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on May 25, 2016
I very rarely, if ever spend the time to write a review of a product, however after using this router, I felt I had to give you my two cents worth. Very simply put, this router just works. It took me all of literally 4-5 mins to get it up and running and connected to all my devices (9). I live in a modest two story house, roughly 2000 sq ft. My router is located on the bottom floor on one side of the house and my mancave (where I watch most of my tv via roku streaming stick) is on the top floor on the opposite side of the house. I had an Asus A66u router before this that was not allowing me to get a full sharp picture a majority of the time...especially at peak times (6-10p) when traffic is heaviest. I have Comcast by the way...150mb down, 12mb up. In the mancave with my old router I was getting maybe 20-25mb download at off peak times and maybe 8-10 during peak traffic. I now get roughly 55-60mb download at off peak and around 25 mb download at peak times...plenty fast for full sharp streaming. Keep in mind, I do have a baby monitor that does effect my streaming.

Now, I bought the router without doing much research on other routers and started feeling buyers remorse after reading about a certain D-Link router that people were raving about (ac1900 to be specific), so I ordered that to compare, figuring I would just return whichever was slower and didn't meet my needs. Long story short, the OnHub kicked the D-Links butt. I won't get in to exact numbers, but I will say that the OnHub almost doubled the D-Links speeds in my mancave. So back to Amazon the DL goes...haha

I'm sure for the power user, the OnHub may not suffice, as it doesn't have a ton of manual controls within the mobile app, however for the "average" user who just connects their router to their modem and runs multiple wifi devices around the house...the OnHub is the router to get. You can set priorities with certain devices to make sure they get top speeds at certain assigned times...very nice in the evening when the wife is using her phone or tablet but I want to stream my roku upstairs. Just give my tv priority for a set amount of time and no slowdowns for me :)

Don't waste your time testing other routers...I've done it and this comes out on top. Just put your order in and enjoy!
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on June 20, 2017
I have run my own tech firm (managed service provider) for over 15 years. We deal with about 15% of our customers as residential clients (usually employees of our business clients) or, they are work-at-home entrepreneurs. We're always being asked about what wireless routers to use. From our perspective, the best solution is a wired router plus an access point. The router typically last 2-3x the life of the radios of a good access point. Also, when dealing with a large house (say 3K+sqft) having more than one access point (AP) is suggested for really good wi-fi. So, for the smaller homes, we usually are ambivalent on the choice of a "wireless router" because it rarely makes a big difference.

The Google OneHub solution is an interesting approach for the residential user that doesn't typically employ an IT firm to install and support the wireless.

As an MSP, we NEVER use the CD or stupid application that comes with a wireless router, to configure it. We simply connect the its web site and configure it. We adjust the network address, the wireless SSID(s) and passwords, and insure the firmware is up to date. The OnHub setup is VERY different.

The bottom line for this unit is that it ROCKS. If you want more details, read on.

I have an Android phone, but I will assume the IOS setup is the same. On this device, the way you configure it is through your phone. OK, that's different, and you just have to work with that.

The unit comes with a default SSID, and password. you'll need to enter those after downloading the app and off you go "configuring the WAP". The app doesn't let you do much more than decide the SSID (the Wireless network name) and the password. Then it configures it and updates firmware if necessary.

Want to configure the SSID for the 2.4 differently than the 5G network? Don't buy this. But Apple doesn't make this easy either. Why you want to make them different is usually only because you're VERY techie and don't have a device that makes it easy to choose. Bottom line? Don't worry about this and let them have the same name!

Then comes the fun. You have some cool features that will test internet to the WAP, and WAP to your phone. It's mostly eye candy. Oh, how did you set this up? You connect this unit to your wired router. But what you didn't know... is this unit will act like a router as well. Running a house with ONLY wi-fi? Then this unit can be perfect as a wireless router. Already have a router? Well, AFTER it is all configured from the phone app you'll want to visit the Network And Settings section and change the operation to BRIDGE mode. This allows it to operate as a normal, Access point. Can you adjust the IP address of it? Not from the app! Should you care? Not in a home environment.

My suggestion is to play with all the features and test your speeds before you are ready to flip it to bridge mode. Once there, about 75% of the features and test functions will disappear. There is very little you can configure at this point.

But speed? Killer. Distance? Superb. Now if it is stable, and remains so for the next several years, this will be the 2017 product of the year.

Buy it!
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on November 26, 2017
I’ve been using this for over a year. I come from an IT background and have a junk pile of various SOHO routers that have served at some level of success over the past 20+ years. I’ve also used DD-WRT and various PC carcasses running Linux software router/firewalls distros. Overall, the Onhub has been a great experience. It’s morphed seamlessly into the Google WiFi ecosystem and I have a Google WiFi bridged into it to cover the upper floors of my house. It’s easily configured via the Google Wifi app on both iOS and Android. It's been very reliable overall and rarely requires a restart. Some advanced features are lacking:
You're locked into the 192.168.86.XXX network
There is no DMZ
There is no web management console.
No QoS or traffic shaping other than designating a priority device for a time.
Also, it is my understanding that the TP-LINK version of the OnHub can only do 200 Mbps on the WAN interface. If you're one of the lucky ones with Gigabit internet service the TP-Link will not work for you. Get the Asus version or a Google Wifi instead.
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on January 27, 2018
Consistently performs well where other routers didn’t. It looks pretty good to boot, so I’ll be moving it into the living room where I can hopefully get even better signal throughout the rest of my home. Depending on how that setup works, I may buy a second one to extend the WiFi signal out to my garage.

The lack of a web interface and detailed configuration options would have annoyed a younger me, but I’m happy to plug it in and have it just work well out of the box. On any given day, I’ve got three smart phones(iOS), three game systems(Xbox One, Switch and PS3), three computers(Mac, PC and Chromebook), two streaming boxes(AppleTV and Android TV), a tablet(iOS), and a handful of other smart speakers and wifi connected gadgets and it handles everything without a hiccup.
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on January 4, 2018
Fast and well done shipping. Received product on time and it has significantly improved my wireless network in my townhouse. I have a bunch of Lifx wifi light bulbs on both levels of my home plus tablets, Google home devices, computers, etc. Was having trouble with certain bulbs intermittently falling off the network as well as my Google home devices. Was worried some of my devices were defective but decided to try the OnHub. Immediately after installing the OnHub, all those connection problems went away even in the farthest part of my home. Apparently the router from Verizon either couldn't handle the number of devices (average 26 devices connected when just me in the home) or was not setup properly. Speeds from the OnHub are much faster than from the Verizon router even without putting it in bridge mode. Highly recommend picking this up if you want to improve your wifi network. Bonus, app is super easy to use and very user friendly. Can quickly check status, setup guest network, etc. all in the app.
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on June 15, 2017
We have Verizon and have their router. I could get service very well inside the house of about 1500 square feet but as soon as we would walk out the back door it would drop. We wanted service in an outside shed used as an office (for our tablets) and the barn. I am almost 70 and am the only one who understands even a little bit about computers. I hooked it up to the Verizon router because I was afraid to unhook it and start from scratch with that and try to get someone at Verizon. I used my tablet as the base central to set it up. I did everything in the pictures (no manual) and it still would not go to teal. I called Google Customer Service and we fooled with it for a bit and could not get it to go to teal. Because my arms were tired I laid it on the desk right over the connection under my monitor and it came right on. Obviously my set up is not perfect and I will disconnect the slow and old Verizon router but we have service in the yard, the barn (metal pole barn) and office in a wooden shed. I did put One Hub on a shelf near the window closest to the shed. Works great. So happy! I even went to U Tube. You must know people on U Tube you need to speak English not Computer.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon December 28, 2017
2/11/2018 Updated/revised review - i have dealt with a range of routers over the years some good some not so good but none simple enough that i would recommend any to family or friends. since i am the 'goto' person for all tech issues i have never pushed them to get any routers as it is me who gets the calls for help, until i got my hands on one of these.

i found the onhub was truly is simple to setup, walk away from and just use. do be aware you MUST have either a tablet or smart phone to set this up. that is because it uses the google app to install and setup. that is why it is so simple to use unlike all the others that use a standard and for most overly complicated. put another way if you can use your smart phone or a tablet whatsoever setting this up won't be an issue.

from unboxing to use it took me a whole seven minutes to get up and running. i had intended to give it to my niece but it worked so much better than the router i had just replaced that i kept it for myself. i did get another to give to her though and i have not had a single call or text asking me to fix something at her end!

so all said i have never encountered a router as easy or reliable to use. if interested in more details there are many reviews from professional sources online like cnet, gizmodo, etc. ironically about the only area some criticized was it was overly simplified. they may enjoy having to dig into settings frequently to make changes but me at this point in my life, thanks but no thanks.

fyi some may still say you can purchase optional skins for this but they are incorrect. there are no more new ones being produced as they were limited editions. now that these are priced half what they once were they are a fantastic bargain IMHO. i should also mention google sends out regular automatic software updates, something else you need not concern yourself about.

i whole heatedly can recommend this router to anyone other than advanced users wanting more customization options.
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on December 28, 2017
This router is amazing! It took me about 30 mins to set up 2 of them in a mesh config. I now have full strength Wi-Fi throughout the whole house. I have Verizon FiOS and my previous Wi-Fi Setup was a Verizon Quantum Gateway (AC1750 modem/router) and a LynkSys AC1750 Range Extender. I had endless problems with this setup, starting with the the fact that it was really 4 networks (2 x 2.4GHz and 2 x 5GHz). I have a lot of devices in the house and no one ever knew which network to choose the get the best connection. After installing the 2 OnHubs in the Mesh config, I have only one network and it works very well. For those wondering if this works with FiOS, the answer is yes. Here's what I did for my new setup:

I have Internet and TV (no DVR's) from Verizon. As such, I did not need to keep the Verizon Gateway in the network. If you do have DVR's, and/or want the channel guide on your TV service, you will have to include the Verizon Gateway in your network (go to or youtube to see how). I also have the signal from the OTN (outside Verizon box) to the Gateway coming in over Ethernet. If yours comes in over Coaxial cable, you will need to have Verizon switch it (if you are taking the Gateway out of the network). This can be done over the phone if you run your own Ethernet cable. Just call the Verizon FiOS support line and ask them to switch your internet from Coax to Ethernet. If you want them to run it, that will require a service call. Before you start, install the Google WiFi App from Google Play or the App Store onto your mobile phone.

Steps I took to set these up:

1) Release the IP on the Verizon Gateway before turning it off. Click on My Network icon, then select Network Connections item. Click on Broadband Connection (Ethernet) in the table to see the properties for your WAN port. Write down the MAC address for the ethernet WAN port, you may need it later. Scroll down and click Settings. Click the Release button, then Apply. Your internet light will go Red.

2) Immediately unplug the Verizon Gateway. If you leave it plugged in, it will Reacquire the IP Address from Verizon and you'll have to do step 1 again.

3)Unplug the Ethernet from the Verizon Gateway WAN port and plug it in to the WAN port on your OnHub. Plug in the power for the OnHub. It will boot up and the light on the top will flash blue. Now to the Google WiFi App and follow the instructions. The OnHub will update its firmware (this enable the Mesh Networking) and set up the OnHub.

At this point you will have Wi-Fi set up and running on the OnHub.

If you have a second unit that you want to use in a Mesh setup, unplug the first OnHub from the power and WAN, then plug in the second OnHub and connect it to your internet Ethernet WAN cable. Set it up as a separate network. This will cause it to update it's firmware. After it's updated, unplug the WAN cable and perform a factory reset. After that, unplug it and set it aside. Plug the first unit back in to power and the WAN cable. This will enable the first network you created. Test it using the app. After that, plug the power into the second OnHub, but not the WAN. Now use the app to add a WiFi Point. The App will find the second OnHub and set it up as a WiFi Point. You can then move it to where you want it in the house. Your coverage will be excellent. If you have Ethernet running between your router site (OnHub 1) and the WiFi Point (OnHub 2), you can connect them via Ethernet cable. This enables wired backhaul, which gives faster speeds between them.

The OnHub does only have one GigE port on the unit. I needed more, so I bought aTP-Link 8 port GigE Switch. I plugged it into the LAN port on the back of the OnHub, then plugged in my wired devices. They all work fine.

If you've been frustrated with your Wi-Fi, I strongly recommend this router. It's easy to set up and just works!

One last note: Google is now selling "Google Wi-Fi" in single or 3 packs. Those are AC1200. The OnHub, although older, is AC1900 and has better hardware. They both use the same firmware and the same app. The OnHub is a much better buy at this point.
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on January 10, 2018
I like that this router is pretty much idiot proof out of the box. I'm a network engineer by trade and the last thing I want to do when I go home is to fiddle with another router, so I wanted something that was plug and play. This router is pretty close to that. My only complaint is that at times, while using IOS devices, data seems to hang. If I kill the wifi and switch to cellular, everything starts moving again, so it's not perfect.
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on October 3, 2017
This router replaced a very old Linksys/Cisco router. The OnHub is performing great. I like that the setup app runs on a mobile device (I have it installed on both my tablet and phone). Some folks may want a Windows application, but I don't see the need.

Note that if you are replacing another router, when you plug the OnHub in at first, it may display the amber warning LED. You will need to reset your modem - the setup app walks you through this. An easier method, if you know ahead of time, is to just unplug your cable/DSL modem for a couple minutes before you connect up the OnHub. That will save you a few minutes and possible anxiety.

The app controls what is needed for most households. A few people will want more control options, but that would add complexity. I'm an electrical engineer who can setup all kinds of complicated computer devices, but really appreciate the simple no stress setup and operation of this router. I'd recommend it easily to less technical people and other highly technical people as well.

I have the OnHub sitting on my downstairs office desk, behind my monitor, and have a full singel on both floors of my 2600 sq ft home.
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