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Format: Video Game|Change
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on August 14, 2015
Lore: This is technically Golden Sun 3, with the first 2 games being on the Gameboy Advance. Knowing a lot of people would be going into this game having not played the first 2, they decided to make the children of the previous games' heroes the focus, & include books, an encyclopedia of terms, & a very long opening cutscene that explains the events of the first two games. Unfortunately, "show" works better than "tell" & you might as well just play ROMs of the first two games if you really want to know what the heck is going on. The collectible books do a much better job of filling you in than all of the NPC exposition combined.

Getting lost: The game explains nothing to you after the parents leave, so you'll find yourself going to Walkthrough frequently. The Walkthroughs skip a lot of important things like "ignore this for now, you'll be coming back to it latter" so you may find yourself needing youtube walkthroughs for certain parts. You will also find that you can get cut off from returning to areas entirely, meaning any Djinns & boxed you failed to figure out how to get to will be permanently lost to you.

The puzzles: The puzzles will keep your brain intrigued when the Random Encounter battles start to wear on your patience. They're quite fun, but when it comes to areas you are unaware that you are supposed to skip for now & come back to latter (like the Harapa Ruins), you will be stumped & frustrated, because you're not supposed to solve it yet & therefore can't.

The graphics: Reminds me greatly of Final Fantasy 9. If you've never played that, think FF7 without the hideous Popeye arms. Looks good even on a tiny 2DS screen.

The dialogue: You cannot really make it faster & it scrolls quite slowly. It also makes a very irritating noise that you can thankfully turn off. Words highlighted in red will bring up the dictionary, which is useful for short attention spans or long breaks between the game.

The cast: Despite being called the Leader, Matthew is really more of a mute observer & battle support who communicates with a limited range of emotions. The true leader is Karis; the smart one, the one who makes the first move in battle, & Team Mom of the group. Tyrell is comical lackey. He's less strong than Matthew, bullheaded, clumsy, & irresponsible. He & Karis don't get along, so Matthew is the glue that bonds them together. Latter in the early part of the game, the group is completed when Rief joins the team. He's the team's Glass Canon & Loremaster, giving the party two smart mature magic users & 2 bumbling manchild warriors.
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on September 15, 2016
I absolutely love the Golden Sun series, and actually bought my 2DS in order to play this game. While not as good as the first two games, I still love Golden Sun: Dark Dawn and hope that they do make the fourth game in the series. Several complaints: the tutorial at the beginning is a bit annoying if you already know how to play, there was a decrease in graphics quality from the first two games, and there are some unnecessary points of no return. It would also be nice if they allowed you to skip cut scenes. However, I really enjoyed the game. I love the world building and all the hints at previous civilizations, and the gameplay is fun. This game was definitely worth buying a new gaming system for.
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on June 28, 2016
I really enjoyed playing Golden Sun: Dark Dawn

It was full of nostalgic moments and made me remember the good old days playing the two previous games; nevertheless, Dark Dawn has enough originality to stand on its own.

The game plays on the touch screen and I was worried at first since I am left handed; however, you can still play with the analog stick like any other game without having to use the stylus at all.

The music in Dark Dawn is amazing, it really helps build atmosphere and it truly adds a lot of value to the game experience as a whole.

My only complaint with Dark Dawn is that its puzzles are not as difficult as in previous games. Overall difficulty in Dark Dawn is less challenging, whereas in previous games it would get stuck for hours within a dungeon, in Dark Dawn I've never found myself wondering what to do next. Actually I believe I've never had any of my characters die in battle while playing.

However; if you enjoyed playing the two previous games you definitely MUST give Dark Dawn a try. It was a very enjoyable experience and I truly hope they dare to create further games within the Golden Sun universe.
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on September 5, 2016
The fact that the graphics are worse than the previous two titles is unforgivable. This is a new game system, the least they could do is maintain the same quality graphics. There are many points of no return and no warning for most of them.

It's another sequel that says "And the heroes had kids who went on the same adventures they did." The characters were shallow and undeveloped, especially the ones that you get at the end of the story. They're plainly added in just so you can have two of each type of adept. The storyline bosses are easy, requiring almost no strategy to defeat.

The ending is a lead into a new game, but given how this one failed to achieve the scope and feel of its predecessors, it's highly unlikely that a sequel to this will ever be made.
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on January 1, 2016
A fantastic continuation of the Golden Sun series!
No spoliers here! It is a fun game for the beloved series with familiar gameplay with a few more tricks.
I mostly got it for the story, but nonetheless was happy with everything
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on September 6, 2016
Fantastic game. Played through the original 2 on GBA, and they were some of my favorites. This game has a new story that is easy to pick up, and has been very entertaining so far. Not a fan of the "reaction" system, but it doesn't detract much from gameplay overall
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on February 9, 2011
Man, this game is fantastic, because it tugs on all of the right heartstrings. It's almost identical to previous titles in the series, and with good reason, there's not much in the formula that needed to be tweaked. Visually it's very impressive, and the summons are cooler than ever. Mechanics are identical to the earlier titles, and the puzzles are still present.

The only problems with this game are that it's waaaaaaaay too easy. Not a single boss was hard to beat. I didn't lose once during my original playthrough, and that's without collecting all of the Djinni or summons. None of the puzzles stymied me for more than a few minutes, and the one particularly tough puzzle was easily solved with the use of a power you gain in the game that literally just helps you solve puzzles. Given the difficulty of the GBA titles, this is a bit of a letdown.

The other problem is that the entire plot, while somewhat compelling, ends in a ridiculously obvious cliffhanger, leaving so many questions unanswered that the game may as well have been subtitled "part 1." The game isn't short (took me about 24 hours to beat) but plot-wise, it feels like it's over when you'd just begun. This is very similar to the original golden sun, though, so there's probably some sort of weird Japanese repetition/imitation thing going on here.
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on June 13, 2015
This game continues the GS franchise with a new generation. I like that you can interact with characters from the previous games and the core mechanics are still here. You have the puzzles that use the powers, updated graphics, and the same fun battle system/great music that the Golden Sun series is known for. Another solid entry in the franchise that leaves me with hope that they continue the series. A great RPG for the DS.
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on July 8, 2014
Great game!
If you liked the original Golden Sun series, you'll love this one.

My only criticism is that for better or worse, it's pretty much the exact same game as the other Golden Sun games.
Nothing much new or innovative here, except for a slightly different weapon system.

Also, the dialogue still suffers from the exact same problem as the previous games: too much unnecessary fluff.
You'll find yourself skipping past lots of meaningless dialogue that adds little or nothing to the plot.

Still, the gameplay is fun and addicting, the graphics are gorgeous, the music is epic.
It more than makes up for its flaws.
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on December 31, 2013
This game is an RPG of a different kind.

It does not require any hard grinding to beat the final boss. I've completed the game in without dying once. Also, it contains far more dialogue than any other RPG I've played.

However, this is the key to why I love this so much. It allows you to be immerse in the world of the game. It makes you feel like you are living the characters, and gives you a sense of accomplishment when you solve the puzzles. Rather than mindless nonstop battles with monsters after monsters, this is what a role playing game should be like!
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