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on April 1, 2011
Before I read this book, I thought I knew a lot about Googe SketchUp 8 but afterwards, I realized how little I really did know. Sure, I had progressed beyond the novice stage some time back but this book filled in all those little gaps in my knowledge base, eliminated all those bad practices that I had developed over time and generally made me so much more productive.

For example, I was using LAYERS in the same manner that I was used to in earlier 2D packages. Author Aidan Chopra gently but firmly pointed out the errors of my ways and that LAYERS in SU8 (which is a 3D drawing package) is used in a different way and that I should be placing more importance on GROUPS and COMPONENTS.

Aidan makes the point that his book is not for the complete novice, explaining that he does not cover all the menu items and icons within the SU8 package. But, and this I think is important, he does presume that you are perhaps new to 3D modeling. To this end, he steps the reader through the early chapters at a gentle pace, culminating in Chapter 4, which is entitled "BUILDING BUILDINGS". From here on, the going gets a little tougher but nothing to be frighten about. Indeed, I was fascinated with the chapter entitled - "BEYOND BUILDINGS", which taught me how to draw organic forms with the SCALE TOOL; something that had eluded me up to that point.

I found it a well rounded book, with the balance just right between the written word and illustrative diagrams. After the first read, it can easily be used as a reference book, with chapters dedicated to particular subject matter. An excellent product and highly recommended!

No more am I an DUMMY!!
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on February 19, 2013
The trouble with being an expert is that you can't see the problem that the dummy sees.
Mr Chopra starts off, by identifying the taskbar headings, but only glances over what they do.(admitted by Mr Chopra)
Later chapters he refers to them by totally different names, without telling you where to find them.
There are no specific headings for tasks other that a global, say, " learning about Components", everything thereafter is written within the body of the text.
I've still not found out where "PURGE" is to be found, or what it actually means !
Lots of the Subheadings in the list disappear, if you don't have your model/Component "Highlighted" (in Blue). Then you have to search in 4 different columns for the "Component" Menu that will help you, 2 of which only tell you what the name of your component is !
I've a long way to go, before I can even, reach the feet of Mr. Chopra
(is that him standing in the corner of the model ?)
Please Mr. Chopra, have a Dummy sitting by you the next time you come to revise this book !
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on May 5, 2013
Like most of Sketchup users probably, I just decided to jump in and give it a try based on the intuitive nature of the program, to see how far I would get. This approach has its pros and cons, as in everything, but as a person with little patience I dont really like to go thru manuals first, and then try; just do it and see where it stops. What it resulted in for me, was, apart from a complete in- and outside model as well as a walk-thru animation; a list of questions of things I kept running into. It was then that I started to look into this book, and was able to very quickly locate answers to, or parts of the book that related to, my questions ! This creates more confidence to keep on going with the program. In short; a valuable resource, when doing it on your own just leads to less than best or plain wrong practices, or seemingly 'insolvable' problems/questions ! Definitely recommend this one !
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on May 6, 2013
The book is filled with just the kind of information I was seeking about SketchUp. I would highly recommend the printed book version.
Unfortunately, the Kindle Fire version is a major disappointment and not worth the money. I bought the Kindle version to use for guidance while using SketchUp on my computer. The book is very graphics intensive because it illustrates graphic procedures. Try as I might going over and over Kindle instructions, I was unable to get any kind of useful enlargements of the book's illustrations. Long before they are large enough to try to read, they are so blurred, rasterized, and out of focus that they are illegible. Kindle did its customers and the author a major disservice by failing to convert the printed illustrations to vector graphics which could be usefully enlarged.
Other problems:
- No useful table of contents - it doesn't readjust page numbers to fit Kindle's floating pages.
- No index. Move to the 'End' looking for an index, and Kindle thinks you're finished and wipes out your position and bookmarks.
- If Kindle has solutions to any of these shortcomings, they should stop hiding them.
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on December 28, 2013
This is a well illustrated book with a companion website. The author goes into great detail about how to do things in Sketch and then demonstrates it by using the examples on the website. I've tried to use Sketchup for several years and each time I started, I got frustrated and took a nap. Mr. Chopra though kept things interesting without getting too far into the weeds. One other thing, "Dummies" books can for the most part, be too cutesy for my taste, but Mr. Chopra keeps that down to a minimum. After I read the first five or so chapters, I started to experiment more and more with Sketchup and so put the reading cover to cover aside and use the book as a reference now.
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on February 4, 2013
I am a very experienced design engineer who knows Autodesk Inventor, Pro/E, and UG. I was hoping Sketchup would be a nice alternative to use at home, but I just could not get into it. The book makes it all sound so easy and fast, but it is a bassackwards program that is clunky and frustrating. I think the book sugar coats how clunky the program really is. Like I said, I am an experienced design engineer. I have designed parts on just about every major car on the road today, but I could not get into Sketchup or the book.
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on February 23, 2014
The book is very well organized and written. Mr. Chopra injects lots of humor in his writing, but still get his point across. I was
already fairly well versed in other CADD programs, which isn't always an advantage. You get a little set in your ways regarding how to accomplish certain functions. Mr. Chopra is very familiar with this idiosyncrasy, and hammers home the correct way. He doesn't treat the reader as an idiot, as some "Dummies" authors do. From what I can tell, this guy has been with the SketchUp program for some time, and it shows in his very positive teaching style.
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on August 22, 2016
Always a fun way to learn.
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on April 17, 2013
I have found the Google Sketchup 8 For Dummies book to be a good guide for getting into Sketchup. It is comprehensive and detailed enough to get you up to speed fairly quickly. After reading and practicing with only the first five chapters, I was able to design a new bathroom vanity, including raised panel doors and a drop in basin. I was also able to design a remodeled master bathroom with tiled shower and soaking tub. It has certainly met my needs. However, like any piece of software with substantial capabilities, you have to spend time with Sketchup so that the essential drawing techniques become second nature.
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on July 2, 2017
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