really do much for the series as a fan. It does conclude the trial and anguish of Kratos, making room for the new adventure to be had in God of War on PS4.

As a Gamer I was dissatisfied with the game play. The redundancy of fighting and travels to no end, trailing a weak premise and antagonist ( the furies), had me begging for a cut scene. Finding no satisfaction there I pushed through just to say I beat it and to know the end.

Like a said, compete let down for a fan but from a business franchise stand point of view they sealed the deal.

God of war 3 is the highlight of the series in my mind. It should of ended there, a man tormented with no peace nor hope for redemption for killing his family.
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on September 21, 2013


1. Feels like the old God of War games. (for some this might not be a pos)

2. The controls are easy to get used to again.

3. Different weapons and/or the ability to use dropped weapons (could also be considered a con)


1. There are still a few spots where the route splits and you have to choose which way to go. Which can cause you to miss out on some bonus chests if you choose the one that forwards the story.

2. The story is somewhat forgettable which is unfortunate.

3. It ALMOST seems like they are starting to make up ancient mythological (Greek, Roman etc) characters (bad guys).

4. The ability to pick up dropped weapons but with very limited durability.

5. Having to repeat certain sections because of one small problem. (ie jumping to another platform)

More detailed explanation:

So I got God of War: Ascension because I enjoyed the other God of War games. I was slightly unsure of the game when it first was teased and also when it was released. That is why I waited till the price went down. One of those reasons was because the game was said to be a prequel of all the games that have come out. I expected to play as a regular Kratos Spartan without any powers and such. It would be interesting but also slightly boring after a while unless they kept it fresh.

After playing the game almost non stop until finishing it I found out that wasn't the case. There is kinda flashbacks in a way though. There was also a type of time travel device which I will go more into later.

The story though is unfortunately forgettable. Especially if you have played the previous games you already know whats gonna happen. Or do you?

Just after a few weeks if your like me you will actually find yourself trying to remember what exactly happened let alone the characters names (which I grant you is always difficult when they use ancient Greek names but I digress).

I felt with the mention in trailers and gameplay of a time travel device that not only would it be quite fun like the ones used in the previous God of War games (which by the way.. how many damn time travel devices are around? Its like either the Gods or what have you are pumping them out of a factory and spreading them out across the games) but it would also shed some light on his own past and/or his future.....

Now in game the time device is mainly used for solving puzzles and as a weapon (what a surprise) against some enemies. As well as in some scenes. You do get shown your past but not with the time travel device as you might think.

There are weapons you find on the ground and dropped by enemies in the game that can be used such as a secondary weapon. Some have their advantages and disadvantages. But they feel quite bland as well as the fact they don't last long. They tend to only last for a small battle before either getting used up or being switched for a different weapon. They also aren't very powerful really and you could easily beat the game without using them much at all. Its nice they tried to add it though.

Just like previous God of War games you will find yourself at forks in the road here and there where you have to pick and sometimes if your lucky you will go the way that will lead to a few extra bonus chests then have to back track a bit to go the other way to continue with the story. Or you will get screwed over and miss out on those chests because of a scene or a locking door behind you after you realize you should have went the other way first. I always hate this in games like this cause you miss out on stuff and can't try again until you play the game again and by then you have probably forgotten and are doomed to repeat it.

Also if they plan to make another God of War game, I am wondering what enemy they will use that time. Cause for this game it felt like they were just re-using the enemies from the third God of War game here but calling them something else. If you have played the other games you know why they can't re-use certain enemies. When I start a game like this I feel like they might be just making up a new enemy just so they can have someone for Kratos to fight. That is unfortunate.

I wont spoil what happens in the game even though you can't really spoil much when most people have played the previous games and know what lies in his future. But something I expected at least at the very end, or at the end of the credits was the time device or something to go ahead in time... all the way to God of War 3's ending in some way and maybe either expand on what happened or just tease that more might happen or something. However, at the end of the game it just ends and expects you to realize this was just a prequel to all the other God of War games. Its quite a shame.

While writing this review though I did have to go back and try and remember what exactly happened and how it ended just because it was that forgettable. It is a fun way to pass the time and if you enjoyed the other God of War games you will enjoy this one as well but don't expect anything huge.

As for the multiplayer I never tried it at least not yet. It didn't look all that interesting to me when I first heard and saw it but I do concede it is good that they are trying new things with the franchise even though this could just be the very last God of War game to come out.

Now my cons might seem more then the pos in my list. It kinda is but don't get me wrong this is still a fun game. Just don't expect it to be better then the third game. I think that kinda set the bar a little to high (which is kinda a good thing since they felt that was the last game that would come out). I still enjoyed it but there was little things here and there that caused it to be less enjoyable for me. Who knows maybe if I give it more time and play it again I will enjoy it more. Just know not to go into this expecting it to be the best God of War game ever.

Sorry for the long review. Just wanted to make it clear. I also didn't make it as long as I could have. I hope this review helps at least one person out there when deciding on this game.
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on July 13, 2013
The game itself is pretty great, as have all the games in the GoW series.

However, my issue is with the default Amazon seller CLICKFORGAMESUkltd. The game they send you is the PAL format. Yes, games on the PS3 are region free, which means a PAL (European) game can be played on a NTSC (US) system. UNFORTUNATELY, if you want to play online with your online pass or download any of the game's DLC, you need to download/redeem them at the PAL (European) PSN store. If you have a US system, you do not have access to the PAL PSN store without creating a new account (which I was not interested in doing, as an account can be banned for using false information).

I was unaware that I would be receiving a PAL version of the game and would not have ordered it had I known. Nowhere in the listing does it say that you are ordering a PAL version.
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on June 11, 2013
As a big fan of the series, this is a solid entry in the God of War franchise. The scope and scale of this game is awesome and breathtaking as one has come to expect from GOW. A true achievement in videogames and one that has yet to be executed in the same manner. However, little has changed in the way of new and innovative gameplay and it becomes the same hack and slash carnage with the same foes. Not that this is all bad as I will explain later. The story is confusing at times with there being many flashbacks during the middle of regular gameplay and the characters involved are hard to keep track of when their names have 35 consonants in them.
Even with these shortcomings, the game is still a blast and quite addictive as you feel unstoppable at times as Kratos, tearing through your enemies with your various arsenal of weapons. Even the largest of foes (and some are truly out of this world huge!) will not make you flinch. If you are a big fan of the GOW series it sure is nice to see Kratos back in all of his bad-assery.
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on July 4, 2013
I love the God of War Series but I feel that this prequel was unnecessary because Kratos has already been in two prequels which were great and showed us the human side of him. It looks like santa monica studios got lazy and instead of going forward and making a new game with possibly a new character they went backwards and made yet another prequel.

The story was a little interesting but not great.

So here's my Pros and Cons List

1.Fun God of War Game Play
2.Good Voice Acting
3.Fun Multiplayer

1.Weak Story
2.Weak Boss Battles
3.Graphics could have been touched up a bit more

God of War 3 is still the best of the franchise

My Score is 7/10

you'll have fun for the most part but don't expect much.
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