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on April 27, 2013
I received the radio, Friday, April 26, 2013 and was eager to try it. I sat down and read the instruction manual then sat down in my living room with the radio on a TV tray. It's about 20 feet away from my router. For starters it asked for my password for my router and I input it several times. It kept giving me timeout errors. I checked the router and insured that the password was absolutely correct. It was and finally after several tries it connected. When I checked the Wi-Fi signal, it bounced all around between 40-80%. This unit is so terrible I can hardly begin with the problems encountered with it. At one point I decided to try to download the updated firmware. It sat on "Download" for at least an hour without anything happening. I decided to leave it on there and went out for 2 hours. When I returned it had returned to normal but never did update the firmware.

I tried using the unit in my bedroom, about 40 feet from the router and it would not even connect to it. Finally I ended up putting the radio in the computer room, about 4 feet from the router. Even at this short distance the Wi-Fi signal was boucing betwee 40-100%, very erratic. I decided to try to download the firmware again and after 25 minutes it bailed and now it can't even find the network. My overall opinion of this unit is "Terrible" and I am going to send it back. I would not recommend this unit to anyone.

My background: Amateur Radio Operator, General Class Radio Telephone Licensee

One thing for certain, doing business with Amazon is the way to go. You never get any hassle and they stand behind what they sell. In my book there isn't any better seller on the internet. If you really want to get their best deal, become a "Prime" user.
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on September 19, 2014
This radio suffers from the issue common to this entire class of products, and is well described by other reviewers, and that is the manufacturer installs the cheapest, poorest quality wi-fi adapters they can find into the radio. First of all, my radio arrived open, so I can only assume it was a previous return, an ominous sign. I plugged it in, entered my correct hidden SSID that works for a dozen other wireless devices, including an old Livio Internet radio (though that product is the flakiest wi-fi-enabled product I own), on several occasions, and each time: "Network Not Found." So back in the box and back to Amazon...thanks for ruining a birthday.

In general, all of these radios do have this issue to one extent or another. Unfortunately, the newer models do not even give an Ethernet cable option, which would be nice since these radios only seem to connect at distances shorter than a common Ethernet cable.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on July 24, 2014
Okay, where do I start. Sound is ok.
First, its not a very attractive unit, I bought it for my bedroom and its simply too homely to leave in there, not to mention, ARGHHH, there is a BRIGHT green light on the plug when plugged in. The dang thing is SO BRIGHT (and unneeded in my opinion) it lit up my room! I now have it hidden off my kitchen.
Second, the programming is not very intuative, I mean I deal with it, but its awkward and odd.
Third, it takes FOREVER to buffer, and stops frequently to re-buffer! It takes so long that often, I just turn it off out of irritation.
Fourth, the rolling display information is odd. When I am listening to a song and want to know the artist and title (which is often) I have to stand and wait through a long-drawn-out display of the incoming speed and format of the song. Who cares! That display stays and stays and stays. Finally, song and artist come along briefly, its about a flicker, then back to the incoming speed and format which stays and stays and stays. Switch that timing up for the love of god, the artist and song detail are one of the biggest benefits of digital displays!!!
And finally, all electronic manufacturers note please: Programming displays should be larger and angled for useage! I have to crouch down to see the information!? And its on this tiny screen and font? (and for the love of all that is good in this world, stop with the unneeded lights on every device and/or plug-in known to man).
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on May 28, 2014
I had an internet radio I purchased from Sirius/FM about 4 years ago. It did exactly what it was supposed to do - give me Sirius stations with no problem. It had 10 presets - all of them worked. One day the sound on the radio went and they did not repair and no longer sold this radio. I searched and the closest I could find to get Sirius radio was this Grace Digital IR2600. Now I can only get 5 presets - the double on the presets does not work for Sirius. Many times I get the message the "station is not available at this time". I often have to disconnect and plug back in for it to reconnect to my wireless (just several feet away). When I find the station, it often "drops" for a minute or more before reconnecting. Also, I like "TuneIn" which I can get on my iPhone but cannot get on this radio. I wish it were available - and actually work! I don't use Pandora nor anything else it offers so this radio is frustrating and becoming useless and I am close to returning it. This radio is like I went backwards in wireless radios a few years instead of getting the latest bells and whistles in internet radios. I truly wish I could get another radio like the one I purchased from Sirius/XM.
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on December 9, 2013
I like the features of this radio and the ability to add local stations via the web site. I have two of these, and ordered the second one because I liked the first one. Shortly before I ordered this one the Grace internet radio began losing connection to my wi-fi system. The second one did this right out of the box - losing connection even while playing a station. Several emails back and forth with customer "service" resulted in several suggestions, none of which worked. The only way to restore connection is to remove the power cord from the radio for several seconds and then plug in again. The radio will work for several days before requiring the power-down routine.

My other radio worked for almost a year before exhibiting this problem, so I suspect a firmware upgrade. I have a Logitech internet radio that I have had for 3 years and has never had the problem of losing the connection unless my internet goes out. So I won't be ordering any more Grace products. It's too bad, because the Grace radios have a nice set of features, but the constant losing connection is aggravating.
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on April 22, 2015
Received the radio yesterday. Unpacked it and set it up on my home network. Had it connected and 6 stations on presets in 20 minutes or so. The menus are a little clunky, but not a problem once you figure out where everything is. The display is small and ASCII-only, but I don't really spend much time watching the radio. It's perfectly fine for the purpose intended. Initially audio was pretty muddy, but I ran the treble up and set the EQ to "Flat" and that helped some.

Took it to my store this morning to use as my background music source. Ran up the volume enough to be heard throughout the store, no distortion. That got pushed higher when small daughter had to run it up so she could dance to MGMT's "Kids"; too loud, but still no distortion. Through the day, the sound appeared to brighten up considerably, maybe the speaker breaking in a bit. In 10 hours use, no problems, no buffering pauses, no glitches of any kind. Worked as advertised.

One minor complaint - one of the LRFs (Little Rubber Feets) on the bottom was missing, so the radio rocks sits crooked. I intend to contact Grace and I expect they'll end me a new one, so no biggie.

Bottom line is that is does what I want, and keeps me from being chained to the two lousy local stations that were all I could pick up clearly in my building. I can also fire up my Pandora Christmas station this year and not have to listen to a dozen different covers of "The Little Drummer Boy" and "Baby It's Cold Outside", aka The Date Raoe Song, on the suckie "Lite Rock" station.
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on March 2, 2014
Even my tech oriented relatives wonder why I bought this thing, given I have desktops, laptops, and pads everywhere in the house. Ok, sure it's another "toy" but this thing works! The amazing accessibility to almost any programming in the world in this little box is pretty cool, all without having to use a Microsoft or Apple OS. Pandora, Sirius, Internet "Short Wave", Podcasts, international stations,local stations, etc etc. The downloadable "Grace" app is amazing since you can control your Grace devices with the app. The remotes which come with the Grace radios are short range and limited in their capabilities (10 presets) as opposed to 23 pre-sets on the App. You can turn the radio on from anywhere in the world with the App (not sure why one would want this capability, but you can if you want). I have this in the kitchen and the smaller tuner connected to my compact stereo system in the living room. Both can operate independently
. One star off due to the weak and limited remote, download the cool App on your pad or smart phone, will make a world of difference. Also, make sure you have a decent wi-fi signal.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on October 1, 2016
I bought this radio over 2 years ago. It worked great at first, except for dropped connections from time to time. The dropped connections became more and more frequent until it was unable to connect.

"Network error. Wireless connect timeout."

We went through the manual and troubleshooting but still couldn't get it to connect.

I recently bought a new router and decided to try again. Same problem. This time I searched around on the internet and discovered that this is a common problem for not just this model, but for a lot of Grace Digital radios. And it has been for a number of years. I won't recommend this radio and won't buy again.
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on June 21, 2013
... this was a "wow" item. I first did the research after stumbling upon it while looking at Sangen radios.I listen to about four broadcast FM local stations, one AM. I have others I like and listen online to them.

I was impressed with the GD radio specs and affordability. I downloaded the owner's manual and read it. (By the way, the negative reviews, draw your own conclusions as to who among them did this.) I was impressed. Would it live up to the billing? Yes! Put my WEP key in and followed directions. Logged onto the Grace Digital web site and loaded my stations in. I'm in California and Harvard Radio is on my lists, a ways away and with my wi-fi comes in as though I was in Cambridge. Loaded in all the presets with local and faraway, as well ask my favorite Internet radio stations. Not a Sirius subscriber nor a Pandora fan, so I passed on those.

A few times I noticed the radio would pause for buffering. I was curious, was this the radio, the station, wi-fi, where? I changed stations and it stopped. Not definitive, but I think a good guess was the problem was not the radio.

I'm really impressed with the sound quality and performance. Like the easy alarm clock feature.


-- Meets every standard it the documentation says it will and then some;
-- Easy operation;
-- Great sound quality.


-- Not for me, but if you expect to grab this out of the box, don't read the owner's manual and twiddle dials, then call customer support, don't buy this radio. There is a small but very rewarding, easy learning curve.

In sum, thumb's way up for this one.
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on December 9, 2012
I have been looking for an affordable and simple internet radio for a long time. I noticed this radio popup in review and was attracted to the simple and elegant styling of this unit, and the robust build. Here are the requirements I was going for:

- Must be simple -- must be as easy to operate as a normal radio wave type radio
- Must be fast to start (like a regular radio, within 1-2 sec)
- Must have Pandora well integrated
- Must be able to stream other internet stations (mp3/wma/aac)
- Must have low power consumption
- Should not require a computer to setup

This radio meets almost all of these requirements. Setup was simple (although it takes a little patience). The only thing that I thought was less than ideal was that it does require you to setup an account with the Grace website to use Pandora. In addition it uses an unprotected browser connection to enter your Pandora password which it transmits to the Radio. why not be able to enter your Pandora credentials on the radio?

I had chosen this model since it resembles a simple radio the most (with a simplistic display -- more about this later). One thing I am not waiting for is yet another computer or iPod like device that is cumbersome to use as a simple radio. After having it set up I can truly say that it truly feels like a regular radio. I think Grace nailed it.

One thing that makes the radio even more attractive as the very good iPhone and iPad app that makes controlling the radio even easier. I have attached a screenshot of the iPad app. Check it out. Very nice.

One minor issue is the use of a slow display not suitable for scrolling text. This scrolling text is not very readable. I suspect Grace uses a VFD as it's really cheap. It's not really an big issue. Just like a normal radio I find myself not looking at it after selecting a station. And the iPhone/iPad app really makes this a non-issue.

Overall very good.

One star off for not allowing to setup Pandora on radio and VFD.

*** update 2/10/13
The radio is now well integrated into our daily life and does not need any more attention than a regular radio. It has never dropped a connection yet.
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