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on October 21, 2011
This is personally my first encounter with Gore products, and I have to say that after using these gloves for a few weeks on my morning bike rides, Gore is definitely a place I'll be looking for future clothing needs.

These gloves aren't meant for super cold temperatures, and if you're in those temperatures I seriously don't think they are going to help much. I've used them in the temp range of about 30F to 50F, and for this range where it's cold but not yet freezing they are fantastic. When it gets colder out I can either just add some liners beneath these, or I can switch to my snowboarding gloves so I'm not worried about that. What was giving me trouble was that tricky area where it's cold but not yet freezing: I tried using summer gloves + liners, but the wind was killer. I tried using the gloves I'm planning on using when it gets below freezing, but my hands were ridiculously hot 20 minutes into the ride. I tried some wool gloves I had lying around that are decent for just using around town, but the wind protection wasn't great and their thickness reduced my dexterity more than I'd like.

So I picked a pair of these gore glove up, and they are pretty great. To give an idea of their warmth, when I first start biking in 35F my fingers are a bit cold in these gloves. I'm okay with that though because on the flip side I can wear these gloves for hours -- even as I start biking hard and warm up significantly, these gloves don't get exceedingly hot. It's kind of amazing actually and I'm very impressed with the material these are made of for that. They also have some decent padding on them, good grip on the fingertips, and are thin enough to allow full range of motion. These are very well made gloves and I bet they would last quite a long time.

The downside though is that there is no wipe material/section. Most biking gloves I have tried have a part on the outer thumb you can use to wipe sweat (or other things), and I LOVE this part of biking gloves. This is a major drawback for me and is the main reason I'm giving these 4 stars instead of 5 and why I'll probably be returning them. Another aspect I dislike is that they have WINDSTOPPER written along one of the fingers in extremely noticeable white text, and that really hurts what could otherwise be a great looking glove. I'd like to use these at times other than biking, and in those instances I would much prefer to not have that ridiculous text there.

I've tried to give an accurate review of what I like and dislike about these gloves. If they sound like they would work for you, great, otherwise I'm sure I'll soon be doing a review of a different glove as I look for something to replace these.
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on January 10, 2011
Great glove. It's got padding just where you need it, and has great grip pad on fingertips. They're thin so you don't lose dexterity. I got these to go biking during the winter. They're great for any weather over 35-40 degrees, however I've done rides at under 20 degrees and these gloves don't help keeping my hands warm...they're just too thin. I resolved this by using these guys as liner gloves for really cold days. 4 stars because the sizing (found on Gore's website) is off (get one size smaller, they're bigger than you think) That said, if you're looking for a lightweight, attractive, padded glove for biking in colder weather (35 degrees and up), rock a pair of these.
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on November 15, 2012
I've only used these twice so far in a week but I'm pretty pleased with them. The wind stopper fabric does a phenomenal job of protecting my hands and breathes enough so that my fingers and hands stay normally warm but don't over heat. I've used them in 40 degree weather up to just 68 degrees and they were plenty comfortable at both ends of the spectrum. They're not bulky at all and fit very similarly to normal cycling gloves.

The grippy bits on the fingers are a nice touch and work well with integrated brakes/shifters.

** update ** I'd say these gloves are perfect for 48 degrees and up. I rode for a couple hours yesterday in 42 degree weather and my hands were pretty chilly. Not too cold to ride, but warmer gloves would have been more comfortable. I still love them.
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on December 25, 2014
Very nice gloves for cycling and general use. I bike to and from class in the winter, and it's about a mile each way. These do a good job of keeping my hands warm without taking away too much dexterity for shifting gears, steering, etc. and they're thin enough that I can pull my key ring out and lock my bike without taking them off. On very cold days, like below freezing, my hands can still get cold in these, but I doubt any glove would be able to keep me warm at that temperature. They seem pretty well made and they fit my hands... well, like a glove, without any part of the glove being baggy. Great gloves for cyclists or even just for general winter wear while walking around, they're thin and not bulky enough that I don't think anyone would notice them worn as regular apparel and think strangely of it. Gonna hold off on five stars until I see how they last since it's only been about a month so far, but I really love them.
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on January 3, 2012
SHORT VERSION: These gloves perform excellently for Philadelphia commuting 40 - 50F, and as a liner for winter gloves. I really like the warmth, dexterity, wicking, and quality.

I have been pleased with them on several 30 minute rides (7 miles) at 40 - 50F, some with heavy headwind or light rain. My hands feel somewhat chilly, but not uncomfortably so, and require little warmup after the ride. This means very little sweat to deal with (and I usually sweat a lot). 40 does seem to be the lower limit, just like it says on the tin.

They also work great as liners for the Planet Bike Borealis Fall/Winter Full Finger; much better than the fleece ones included in that set.

Quality of construction seems very high; I expect them to last.

My only gripe is that the ratios in the fit seem off. I'm normally a large, but ordered XL after reading reviews. It seems I would need a L palm, XXL pinkies, and XL other fingers. It's not a huge issue, but enough that I swim around in the palm more than I would like, especially when changing grip positions, and I get some tension in my pinkie when riding on the hoods.
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on July 17, 2015
I've used these gloves as my mid-weight biking gloves for two seasons now, and I love them enough that I just ordered a spare pair. They're water resistant (not fully waterproof, but more than enough for mild rain) while being somewhat breathable (especially compared to my truly waterproof winter gloves). They leave you with full flexibility, and the grip points provide nice padding in the usual handlebar positions. I've worn them in weather up to 70 degrees (although you start to sweat there - in practice I try not to take them out above 60 or so) and down to 35 degrees or so before I really felt that I needed a stronger glove. Unless you're riding in a true winter, these should be all you ever need.
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on December 23, 2013
I bought these for mountain biking in the cold. I didn't want to get a glove that was to thick. I don't like it when my hands start to sweat when its cold. I rode with these and they ,by no means, will keep your hands warm. Not sure what they mean by "windstopper" either the wind goes right through.I was riding while the temps were in the 30s to 40s range. I guess these are supposed to go over another glove maybe? I think my regular gloves are thicker than these.

The other problem is the size. I went a head and got XL because of what the other reviews said. The glove is too "fat" but still not long enough for my fingers. My thumb is constricted when riding. Im 6'1'' and 160 pounds.

Please tell my where I'm wrong.
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on October 26, 2013
This is a high quality glove that i bought for the cool season. I say "cool" because it is just not made for cold. It really has no insulation so sooner rather than later, your hands will start to get cold. Everyone is different and my hands tend to get cold easily. I biked with these at 45F and my hands were starting to get numb after 20". After an hour, they were uncomfortable but not painful. I would definitely recommend them for higher than 45F. They definitely do block wind. I personally will use them from 50-60F. They make good driving gloves too--comfortable with good feel and grip.

As for sizing, it seems like Gore undersizes everything. I followed the size chart and bought medium. I do not have big hands and felt it was a little tight in the fingers. Takes some time to put them on and off in other words but not unlike the snugness of regular full-fingered bike gloves. That said, I would have bought a size bigger so that I could use a wool glove liner if I wanted. I recommend going up a size.
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on November 30, 2010
Bought these on the recommendation of my boss (a regular bike commuter).

They're great. Lightweight enough to not inhibit movement and braking ability, but really windproof. I've found myself wearing them around just as normal gloves because they're so comfortable. It snowed this week and my hands were warm the entire time.

I haven't yet put them to the test with a serious rain ride, but so far they've been more than enough protection from the elements.

The best biking gloves I've owned thus far.

Small gripe: The tags are huge and awkwardly placed (right under the wrist), but I cut them out with no real problems, just some remnants hanging around.
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on May 19, 2015
Great gloves that keep your hand completely dry, but they do little to keep them warm. I have small hands and naturally got small gloves. Normally small gloves are a bit loose on my, but these are a perfect fit and have a nice grip; sadly they are too snug for any type of liner.

In hindsight, I would buy the medium gloves so I could wear liners underneath on cold days (>40 degrees). Under 30 degrees these things are about worthless..You hands will be dry, but frozen :)

Do not get me wrong these gloves are of high quality and I love them, I would just suggest getting one size larger.
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