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on February 5, 2015
Most importantly, THIS MOVIE IS IN JAPANESE WITH ENGLISH SUBTITLES. All caps for my fellow English-speaking Kaiju fans. The movie plays fine with no issues on my Bluray player. Compared to "other" sources of availability for this DVD, this is probably worth what they are currently asking for it. Please check out my Subjective Review and Content sections, below.

DVD Content:
* The disc is advertised as un-cut but since I didn't remember hardly any of the movie from my childhood, I cannot attest to this so I'd appreciate some fanbase input to attest to this claim.
* The video transfer looked good on my Bluray player (which upscales) but it is definitely a DVD. Don't expect HD quality. The picture was clear, no artifacts or strange color aberrations that I can recall when viewing the movie. Only thing is in the night scenes, the overall brightness balance seemed a little off but it may have been my HDTV's brightness setting at the time.
* It has (2) audio tracks on it: Japanese Dolby Digital 2.0 with English subtitles and the second track was Stereo as well (probably DD) did not sound like Japanese to me but I'm not sure what it was - it had no subtitles on it, though. I have to comment on the fact that the original audio transfer on this DVD was not very good at all when compared to the English dub that I found on Walmart's last week.
* The original trailer is included (all in Japanese)
* A special feature is included with full motion video of the MechGodzilla and Titanosaurus (from "The Terror of Mechgodzilla") costumes which was way cool, although there was no audio track on this.

My subjective review of the Story:
I haven't seen this movie since I was a kid back in the early 80's so I don't know why Toho would pull their (IMHO) best Godzilla movie off most of the US market but after watching this movie, I really think it is the best Godzilla movie I have ever seen and I own 20 of them. I thought the story was far and away above all of the other Big G movies. It really was ALOT of fun to watch and a really engaging, cohesive movie. Overall, this movie is probably the least "campy" of all Godzilla movies. I really wish that they would release the English dubbed version and this version on Bluray. Perhaps we will see these versions available for purchase, soon.
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on October 26, 2016
BOTTOM LINE: The best & worst the 90's "Heisei" series has to offer in one 2-disc package. Both look & sound quite good and you can watch them in either the original Japanese language (with or without subtitles) OR select Toho's English language dub. A solid value for G vs. MechaG. (Just think of the second film as a bonus feature.) 4 STARS

THE STORY (contains spoilers): Fed up with Godzilla's constant attacks and the catastrophic devastation left in his wake, the Japanese government funnels its (apparently bottomless) funds into the construction of a mechanical combat machine designed to resemble the Big G, only with even more power & lethal weaponry, in the hopes that it can take down the radioactive reptile once and for all. (Like their massive metal G isn't going to lay waste to a buttload of real estate every time it goes into action??? LOL.) Meanwhile, scientists discover a couple of prehistoric eggs on a small island; one turns out to be a recently hatched Rodan, while the other contains a baby Godzilla, as the startled science team soon discovers. Summoned by the frightened baby soon after it hatches, Big Papa rips Tokyo a new one trying to locate the infant. MechaGodzilla is sent into battle to stop Godzilla's rampage, but when Rodan also swoops into town to answer baby's call the kaiju confrontation becomes a 3-way melee to see who can cause the most destruction. Who will emerge victorious?

THOUGHTS: My favorite of the 1990's entries because of its nice balance between human drama & monster action. Godzilla gets lots of screen time here, and the story centers around him rather than him merely being a plot device. The Big G design here is one of my absolute favorites out of ANY of the numerous films he's starred in. It's also great fun to see Rodan back in the mix again after a 20+ year absence, and Baby Godzilla is just about the cutest thing ever. The monster fights are a fairly even mix of atomic breath & beam exchanges and good old-fashioned tooth & nail grappling. The impressive musical score by maestro Akira Ifukube is one of his best, combining classic pieces from previous G-films with some terrific new stuff, including a thunderous new theme for the man-made MechaGodzilla. The F/X work of Koichi Kawakita & his team at Toho is some of the best in the entire series, with only the stiff Rodan puppet keeping it from being a grand slam. All-in-all, this is just a great Godzilla film from the 'second wave' of Godzilla motion pictures from Toho Studios

THE STORY (contains spoilers): Godzilla & Little Godzilla take up residence on remote Birth Island. Scientists & the military are flown in to observe them and attempt to control Godzilla using ESP (huh!?!) to mentally steer him away from Japan. And speaking of which, those never say die Japanese government types have whipped up yet another battle machine to defend the homeland. This time it's a modernized version of MOGUERA (whose first and only appearance was in 1957's THE MYSTERIANS). During all of this, it is learned that the mutated G-cells of Biollante, (the plant/human/Godzilla hybrid monster last seen drifting into space at the end of 1989's GODZILLA vs. BIOLLANTE), have drifted into, thru and out the other side of a black hole(?). This chain of cosmic events has further evolved the cells, resulting in the creation of a bulky blue, crystalline behemoth code-named Space Godzilla. SG returns to Earth and lands on Birth Island. After almost killing Little Godzilla, the blue-hued heavy hovers into Tokyo to drain the city of its power and lay a trap for Godzilla so it can destroy the King of The Monsters once and for all.

THOUGHTS: Perhaps the most unfocused and slapdash of the all the G-films. So many elements are just haphazardly thrown together that you have to wonder how many fingers were actually in the pot, so to speak. This film has monsters, gangsters, ESP & telekinesis, renegade commandos, space travel & time warps, naked man ass, (was that REALLY necessary?), 2 awkward go nowhere love stories, tiny giant space moths... and more. Whew! It tries too hard to cram in too much, and fails on almost every level. There are some good bits & pieces in it, but overall it's just a mess. After some top notch F/X work on the previous film, Kawakita & his crew really drop the ball here. Space Godzilla looks kind of intimidating, but he's mostly just awkward & clumsy. Seriously, SG has all the speed & mobility of the Stay-Puft Marshmallow man. Then there's MOGEURA, which, I'm sad to say, is pretty silly and not in the least bit imposing or cool. (I understand the character was a personal favorite of F/X director Koichi Kawakita, but the design never particularly impressed me, neither the original back in the day nor the redesign we get here.) Honestly, one look and you just know that it would NEVER stand a chance against Godzilla. Even the showcase monster battles are unemotional, slow and boring. The finale, which takes place in Tokyo, suffers the most; it's lethargic, lazily choreographed and claustrophobic-looking to the point that it often feels like you're watching a stage play. And hey! did you know that there are NO stars in outer space?!? Nope! Just watch the early battle between MOGUERA & Space Godzilla and see for yourself. Not even one single twinkling Christmas light to help give the impression of vast starfields or infinite depth in the black void beyond Earth's atmosphere. That's pretty lame. And don't get me started on Little Godzilla. Boy, if you thought the Baby G from G vs. MechaG II was too cutesy then check Little G out. Toho serves up a full-blown THE LAND BEFORE TIME reject for this film. Obviously, this is NOT one of my favorite Godzilla films, not by a long shot. :-\

THE BLU-RAYS: These two Sony titles are solid efforts, and thankfully each film is on its own disc. Picture & sound for both features is pretty good. Video portion has clean, crisp focus, strong colors and almost no dirt or debris. Also little to no artifacting, pixelation or crush (video noise) that I could detect. Audio is clear and the soundmix on both features is mercifully neutral and level, whether listening to the original Japanese language or the English dub. Only bonus content is the original Japanese language trailers for each film.
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on May 16, 2016
Looks can be deceiving especially when you’re seeing double.
In this case, there’s an ancient prophecy, more aliens, a statue everyone wants, and a big doggy-like monster named King Caesar. It doesn’t get any better than this, literally speaking.
These new aliens, hailing from The Third Planet from the Black Hole (they couldn’t just name it Mars or Pluto, something terse and to the point?), unleash MechaG to conquer Earth (naturally). No one ever comes here to do a little sightseeing or have a picnic, no, it’s world domination they’re after. Easier said than done with Anguirus and Godzilla on the job (not to mention their new puppy King Caesar). Such fun!
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on January 4, 2015
Godzilla vs Mechagodzilla is one of the greatest Godzilla movies of all time. It''s in my top five. I bought this near Christmas time and can he rewatch it many times. Caution to all you parents with young children it's important to skip through the part early on when Mechagodzilla disguised as Godzilla injures Godzilla's monster friend badly by breaking his jaw and nearly killing him. It's traumatic for any child and disturbing but further shows how evil Mechagodzilla is and how dangerous he is.
It was in some ways a strange movie in aliens that turn into apes after being killed but I thought it was fun. There is a lot of action and good monster fights. It gives you everything a good Godzilla movie should.The film never bores and is very entertaining. I recommend to all new fans and old fans. This is a great Godzilla movie. Cheers and enjoy!
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on March 27, 2009
Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla is also known as Godzilla vs. the Cosmic Monster when it was in theaters. The movie is about humans finding a statue of a god-like monster named King Ceasar. There is a prediction that the world will be destroyed by a monster. Another prediction is that 2 monsters will arrive to save the world. In the first prediction Godzilla arrives or so it seems to destroy Japan. He is eventually confronted by a second Godzilla. The first one melts away its outer skin to show a metallic version of Godzilla. The 2 fight with the real Godzilla being wounded, and shortly healed. The statue of King Ceasar is placed on it's temple to reveal the resting place of the monster. After a ceremonial song, King Ceasar is awakened. MechaGodzilla then fights with King Ceasar. While the fight is taking place Godzilla rises from the water and joins forces with King Ceasar to defeat the MechaGodzilla. In the scene when MechaGodzilla appears to look like Godzilla there is some characteristics of the real monster missing such as Godzilla's patent roar and the ability to breathe radioactive fire. It is a very good movie in my opinion which leaves room for the next film to follow---Terror of MechaGodzilla. P Corti.
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on May 16, 2016
This is a different Mechagodzilla all together and bears no resemblance to the previous MechaG movies. In this updated version, the United Nations Godzilla Countermeasures Center has come up with a brilliant plan to destroy Godzilla forever. They’ve built a bigger better weapon of destruction and plan to unleash it on the EVIL Godzilla. Meanwhile, a BIG egg is discovered and presumed to be a Pteranodon egg. It emits a telepathic signal that attracts both Rodan and Godzilla. Naturally, they fight over the egg, which is surreptitiously removed, and a baby Godzilla hatches from it. With Godzilla on the rampage, Super-Mechagodzilla is quickly deployed.

Exciting, fanciful, at times a bit too cute, but fun nonetheless. (It is a bit weird though, where they find Godzilla’s second brain, and have to take a butt shot to get at it.)
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on September 12, 2014
I try to write helpful reviews that tell people what I think they should know. I review the way content is presented, rather than the content itself Here's what's important to know about this release:

It's a good release for sub and dub fans as the English and Japanese versions are on the same video track and can be switched between at any time by pressing the audio button on your remote. Japanese is the default language and there are standard translation subtitles and SDH subtitles. Both subtitle tracks are translations of the Japanese dialogue and not transcriptions of the English dialogue. Unfortunately, both subtitle tracks have issues. The standard subtitles don't show the wasei-eigo--English loanwords used by Japanese-speaking people, often so Japanicized that English-speaking people can't understand them--words or the thickly-accented English spoken by Japanese characters. The SDH subtitles have prominent black space around them which ofter obscures too much of the picture and they don't translate all of the on-screen Japanese writing. Note that this applies to most of the other Godzilla Blu-rays.

The English audio on this release is high-quality audio, unlike the tinny mono, 20-years-behind-the-times English audio that was on the dual release of Godzilla vs King Ghidorah/Godzilla and Mothra: Battle for Earth release.
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on April 6, 2016
I ordered this on 4/3. it showed up on 4/6. Great video quality. It was cool seeing the film all the credits in japanese in comparison to the english dub version i had on vhs when i was a kid. the disc does not skip or freeze like others i bought from private dealers. If you dont mind reading subtitles this is a great buy for a Godzilla classic.
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on August 26, 2014
I loved watching this movie as a kid and owning a VHS copy of it. Seeing MechaGodzilla updated for the 90s was great and seeing the variety of new weapons he fought Godzilla with was awesome! Having Rodan in the mix was a welcomed addition as well. This DVD does have another language track. If you wanted you can watched the movie in Japanese with English subtitles rather than the dubbing American audiences are use to, go for it. In the Japanese version of the film you do hear English but it's with an accent. If you do want to watch the dubbed version there's that option on the DVD as well.

Aside from that there are no real special features on the DVD, unless if you count some trailers for other films released by Sony.
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on August 15, 2014
My two favorite G-franchise monsters (Space Godzilla and Mecha Godzilla, in that order) on Blu-ray together (well, two disc bundle, but both are HD now).

The transition from SD to HD is great, with perfectly-clear picture quality, and the sound isn't lacking either. I think the only complaint is that the menus are a little sparse: you get Play, Audio/Subs, Scenes, and Trailers, and not much else. That's a complaint that can be lodged against many films, but that doesn't excuse it being done.

Overall, this is absolutely worth owning. If you already have both on SD DVD, then don't feel obligated to get this as well, but if you don't and want either or both flicks, then get this. You will not be disappointed.
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