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on April 27, 2013
I received the radio, Friday, April 26, 2013 and was eager to try it. I sat down and read the instruction manual then sat down in my living room with the radio on a TV tray. It's about 20 feet away from my router. For starters it asked for my password for my router and I input it several times. It kept giving me timeout errors. I checked the router and insured that the password was absolutely correct. It was and finally after several tries it connected. When I checked the Wi-Fi signal, it bounced all around between 40-80%. This unit is so terrible I can hardly begin with the problems encountered with it. At one point I decided to try to download the updated firmware. It sat on "Download" for at least an hour without anything happening. I decided to leave it on there and went out for 2 hours. When I returned it had returned to normal but never did update the firmware.

I tried using the unit in my bedroom, about 40 feet from the router and it would not even connect to it. Finally I ended up putting the radio in the computer room, about 4 feet from the router. Even at this short distance the Wi-Fi signal was boucing betwee 40-100%, very erratic. I decided to try to download the firmware again and after 25 minutes it bailed and now it can't even find the network. My overall opinion of this unit is "Terrible" and I am going to send it back. I would not recommend this unit to anyone.

My background: Amateur Radio Operator, General Class Radio Telephone Licensee

One thing for certain, doing business with Amazon is the way to go. You never get any hassle and they stand behind what they sell. In my book there isn't any better seller on the internet. If you really want to get their best deal, become a "Prime" user.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on July 24, 2014
Okay, where do I start. Sound is ok.
First, its not a very attractive unit, I bought it for my bedroom and its simply too homely to leave in there, not to mention, ARGHHH, there is a BRIGHT green light on the plug when plugged in. The dang thing is SO BRIGHT (and unneeded in my opinion) it lit up my room! I now have it hidden off my kitchen.
Second, the programming is not very intuative, I mean I deal with it, but its awkward and odd.
Third, it takes FOREVER to buffer, and stops frequently to re-buffer! It takes so long that often, I just turn it off out of irritation.
Fourth, the rolling display information is odd. When I am listening to a song and want to know the artist and title (which is often) I have to stand and wait through a long-drawn-out display of the incoming speed and format of the song. Who cares! That display stays and stays and stays. Finally, song and artist come along briefly, its about a flicker, then back to the incoming speed and format which stays and stays and stays. Switch that timing up for the love of god, the artist and song detail are one of the biggest benefits of digital displays!!!
And finally, all electronic manufacturers note please: Programming displays should be larger and angled for useage! I have to crouch down to see the information!? And its on this tiny screen and font? (and for the love of all that is good in this world, stop with the unneeded lights on every device and/or plug-in known to man).
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on December 9, 2013
I like the features of this radio and the ability to add local stations via the web site. I have two of these, and ordered the second one because I liked the first one. Shortly before I ordered this one the Grace internet radio began losing connection to my wi-fi system. The second one did this right out of the box - losing connection even while playing a station. Several emails back and forth with customer "service" resulted in several suggestions, none of which worked. The only way to restore connection is to remove the power cord from the radio for several seconds and then plug in again. The radio will work for several days before requiring the power-down routine.

My other radio worked for almost a year before exhibiting this problem, so I suspect a firmware upgrade. I have a Logitech internet radio that I have had for 3 years and has never had the problem of losing the connection unless my internet goes out. So I won't be ordering any more Grace products. It's too bad, because the Grace radios have a nice set of features, but the constant losing connection is aggravating.
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on September 19, 2014
This radio suffers from the issue common to this entire class of products, and is well described by other reviewers, and that is the manufacturer installs the cheapest, poorest quality wi-fi adapters they can find into the radio. First of all, my radio arrived open, so I can only assume it was a previous return, an ominous sign. I plugged it in, entered my correct hidden SSID that works for a dozen other wireless devices, including an old Livio Internet radio (though that product is the flakiest wi-fi-enabled product I own), on several occasions, and each time: "Network Not Found." So back in the box and back to Amazon...thanks for ruining a birthday.

In general, all of these radios do have this issue to one extent or another. Unfortunately, the newer models do not even give an Ethernet cable option, which would be nice since these radios only seem to connect at distances shorter than a common Ethernet cable.
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on March 25, 2015
I first bought the Grace Digital "Innovator X" tabletop internet 'radio' as a Christmas gift for my mother, who loves certain stations that she cannot receive normally over the radio airwaves, and not having a computer in the part of the house where she normally hangs out, could not conveniently listen to those stations over internet streaming audio. Luckily, her house DOES have WiFi...

Setup of the Innovator X was easy enough, although anything that needs to be set up (including setting the time and date, selecting a WiFi network, entering the 'password' for the WiFi, and selecting the desired stations) is done using the tedious method of rotating the large knob to scroll through the alphabet and numbers, kind of like an old Dymo label maker, then pressing the same button to select/enter that character, then repeat over and over for all the other letters or numbers that need to be entered. But short of adding a keyboard to this product, I don't see any other choice to the way Grace designed it.

We experienced no problems with connectivity, dropouts, etc; and the radio looks and sounds very good, and has a nice quality feel to it. The case is particle board with a matte black finish, and it feels substantial. I can't say whether the wooden construction helps the sound quality much, but I am certain that it does not hurt it either.

The front panel of the radio has preset buttons for memorizing and recalling favorite stations, but out of the several that can be set up this way, only the first four presets are available with a single button push; all others require extra button presses. For my mother, the four presets was plenty.

Based on the success of my mother's radio, I bought two for my own house. One for studio where I spend a lot of time but which does not have a computer in it, and one for my basement woodworking shop. Both locations are quite close (as the radio waves fly) to where my WiFi router is located. Again the setup and connectivity has been problem free.

My only problem with the Innovator X is that NONE of the radios I bought (my two radios and my mother's radio) have good functionality with the remote control that comes with the radio. The problem is that the radio seems unresponsive to the remote. For the most part, the radio just seems to ignore that the remote is being used; once in a while it will spontaneously respond to the remote, but usually not. Mind you, this problem is consistent in different rooms of my house, and in my mother's house, so it is not just something about one house location or one room location. We have tried relocating the radios to different parts of the houses, and tried in daytime with sunlight in the rooms, and at nighttime. We have tried with room lighting off and on. We have used digital cameras and smart phones, in video recording mode, to view the infrared signals coming from the remotes to make sure that they are 'putting out'. Grace has kindly sent two replacement remote controls, which made no difference. Grace also cooperated by sending a completely new replacement radio, which they said they tested with the remote before sending it, and it worked just as badly with the remote as the others we had. We have tried locating the radios high and low in the rooms, and tried aiming the remotes from across the room and right up in front of the radio. We tried aiming straight at the radio and at angles, even tried bouncing the IR signal off the walls. I purchased an IR repeater, and it did not make any improvement. We tried other IR operated devices (e.g. DVD players), moved from elsewhere in the houses, into the same areas as the radios and those other devices worked just fine. We tried to program a universal IR remote control from one of the Grace remotes, and using that universal remote did not improve anything. Several emails and voice calls with Grace did not result in a resolution.

I should note here that Grace was, unlike many companies, easy to reach by email and by phone, and their people were always very helpful. But at the end, Grace said essentially 'we have tried everything we can think of and have no other ideas to make the remotes work for you, but we are not aware of any other problems with remotes on the Innovator X'.

My brother and I are both electronics engineers, and have both done designs that used IR remote controls. We even built an IR receiver with a signal strength meter, to see if there was a lot of IR already in the rooms for some reason (which might possibly confuse the radio), but there was not. We used our device to compare the strength of the IR generated by the Grace remote control with the IR put out by other remotes in the house, and the signal strength was comparable. We could not think of anything else to try, and could not think of any reason why the Innovator X radios would have poor results with IR remote controls when all other IR remotes we tried in the same areas worked fine. We considered, tried, and rejected all causes of interference we could think of. We tried the old trick of putting one or two layers of Scotch 'magic' tape over the IR receivers of the radios. We took one of my radios apart to see if the IR receiver had come loose or misaligned during transportation (for the record, the IR receivers are soldered in place and cannot just fall out or become easily misaligned). We are out of ideas.

I did a search of the hundreds of Innovator X reviews on Amazon, and found a few reviews where other owners had what appear to be the same problem as we experienced, with their radios not responding to the remotes. Nobody mentioned ever finding a fix or cause.

It is my view that, while the Innovator X is a very good internet radio, it has some sort of design problem with how its remote works. I can't guess whether this is a quality control issue, or an early parts mortality issue, or a radio firmware issue.

I would like to hear from others if they found a cause or fix for this problem.
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on June 12, 2017
This radio format was difficult to set up with from the start. The hardware is not much better. The large Select knob on the front is archaic, like pressing in a tin can to make Morse code.The speaker was its saving Grace, not stereo, but sounded okay.
After a year's time, the large, Select knob became worn, defective and wouldn't turn for use. This device is not worth repair, or your investment.
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on April 9, 2013
Very dissatisfied with this Grace radio. I read other's complaints about connectivity but figured I have a new router and I am tech savvy so maybe it's not that bad. However it is that bad. There are several networks around our house and about half the time this would not find any. IF it did find one, you had to race to enter the settings before it froze or rebooted itself and stated there were no networks. Once or twice I finished the set-up after which it would freeze or reboot itself and lose the settings. I did a whole bunch of factory resets before realizing this was nuts and this had to go back. I ended up ordering the Sirius tabletop as that's what I primarily listen to at home in bed. I wanted a good, stable alarm clock/radio and that fits the bill. The Grace did not.
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on May 7, 2014
I love this radio, I got it to try to get stations without static, I live in a rural area 45 miles from city with many stations, some of which had a lot of static. also wanted to try to get stations i listened to 40 years ago (in midwest) when a teenager, that did not work, they have both gone out of business, but LOVE this radio, it takes a while to get used to the delay every time you switch stations but understand why, I picked out ten presets I wanted and am looking for optional speakers to attach. I leave it on 24/7 , leaving it on the headboard and turning it on low on classical at bedtime, and just turning low when not in room.. wish it was stereo. but it is ok.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on September 19, 2014
I'll give it two stars because it works as a radio, and it can stream Pandora and other services as advertised.

However, they also advertise iPhone and Android remote controls. Neither app works. I bought this radio to help my baby boy go to sleep, hoping I could turn it off after he falls asleep with the smartphone app. But the app won't find the radio. I tried both Android, and iPhone. I contacted their tech support, and they told me they know that it doesn't work, and they are having trouble making it work due to the differences in various devices. They suggested I used the included infrared remote instead.

Well, I have a bunch of other apps on my phone that work just fine, so maybe you need to hire some better programmers, and not advertise that you have smartphone apps until the apps are actually completed and working.

And also infrared remote requires a direct line of sight to the radio, which defeats most of the purpose of why I chose this model.

For now I'm using the sleep timer.

Overall quality of the hardware seems good. It's a sturdy wood box, coated with paint and plastic. The knobs have a nice rubbery finish.

I will say that I like the customization of the brightness of the LCD panel. You can turn the backlight all the way off, and have different profiles based on active / inactive / sleep.

Overall not a bad product but I think it's really unethical to advertise software that is alpha version at best.
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on March 9, 2013
Bought this for $78 and just let me say, I'd have paid 2 or 3 times that knowing what I do now. Easy easy setup (if you have a little wi-fi savvy) and setting up your own station list (as if the 10-20,000 stations built in aren't enough) was a snap (and fun) on the Grace/Reciva website. The website found every station I looked for and wanted to add to my own station list. Was able to migrate my online SiriusXM account flawlessly into the mix as well. Was very impressed with the "Local Stations" feature which asks you to input your location and then shows all of the stations around your city that are available on the radio, a NICE touch Grace, thank you. It's almost radio overload but if you're a lover of radio, you can't get enough. Didn't even look at the instruction manual, was able to plug it in and it found my router in seconds. I have a whole house signal with a range expander and buffers for new stations take 2 seconds so that's more than acceptable. Great sound for a monaural speaker. The radio seems to be built quite well, very solid and the buttons have a nice tactile feel to them, especially the rubber coated knobs. The smooth semi-gloss black wood case exceeds expectations and gives it a classy high end look in your home. So those are the good things I like about it, now the not so good. First, the menu system is a long jumble of stations and searching manually is a huge time taking task. Once you learn it, it becomes 2nd nature but you'll never get much faster at it. Second, the remote is very thin and kind of flimsy. I won't say cheap but it's close. It's almost better to physically adjust the radio itself instead of using the remote. I can live with that since it's on my office desk within easy reach. I did give it 5 stars because when you're dialed in and listening, the thing works incredibly well and I haven't had a signal dropout once the first day, very solid performing radio. If this holds up and I feel that Grace deserves another shot, I may move up to the higher end Mondo as a 2nd internet radio for another room. Great little piece of technology for the little money it cost.

Found out that Grace has an Android App (they also have for Apple iPad as well) that will completely control your Grace Innovator X radio via the IR function (I'm using a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 running Jellybean 4.1.1). You can control all of your personal stations, your streams, your preset, etc,.... and even receive album art for some songs via some of the sources. It makes it INFINITELY easier to search and find music rather than using the flimsy remote the radio came with or spinning the knobs on the radio. Should add much more enjoyment for it's use and longevity to the physical being of the radio. There wasn't anything to do other than download the app and install the way you would any app for your tablet/phone. Once I turned on the radio via the app, the menu on the tablet came alive with all my settings and stored stations. MUCH MUCH better because of one simple app. VERY WELL DONE GRACE, I'm impressed even more and I wasn't sure that was possible!
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