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on December 16, 2012
These are amazing games, I highly recommend!
Great or good enough story and even better game play!
If you like Greek mythology you will most likely love this game.
If you like hack and slash 'em WILL love this game!
There is also some puzzles and stuff that are enjoyable.
These are a bit more difficult than god of war 3 fyi, if you have played that before playing these.
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on March 24, 2012
I admit I didn't play the second game, since I didn't like the first. I've tried to write a fair review.

It's a good entry in the action genre. The graphics are decent. The story is ok, no surprises and it didn't pul me in. However, I wasn't bored either. The gameplay is simple for this genre. There are a few quirks, but I was used to them within an hour or two. The puzzles are far too simple but add something extra beyond repeated fighting and running. Overall most of this game is running, jumping, and fighting. Some of the jumping is frustrating and annoying but not too unbearable to get through.

Some of the bosses look cool. The sound is good. The weapons were fun to play around with. The combat style felt fresh.

The story didn't hook me. I didn't care about or identify with Kratos. The greek mythology was too light, too empty. It seemed like just a backdrop and wasn't integral to the story. You could drop this game into any setting and not notice a difference. The camera angle is fixed. This made walking along a beam occasionally frustrating. Sometimes you have to walk toward the screen or at a weird angle.
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on February 25, 2010
Let me start out by saying that these games don't show their age in the graphics department. They look good enough to be released on the PS3. The cutscenes that use the ingame engine do look pixelated, but the cutscenes that use CG look really good. The ingame action looks great and Santa Monica Studios should be rewarded for this remastered collection. The games themselves should be tried by all fans of the genre. They have a nice story throughout, even though the second lacks in this department. If you've never played it then give it a shot, or if your a long time fan then refresh you memory for God of War 3. I had never played either of these titles before I bought this set. I have since preordered God of War 3: The Ulitmate Edition. Below are my reviews of both games, and don't worry no major spoilers are revealed. The set overall gets a 4/5.

God of War
God of War has a little problem with pacing. It starts out strong then tapers off towards the middle but then picks up in a major way toward the end of the game. The main problem with pacing is the the amount of puzzles. You just get through a room full of guys, and the action stops as you have to figure out how to move a doorway into place. They're not that hard, but I wish they would have given you some more clues as what to do. You are allowed to go back to where you were before, and this leads to unnecessary backtracking sometimes.

The combat is flawless, the special moves are well developed and you gain a form of XP through the game to upgrade them. The controls to use them is is also very well done. As you can switch between a special move, and a medium attack without ever missing a beat. The climbing sequences do get annoying as they were not necessary. They are not particuraly difficult just that it slows the game down, as Kratos is the slowest climber in video game histroy.
The story is pretty well done, and really escalades throughout the game. The ending of this game is epic. I wish Kratos would have had more lines, but the voiceover of his journey is nicely done. It was a little slow in the beginning, but as you peel away Kratos's story it really picks up well.

There are some annoying very PS2 like problems in GOW. There is no auto save in the game. You have to walk into a golden column, and manually save. This really gets annoying after the millionth time doing it. Also the respawning of enemies is terrible. You think you killed everyone in the room, and someone hits you from behind. Also the number of times your enemies respawns increases as you get farther in the game. It's supposed to increase the difficulty, but just makes it frustrating. Finally the camera angle is a problem. You can't rotate the camera, and there are more than a few ocassions where you're not able to see where to go, because the camera is staring at Kratos's face instead of the path ahead.

Overall this game had a great story, kick butt action, exciting unlockable powers and of course an even amount of blood spewing courpses added in. There were some frustrating parts in this game that invloves the puzzles, but a great game none the less. I wish I could have played this when it came out as now I have been spoiled by some great PS3 games, still God of War holds it's own, even though it will soon be five years old. Overall 4.5/5

God of War 2
This game really started off very well in the first two or three hours. The story was engaging and full of twists. The only problem is that after that point there was very little story development until the end. The game just seemed to drag on like the developers had a minimum length that the game had to be, and they just added rooms for no reason to meet it. There are very few cutscenes in this game. Most of them appear in the beginning, or end of the game. They should have made the game shorter, and the story should have been better written. It does end very nicely as it gets ready for God of War 3, but it didn't make up for the eight or so hours in between where very little happened to move the story forward.

The combat in the game is basically the same as the original. They have given you some weapons other than your blades, but the blades still work the best as the new weapons seem to be powerful but slow and bulky. The new powers you gain are given a different name, but are very similar to the ones that you had in God of War 1. The only exception is the demon souls are part of one of your weapon upgrades. I didn't know this and unlocked them last, therefore I was unable to take advantage of them. The developers also took away the L1+X attack from the first one. This was my favoirite attack, but for some reason was taken out this time around.

There is a new whip system in place. You can swing from hook to hook, but it isn't used as often as I would have liked. In this game you can also fly and stop time. They are way overused throughout the course of the game, and become annoying not fun to use.

The puzzles in this game are on par with the first game. I didn't have as much fun with them though. They seem to be more monotonous than challanging. Moving a statue into place in order to open a door for the hundreth time gets very taxing on your nerves.

The same save system is used from the first one. There is no autosave in either God of War and that becomes annoying. The enemy respawn problem from the first game is not as evident in this title. Both games do have a nice feature that allows you to watch all the cutscenes in order. This game has like 4 cutscenes so it's not as impressive as the half an hour of cutscenes from the original. The camera angle was not a problem for me, even though it is fixed I never had difficulties seeing what I was doing like I did in the original. Also the climbing is better developed. He climbs faster this time around, and these stages are not a big problem.

Overall this game was entertaining for the most part. The story should have had a bigger role than it did. The original kills the sequal in story quality. The game seems to drag on and lasts for over eleven hours. That's not too long I know, but with the lack of a story through the middle made it seem like a hundred hours. The new powers were annoying and overused. The whip was a nice addition, but didn't seem to get used to it's full potential. The game was a decent adventure that atleast built to a nice conclusion, keeping us in suspense for God fo War 3. Rating 3.5/5
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on March 8, 2015
Seen nothing but praise for this game!! It was partly why I bought it in the first place. The music, action sequences,and story are ACE. It also has LOTS of behind the scenes features and more to unlock!!!! I only regret passing this series for TOO LONG.
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HALL OF FAMEVINE VOICEon September 5, 2010
As a long time fan of the God of War series, I was psyched for this collection of two of my personal favorite games with a nice graphical upgrade. God of War 3 was coming right around the corner, and this collection was the perfect way to get me ready to go for the upcoming PS3 release.

The gameplay of the God of War series is always brutally efficient. You control Kratos, the God of War, on a quest that fluctuates from rage to redemption and revenge. The entire experience is engineered to allow fast and brutal combat sequences, to allow the player to express his rage against countless hordes of twisted monsters. Right from the get-go you'll feel like a total war machine, stringing together combos and taking enemies out left and right. There's a learning curve here for some of the tougher bad guys in the game, but Kratos has plenty of weapons and techniques at his disposal to overcome these challenges.

One of the highlights of the God of War series is always the boss battles. Huge, epic, and brutal - Kratos will have to pull out every trick in the book to take down these monsters. Most boss battles end with a sequence of button presses that you need to execute as they pop up on the screen, while Kratos performs a crazy finishing blow on the boss. These sequences are always completely over the top, and puts a satisfying end onto every boss battle.

In summary, you're getting a ton of content here for a budget price. If you haven't played either of these games yet, and they appeal to you at all, then pick them up ASAP. Please note that these games are NOT for the weak of heart or for kids. The action is over the top and very brutal, with tons of blood and gore. There are also some pretty heavily sexual situations, including nudity.
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on March 29, 2017
I had this game set years ago. I was disappointed when my sister gave it to one of her friends and it was lost to me forever. I was so happy to find it on here at a great price. I played the original games on the ps2 so very much nostalgic. Package arrived quick and brand new. Thank you seller!
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on December 17, 2009
Never having played the series I decided to give god of war a chance. I'm glad I did. The game looks great in HD, The game is fun, its also nice to be able to get some trophies. If you still haven't played the God of War series you are missing out on a great game. The demo for God of War III is almost worth buying the game just so you can play the demo. My only reasons for giving the 4 stars is due to the cut scenes not being smoothed out for HD. Maybe Sony wanted you to see the difference from the originals compared to the collection.

I also having a little bit of warning for those that haven't played the series before. On the first boss fight I almost gave up on playing the series. You have to fight the Hydra which is easy to beat other than the fact that you have to mash and press the circle button as fast as you can. Now I have no trouble with the quick time events, or the puzzles, but good lord! I felt like I needed robot fingers to beat the boss. But after 45 minutes mashing the circle over and over, with wife cheering me on I finally beet the hydra. Once I did that I was able to finally enjoy the rest of the game. It got so bad at one point I gave up and started playing the second game. If you couldn't save Merly in metal gear solid 1 you might have trouble with this part. Don't let this turn you away from buying the game, all I wanted to do was give those that haven't played the series a fair warning.

All in all great game(S) and I am now a fan of the series and will be pre-ordering The God of War III: Ultimate Edition
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on December 24, 2009
I am extremely surprised at how well God of War Collection (GOW) turned out. The developers did an amazing job at remastering the series to high definition.

For those unfamiliar, GOW is an action adventure platform game with an emphasis on story, brutality, and extreme battles. The game is set within Greek mythology and follows the classic story telling of Greek Tragedies. All throughout the game you will encounter familiar mythological creatures such as the minotaurs, gorgons, fawns, the hydra, and many more.

What's great about the remastering is that the game feels as if it is a completely new game. In fact you could even compare it to recent PSN games available. The graphics has not been changed from the PS2 version but the resolution is upscaled to 720p, with anti-aliasing, and locked at a constant 60fps. These little details surprisingly makes a huge difference to GOW. Fans of the original will remember that GOW was a masterpiece in graphics during the PS2 era, and it still shows a generation later. With anti-aliasing, your eyes will no longer bleed from playing with all the shimmering within the game, a feature you have to endure when playing the original on your PS3 even upscaled. A locked framerate makes the game feel silky smooth, unlike the camera judder and screen tearing you see at times when playing the original. And lets not forget the graphics, it is just amazing a testament at how great the game was on the PS2.

Of course the game is not without its fault. With all the adjustments made it is a wonder why the the in game cut scenes were not adjusted to the rest the game. It is left in its original form and if you were wondering how the original game looked, you can always compare from the in game cut scenes.

But all in all, the game is pretty amazing. You get two series within one disk, with the price less than a new game, and all the original materials within. I would highly recommend fans to repurchase this version because it is the ultimate version of GOW I&II. New fans to the series should definitely look into this series because GOW encapsulate what extreme epic brutality in an action adventure game should be.
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on January 3, 2010
God of War has been near and dear to my heart since I've always loved mythology. God of War excels at making a gripping story around bits of mythology we may or may not remember from high school. The brutal kills and gore, I could probably take it or leave it, but the magic and weapons you acquire are great. They go right to my love of Metroid's game mechanic without ever being overly played out as it can sometimes get in the Metroid games. I love both the God of War games but never finished them when they originally came out. This goes to how challenging they can be at times. Yes, these games do have points in them where they are so challenging that you can easily get frustrated with them. You sit there and ask what kind of masochist designed these games but after you ultimate do get through a point, it's so rewarding.

The HD Collection is a great reason to not only to own a PS3, but a reason to actually try and beat the games this time. I already beat God of War for the first time last week and it was great. I'm now doing my best to get all the way through God of War II. If you're into these games and have any reason to pick up a PSP, definitely check out God of War Chains of Olympus. It's just as good if not better than it's big brother games though it does seem to be a bit short. It's probably about 1/3 the size of the other games. It's a shame they didn't include an upscaled version of Chains of Olympus as well. That would be a killer collection. Although you have to hand it to them for putting together the HD Collection in so short of time.

Like many of the other reviewers mention, if you're a fan of God of War and haven't played them to death already, you owe it to yourself to get this collection. If you're a new PS3 owner and looking for another great game then pick this one up. Make sure to check out Uncharted, Uncharted 2, Burnout Paradise, and InFamous as well.

I need to get back to playing God of War II now in hopes I'll be done before God of War III comes out. I've played the demo and it looks amazing.
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on October 15, 2010
Great Storyline! Although not totally true to the Greek Epics, close enough to relive the myth, AND, as an active participant! As with GOW, GOW 2 game play is fast and furious, and addictively hard to put down. However, the context-sensitive prompts in both games can be maddenly difficult to follow at times, particularly during the final battle sequence in GOW 2 where response time to prompts is reduced to bare fractions of a second. 2 + hours trying to get past a battle can quickly turn joyous pleasure to aggravating frustration! I wish the game was programmed to 'learn' the player's abilities and adjust difficulty slightly when the player is having to repeat a section 20 or more times. This would certainly be helpful to older gamers with arthritic fingers, a rapidly growing market, while keeping difficulty up for those younger, more agile-fingered gamers! Nonetheless, fantastic gameplay, highly recommended!
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