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on February 15, 2017
I liked how this book tied up a few loose ends, but it's hard to accept a character who literally never spoke suddenly taking up so much of the story line. And in this book there are two people like that!

We always knew Janie would have a difficult decision to make, and as others have said this is a bit of a spoiler, but the book leaves you hanging on the consequences of her decision.

One more issue I have, similar to the unbelievability of the two "new" characters, is the passage of time. In the first two books time seemed to move appropriately, weeks and months passing. But in this book she is literally complaining the house is 145 degrees one day, and then one or two days later she's getting goosebumps outside at night. I know Michigan weather fluctuates, but that's just not believable.

As someone else wrote it almost feels like the author wrote it because she knew she had to finish the story, almost like she was in a rush to get on to another story assignment.
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on November 8, 2016
“Gone” is the third and final novel of the Wake/Fade/Gone trilogy. In the previous two novels, Janie has struggled with the adverse effects of who she is. The repercussions and the general uneasiness of it.

Janie is a dream catcher. Not by choice. She falls into people’s dreams if she even walks by someone sleeping. They are sometimes nightmares, and even when they’re not, Janie knows she doesn’t belong. She also knows she can never have a normal life.

In “Gone” Janie finds out who her dad is. It’s too late, though, as he is in the hospital dying. His dreams wreak havoc on her, causing her to collapse, so she stay’s away. When she goes with Cabe and breaks into his house, she learns she may have a way out.

Now Janie needs to make a decision. A life altering decision. The love of Cabe, or the peace of isolation.

I loved this series.
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VINE VOICEon March 4, 2013
When we last left Janie, our Dream Catcher, she was recovering from a horrifying undercover sting where she helped bust that put some teachers in jail for drugging and raping her classmates. While she is a hero for putting herself in such a scary position to help others, the job came with some very serious realizations about her ability to step into people's dreams. In Gone, by Lisa McMann, the story continues with a very real examination of what kind of life Janie can hope to live.

Now that janie knows her fate as a Dream Catcher, blind by her 20's and gnarled, crippled hands shortly after that, she is facing Morton's Fork- a philosophical fork in the road where both choices are impossibly horrible. She either becomes a shut-in who hides herself from the world or goes blind and becomes crippled due to her dream hopping like the only other Dream Catcher she knew- Mrs. Stubin. When she gets a call that her father, the same father she never knew who abandoned her to a life with her alcoholic mother, she has to go investigate.

Her father is in a coma and it is almost as if his brain "exploded". When she sleeps into his weak, fitful coma, she is faced with a terrifying realization- her father might have been a Dream Catcher too. It is possible the reason he abandoned her mother was to escape the very same dreams she suffers from. Now she must truly face Morton's Fork and decide what she wants to do with her life- isolation or become crippled. How can one choose between two impossible choices? What would you choose?

The interesting thing about this series is how wildly it varies in target audience from book to book. The first book was good, but clearly a soft, middle reader light mystery that would be best for middle school students. Then came the second book which was quite disturbing and graphic. Finally, we get the last installment which is strangely introspective and delves into really deep decisions and situations. Now I really have no idea who this series is geared for! I assume it is best for older, lower-skilled students, but they might be bored by the first book. Younger students might be too young for the second book. I am not saying this is a bad series or without its merits, but it is a strange fit student-wise. The writing is low-leveled, so it would be best for a struggling reader. But be sure the content is best for the student you are giving it to!
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VINE VOICEon March 28, 2010
"For readers of Lisa McMann's Wake Triology, Gone was a book we were all anxiously waiting for. The story of a girl who has an incredible ability to help others in a most unusual way and unfortunately for her, a detrimental side effect. A heart wrenching love story with a devastating choice. And of course, McMann's writing is another of the many reasons readers fell in love with Janie & Cabel's story. For those reasons I actually had my book on pre-order for some time and have been waiting until I could find a solid block of time to read it straight through. Well, I completed it today...

"Where to start? The good...Everything seems to be wrapped up tightly in a nice little package. It's nice to get to the end of a series and feel some closure and to a certain extent I do. There were also some wonderful additions to this book that you didn't get in the others, like glimpses into some of the less prominent characters lives and some new to the series. But overall, it was her writing that I really loved again.

"And now, for the not so good...Am I the only person who really gets bugged when about a quarter to a third of a way through the book you already know what's going to happen? I'd be really surprised if I was. In all honesty I felt like this was written to be written. I know that Lisa McMann has mentioned on her site and on Amazon that it was a grueling process to write this last book. I don't want to diminish the time and work she put into this, but other than the writing style I was a little disappointed. Where was Cabel? And the plot seemed to just float along, never really peaking with the exception of one major event that had already been eluded to numerous times.

"All in all, it was a decent wrap up to a wonderful beginning. I'm not upset that I took the time to read it, on the contrary, it was nice to spend some time again with Janie's character and get to know her mom just a bit better. But overall a disappointing end to what started off so well, in my humble opinion."
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on March 8, 2010
Gone, was, for me, much different from Wake and Fade, with in the pages of both Wake and Fade there's a mystery to be solved - and while Gone does have that element - the mystery here is centered around Janie, and who she is, rather than what she can do.

To me Gone almost seemed like a companion novel, not really the ending to the series - though most every question I had was answered, I guess I just kinda wish we might get to see more of Janie and Cabel someday - they are such dynamic characters. Does that even make sense?

Lets see if I can explain -

Where Wake and Fade leave you wondering about Janie's family, Gone answers those questions, finally. Lisa finally brings us into Janie's world as she uncovers the secrets behind why she is the way she is. Gone is much more Janie centered, she, though out most of the novel is alone, with her thoughts - and her dreams.

Her and Cabel are not "on assignment" and the book is not as, pulse pounding as Wake and Fade were (especially Fade), yet I don't mean to say it was boring, with nothing going on. There's plenty here to keep you flipping pages! I just don't want to say to much!

Lisa McMann has a way with words - and I LOVE the way she tells a story, though honestly - I can say I flipped back and forth a couple times to see the space of time, which could be distracting, but honestly it did not bother me - and most people probably would not bother (I am occasionally anal about such things).

I think the thing that makes Lisa stand out as an author is the way she creates her characters, extremely lovable, yet strong and confident. Though Janie did have her issues in Gone, and at times I wish she would just stop brooding, she in the end, returned to her strong roots!

I love how even when your kind of "sick of a character" Lisa still throws in really awesome reason's to love them, weather it be in strong dialog, witty banter or a dynamic choice - it's all there!

Bottom Line - If you can almost, forget that you read Wake and Fade - and go into reading this book like it's a stand alone, with the same characters - like a companion book might be - I think you will like Gone, if you can't - it's tough to get around the differences. (Though you will need to read Wake and Fade before picking up Gone, there's not much back story in Gone, and I think you would be lost.) I for one, was able to almost forget about Wake and Fade, since it had been so long since I read them, and I enjoyed it - though I do wish there was at least one more, book in the series, I am going to miss Janie and Cabel.
Lisa McMann is an author that I am going to be watching, I cant wait to see what she comes up with next!
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on March 15, 2017
great read
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VINE VOICEon July 12, 2010
I really expected more from the conclusion of this trilogy. I really enjoyed the first two installments--they was fresh, creative, written almost like poetry, yet still cohesive and with great stories.
But this book, I have to say, really dropped the ball. It felt like the plot was stretched out, with no main arc--just the same conflict that had been playing in the background for the last two books being pushed forward and played in a loop, over and over. What will Janie do? Seclude herself from society, or choose to stay and use her ability/gift/curse? It quickly became tiring and shallow, and the new "revelations" were drawn out and forced.
I can't even remember what happened in the end. Really, I felt that as soon as I turned the last page, the story blurred in my head. It just wasn't very interesting, to be honest.
I just hope I can keep the memory of the last two in my head, and do the series justice.
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on April 17, 2010
GONE wasn't the strongest ending to a fantastic start (loved WAKE), but I still really liked it. I think whenever you read a trilogy, the first book is usually the best and the following are just trying to keep up while telling more of the story. I found this to be a good read as and was happy with the ending, although it does feel like there could be another book written to really End the story.. this one answers a buch of questions and ties up some ends, but it would feel more complete if there was one more book with a biger "bang" to the ending.. somthing that left you with a stronger sence ove satifaction, closure.. it just still feels like there could be more to the story to me. All in all, I like the book and was happy with this easy read trilogy.. I finished all 3 books in 2 days.. so the story line was stronge enough to keep me reading.
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on March 11, 2010
I read the first two books in this series, Wake and Fade, last year. I was really excited for the final book, Gone, to come out. I LOVED the first two - they had great characters, exciting plots, and were very well written. I am afraid to say that Gone was a huge let down. Although the writing was still good and I still loved the characters, I felt like nothing really happened in this book. There was no build up and no climax. It could have just been included at the end of Fade. Plus, the only real exciting element in the book was way predictable. I still love this other, but this book was not as good as the others.
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VINE VOICEon February 10, 2010
Gone is the continuing story of Janie and her struggles as a dream catcher. She is faced with some serious decisions in this third and final book of the Wake series. She has learned that if she continues to work in other people's dreams she will end up blind within a few short years and will lose the use of her hands and feet within the next decade. But the other option would mean leaving Cabel behind and starting a life completely isolated from the world. What would you choose? Physical health but mentally and emotionally cut off from all the people you love or Continue the life that you know also knowing that you will be rendered almost completely handicapped by the age of 30? Here lies Janie's dilemma...

So I have read this trilogy over the past 4 days. The first book started out strong, loved it and couldn't wait to continue on. Book 2 had major language issues for me, but I finished it and still enjoyed the story. Book 3 just started to get boring for me and I'm sorry to say that I'm glad there isn't a book 4 to follow. I don't think I will recommend this series to my friends, I'll probably be donating my copies to my library since I don't think I'll ever re-read them.

If you're reading this review I will assume you have already read Wake and Fade, if not... see my reviews for those first. This final book is written in the same choppy style but is a little harder to follow than the first two books. I found myself having to read some of the "sentences" (fragments is the real word to use) multiple times to figure out what she meant. The same thing goes for Gone as went with the previous two books... the language was bad. A lot of using the Lord's name and a lot of *F* words thrown in. Not as much as in Fade, but still quite a bit.

I think she wraps up the series nicely and gives good closure to the characters leaving nothing hanging. I never really got emotionally invested in this series because the characters are never really completely developed. Each book is quite short and are broken down in a timeline, like a schedule. Not very personal.
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