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on September 11, 2012
I received my tablet (the 7" 4GB MID70404W model) several days ago and have been putting it through its paces. I also bought a Google Nexus 7, so this is also a comment on the difference between a budget tablet and higher-end machine.

First off, the screen quality is adequate. You can see the individual pixels making up the display. For this price, that is what you'd expect. For prolonged use, I find it a bit tiring on the eyes however. The capacitive touch-screen works fine; if anything it is a bit oversensitive. I find it is possible to trigger the screen without actually touching the glass.

The tablet has 2 major weaknesses. The first is the 1.2GHz single-core A10 processor is really not up to the job of running multiple applications. When you try to multitask basic functions (like browse web while installing an app) then it can freeze up until one of the processes completes. Android frequently asks whether or not to kill a running app because it slows so much that it seems to have crashed. The tablet does come back after a few more seconds though.

The second major failing is the 512Mb RAM, this is really a bit too little because after starting up your background processes and widgets you're left with only around 100Mb and you will not be able to run more than a few apps at a time. By comparison my Nexus 7 easily has 10+ apps in the background without any slowdown. It is annoying when you are switching between the internet browser and an app and it has to reload the browser.

Annoyingly, the tablet doesn't seem to charge via USB, it has a whole other adapter. The battery life is not great. It bleeds away relatively quickly even when it is in standby. I highly doubt the 5 hour claim made by manufacturer.

Other functions: The gyroscope works very well, so it always seems to know which way you are holding the tablet. I tested the SD card port, works fine. This is great, it means you can buy a very cheap micro-SD card to hold your photos/movies and even apps. (By comparison, I had to pay 50 USD for just 8GB extra on the Nexus 7. The iPad too makes you pay through the teeth for more storage).

The tablet comes with Google Play, so you have full access to the largest app market (unlike some other tablets which give you a more restricted market such as GetJar. You can easily also install the Amazon appmarket.

The operating system is Android 4.0.3 which is almost the newest version (only the Nexus 7 has newer version 4.1) so it is current and should not run into many problems with compatability. However the device comes up as an 'Unnamed tablet', i.e. is not recognised specifically by Google Play, and so I've found a number of apps are not offered for this reason.

Additionally, the tablet comes pre-rooted, so those who like to tinker with the will not have to find a rooting solution.

The tablet comes with Flash 11 so you can use it to watch movies online but the hardware is really too slow to make this an enjoyable experience. I was able to run a video call with Skype without any problem (and somewhat surprisingly the 0.3MP camera was not too bad).

The browser pre-installed is some weird version of Chrome, not the latest one. When I installed Chrome-proper from the app market it worked but not very well (orange borders flash when it loads, runs slowly.) However Opera browser works very well on the tablet.

My tablet didn't feature the DragonTouch logo pictured; while I'd never heard of this company before I'd still prefer to have a 'no-name' brand rather than actually no brand at all. As it is, this could have been any other manufacturer's tablet and sent out and none the wiser.

Also, while advertised as white, only the back case is white. The front is black.

This tablet definitely leaves a lot to be desired, but for this price you can not expect any more. In fact it does almost everything you'd want quite adequately; it just doesn't do everything you'd hope for. I'm happy with the purchase as for this price it is still a very good deal.
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on October 28, 2012
i bought this tablet since my laptop started to slow down. it is good and i have had no problem with it so far. however the wifi i have to keep connecting it back, i dont know if it is the tablet fault ot the router or the house itself. the battery life isn't that great. it is good to use the internet and youtube.
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on December 22, 2012
This tablet is good as a toy for a toddler. It is a bit slow, and some apps will not run on it because of it's poor processor speed. The camera is very poor, and since there's no rear camera, you obviously can't take pictures with it. It comes pre-installed with Google Play, except Google Play doesn't work on it. It let me download one app, and then it just gives errors when trying to download. I tried many things (including reinstalling and removing/adding accounts), but it simply doesn't work. The Amazon market does work, so you can manually download that with the browser to get access to apps. Everything else you will have to sideload. It's a shame GooglePlay makes is darn near impossible to download their apk's.

The screen itself is acceptable. It has a microSD slot for loading large files like videos. Most of the apps for children that I've manually installed work well on it. Only a few have I had to remove because they ran too slow or wouldn't boot properly.

If you are over the age of 5, don't buy this.

Feb, 2013 UPDATE: After a couple of months of use, I no longer recommend this for kids either. It still works fine, but the built-in speakers are so poor that you can barely hear anything on it unless you are in a dark quiet room. My kid loves it but she can't hear it, so she prefers her InnoTab for that reason. I might try a case with an external speaker.
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on November 23, 2012
I bought this tablet as a Christmas gift for my 11-year old daughter. I didn't want to spend a ton of money on her first gadget. This will be perfect for her. While it's not as fast as I would like (there's a bit of a delay with commands), a child would have the patience. The tablet arrived in 3 days, pre-loaded with common apps like YouTube, Play Store, etc. I had no problems connecting to Wi-Fi and downloading a few apps (ex. Amazon Kindle app). If I had purchased this for myself, I would have sent it back because it lacks the speed I require. My daughter asked for a MEEP tablet for Christmas and I found this one to be cheaper with OK reviews. Again, if you have high expectations for a tablet don't get it for yourself. But for the price, it's not bad for a child (i paid $82.99). If she happens to lose it or drop it, I won't be pissed.
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on May 8, 2013
I bought this to test the waters into the whole tablet thing, I loved it right away, but I did not like the lack of graphics and the low memory makes for flickering a lot, I did think this product is worth every Penney but I wanted something a little faster. I keep it factory reset it to give to my daughter who's birthday is coming up she will love it and it is perfect for simple games. I went out and bought a Samsung Tab 2 with 8 Gig internal with a 16 Gig card a bit faster and better graphics that's really the only difference for around 100$ more. so If you want something pretty cheap that works great this is the tablet to buy.
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on January 31, 2013
I purchased this tablet for my 4yr old, yes 4yr old daughter. She keeps saying mommy I want an IPad and I know I was not going to purchase an IPad for her so I got this. Its easy to work and I was able to download kid friendly apps for her. Its a birthday gift for her so she has actually gotten a chance to play with it but I have and I know she will be happy.The seller was awesome as well. The product was scheduled to ship after her birthday but I contacted the seller and was very please whn it was sent out the next day for me to receive 2days later. That's excelent customer service.So thanks Bamue(seller) for going the extra mile to make me happy
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on September 26, 2013
The screen? Yeah, it's garbage. That was okay considering I paid only $50 for it. I didn't make it a big deal at all. Once I received it, it loaded up just fine and I was amazed that $50 bought such a tablet. I was certainly wrong. Once I downloaded an application it would freeze after the application launched and also would restart itself all the time during use of the tablet which was horribly inconvenient and took about 4 minutes to fully restart.
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on April 29, 2013
Never even got to use it! Put the tablet in the case that I got from the same company, picked it up, and the tablet fell out of the case and broke. When I called the company they could have cared less, even though both products were theirs. They would not stand behind either one. Their advice, "Buy another one." Really? Wish I had that kind of extra money laying around so they could make even a bigger profit off their faulty merchandise. BAD!!
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on December 11, 2012
I have 2 main complaints with this product. 1) it is VERY slow. 2)I purchased this tablet thinking it was '"new"", as mentioned here on Amazon. As soon as I started to download several games like angry birds and dragon story, it would automatically sign me in with another person's account. Someone obviously owned it before me. I feel like this is false advertisement and plan on sending mine back.
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on October 16, 2012
I placed my order and received it way before the due date. That was a good sign. All in all, this device is great for the price. I can check my email, download apps, listen to music, etc. The touch screen is responsive and surfing the web is a breeze. The battery life is weak though, so you'll have to keep it charged up. I wanted a nice, working, non-expensive tablet and that's what I received. I'm happy with my purchase.
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