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Style: OnHub / Black / Up to 2,500 sq. ft.|Change
Price:$159.99+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

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on May 25, 2016
I very rarely, if ever spend the time to write a review of a product, however after using this router, I felt I had to give you my two cents worth. Very simply put, this router just works. It took me all of literally 4-5 mins to get it up and running and connected to all my devices (9). I live in a modest two story house, roughly 2000 sq ft. My router is located on the bottom floor on one side of the house and my mancave (where I watch most of my tv via roku streaming stick) is on the top floor on the opposite side of the house. I had an Asus A66u router before this that was not allowing me to get a full sharp picture a majority of the time...especially at peak times (6-10p) when traffic is heaviest. I have Comcast by the way...150mb down, 12mb up. In the mancave with my old router I was getting maybe 20-25mb download at off peak times and maybe 8-10 during peak traffic. I now get roughly 55-60mb download at off peak and around 25 mb download at peak times...plenty fast for full sharp streaming. Keep in mind, I do have a baby monitor that does effect my streaming.

Now, I bought the router without doing much research on other routers and started feeling buyers remorse after reading about a certain D-Link router that people were raving about (ac1900 to be specific), so I ordered that to compare, figuring I would just return whichever was slower and didn't meet my needs. Long story short, the OnHub kicked the D-Links butt. I won't get in to exact numbers, but I will say that the OnHub almost doubled the D-Links speeds in my mancave. So back to Amazon the DL goes...haha

I'm sure for the power user, the OnHub may not suffice, as it doesn't have a ton of manual controls within the mobile app, however for the "average" user who just connects their router to their modem and runs multiple wifi devices around the house...the OnHub is the router to get. You can set priorities with certain devices to make sure they get top speeds at certain assigned times...very nice in the evening when the wife is using her phone or tablet but I want to stream my roku upstairs. Just give my tv priority for a set amount of time and no slowdowns for me :)

Don't waste your time testing other routers...I've done it and this comes out on top. Just put your order in and enjoy!
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on May 16, 2017
Just got myself a DecoM5 but unfortunately i cannot use it due to lacking options/features for configuration.

I have to use a combined Modem/Router which currently handles DHCP (incl. IP address reservation for certain MACs), Port Forwarding, DynDNS and so on...
The router is currently serving a 192.168.2.* subnet. I only wanted to improve my WLAN coverage with the DecoM5 system but i had to realize that the primary Deco unit opens up a new subnet (192.168.0.*) and uses its own DHCP for this subnet. There is no option to disable this behavior.
As a result I cannot access LAN devices (LAN printers, LAN cameras, home automation) which are served by the router through WLAN devices connected to the DecoM5 units. I can further more not configure Port forwarding to a WLAN device e.g. a Raspberry3 Webserver which is in the Deco network.

DecoM5 is currently lacking the following features:
- AP-Mode (DHCP forwarding - DHCP is handled via the main router)
- IP address reservation
- Port Forwarding
- DynDNS

Best regards
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on May 24, 2017
I have now used this for several months, and I've got to say it is the best router I've ever used (for the casual user).

Amazing range with a very strong signal throughout the household. We used it in a 2 bedroom apartment, and never once lost a full signal. In our 4 bedroom house, we will possibly need an extender, but only because of where we have to place it in the house. The signal travels downstairs just fine, but it doesn't reach to the far corner of the house in the guest bedroom downstairs. Hard to explain, but a normal router would never make it that far, and this one just gets a 1-2 bar signal that sometimes goes out down there. I can live with that.

Very easy setup. Plug it in, get the app going on your phone, sync up, and voila, you've got a signal.

Speed is FAST. I've had several routers that couldn't get past the 50mbps to save your life. This baby shoots past that and doesn't look back. I've gotten to my max of 100mbps throughout my house, and usually average around 80mbps, which I blame more on my provider than the router (because I get the same with direct connection).

Visually pleasing. Doesn't LOOK like a router, and actually stands out as a decoration. Routers always have that "techy" look, whereas this one stands out as more of an interesting piece in the room.

Customization isn't there. As a normal user of the internet, with no need for tweaking my router in the least bit, it's not a con for me. I can surf the web, check email, play games if I want, and use all my devices without a problem. HOWEVER, many people like to customize their settings a bit more, and this router isn't for them (but those people probably know that, and they're not even going to read this review).

Only one port for direct connection makes it to where you have to purchase a hub in order to have more direct ethernet. I bought a nice 5 port hub for cheap, and it does a fantastic job. You really don't NEED it, but if you have any devices that aren't wireless, or you just want that direct speed, you'll want to buy a hub.

We absolutely love this thing, and we will end up buying the recommended extenders down the road.
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on November 22, 2015
How they get such a good signal out of such an unassuming box is beyond me. At the extremities of the house where we were getting choppy signals at best we now get a consistent flow of data and full signal. App is a nice touch and is cool to be able to monitor it remotely.
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on April 30, 2017
I live in a 100+ year old house and my experience with wireless has always been spotty, unreliable and downright annoying. Upon installing the Deco, I haven't heard "you echo has lost it's connection" in days and it's wonderful. I placed one in the basement (better signal through the floors than walls), one in the kitchen (one end of the house) and one in the living room (other end of the house) and so far it's been running perfectly. The app makes setup easy. The option to name each new connection is a great touch since I can see what's connected without guesswork. I have over twenty hope automation devices now so reliable wireless was becoming a requirement. I'm happy I went with the Deco. I have been very happy with other TP Link products (WiFi bulbs and outlets) and the Deco has me even more happy with TP Link.
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on June 25, 2016
I purchased my OnHub Router from Google from Best Buy for the same price. It was purchased to replace a Linksys Router purchased approximately four years ago. Four years ago, the Linksys served me well. Within four years, all types of smart home devices have come on the scene. I noticed as I began to turn my home into a smart home, devices would randomly drop from my network. These are devices that I needed to work 24/7, such as my alarm system and video door bell. I definately need these devices to work at all times, because I often travel with my job and am not home. I have to keep abreast of what is going on in and around my home when I am not there.

I was so glad that I found the OnHub. I was even happier to find out that I can add up to 100 devices to my network with no problem. I am up to 22 devices with more to go. I have used my OnHub for 1 week and noticed that none of my devices have dropped from my network. I was also so glad to hear that the OnHub is always improving. This router is going to last me a really long time.

I was super exited that I didn't have to contact tech support 3 and 4 times to get the router up and running. After downloading the OnHub app to my iPhone, it took every bit of 3 minutes to set up. Part of the 3 minutes included unhooking my old Linksys router.

With my OnHub Router, I feel that I am ready for any new technology that comes along. Most of all, I no longer have to worry about devices dropping from my network, because the router can not handle it.

The OnHub Router is also very stylish, I no longer have to worry about trying to hiding my router because of the way it looks. You can even buy interchangeable decorative covers for the OnHub.

There is an ambiance ring at the top of the device. Unlike other routers with bright lights, you can dim or even turn off the ambiance light on the OnHub. I will probably turn my ring off.

I can not wait to see the future of the OnHub Router from Google. Although it is a bit pricey it is well worth the investment.
review image review image
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on May 15, 2017
My comments are focused on initial start up of the system. One of the reasons that I bought DECO was because of the reputed ease of starting the system. This both not true for me and true. I followed the instructions but was unable to connect to the internet. I rebooted everything and started again several times. I then turned to customer support that I could only find through the chat system. "Ellen" was responsive and gave good instructions, none of which worked. By this time I am going back and forth between google and the DECO app. I then decided to see if the process would change in I started with a different unit. Bingo. It now started just as advertised. It looks like one of the three units is defective. We will not see how it goes as I try to replace it
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on June 27, 2016
This did everything I hoped it would. My desktop PC lives in my office, many many feet away from my internet source with many walls between. It has made my home office a source of frustration and impotence, as the computer and printer struggle for signal. It felt like I had AOL again. NOW I am routinely downloading in the 85-95 Mbps range, and life is good again. Beer is cold, pizza is hot, and birds perch on the top on my monitor to sing the praises of a working wireless network. Seriously the best money I have spent this year by far.
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on June 8, 2017
I have been very happy with these devices. I have 20+ wireless devices in my house.
I have historically used Ubiquiti Access points.
As of late my connectivity on newer devices using the Ubiquiti has suffered greatly.
I have found that I am needing better controls over the WIFI in the house on an individual user basis.
I saw these on sale and they looked to have many of the features I wanted including AC support.

Set-up: Set up was pretty easy. The device requires a phone or tablet to configure and connects to the access point via bluetooth to configure the device initially.
You download their app which walks you through the setup. The first device was really simple. Hooked it up to the internet configured it and it just worked. The second device I had issues with because I plugged it into a wired network as well. Apparently that is not a valid configuration.
Once I removed the wired connection from the second device it began to work correctly and configured fine. The third was easy as well once I knew that. This indicates to me that the other 2 are repeaters from the initial device.
Apparently individual access-point hard wire is a feature coming in the future to these devices.
Tech support was no use in helping me understand what the issue was and based on the email there may be a language issue.
Luckily the configuration really is one of the simplest I have seen.

Management: The application works well. It crashes when it has not been used for a while and you switch back to it.
The controls are pretty intuitive.
The built in content filter, web restrictions etc are some of the best I have used.
I am able to set times for individual users to disconnect their internet access.
I am able to configure content filters based on categories like Adult content for example for each user.
It has build in Malware detection, intrusion detection and malicious website detection.
It notifies you when a new device joins your wireless so you can place it the correct group for a user if you desire and give it a meaningful name.

The speed has been great as has the connectivity.
I am anxious to see how long they last and what future updates will bring.
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on January 19, 2016
So far this is the easiest and fastest router I've ever owned. Set up was a breeze and it's very attractive sitting on the mantle. I had high expectations for this router and so far it has met them all. I would recommend this router to anyone looking for one. There is an app that you download on your phone to set it up and manage the router/connections. Took me minutes to set everything up and it's been running 4 days now with no interruptions to the devices. I will update if there are any issues with the router, no update = no issues.

Update: It last almost exactly 1 year then died. I've purchased a lot cheaper that are still working...I don't think I will purchase another at that price for the length of time it lasted.
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