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on May 13, 2013
If you're concerned about the voucher being expired and not getting everything you paid for, please read this:


They have extended the voucher until 3/31/2014.

Yes, it is still annoying that it doesn't come on it's own disk but I can hardly complain for the price I paid(at the time it was $34). Even if it didn't come with the two PSP games, it would still save me money over buying GoW 1, 2, and 3. Adding in the fact that you do also get the PSP games, and you're getting an amazing buy on several amazing games, 2 being DLC or not.

But just to be clear, they have extended the vouchers!!!

They have re-extended these voucchers once again until 3/31/2016
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on February 21, 2017
For those who are concerned, the voucher code is still valid (03/31/2019 expiration) .but it is for USA ,Canada regions ..so if don't already own PSN account registered as the above... just make new one,,
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on June 16, 2017
first off disclaimer: if i compare any games or say i prefer a game over another i am NOT being biased. i never force my opinions on anyone reading these reviews only stating my own preferences. i dont try to influence opinions and simply out the facts up front as i see them.
that said lets get down to it.
ok lets start chronologicly
chains of olympus:
i like this one. its kratos early years of servitude to the gods. set about 5 years before god of war in terms of story
morpheus and persephone are trying to destroy the world and put the gods to sleep.
this was a psp game upscaled for ps3. and it shows. while it is graphicly bad next to the other games it makes up for it with fun.
god of war: this is one of my favorite games of all time. i once owned it on ps2 before it was damaged and needed to be replaced leading to the purchase of this set.
from what i recall of the ps2 version this one looks slightly better it is a quite beautiful game. one thing annoys me for some reason (at least i dont remember it) r1 now has some sort of weird dodge charge thing, as a result the grab button is on r2 (why couldnt it be reversed) the one part with the statue in athens was near impossible just because of the button choice. i dont know if its all ps3 controllers but my r2 is very springy and that makes rapid taps hard as such i couldnt push the statue over with my finger alone i had to flip the controller over backwards and use my left thumb. that small bit aside nd having to get used to l2 to grab things i think gow was as great as i remembered it,
ghost of sparta: this opened with a resounding meh. graphicly its as bad or worse than chains. one problem both games have is kratos looks squished or stretched (i assume its from the psp conversion)and while i didnt care for it at first, the story kept me invested as kratos learned his brother is alive and held captive by thanatos and his daughter erinys. as the game progressed though i enjoyed it more and the ending redeemed the game.and i ended up really liking sparta.
god of war 2: oh this game. here is where ( at least for me you dont have to agree if you like gow2) the story took a nose dive.
so now the gods are unhappy with kratos and zeus takes matters into his own hands leading to lots of horror.
gameplay wise is great. some of the traps are too ludicrously hard (low lands crossing anyone? or phoenix fire statue puzzle and spike room to name other examples) the opening battle against the colossus of rhodes is oft mentioned for good reason. normal difficulty is as hard as the hard modes on most other non gow games. graphicly i will say this is the best gow2 has ever looked it is more beautiful than even gow 1.
and finally gow 3:
this game. oh this game was weird.
picking up right where 2 left off kratos begins his assault on mt olympus and an all out war on the gods.
i died 36 times last i looked and im pretty sure not once in combat. this game has some horrific platform puzzle sections that will kill you plenty even on easy. kratos pretty much becomes an unlikeable murderer. hes always been brutal but in earlier games he was nice to women an children at least. in one part he literally rescues a woman then shoves her into a wheel to jam it to keep the door open ! the poor girl did nothing to him. she wasnt even one of the gods he was hunting just one of poseidan's lovers. anyway brutality aside the game play would go from fun to cheap death traps on a dime drop. all leading to an anti climax after the zeus fight.
that said my favorite fight was against hercules (voice by kevin sorbo :D ) also the violence is much more graphic in gow 3. t he remains of hercs face were quite disturbing to look at.
final verdict this set is worth your money. games are like people they have flaws but that dosent mean you dont want to hang out with them.(usually)
so my rating for each game individually are as follows.
god of war : 5
chains of olympus: 4 and a half
god of war 2 : 4
ghost of sparta: 4
god of war 3 : 4
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on December 15, 2016
Reviewing to verify for those worried (like I was) that if you buy it new, you should receive it in its plastic wrap, and, that now the voucher for DLC codes read 03/31/2019 as the expiration date of the Origins Collection codes (at least in my copy). Got mine 10 minutes ago and it is downloading the DLC material right now. Since I foresee no other issues with the copy and the discs therein, I'm excited to slash through GoW again.
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on January 13, 2018
Excellent excellent excellent. A whole bunch of great games rolled into one package. Despite the slip stating that the download codes were expired Sony still honored them which I was very happy with. Graphically the PS2 games seem to mainly get a 1080p but they also did get better textures and frame rate as well which made the action never seem to slow down. Highly recommended package!
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on December 29, 2014
This is a great collection of all the main games in the God of War series (Ascension came out later, thus its exclusion), and really for what you're getting for the price, you really can't beat the value of this pack. I won't review every game individually, but I will say this - all of these games are surprisingly solid, even today. I expected maybe some of the older games to not hold up as well, but they do (the PS2 and PSP games look gorgeous in HD, I might add). Every game here is great, and with the price making them under $5 each, it's absolutely worth it if you've wanted to try this series before. You'd be crazy not to.

Why do I give it a 4 out of 5, then? Well, there is a small flaw with the package, as many others have noted. Two of the five games aren't included on a disc, instead being available through a download code included in the package. The code works fine, and the games play fine, but the download for both the games is somewhere in the ballpark of 15-20 gb. It's a hefty download, and it takes a long time on PS3. In addition, if you don't have internet access, this means you will not be playing these games.

The reason this bothers me is because these two games - the PSP titles - were available on a disc at one time, called the God of War Origins Collection. It seems to still be available, too, so why they couldn't have included the disc in the package is beyond me - it just reeks of cheapness and laziness, to be honest. God of War 1 and 2 are simply a repurposed God of War HD Collection disc, so including the Origins disc would have been the same thing.

Aside from that, the only true negative I have hit so far with the collection is that God of War 2 has frozen on me quite a few times. I'm not sure what causes it as it seems to be random for me, but it's also a hard freeze - i.e., I have to shut the entire system down, not just quit the game. Very annoying.

Overall I would recommend the collection highly - it's 5 great games at a great price. Just be aware of the things I mentioned above if any of it bothers you.
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on December 21, 2017
After playing through all of the God of Wars. I decided that I would get in better shape and fight my dad once and for all. I did everything I became one of those gym rats, started taking my whey protein all the way until I graduated to Trenabol. I became my own God of War. My gf had never been happier to look at me, and to have me walk around naked. even with all the black eyes I was giving her. The day finally came when I had to fight my dad, All I said was hey I wanna talk to you about some stuff. I kicked open his door and the battle ensued. The fight was long and arduous and a bit blurry... In the end. My dad still kicked my ass... Moral of the story, don't ever try to fight your dad.... what???... oh, this is a review of the game I bought... oh... ohhhhh..... yeah it was good!
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on February 13, 2016
God of War: Saga Collection incorporates every God of War game from the PSP and Playstation 2. It includes God of War I, II, III, Chain of Olympus and Ghost of Sparta. The graphics have been updated and trophies have been added and all content remain intact. Whether or not you're a fan of the series or are new to it, this collection is awesome. It has everything you need on two convenient discs which makes the marathon a lot easier.

One of the drawbacks is that the PSP games, Chain of Olympus and Ghost of Sparta are not included on the discs but rather, you have to download them. The game itself comes with a voucher that includes codes to get the games which will then have to be downloaded and installed. It's not that huge of a deal but it would have been more convenient on the discs.

I love the series, had some of the games but not all of them, especially the PSP ones. It's nice to have all of the games in one place, updated graphics and trophies included. The voucher is a downer but otherwise, God of War is a very fun game with a nice story behind it.
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on February 2, 2015
This is the best compilation I have ever played.

God of war 1 & 2

Wonderfully remastered, I really was pining to play those old PS2 games for some time. the audio & visuals were done to play on High def widescreen tvs. I loved every second of it.

God of war 3

This is the absolute best game I have ever played on the PS3 so far.

1. the visuals are simply stunning, The level of detail and lighting was amazing. the best of any game I have ever seen.
2. the sound, very captivating and well done.
3. I loved how they but the combo markers on the sides of the screen, square on the left, circle on the right, triangle on the top & the X on the bottom. you don't need to stare at one point of the screen and miss the visuals. This made it much more enjoyable to play as well as less painful.
4. Its brutal and bloody, Kratos is no saint and he is portrayed in the manor he is, a brute, tearing arms off NPCs and using them to beat them with.

All in all its the first God of War title I felt compelled to replay multiple times because it is just so amazing. I really wish they would make more of this franchise, If they had more GOW games like part three, I would buy, buy buy... they have a gold mine here and should take advantage of it.....
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on January 1, 2014
I'm an old PC first person shooter gamer that bought a PS3 for the Blu-Ray playback. Eventually, I started messing around with games, downloading demo's mostly, although I bought Gran Turismo 5 and (don't laugh) Duke Nukem Forever for $2.95 at Wally World.

Too old and spastic, I guess, my challenge has been in the shooters, where I'm typically looking the wrong way and not necessarily even moving in the right direction.

I turned on the PS3 a while back and they were offering the God of War demo. With nothing to lose, I went ahead with the download and installation. While I prefer the first person perspective, I really enjoyed the demo and could easily control the 3rd person player and actions, so bought this Saga collection. In no order other than how it comes to mind, a few things to note:

- 3 games on the included disks, 2 games to download and a Game Director's Live video, (if you want it.)

- Complete installation as reported by the PS3 Game Data Utility, *without* the directors video, with the disk content installed and the two downloads completed and installed. (I'm not sure if this is the correct way to get the correct amount of storage used):

God of War Collection: 39MB
God of War 3: 5377MB

- I entered the code printed in the disk case, it saw and made available all of the content, which I downloaded and installed without issue.

- I'm starting at the beginning and am working my way through all the games. I've tested them all, though, and do NOT see cut off screens as was reported by another reviewer. I'm not sure if I received newer disk versions, or if my hardware is up-converting or whatever in such a way that all the expected display is there. My PS3 is running through a home theater system to the Samsung 1080p TV.

- If you read the inner paper where the promotional code is printed, it says, "...Code expires 3/31/2016. Once code is redeemed, however, the entitlement permits download of the God of War Origins Collection to 2 activated devices even after Code expiration as long as the items are still available..."

Even with the obvious "as long as the items are still available" loophole, this would still a great deal even without the two downloaded games, in my opinion. And for $23.99 with free Prime shipping, you simply can't go wrong.
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