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Gone Girl
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on March 5, 2015
A truly well-written novel, and yet, one which I was tempted to stop reading at several points. The real problem is that the main characters are not likable. You like them, and then suddenly you despise them. The like/dislike cycle repeats several times for most of the major characters. I did keep reading and it was definitely worth the time. I disagree with the reviewers who claim that at the end the story was not completely resolved. It was, just not the sort of ending for which most were hoping.

A good read, but not a pleasant experience. At the end I felt I had just survived a personal experience with pure evil.

Added comment 5/13/2017. I just saw the movie on TV. The book is much better. As with most movies adapted from books, this is quite normal. Unfortunately, this movie is worse than most. It still has the quality of liking then disliking the characters; repeat; repeat; repeat! It has the additional problem of being boring, really, really boring. What a waste.
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on August 11, 2015
For a Summer Reading project at school, I decided to read Gone Girl, without reading the description and knowing little background knowledge about the book. I was glad that I chose this book because it was filled with great suspense and I absolutely loved some parts of it! The author, Gillian Flynn does a wonderful job writing in great detail and I give her credit for all the crazy and twisted ideas she submerged into this one heck of a story. I gave this book a 4-star rating because I loved everything about it except the ending. I hated the ending with a dying passion. I really thought Amy was the bad guy in this case and I hoped Nick would finish her off and have Amy go to jail because she committed a series of punishing crimes. I disliked many parts of the ending and I definitely thought it would've been a more tragic than it turned out to be. *Spoiler Alert* Amazing Amy is not so amazing after all. I would recommend this book to other high school students who love to read crazy stories that just blow you mind by the end. I found myself constantly repeating "what the heck???" and "no way!" at the end of every chapter. Flynn left me hanging and not wanting to put the book down every time I finished another chapter. This book, especially for me, was not an easy read. It was very powerful and intense. At some parts, I had chills and others I was so mad at the characters. The book, in my mind, was brilliant but the ending could have been better. I appreciate Flynn's style of writing and she is very talented. This book just met my expectations, and I want more. Just like I said, Flynn leaves me hanging at the end and I wanted to hear more about what was going to happen to Amy and Nick Dunne and what will happen with their future family life. Fantastic story, not so fantastic ending.
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What makes Gone Girl so frightening is the deep dive the reader takes into the mind of a sociopath and the extent to which she planned and executed her particular brand of terrifying retribution. It is also a study of what happens when two people who are profoundly wrong for one another marry. In the dictionary under 'toxic relationships' you will find a picture of Amy and Nick. Both are products of the worst elements of their upbringing and neither is particularly sympathetic and certainly not likable. In some ways this should be a primer on the wisdom of being yourself and not trying to remake yourself in the reflection of another.

This well crafted tale treats the reader to the effect that the media has on sensationalizing murder investigations, the tendency of the police to focus on the most obvious suspect almost to the exclusion of anyone else and how the public forms their opinions even while knowing very little of the truth of a situation. All of this gave the novel a strong 'ripped from the headlines' feel and read with the cadence of a Dateline NBC murder mystery.

Gone Girl is well written and gripping to the extent that I had to put it down and walk away from time to time. Several others who have reviewed this book have complained that the ending leaves the reader hanging. Given the nature of the story and the tone of the entire novel, I don't think it could have ended any other way. A happy, all-loose-ends-tied up ending would just would not have felt genuine.

Be warned, I found parts of this book profoundly disturbing, but know that it is one that I will not forget for a good long while.
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on September 17, 2015
I read this book mainly because *everyone* seemed to be talking about it. I found that once I started, I really needed to see it through. It was truly unlike anything I'd ever really read before; not that the storyline was especially groundbreaking, but I think the fact that both characters were... unlikable, I guess?... made this completely unique. I rather expected that the main characters would become more likable or at least painted a little differently depending on perspective within the book, but I ultimately found them to be worse at the end!

And truly, what amazes me, is that while most books work to show a character arch as people improve, Gillian Flynn seems to show the arch from kind of likable to really... not. And yet I couldn't quite put it down! Not because of the plot, but because of the characters.

That says something about the quality of writing and character development!
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on March 28, 2017
The book started off really good and became better. The first act was slow in build up but read quite well. The second act was faster, and scarier. The format is quite unique and makes for an interesting read, given that events are not repeated from multiple perspectives too often.

The third part of the third act, the final two chapters, deprive you of what could have been a great end. Or even a good end. It almost feels like the author wrote herself into a corner and could not find anything to cling on to as she arrived at one of the most cliched endings such a thriller could have. The only other possibility were if someone had faked their death.

It's a good read, but could have had a much better ending.
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This book is a roller coaster ride for sure. You know how the ride up is slow that is the beginning of this book. Then you reach the peak which is part two with its amazing twist and turns finishing in, what feels so quickly, part three. The first part of the book goes a bit slow, concentrating on Nick and Amy. I believe the way it was done was to introduce us to Amy and Nick, lulling us into thinking they are a juvenile and fairly selfish, boring couple. Then with the introduction of more characters the story explodes. Suddenly we discover that who we thought Amy and Nick were isn't necessarily true. There is a reason why I have always told my children don't make snap judgments of people. People are complicated and multi-layered. In part one we uncover the first layer of our couple but in parts two and three we really discover who they are. At first I wasn't all into it. I didn't like Amy or Nick, (guess what? I still don't), and almost gave up reading it. In retrospect I think the author did an excellent job with the unveiling of our couple. The book is a psychological playground. Forget trust. There is no one to put trust in, at least no one I found worthy of it. While there are holes in the story and things you just shake your head at, for the most part I found myself just gliding over them. I was more fascinated by the mind twist that was going on. I believe, as humans, we are all to some extent damaged people. I found it pretty easy to relate to all the damaged ones in the book. I really enjoy analyzing what makes me people tick. I find it fascinating that two children from the same family, raised together, can be so similar yet so different. In this book we see that with Nick and Glo. While Amy and Nick were raised differently there becomes apparent some similarities between them too. Days after finishing this book I am still thinking about that and what were the defining factors that brought those out. I found the story fascinating. The ending was a little bit of a let down for me though it does work, (as well as leaving space for a follow up). I thought about removing a star for the ending but decided since it does work, and stays on the twisty tracks, it didn't warrant losing a whole star. For me, it held my interest and had my emotions twisting in the wind. A total whizbang roller coaster ride!
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on July 25, 2014
My review is about the AUDIO version and the STORY:
I never could get the time to read this and EVERYONE and their brothers seem to be reading it, so I decided to get the AUDIO version. Boy, I'm I glad I did. The readers for this book are OUTSTANDING. Julia Whelan is the perfect voice for Amy. Her inflections and certainb annunciations are my perfect vision of how Amy would talk and act. As well is the reader for the part of Nick -Kirby Heyborne. He captured this character to a tee. These two readers alternate between chapters to tell the story from Amy and Nick's POV. I highly recommend the AUDIO version of this book.

Now for my opinion of the STORY: I HATED THE ENDING!!! (Thus the reduction in stars). I applaud Gillian Flynn for the concept of this book which is brilliant. I think she took too long to bring this story line around. She could have done it in much fewer words and still got her point across. I'm not going to spoil the story here by revealing any details, but I just really hated the ending. I do recommend this book... Just not highly but I really enjoyed the audio version. I would have been bored reading this myself.... that's my opinion. Can't wait for the movie to see how they butcher it.... !
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on May 9, 2016
*(spoilers below)*

Good book and an entertaining read. Though, I was a bit let down by the ending based on how devious and suspenseful the first three quarters of the book were. I never bought in on the runaway misfits that conspired to beat Amy up and take her money while she was on the run. It played a big role in forcing her to get back to Nick through Desi, and for how smart Amy was, she should have never let herself get in that position. Seemed too convenient to me and it went against everything we've come to know about Amy.

I was especially disappointed with the whole tissue-pregnancy mishap. I'm no doctor, but that seems like a major stretch to me and the whole explanation of how it happened was glossed over in half a sentence. I understand that there had to be a strong reason to make Nick stay with Amy after all that, but the surprise pregnancy felt very contrived and almost absurd.

Still a good book and worth the read. My only complaint is that it felt like we spent the first 400 pages of the book constructing this beautiful, elaborate house and then couldn't afford to put a roof on it in the end because we went over budget.
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on February 10, 2013
I don't know how many times I've remarked to others that, given the unsolved murders vegetating in folders by the tens of thousands in cold case file storage rooms all over the country, you just never know who your neighbors and acquaintances really are; what they've done in the past, or are possibly doing now. Maybe even those you think you know...you really don't.

Gone Girl is that remark come to life in modern society. The book is eminently readable from the first sentence. The two protagonists are husband and wife, Nick and Amy, each telling their story firsthand. Amy's, at first, is through a diary. Nick's is simple first person narration. They meet and fall in love, begin a storybook life in New York, then both lose their jobs and Amy's sizable trust fund disappears. After a move to Missouri, to Nick's hometown, Amy's New York persona seems to have adapted fairly easily to life in a small midwest town. But Nick is such a jerk to her! She's trying so hard and he doesn't appreciate it.

Nick, on the other hand, when it's his turn to talk, seems likable enough; if not a bit on the selfish side, and when you're in his POV, Amy seems a bit too prickly and thin-skinned. I went back and forth, feeling they both needed to grow up, compromise, sit down and talk out their feelings.

Not far into the story, Amy disappears. As with any suspicious disappearance, Nick becomes Suspect #1. With his twin sister as his staunchest ally, Nick fights to prove his innocence. However, Amy's diary is troubling in its depictions of Nick's behavior, especially in recent months.

(Note: Gillian Flynn's peripheral characters are recognizable and reflective of our society, especially where "true crime" is concerned. The Nancy Grace character, the media in general, the tabloids, the high-profile attorney, the search parties - all gave the book a very "right now in history" feeling.)

Then came part two of the book. It's a shocker. Let's just say - Scott Peterson has met his match.

I feel that at about the 3/4 point in the book the story got a little too fantastical, but it didn't ruin it for me.

I know the ending isn't popular with many reviewers. I hated it...but not in a "bad review" kind of way. Because as I thought about it more, I had to go back to what I said in the first sentence...you never really know...
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on February 14, 2014
I had so many people tell me to read this book so I gave in and downloaded it. Especially because they are making a movie out of it now. (Ben Affleck is PERFECT for the role) The book is written in both the perspective of the wife and the husband and it's very predictable. I saw each "plot twist" before it was coming. I don't like to give spoilers in book reviews because it takes away from the experience if you know the whole story before you even start reading. The climax or turning point of the storyline happened way to early on in the book so by Part 3 I was just bored and ALMOST put it down. Nothing else "exciting" happens for the rest of the book.
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