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These are psp games ported over to the PS3 remastered in HD graphics. You won't find any new content just better visuals. If you're already a fan of the series then you alrwady know what these games are about
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on September 30, 2012
First of all, in case you still have doubts about it: This game includes both Chains of Olympus and Ghost of Sparta in a single Blu-Ray, no need to install anything.

I've bought this collection a long time ago, but I tried (and got) both Platinum trophies first, before making a review of the games

That said, let's start with the key points for this collection:

*The games definitely won't last long (they're PSP games, so don't expect them to last as much as GOW III, please)
*To get the platinum (any of the 2 available) you might need to clear the game at least twice
*It is remastered in HD, but I've played in a 480i SD screen, no big deal at all.

So, let's go through the games.

*God of War: Chains of Olympus.

In terms of story line, it happens BEFORE GOW I, so if you want to play like it's meant to be played, keep that in mind.
Also, as in ALL and EVERY GOW game, you'll be Athena's puppet AND you'll visit the tartarus (Kratos has some issues with Hades and death, you know.)
In the beginning of the game, as in every GOW, you'll learn about the controls, which, of course are slightly different then the original PS2/3 GOW games due to the lack of some buttons in the PSP layout (no big deal too), then you'll go through the levels, collect boxes for souls, health/magic upgrades... You may not take more than 6 hours to clear the game if you're hardcore in the 1st playthrough (from the 2nd playthrough on, you'll be able to use some perks, such as special skins that grant you abilities, that is, if you play in the same difficulty setting or a lower one that you've cleared the game (e.g. if you clear it in Normal mode, then you can play Normal and Easy like a god, but if you go for Hard, gotta start from scratch again)
As for the trophies, well, since it's a remaster, they couldn't get creative enough to make the trophy set more challenging so there aren't any painful trophy to get, really. As for the story of the game, well, Helios was kidnapped and the sun wouldn't come up, and Morpheus was taking everything into his domains (everybody was sleeping and the usual horde of enemies was taking place), in the end, Kratos must face a tough choice: Stay with the ones he most loved and f* the world, or, leave them behind, get real mad for what he was forced to do and save the world while taking a bath of blood, like always, while slicing the wife of a god and a titan.

*God of War: Ghost of Sparta.

The game story happens BEFORE GOW II, however, you'll get stripped off all your weapons ("like it never happened before...", if you're familiar with the GOW series...)
but yeah, we can't expect to fight like the God of War, it'd be too easy... From the 2 games, this one is my favorite because we get more things to do, and a bigger game with lots of challenges, and also, we get to visit SPARTA! (and, since it's a default in the GOW series, we get to visit some ladies there too... and when you do that, make sure you "visit" them 3 times and do it RIGHT, before leaving Sparta *hint hint*) Then, straight to the game's story: After you've become (spoiler-free) a... MIGHTY warrior in GOW I, Kratos will hear rumors about his brother, Deimos, then Kratos will, once again, run through Greece (and sink Atlantis and make Poseidon mad in the process, and even go to Thanatos' domains, which even the gods are afraid to cross...) to find out the truth, which will be shocking, revealing and pleasing to find out... Well, to prevent any more spoilers, I'll stop telling the story from here (well, it involves Athena as well, but... when it doesn't? ) and give you the background of the game: Ghost of Sparta was named after Kratos nick name (he was called Ghost of Sparta after what he did to the ones he loved the most, and that's why he's gray-ish). In the game you'll face cool bosses, find nice weapons, and you'll collect relics (YES!, relics!) that will give you powers/perks after you clear the game (after that you'll be able to use skins as well)
AS for the trophies, same as Chains of Olympus... they aren't hard to get as long as you're a good player of GOW...

Bottom line: Both games are real good and fun to play, and if you find this collection for cheap like I did ($20) and if you like God of War, then just buy it for your PS3... I've played both games on the PSP but I wanted even more, so I bought the PS3 edition and I am very happy with it. Like I said, the only downside of this collection is that the games won't last long and you won't have much challenges to get the Platinums
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on September 16, 2011
What else to say? The GoW series is a piece of true beauty, and FINALLY a 3D experience with Kratos. I see that people here have given a lot of decent reviews about this collection, so needless for me to say much about the gameplay itself. I see no one here has written anything about the 3D effect yet, so I would like to share some 3D experiences about these two games. I have played all GoW games on PS3 except for the ghost sparta. I own a Samsung D7000 series 46'' 3DTV, I got this collection on the second day it came out and have gotten platinum trophy on the Chain of Olympus, but I havent touched the ghost of sparta neither have I played it on the PSP. First of all, these two games are in full HD (1980*1080p), but that is if you play it WITHOUT 3D! When you enable the 3D the graphic degrades a bit into 1280*720 and the game becomes just a bit laggy compare to gameplays without 3D. However, the experience is completely different when you do play it in 3D, the depth the 3D offers is simply astonishing. It is like you are looking out of the window and watching Kratos smashing those monsters! The effect has to be seen to be believed. I also find something that is really interesting and that is, since the 3D adds depth to the graphic, so when Kratos happens to have to jump from a lower level ground to a higher level with a big gap in between (scenes like you will fall and die if you fail the jump), the 3D creates an illusion in which the gap seems a lot wider than it is in 2D, and as a result of that, I fail those jumps so many times simply because the gaps just seem impossible to jump over, and that makes me always look around for props to aid my jumps when in fact it is not necessary. Epic fails on me lol. And also, the 3D in these two games only applies to the gameplay, the in-game movies are still 2D. Anyway, off to my Ghost of Sparta!!!
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on February 20, 2012
I don't own a PSP, so this was my chance to finally see these two titles. I played them on my 65" Sharp Aquos LCD HDTV, and both games look like they were made for PS3. In fact both look superior to the God of War Collection despite those having been PS2 games. The sound is also nearly as good as GOW3.

I have now played every game in the series, and these titles stack up well. They are lacking in truly epic boss battles, which is understandable since the main story was saved for the console releases. Still, what's here is solid, and also very familiar. You have the obligatory moment of Kratos on a ship, treasure chests hidden in the foreground, an occasional cheap death via some trap that only seems to exist to aggravate you, unwelcome beam walking (thankfully held to a minimum), and of course the absence of all your previously earned weapons and life/magic meter extensions to start every game. In the case of Ghost of Sparta, they don't even contrive a way to power you down. You are a god, yet weak enough to be killed by standard enemies. I just find it absurd that in the entire series I never felt like I wielded the power of the god of war. Remember when Ares wiped out an entire barbarian army at will? Why can't Kratos do that? At least Ghost of Sparta offers the option to use the Arms of Sparta, a spear and shield that I enjoyed using as Kratos' main weapons to break up the monotony of his chain blades, which have never felt powerful to me.

In conclusion, this series has gotten quite stale over the course of five games, but this release is well worth your time if you enjoyed the others. When you play GOW you know what you're going to get, and in that sense this delivers completely.
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on December 21, 2011
God of War is a series I love to follow. I have played the previous three since they first came out for the PS2 then the PS3 for the latest one. If you are looking for the fill-in-the-gaps story, this collection will do it for you.

Chains of Olympus will take you through the events that happen right before God of War part one. For a port-over, the game doesn't look too bad. If you have played the first HD remake, you will notice it is about par with that one, graphics wise. It may be a touch lower. That would probably be expected since it was originally for a little hand-held PSP. The sound quality is ok. The game play is what you would expect from the series: Good old hack and slash. The story is probably the least desirable of the two. It is kind of bland. There are points here and there where it may grab your attention though. Overall, I would give Chains of Olympus an 7.

Ghost of Sparta will probably interest you the most if you watched any of the extras they had from God of War part one. They have the two main story lines that really grabbed my attention while watching the extras: Kratos' mother and brother. It's like a family reunion. The story for Ghost may be one of the best out of the five console games. The graphics definitely look better than Chains. The sound is about the same as Chains though. The game play is pretty much the same as well. However, the one thing I did like was the change in weapon types. Overall, I would give Ghost of Sparta a solid 9.

Both games are pretty short. Chains of Olympus was definitely the shorter of the two. I was not only able to beat Chains in two days but I think I got the Platinum trophy in two days as well. If you have a big time frame where you are free, you may be able to beat this game in one sitting. Ghost of Sparta was a little harder and longer (heehee). It may take you more time to get through.

I would rate the collection, as a whole, a solid 8.
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on October 26, 2011
God of War Chains of Olympus, and God of War Ghost of Sparta were both for the PSP. Now it comes out for the PS3 in HD, in one
Blu-Ray disc title called God of War: Origins Collection. Chains of Olympus you play as Kratos before the events of the first God of War. So Kratos will be still serving the gods. He's sent in to help stop a Persian invasion. The Persians are using a giant basilisk to help. Like God of War fashion, you battle it throughout parts of the level. Similar to the Hydra in GOW1. After your battle you learn that the gods are in trouble, and the world has turned dark. You go through the Sun God's temple, to Hades, and Tartarus as some of the locations. The story is not the best of the GOW's, but it's ok. You also learn a lot about the titans imprisonment in Tartarus.

Some of the enemies are hard to dodge unlike in the previous games. Namely the panther type creature, and the
undead with the twin swords. There seems to be a slight delay for the dodge move.
You can parry in this game. Ever since GOW2 gave you the golden fleece, it's the standard for the rest of the GOW's.
Zeus's gauntlet, that you collect in you weaponry, is a close range weapon that deals tons of damage. You don't get this
early on unfortunatly, and it's too bad.

God of War Ghost of Sparta has improved much more than Chains of Olympus. You are on a search for your brother who was also mentioned in GOW1.
He was taken away, and you find out why on your journey to find him. The gods do not want Kratos to go, but of course he refuses them. You travel a lot more here than in Chains of Olympus locations. You might remember the ship level in GOW1. You start the game sailing again. A giant sea creature chases you from the ocean to even on land. Yes, another giant monster in the beginning. This one will show up a good number of times. There are many different levels here ranging from the city of Atlantis, a lava mountain, snowy areas, and even Kratos's city of Sparta.
If you've played the previous GOW's, you'll realize quickly in the game why he's so desparate to save his brother. There are a lot of reasons. There are flash back events in the game that give you a little more insight each time. The story is my second favorite to GOW2 as first.

The combat is improved here as well from Chains of Olympus. The dodge button responds good again. The twins sword enemies are back, and still have lightning fast attacks. So it's best to just keep them at a range and attack. In here Kratos will be able to arm himself with the Spartan spear and shield. You can throw spears here without selecting in a menu to do so. The melee range is not as good as your double blades, but it can finish enemies faster. The combos are somewhat slow as well. But if you put together different throwing attacks with a combination for close combat, it's a great weapon.

The developers have learned from the mistakes of Chains of Olympus, and it shows with Ghost of Sparta. The Blu-Ray disc is a buy for Ghost of Sparta alone. Chains would just be a bonus. It's still a decent game. It's really a plus going from the small PSP screen to a bigger HD screen to play these games.
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on October 5, 2011
If you haven't played a God of War game yet, you're really missing out. Regardless of the system you're using, GOW titles are simply the best games available. I bought the first GOW soon after it's release on the P2, and it changed my gaming life forever. I've since bought every new title as soon as it's released (usually on pre-order) and have never been disappointed.

Unfortunately, I don't own a PSP. I've dabbled in the portable gaming area before (Gameboy, DS, Lynx) and I've never really liked gaming on portable consoles. I find them too limiting, like a lite version of home consoles. With that said, I've really debated back and forth on buying a PSP strictly for Chains of Olympus. When Ghost of Sparta came out, I was in a real quandry. I still couldn't validate buying a whole new system I knew I wouldn't use just for 2 games, not when I could just replay GOW 3 (which is simply the best game every made, period - and never loses replayability, I've completed it 5 times so far and keep going back for more).

Then something magical happened. CoO and GoS were released for the P3. Oh happy day! Not only were they remastered for HD output (which, they did a fantasic job of by the way), but they were combined into a single blu-ray disc at the bargain price of $40. There is a God, afterall.

I just finished CoO. I'll jump into GoS tonight.

The only complain I have - it's too short. Obviously something has to give, being it's release on a portable system. And don't get me wrong, I'm glad they sacrificed length over graphics or gameplay. But, it did leave me wanting more. But don't they all?

If you like any of the other GOW titles, this is a must-have.
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on July 3, 2017
Loved these games. Such imagination and beautiful scenery and fun story.
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on May 22, 2017
The game is great. I just hate that it auto loads and you can't choose the game you want right from the PS3 interface screen.
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on March 16, 2017
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