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on March 16, 2017
I was having problems listening to Elvis Duran and the Morning Show on the radio alarm. The sound kept fading in and out with frequent hissing, depending on the weather, so I decided on an internet radio. THIS Grace Digital Wi-Fi Music Player with 3.5-Inch Color Display (GDI-IRC6000) (Black) IS AWESOME! It was easy to set up and even connected with my Pandora account. The alarm is fully programmable so my wife can listen to, say, Ocean Deep Sleep channel at night on Pandora using the sleep timer but when the alarm comes on it tunes itself to the radio station broadcasting Elvis. The sound is crystal clear with no hiss at all. I bought this rechargeable battery too so I can now take the radio anywhere in the Wi-Fi zone and listen to whatever I like. I recently heard the sound from a Bose portable speaker and the sound from this set was even better than that. if you're thinking about an internet radio, you won't be disappointed with this Grace. The battery itself would last all day and recharges itself when you plug it back in at night.
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on May 24, 2015
Good battery, works well with correct voltage and amp ratings. However, it is NOT a Grace battery and I had to put a bit of cardboard in the radio cavity to keep it from being loose. Not a big deal, the price was right, but it was misleading to state it was "from Grace Digital" when it apparently is an after market product that happens to work well. I would have hesitated had I known this, and the loose fit irritated me though was easy to fix with the cardboard packaging. It is this that caused me to check the ratings as to voltage and amp rating, which seemed correct if you can believe what that says. It is probably a decent battery and does last many hours on a charge, but I do not like to be mislead. I opted to keep it as I wanted a battery and it seemed to work well and was not expensive. Just wanted others to know.
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on March 2, 2017
The battery works as designed but in my opinion the design is terrible. I love the Grace Digital Mondo (I have two) but it is hard to believe the battery circuitry (and proprietary battery) in this otherwise beautifully designed radio seems to drain almost as fast in standby mode as when being listened to. I sometimes base my electronic toy purchasing decisions on how they are powered and anything using rechargeable AA batteries and a standard micro USB charging port will get my vote and money every time. Hoping a new version of Mondo will do this.
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on May 12, 2012
I am writing this for the battery pack as used on the Mondo GDI-IRC6000
In one word... EXCELLENT. It fulfills the stated specs perfectly.
I got a full 12 hours after an 8 hour charge.
Only one beef is the lack of a user manual. I am taking the
liberty of using a remark made by the manufacturer as to how to get
more life from the battery pack. I would also like to make one
statement that has not been made.

What to do if you take the radio on a trip and want to arrive with a
fully charged battery? If you just unplug it, the clock starts ticking.
IF you have an RV and want to create a hot spot, and listen all the way,
just unplug it and go for it. If, however, it is packed and you want
to arrive with a full charge at your cabin etc, follow the mfg directions

Also... there is one caveat to getting the extra battery life. If you do not
have it plugged in, the battery will start discharging immediately. Also,
if you choose to remedy this by turning off the wi-fi, the radio will take a
short time to reload and connect vs instant on. This is more than enough
reason to leave it plugged in all the time.

How I personally use it... I have a home office and leave it plugged in all day.
At 11pm I unplug and move to the bedroom. It plays for 60 min unless I get
a good Coast To Coast show and it plays for several hours. It then automatically
cuts on in the morning. This costs me about 1 bar of power. At this time I plug
in the radio to recharge.

Here are the directions from the manufacturer how to get extra life from the battery.
I have the latest version of the software and here are the exact keys to press to
get to the appropriate screen.

First note that if you pause more than 4 seconds, the screen goes back to the playing menu.
This is no big deal as it remembers the key press sequences.

1) Home ... press the home key with the little house on it. This takes you to all the pictures.
2) Turn the round knob on the bottom clockwise till you get to the "Settings" icon.
3) Press the knob to select "Settings".
4) Select "Wi-Fi and Network Setup"
5) Select "Wireless standby power mode"
6) Answer the question.. "Stay connected to Wireless in Standby"
7) Select "No" by rotating knob and then PRESSING the know to select "NO".

Also remember to set your 3 display options to as low a power as you can live with.....

Then next time you start the radio, you will have a 30-45 second delay with the following messages"
1) Initializing Network
2) Network disconnected, please connect...
After a short time it will reload the last station that you were listening to.


Hello, the battery will play for up to 12 hours. You are correct that keeping the radio unplugged indefinitely it will only last 12 hours in standby unless you change the settings. If you want to keep it unplugged from the wall you should change two settings:
1) back light: turn your standby back light 'off'.
2) turn the network card off. Go to network settings, select wireless standby and turn it off.
Those two settings will maximize battery life when the radio is not in use.

Additionally, while using a battery, the backlight setting should be minimized to maximize battery life.

However, as you note the radio is designed to be plugged into the wall when not in use to charge the battery. Then when fully charged it will provide portable use for up to 12 hours ( twice the average of the competitor).
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on October 21, 2013
I placed Apparently in quotes as part of my headline since I'm not sure if my Grace Mondo radio is at fault or the battery pack was simply DOA. Specifically, once the backup battery pack is plugged in the wifi radio's status screen is supposed to light an icon showing that the battery is on board. In my case I could never get the icon to illuminate. Twice I remade the connection, very carefully verifying that the tiny printed circuit board plug was properly engaging and fully seated on the circuit board pins. As well, I left the battery plugged in for several hours, but still no battery icon would show on the status screen.

The backup battery is a good idea, however I'm just reporting that beware that it comes with no instructions, it is difficult to plug into the circuit board due to its very tiny plug size and ultimately my radio icon would never illuminate.

At under 30 bucks there isn't too much at risk here, but don't consider this a slam dunk add-on. Fortunately, returns with Amazon are a breeze.
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on October 30, 2014
I bought this radio for my Dad, , and decided to get the battery for it, because it didn't come with it's own battery. This battery, was purchased, and delivered, and instantly put in the radio, and charged for hours.

When the radio was using the battery it didn't last even 6 hours, this morning it was dead, and had to be recharged. I see so many great reviews, maybe we got a dud, but this is bothersome to me, because it is not a cheap purchase, but I would think that we'd get more out of it than we have.
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on July 28, 2017
This battery did not last 3 years. In the last year, the battery provided fewer than 10 minutes of Grace radio operation. Now it has ceased to function all. I think that is very poor performance for a product that costs ~$30. I am going to try to use the connectors and purchase individual rechargeable cells to save money.

Edited a few minutes later.
First, I see that the Grace Digital ACC-IRCLI Rechargeable Battery Pack for Mondo and Mondo+ is now $40, not $30! And I have found a replace battery with a 1 year warranty for $20, at Amazon.
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on April 5, 2015
I bought the battery, and it came quickly, which I was very happy about. Installation wasn't to bad, a little tricky, because there isn't a lot of lead wire, to be able to get it into the slot, that it must slide into, but I was able to do it. Radio detected the battery, and started charging right away. What I am disappointed with, is that amount of time, it holds the charge.

I take the radio, into the bathroom in the morning, when I'm getting ready for work, and leave it in there, until I get home. I do turn it off, and it's just on stand by power. When I get back home and take the radio out to listen, it's back to just one bar. I only actually used the radio, for perhaps a half hour. It will play, when its down to just one bar, and play for awhile, but for it to drain down that much, on just standby power, is kind of disappointing. I would buy another though, if I needed one, perhaps they will make a longer lasting one, by the time this one goes.
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on September 25, 2015
Great item, I don't know why I didn't order it sooner. I have had my Grace radio for a couple of years now and I really love it. When I wanted to bring it out to my patio, I would have to plug in with extension cord. Now I don't have to!

I also love how the battery charges when plugged in normally. The battery lasts a good long time, I can listen to it all night without any problem. At first, I would dim the display to conserve the power, but after experimentation I found out I don't really need to do that because the battery lasts so long. I much prefer the full lighted display on the screen! Very happy with this purchase.
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on September 8, 2013
I received this battery four days ago along with a Grace Digital Mondo radio. I charged the battery overnight and through the next day, approximately 15 hours. It worked properly for about five hours and was dead. I tried recharging with the radio off and had no success. I removed and re-inserted the battery making sure the plug-in connection was correct and tried again to recharge. It was still dead. I placed a voltmeter across the orange and black wires on the plug and it has 0.0 volts. This must be an open circuit in the wiring of the battery pack. I am returning this unit and ordering another of the same. Other posters here have said this but I must warn that it IS NOT a Grade Digital product and comes in unmarked packaging with no charging directions. Hmmmm! There is also not mention of this optional battery in the Mondo handbook. Hmmm again and it is not available on the Grace website as far as I could see.

This is long so to sum up I am returning it to try again. I love the radio but the first experience with this product was a failure. I will update when the new one arrives.

September 29, 2013 Update.

I returned the original battery to Amazon and ordered a replacement. But instead of the third party vendor for 29.95 I selected the same item shipped and sold by which was $4.00 more. The new battery arrived in a marked GDI (Grace Digital Inc.) box and had the correct GDI part number. I installed the battery and the Mondo radio turned on and was playing before I even had time to turn it over. I made the suggested setup changes of turning off the network card when idle and turning the clock display brightness down to minimum on standby. I am getting excellent battery charge life at least 12-14 hours of constant use and the radio goes with me through out my weekend days at home. After the first failure and the second success I give this five stars.
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