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on October 22, 2013
This tablet started off as, Okay for the Price.

UPDATE: I opened my tablet to get the battery specs so I could search for a new battery. The description states it is a 3200mah battery. The battery inside the device shows it is 2200mah.

The sound is poor so some ear buds are a must have.

It is slow. Downloading apps (such as Angry Birds, Plants vs. Zombies, etc.) would take some time. While an app, or update of an app, was being downloaded, you really could not do anything else like look at and download other apps or updates. The app pages would take what seemed like an eternity to open. It was basically do one at a time. (This was with only the tablet connected to the internet, and no other devices. Also the internet connection was used on other devices for the same function and was fasted with other devices. Bottom line, tablet was slow and internet connection was fine)

After about 5 months use, the battery life started shortening. I did not use this tablet for every day use (as it was slow for one thing). No web surfing or reading emails. ONLY downloaded apps from Google play and played these apps. The battery life shortened to 20 or so minutes from the time that battery was fully charged and removed from the plug, to when the unit would just shut off, without any low battery warning. The battery meter would also still be in the blue (orange being low). Plugging in the device and the battery meter that pops up for about two seconds would show a fairly high battery state of charge (as much as 80% at times). Turning the device on and it would state the battery was as low as 6%.

I contacted Tablet Express and they recommended I download and reinstall the firmware. I tried to do this but the tablet would not connect to the PC (could not find drivers on the web). Tablet Express informed me that the replacement warranty was 30 days and 60 for repairs. After that repairs would run about $65+ shipping. Would make no sense to pay another $65 to have this tablet repaired.

I purchased this tablet as a test before purchasing more for family members and this tablet failed in long time use after 5 months.

If you want a disposable tablet, then this may be the one for you.
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on December 12, 2012
I purchased two of these items. One for a Christmas present, and another for me. Movie playback quality is great for what you get. I am not complaining one bit. This tablet is actually what i would expect in even more expensive models. It seems to load fast (at least to my expectations) and everything, except for a few issues seems to work fine.

Cons: Google Play is hardly functional. I get many many error problems when attempting to download. I researched the issue, and did find that if you remove your Google account from the tablet, reboot and then enter the same account back into the tablet, Google play will work. However, after a few minutes this issue returns again. After even more research, it seems the problem lays more on Google's end than the tablet itself, as many model tablets, even high end ones such as Samsung can experience this same issue. The problem was first reported in October of this year, and google has not found a fix as of yet.

A good workaround is Amazon's android market which has many of the same apps you can find on Google Play.

Another minor con is the WiFi is kinda weak. But, for me this is not a major issue. Also my internet speed is not the greatest either, so hard to really count that one.

Overall, A great buy, well worth the hundred bucks.
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on December 26, 2012
I bought two of these for my kids. I reviewed what seemed like a million before deciding on this one. I have had a couple issues with them.

My first issue is one does not have sound unless you wear the headphones. Annoying however not sure if my son cares enough to return it.

The second issue cost me a ton of time. Google Play does not work on these tablets. It came loaded on the tablet. I was able to make it work long enough to buy a 2 games and get 2 free apps on both tablets. It then continued to give me errors. The errors were either can't access your account or a server error. I searched for the issues on the internet and found that many people have the same issues and applied the various fixes.

Finally, I gave up and messaged Google Play. They called me to troubleshoot the problem. The rep assumed that the tablets were not rooted however we found that they were. She could see the tablets in her system which is good however they would disappear for no reason. We did more of the same troubleshooting to no avail. She suggested I contact the seller. I requested to return them. Amazon Apps works so we may keep them. Not sure yet.

If I return them then I feel like my only option is a Kindle Fire ($160) and I just do not have that extra money to spend now.

If I get anywhere with the tablets I will update the review.
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on December 18, 2012
After having this for about a week I am so disappointed. I dont even know where to begin. So I will begin at the begining. Everything had to be downloaded over and over because it seems that I got an error sign. That was time consumong and annoyong. I STILL havent been able to get the music player from Google play to download and stay! Google is a big copy cat of better brands but comes up short when they blatantly try to be as good as Apple or eeven Kindle this product reminds me of something you buy down in Chinatown in NYC get home and realize you have been had. However, Netflix works Hula Plus DOES NOT work on this device. Also many of the zynga games DO NOT WORK on this device. Dont waste your money 9 times out of ten imma sell this on Craigslist for half what ot cost so I can get back some of my money
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on January 14, 2013
This tablet arrived on time, They send it through "Anybody's Guess" shipping, but it arrived all that matters.
Now I needed this tablet for Some entertainment but mostly educational purposes.
In the box contained a fix for google play apps not downloading (which worked)

First thing I did was run the charge down, plugged it in, and came back 6 hours later...turned on like a charm.

Has google play
Holds a decent charge of say 3 hours of video's and games more for just reading, but keep in mind for the price, that's pretty good.
Sturdy, It's only been about two or so weeks.
Plays games, and nothing horrible has come up

Not much in the way of replacement parts, of which I'm disappointed.
So if something breaks like a charger, best bet is to contact them, or check ebay, or buy another (which is absurd)
Get a case, first thing you do. scratches easily.

All in all it's decent for the price, but's it's not a nexus or even a rooted nook.
Great tablet for starters
Will update if anything arises


Do not buy the Squaretrade warrenty with this item, I learned the hard way (which was buying it) they do not cover this item, heck I can't even find a serial number on the device.
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on December 13, 2017
I bought this years ago and haven't been able to use it. The charge port is messed up and the thing won't charge, so it just sits tucked away in my apartment un-used. I'm not sure why I never returned the darn thing. I wouldn't recommend buying this. You get what you pay
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on December 16, 2012
We just got this for our son and I'm really unimpressed. As many other reviewers have expressed, it's slow, the screen does not accurately register finger presses (it's off enough that wrong buttons are constantly being pressed), the picture quality is poor, battery life dismal, and it does appear extremely fragile. Any accidental force, which is to be expected for any device, looks like it will break this thing. I am strongly considering replacing this with the Kindle HD. Some products are good despite the price. This is just sub par in every way. I would not use this personally for any purpose.
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on October 6, 2012
I recieved the tablet just as they said it would come. Again I think it was before the do date. It worked right away. Fairly easy to set up. I have found some apps do not work with it. But, that I have found true with other tablets. I did not want to spend a lot on a tablet. So the price was good for me. Google has lots of good apps you can download, some free and some you have to pay for. One thing the battery does not last very long. Have to charge it up quit often. I do enjoy it and my grandkids like it also. I do find that Amazon has good companies to shop from.
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on November 26, 2012
If I could give this less than 1 star, I would. The battery life is ridiculously short, it lost more than half the full charge while completely shut off for the day, the resolution is completely inadequate, it does not keep the time and date set and is incredibly slow. I am so glad that I ordered it with plenty of time to spare before Christmas - my daughter would have been so disappointed. It will be shipped back first thing in the morning.
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on November 23, 2012
This just came in the mail today. It looks nice and seems to be good quality. It is fast and sensitive to touch. For some reason when I went to download a particular app from Google Play, it was not there. However, I am able to download it from Google Play on my phone. Also, this device does not have the ability to track your location so you will not be able to use it for gps purposes. That was one of the main things I was looking for in this so I will be returning it but everything else was great!
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