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on June 30, 2017
Nice sound. no distortion-easy to use
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on July 1, 2017
Another nice accessory for my FLHT.
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on June 20, 2017
If you have an older car and need to listen to music, buy this now. I have already done the research for you and, trust me on this one, (as much as you trust any random Amazon user I suppose) the rest of the offerings either have terrible reviews, or are made extremely cheaply to the point that they barely work at all before breaking. As someone who cannot exist in a car without listening to music, it also sounds MUCH better than my previous adapter (made by Sony). I immediately noticed everything was much louder with no change in my phone volume, and the low end was much stronger. Stop searching and add it to your cart; you won't regret it!
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I've gone through cassette adapters like crazy, and the ones I've purchased in the past have only been good for about a month before they kick the bucket. After this has happened with about 8 adapters from various brands, I just accepted that the life a car cassette adapter is a short one.

UNTIL I received this one in April. It's currently December, and it's still going strong. You do the math! OK I will for you. That's 8 months of use!

I've been able to listen to my silly Spotify playlists, my trashy Audible biographies, and boring podcasts with no issues at all.

If this cassette adapter breaks on me tomorrow, I will still happily reorder this same one. But I'm crossing my fingers that lasts until I'm able to upgrade to a car that isn't from 1997 and perhaps has a headphone jack of its own. One can dream :-\
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on June 27, 2017
Best $10 purchase I've made in a while! My 2006 Audi does not have an auxiliary input but does have a tape deck, and I was getting tired of going old school with the I went old school and bought this for a road trip. I could not be happier. Sound quality is not 100% (you aren't going to get the fullness of the bass, for example) but it is really darned good - and I'm picky about stuff like that.
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on June 11, 2016
These headphones are absolutely amazing! They're extremely comfortable and I love the collapsible feature of them. The ear muffs give a really good barrier to sound and makes it easier to hear what you're listening to without having to have the volume through the roof. On the connecting cord there's a button which you can turn the headphones on and off and a sliding volume control. The volume control is great because it gives an extra boost to the sound of you needed it. The case is very, very sturdy. It is a hard structured case that protects the headphones from everything short of running the case over or shooting the case. The quality of the sound is great. So far I love them. I use them every day in class and I haven't had any problems with them at all.
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on January 26, 2018
I bought this for my camry and the sound system it produces is very nice. I had a couple before and it was terrible. The cord is long enough, someone in the back sit can play music from their phone. The cord is also thick enough it will last long
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on April 1, 2015
Grace has been gradually phasing out this great little Solo Internet Radio (GDI-IRA500) with a newer and larger radio known as the Primo, or the Grace Digital GDI-IRCA700 Wireless Internet Radio Adapter. So now the Amazon page only lists it as AVAILABLE FROM THESE SELLERS, meaning that their own stock has been depleted and they are not likely to be shipping any more from their distribution centers. They are not all gone yet, but we can count on the price for the remaining new ones from private vendors doubling until all of them are gone, and then the price on the remaining used ones will be determined by how eager the sellers are to be rid of them.

For whatever reason the Solo was put on the chopping block, it is Grace Digitals perfect little stereo receiver that resembles an alarm clock, in fact having all the settings and abilities of the other Internet radios, but has no internal speakers, making it the perfect add-on for an existing home stereo system or even as an AUX IN for a boombox sitting in some remote place using a hotspot device to stream music from the Internet. Grace Digital has many different components of varying abilities, and I have missed out on some of their other great components that were discontinued, but one thing is for sure, Grace Digital designers have a knack for including all the little features that users can appreciate having, often non-existent on other brands. Grace Digital has taken the lead on all radios and components in the Internet class, and I am sure their newer designs will continue to take advantage of all the latest audio abilities in their future releases. Not sure if there will be any more firmware updates for it, but I am looking forward to many years of reliable service from my Solo Internet Radio Adapter, and am also looking forward to whatever else Grace Digital eventually releases to us here in the wild.
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on September 26, 2017
This works very well; I especially like that it provides a way to securely route its cable to the other side of the cassette in case your tape deck reads tapes the other way. The only complaint I have is that the plug itself has a very thick casing merging the cable and the tip, which is too thick to fit past my phone's Otterbox case. It's clearly meant to reinforce this natural weak point in the cable, and succeeds in that, but it makes for an incomplete connection in my case; so I have to fiddle with it to get contact for both channels. I'll be using a Bluetooth receiver with it soon, so that should eliminate this problem, but other buyers should be aware.
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on July 23, 2016
EDIT: Crappy.

I wrote this review yesterday or the day before. Today, they have completely stopped working. I could scream. I have work to do but can't do it w/out my HEADPHONES!!! I hear a low tone, some background music or something. People's speech isn't being picked up. Release the profanities.


I am having the worst run of luck w/Amazon purchases. The item I received before this was faulty to the point of being unusable. Now this.

I needed headphones to replace my current ones as I'd rode them 'til the wheels fell off. Happened upon this deal on Prime Day and scooped it up. Within one day (just a few hours of use) the volume control on the headphone string stopped working. A couple times I've hit the jack and the sound has popped, something that is generally a warning for impending doom.

I'm happy these were so cheap when I got them (maybe $12 or so). The sound is great otherwise and I can wear them for a couple hours before my ears start hurting. I'll use them until they fall apart (hoping to get at least a month out of them) and then buy a different brand.

I'm hard on electronics. Due to that, I gave this three stars. My first impulse was to give it two (a piece being broken w/in a day) but because I tend to treat things rougher than intended, I rounded up to three. I wouldn't recommend buying this to anyone though, because I can't recommend a product that starts falling apart the first day it is used, no matter if I fell asleep w/them on my head or not. ;)
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