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Style: OnHub / Black / Up to 2,500 sq. ft.|Change
Price:$159.99+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

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on May 25, 2016
I very rarely, if ever spend the time to write a review of a product, however after using this router, I felt I had to give you my two cents worth. Very simply put, this router just works. It took me all of literally 4-5 mins to get it up and running and connected to all my devices (9). I live in a modest two story house, roughly 2000 sq ft. My router is located on the bottom floor on one side of the house and my mancave (where I watch most of my tv via roku streaming stick) is on the top floor on the opposite side of the house. I had an Asus A66u router before this that was not allowing me to get a full sharp picture a majority of the time...especially at peak times (6-10p) when traffic is heaviest. I have Comcast by the way...150mb down, 12mb up. In the mancave with my old router I was getting maybe 20-25mb download at off peak times and maybe 8-10 during peak traffic. I now get roughly 55-60mb download at off peak and around 25 mb download at peak times...plenty fast for full sharp streaming. Keep in mind, I do have a baby monitor that does effect my streaming.

Now, I bought the router without doing much research on other routers and started feeling buyers remorse after reading about a certain D-Link router that people were raving about (ac1900 to be specific), so I ordered that to compare, figuring I would just return whichever was slower and didn't meet my needs. Long story short, the OnHub kicked the D-Links butt. I won't get in to exact numbers, but I will say that the OnHub almost doubled the D-Links speeds in my mancave. So back to Amazon the DL goes...haha

I'm sure for the power user, the OnHub may not suffice, as it doesn't have a ton of manual controls within the mobile app, however for the "average" user who just connects their router to their modem and runs multiple wifi devices around the house...the OnHub is the router to get. You can set priorities with certain devices to make sure they get top speeds at certain assigned times...very nice in the evening when the wife is using her phone or tablet but I want to stream my roku upstairs. Just give my tv priority for a set amount of time and no slowdowns for me :)

Don't waste your time testing other routers...I've done it and this comes out on top. Just put your order in and enjoy!
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on June 8, 2017
I have been very happy with these devices. I have 20+ wireless devices in my house.
I have historically used Ubiquiti Access points.
As of late my connectivity on newer devices using the Ubiquiti has suffered greatly.
I have found that I am needing better controls over the WIFI in the house on an individual user basis.
I saw these on sale and they looked to have many of the features I wanted including AC support.

Set-up: Set up was pretty easy. The device requires a phone or tablet to configure and connects to the access point via bluetooth to configure the device initially.
You download their app which walks you through the setup. The first device was really simple. Hooked it up to the internet configured it and it just worked. The second device I had issues with because I plugged it into a wired network as well. Apparently that is not a valid configuration.
Once I removed the wired connection from the second device it began to work correctly and configured fine. The third was easy as well once I knew that. This indicates to me that the other 2 are repeaters from the initial device.
Apparently individual access-point hard wire is a feature coming in the future to these devices.
Tech support was no use in helping me understand what the issue was and based on the email there may be a language issue.
Luckily the configuration really is one of the simplest I have seen.

Management: The application works well. It crashes when it has not been used for a while and you switch back to it.
The controls are pretty intuitive.
The built in content filter, web restrictions etc are some of the best I have used.
I am able to set times for individual users to disconnect their internet access.
I am able to configure content filters based on categories like Adult content for example for each user.
It has build in Malware detection, intrusion detection and malicious website detection.
It notifies you when a new device joins your wireless so you can place it the correct group for a user if you desire and give it a meaningful name.

The speed has been great as has the connectivity.
I am anxious to see how long they last and what future updates will bring.
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on May 8, 2017
My former roommate bought this router for us to use, and I was so impressed with it that I purchased the same one when he moved away. The set-up process was super simple using the Google Wifi app. The app also allows you to view your connection speeds and troubleshoot any problems you might experience (each time I've had a problem it has been an issue with my service provider, not this item). This is the most headache-free router I have ever had.
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on June 15, 2017
We have Verizon and have their router. I could get service very well inside the house of about 1500 square feet but as soon as we would walk out the back door it would drop. We wanted service in an outside shed used as an office (for our tablets) and the barn. I am almost 70 and am the only one who understands even a little bit about computers. I hooked it up to the Verizon router because I was afraid to unhook it and start from scratch with that and try to get someone at Verizon. I used my tablet as the base central to set it up. I did everything in the pictures (no manual) and it still would not go to teal. I called Google Customer Service and we fooled with it for a bit and could not get it to go to teal. Because my arms were tired I laid it on the desk right over the connection under my monitor and it came right on. Obviously my set up is not perfect and I will disconnect the slow and old Verizon router but we have service in the yard, the barn (metal pole barn) and office in a wooden shed. I did put One Hub on a shelf near the window closest to the shed. Works great. So happy! I even went to U Tube. You must know people on U Tube you need to speak English not Computer.
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on June 26, 2017
I have AT&T fiber. This product came with no instructions just the app for your phone. The app on the phone works great. However, after going through all the steps I was unable to get my router to connect. I made contact with Google. They suggested plugging the Ethernet cord into my Uverse gateway. After reading all other reviews; it appears maybe I'm just doing something wrong. Router works through gateway but not without. The app for my iPhone works great for monitoring my kids devices. I'm able to pause PS4 activities which was my main concern and that works perfectly! I just simply wish I didnt have to use my uverse gateway. I definitely saw an increase in my speed. Fewer drops. I'll definitely come back for a review update after extended use.
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on January 8, 2017
So far, so great. For someone who doesn't want to spend time messing with router settings (I'd rather be watching or creating content), this router is a Godsend. My internet speed, with the same plan, went up by 10x, and even my wife has noted how everything seems to be running incredibly smoothly since we purchased the OnHub. I'm running 4K video streams, playing online video games, and/or surfing on multiple devices, and this thing doesn't bat an eyelash. Color me convinced, and many thanks to Google and TP-Link for designing this baby.
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on November 26, 2016
Wow! This is the most powerful router I've used. It doesn't have a lot of the settings that power users are after, but for non-adepts at networking, it has everything needed to set up and configure for typical usage. It looks good, and you don't have to mess with switching between 2.4 and 5 ghtz I love that it monitors channel congestion from competing wifi networks, and will switch you to a less congested channel so you're not throttled by slower wifi connections on the same channel. Not only do I no longer have any weak signal areas inside my home, the wifi now reaches out into my yard, so I can stream music while I'm outdoors working or grilling
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on June 6, 2017
Best wifi I have ever used, setup, or seen. I have been through countless routers all in a higher price range over the years, some so large and ugly. This product is sleek and very portable. I have had the best signal and uptime of any wifi I have ever used. I had a very poor signal previously in my attic and on my deck attached to my house. I have a small house but it's 3 floors with a basement. Now my whole house has a wifi signal from the basement, all the way up to the 3rd floor which is my attic. The setup was so fast and great through the app. The units themselves use a type C charger to plug in and look like mini smoke detectors. The app gives you notifications when a new device is connected to it and allows you control over the device such as specific parental controls or monitoring. A mesh wifi network is the future. No more connecting range extenders and having different networks in the house. Just one simple product.
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on December 5, 2016
When I read that this will work with the new google pucks I wanted it. We have a 2 story house and this lives in a dead long closet that is centrally situated. Everyone screamed for 2 hours that this does not work! Then 2 hours later I noticed that everyone was connected 5 active people with no problems. Our speed test went from 7 megabytes to 60 megabytes with everyone on.
This thing is wonderful. I replaced a tp-link that was supposed to be equally as fast.
Very pleased. I will get the pucks when they drop in price but maybe I will never need them. 4 people on the router and no problem.
we had blamed Cox.
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on September 11, 2016
I work and manage networks professionally and I have to say hands down this is the best router for your home and even small business. Replace that old router you have had for years and install this thing. Prior to installing this router I was paying Comcast extra money for the speed boast and higher speed to never actually get it. The reason being that I had a slow wireless router that could just not keep up. So I got this guy and put him in place of the old wireless router. Fast forward to a family party where my five brothers and their families were coming to visit and they all would be connected to my internet connection. By the time we were done we had 12 smart phones, three computers, two smartTVs, the kids kindles, and the Wii U connected on and off through the weekend and had no issues with the device. This device is a winner.

Only reason I gave it four stars is I wish it had a couple of extra ethernet ports on the back on the device instead of just the one.
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