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on July 1, 2008
This is Modest Mouse on a whole new level and some of their fans don't like it but I think they're really rockin'. Previous efforts were stuck in that hillbilly indie plunkin' rhythm thing that's so popular with those who want music they deem "authentic" but hey even The Clash learned to play their instruments and rose to a higher level and I think that may be what's happened here. The musical energy seems more vital to me although I admit to loving the gentle "Blame it on the Tetons" as much as that pop dance hit "Float On" that so many reviewers tend to dismiss perhaps because it's just so damn good and the supposed fans preference is still for music that is what I think of as awkward. I'm amused that so many "fans" dismiss what I consider remarkable lyrics as inferior. I think Brock is one of the most outstanding songwriters we have at this time and everyone concerned is performing on a higher level than they did in the past ten years. This cd rocks and the follow up cd We were Dead rocks even more.
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on March 6, 2014
Really we heard enough of both the singles of this album.... forget those songs...

"The world at large" is a tragic lullaby about finding the reason of life and realizing its too late to do anything about it.Things are getting older, people are leaving this earth, and you never reached your goals... a stand still life procrastinated by idleness...
Another great song is the punk song "Dance Hall." The guitar contrasts of distortion and echoing makes the song stand out as one of the songs that a person can skank to in a large pit of indie rockers, pop punkers, and dredlocked rastas...
I have to say however, "The View" is my favorite song with its funk like guitar and the blend of the sounds of the synthesizer with the drums makes it sound like a electro song...
Really this album has a variation of song styles that is over shadowed by its singles...
Modest Mouse is all over the place which is hard to categorize them. They come up with folk tunes like "Blame it on the Tetons" or the slow bluegrass song "Satin in a Coffin" which is why they get the label of indie rock.
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on January 24, 2005
A sixteen song fireworks display of brilliance. I buy about 50 albums a year, and this is the best IN A LONG TIME. Not many groups have the lyrical talent to toss in references to Bukowski ("Who would wanna be such an [...] ), Prometheus, and God ("Who'd wanna be such a control freak?")- all in the same song- and somehow still come off as sounding personal. After three listens you'll have fantasies of sitting down and interviewing the fellows.

Problem with most bands with brains (and Modest Mouse clearly has some smarts) is that when the lyrics get too heady the band comes off sounding musically forced and impersonal (think of Rush, for example). Modest Mouse avoids all that and makes it all work without the feel of contrivance. What the album lacks in rock indulgence it makes up in pure nervous tension. At times the tension reaches levels not heard since The Residents.

For us freethinkers, the album serves up snippets of personal philosophy set to some stunning music ("We have one chance. One chance to get everything right...My friends, my habits, my family, they mean so much to me...").

Get it then listen to it three or four times in a row until you GET IT.
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on November 6, 2014
I love this album! I bought this for my boyfriend, who loves collecting records, and he loved it. The package got to me very quickly and was packaged with a stamp that said "do not bend" which is awesome because I was afraid that it would've been bent along the way. The vinyl record itself was in absolutely beautiful condition. I'm so happy with this purchase and will probably buy more from this seller! I paid about 18 bucks (shipping, tax, EVERYTHING) for a brand new vinyl record that got to me in about 4 days; that's better than a lot of discount record stores! Highly recommend this.
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on April 9, 2004
While this album has its moments, there is a decided commercial and pop sensibility to the music, a melodic cohesion and simplicity that should appeal to a broader base of listeners, but is unlikely to thrill or impress advocates of Modest Mouse's earlier albums. As others have suggested, the album does grow on you, but it is hardly a substitute for the creative brilliance or willingness to bare or push musical boundaries found on This is a Long Way to Drive..., Lonesome Crowded West, Building Nothing Out of Something, or Moon Over Antarctica. The constantly shifting musical motifs are largely absent, as is a sense of the unexpected. And the lyrics have lost their oblique and multiple interpretation, instead becoming direct and at times even banal, as on the songs Dance Hall or Bukowski.
The midpoint to this album is unmemorable, and seriously intrudes on what otherwise might be viewed as a superior commercial pitch: Dance Hall, with its cheesy organ chords reminiscent of Danny Elfman in Hollywood decline (The Clash never would have touched it); Bukowski's largely one-dimensional musical score; the purely derivative The Devil's Workday, covered long ago -- and much better -- by Tom Waits and Smoke; The View, which is marred by cheap eighties techno overlays not even worthy of reference to Talking Heads; and the mixed Satin in the Coffin, which opens like a Johnny Horton ballad. Other songs, such as Blame It On the Tetons, while pretty, fails to really distinguish itself from any number of other sweetly chorded ballads by numerous traditional country and rock imitations. And Black Cadillacs sounds like just another well done rock anthem.
The remaining songs on the album offer glimpses of earlier brilliance and sparks of creativity, especially on the final The Good Times Are Killing Me. And the overlay of instrumentals and sound effects often remain inspired. But overall, the songs, while eminently listenable, remain, compared to much of their earlier work, one-dimensional. As someone else has said, this album is better than 90% of the other tripe out there, but its essentially commercial pedigree cannot be ignored.
As far as those claiming this is a masterpiece or the best Modest Mouse album ever, depending upon one's musical tastes and background, suppose this album could be construed as such; fan is, after all, short for fanatic. But those that adore this album needn't really worry: all will be forgiven as mainstream record sales soar. And why shouldn't Brock and the boys make some decent money? They're far more deserving than most, and for a time gave us some memorable music that will remain long after this album is forgotten.
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on August 15, 2016
One my absolute favorite CDs. It is a bit off the wall and maybe a touch dark but I like it a lot.
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on January 11, 2017
Pretty good album. There are some great songs on here and some filler songs towards the end of the album. Overall, worth the purchase for an alt-rock fan.
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on February 12, 2017
I love Modest Mouse and I love this album. In my opinion this is their best album
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on July 28, 2011
I'm certainly no indie music expert like other MM reviewers but I do listen to a fair share of music considered indie. But I'll admit that I listen to about everything, from rap and hip hop to country (and even Britney Spears -gasp!!!)
Good News is a staple in my play list, along with all other MM albums. Sure, it's different from those before and after but that is not a fault. I have bought this as a cd and even bought the mp3 download -- bc I can't live w/o it and I was too lazy to manually download it from hard to digital myself.
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on November 21, 2013
Bought this on vinyl & it sounds great! I love Modest Mouse, no matter the album, but this is the one I discovered them on so I had to get it on vinyl for my collection. It's split into 2 records, so the sides are a little short, but they sound perfect. Glad I bought it.
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