Customer Reviews: Goodnight Moon
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VINE VOICEon December 22, 1999
Until I started reading to my older son, I didn't really understand what was this book's unique hold on people was. However, from my first reading to him, I did! There must be something magical about this book and the way children love it. It's very comforting to them, with the easy to memorize lines and the gentle arrival in the great green room of nighttime. However, it's also full of little details for them to notice and delight in--the hidden mouse, the dollhouse with lights on, the pictures on the wall. It's the perfect book to start kids "reading" themselves---leave out the crucial word in a line and wait for them to say it---"a bowlful of...." "MUSH!", they scream with delight! And they all love the "Goodnight Nobody" page best---I think it really gets kids thinking in a philosophical way---How can you say Goodnight to Nobody? This book is a true, true gem and belongs in every library.
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on May 3, 2001
I got this book (in the board version) for a shower gift for my now 2-year-old daughter. I didn't remember reading this book as a child and at first it seemed a little odd -- the pictures weren't tremendously appealing and the rhyme scheme seemed strange. I have, however, been converted. After reading the book several times to my newborn daughter, I noticed how soothing it was to her. She seemed to be able to see the pictures and, as she got older, would reach out to touch elements in each. We read it every night for months, because it seemed to set a good tone for bedtime. After learning a little more about how children think, I began to understand what made it so appealing -- the ritual of saying good night to familiar objects helped reassure her when she had to say good night to her mom and dad, which can be scary for tiny kids.
Now, of course, she's a big girl and says it's a "baby book". However, it's still by her bed and I've overheard her "reading" it to herself or to her baby brother many times. It's an excellent choice for a baby you love.
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This is a book that I read every night to my children. For years, I could not quite put my finger on its appeal. Finally, it clicked one day. There is a cadence to the story that is like a mediation mantra, quietly and gently calming you and your child down. In addition, the book's text and illustrations are matched in away that it is natural to point out the words and pictures to your child, and for them to do the same as they grow older. This means that you are also starting to teach reading in natural, relaxed way. In addition, we all tend to see the glass as half empty rather than as half full. Goodnight Moon encourages a sense of gratitude for whatever is around us. That is a profound and wonderful lesson for everyone to have. Finally, children are fascinated by how another child's room might look. So you also help them to understand the differences among families. How many other books do you know that accomplish so much? Best of all, you and your children (and grandchildren, perhaps) will have wonderful memories to share. That's fantastic! Enjoy!
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VINE VOICEon November 17, 2011
I raised my three children on Margaret Wise Brown's "Goodnight Moon" - my husband and I can still recite the whole book by heart... I have given it as a gift at more baby showers than I can count - including to my daughter and my daughter-in-law and I have been lucky enough to read it to my grandchildren. Now that we are living hundreds of miles apart from these beloved grandchildren, I rarely have the luxury of reading them "Goodnight Moon" at bedtime, so I thought I would give the recordable books a try. I was very happy with the ease of recording (it helped that this is a short, simple book) and now my babies can have Nana read them a bedtime story whenever they want. I definitely recommend this version as a good addition to a child's library.
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on November 13, 1999
I bought this book as a gift for my sixteen month old and hefell in love with it. I also have a five year old that really enjoysit too. When they go to the book shelf they always bring this one back first,and we have to read it two or three times before they go get another book. I would recommend this book to anyone looking for a good children's book.
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on March 22, 2006
This was the first book I wanted for my now 4-month-old, and I'm so glad. It's a definite part of our bedtime ritual (now that we have one), and I've enjoyed reading it to her since she was about 2 weeks old. Different pages grab her interest at different stages; initially she loved to stare at the cow jumping over the moon, and now it's the last page with the dimly lit room.

This book has the best of all combinations: simple black and white images; bright color combinations; simple phrases; repetition. And as an adult, I've loved noticing the small details, such as the way the moon travels through the window space and the little bunny changes position to say goodnight to all his treasures.

GRAB YOUR TISSUES: I recently posted some photos of my husband reading this to our baby on a message board. One of the women there said that the photos brought up some strong emotions, because she could hear her beloved late mother's voice reading those words to her even now. As I read this to Emily, I realize I may be creating lifelong memories of time with her mother and father. "Goodnight Moon" is the perfect book for this kind of magic.
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on July 22, 2000
At the risk of sounding redundant, "Goodnight Moon" succeeds in entrancing every toddler (and every toddler's parent) who sees and hears it. Unlike many other books suitable for children at an early linguistic level, "Goodnight Moon" manages to capture both adult and child in its charms. The repetitive structure never bores, as it constantly surprises with its rhymes and subjects (I still laugh at the blank page where it goes "Goodnight nobody"). My daughter is now three, and she isn't quite as excited by the book as she was when she started hearing it at one, and when she insisted on it every night when she was two, but she still likes to take it out every once in awhile. I still love "Goodnight Moon," however, and look forward to reading it to my next child, and to my grandchildren. I only wish my mother had known about this book when I was a child!
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on January 10, 2007
We received this book/plush bunny set as a gift. We love the Goodnight Moon story, and read it almost every night. Our 8 month old daughter, while she thinks the board book is delicious, has adopted the 5" Bunny as her very favorite Lovey, and won't go to sleep without him. He is just the right size for an infant. He has a grey faux-fur head and "hands", and wears blue-striped pajamas with textured feet. His eyes are the bead-type, rather than embroidered, but they are very well attached. The ears are long enough to get into her mouth for serious sucking, and the arms are well-stuffed, making for good gnawing. His body is stuffed with the microbeads, and my only complaint (thus 4 stars, not 5) is that he is labelled "surface wash only". I have, due to the daily baby-spit, given him many baths, and he seems to dry out just fine.
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on September 4, 1998
This book and I met when I was a child...that's a long time ago , and now that I have 3 children of my own , ages 9 , 5 & 2 years , I made sure they each had their own copy. Hardcover is best , because it lasts...I still have my childhood hardcover about growing up together! Although my 2 older kids have sort of "outgrown" their copies , my 2 year old loves reading hers. She wants to "read together" all the time , as she calls it , and she loves to search for the little mouse on all the colored pages! Her older brother and sister enjoyed doing that , and , yes , so did I! It's great for spending quiet time before going to sleep , or just anytime! A timeless classic!
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on April 27, 2008
Goodnight Moon was a part of my prekindergarten class and is now a part of my 9 month old son's bedtime routine. The CD includes a reading of the story and, in my opinion the best part, the story sung as a lullaby. The lullaby is soft, calm and beautiful with guitar adding to the soothing sound. As a teacher, I used this song to transition to our quiet time and as a mother I play this lullaby while feeding my son his oatmeal bedtime snack. We then say good night to several items in his room before going to sleep. The CD is not over the top or cooky, like many children's songs. It is simply a beautiful lyrical version of one of the best bedtime stories.
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