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on August 3, 2012
At 68 years of age, I have been a radio nut, owning innumerable radios since I was 10 years old (including many amateur and shortwave radios employed during more than 50 years as a "ham" operator). I have never enjoyed a radio quite as much as the Grace Mondo.

I have owned other internet radios, including a Sanyo R227 and have used iPod Touch and smartphones to listen to internet radio. I once used Sirius XM in the house for a couple of years (still use it in the car). I've had countless FM radios, shortwave radios, high-sensitivity AM radios, and even many scanner radios. But none could provide the width and depth of information and entertainment that this unit does -- and as easily as it does it.

Basically, the Mondo will pick up just about anything in the world, including every single AM and FM station anywhere near me (and it knows what those are from your IP address). It can tune in thousands upon thousands of podcasts. It can easily find and provide any kind of music you want, including many channels without advertising.

I am an OTR (old time radio) fan -- not the music, but the drama, comedy, western, sci-fi, mystery, and other shows from the 30s through the 50s. Scores of internet broadcasters provide non-stop OTR around the clock, and using Grace's relationship with Reciva, I can quickly find and save many old-time broadcasters to listen to on the Mondo. (I was introduced to Reciva with the Sanyo, and it has a user-friendly, efficient, uncluttered website that lets you search for and sample tens of thousands of stations with your home computer, and then program them into your Mondo.)

Aside from internet channels, there's Pandora, the free music (and comedy) system that works very well on the Mondo, enabling you to create customized channels in almost infinite variety.

"Little things" I like:

* The bright, colorful screen (not boring like monochrome, text-only screens -- which are so 20th Century and difficult to read)
* Earphone jack on side toward front; if you use radio bedside, as I do, and listen to radio at night with an earphone, you want it to be easy to connect and disconnect earphones; radios with plugs in the rear are just awful for this.
* The ability to use a battery (though the required optional battery, in my opinion, is overpriced). It's very cool to be able to easily move the radio and enjoy its sounds anywhere within range of your wi-fi. There is a built-in finger handle to make carrying easy.
* Size: Not too big, not too small. Just right.
* Controls: work smoothly, solidly and do not feel cheesy.
* Volume control: It's a knob atop the set, an odd location, but at least it is a knob instead of those annoying, hard-to-use buttons found on many sets, including the Sanyo.
* Pandora: This radio works very well with Pandora, and even has the ability to thumbs up/down selections (though sometimes I get a message that the thumbing service is not available -- don't know why).
* NOAA: Many of the VHF weather channels have been preprogrammed into this unit so you can listen to NOAA weather broadcasts all over the country (and Canadian versions, too). Unfortunately, a few are miscalibrated. When I try to listen to the Connecticut NOAA station that's listed, it returns a Minnesota station.
* Remote: Unit comes with a remote, which you might think is unneeded, but which I use a lot, especially for the fact that it has all 10 memory keys; the radio itself has only five plus a shift key to get you 6 to 10. Some people complain it's too big; I like the size. The little ones, like the Sanyo remote, are easy to lose.
* Input and output jacks, if you want to increase its sound quality or usefulness.
* Setup: It was really quick and easy.

Things that could be better:

* Sound: It's good, clear and crisp -- and, of course, digital -- but I wish it were a bit richer. The sound is adjustable, by the way, with a modest equalizer.
* Buttons, such as memories, should be backlighted. This is a great bedside radio -- but that means it may be used a lot in the dark. (I find myself using the remote in the dark because the keys are light-colored, and the screen gives off enough light so I can see the keys!)
* Screen fonts: could be bigger for my geezer eyes. On many channels, including Pandora, you are told what is playing, but if your eyes ain't great, you have to get up close.
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on March 15, 2017
I have owned two Grace Internet radios for several years--the Innovator and the Allegro, but decided to upgrade to the Mondo, since those old models no longer supported Sirius-XM (SXM) radio. There is NO MONTHLY FEE to use the Grace Digital Radio. To access SXM from your Mondo, you must have a SXM Internet account, for which you must pay a monthly fee to SXM. If you already have a SXM Internet account, you're good to go. Just add your SXM account number and password to the Mondo. But I must say that there are thousands of stations of every genre to choose from on the Grace Mondo that you probably wouldn't have a need for SXM. I was hesitant to upgrade, but I'm so glad that I did. The Mondo is more user-friendly and faster than the older models, with a simpler interface, and the method for searching with letters and numbers is much improved. I especially like the back button on the face of the radio. Sound is very good. Earphone jack, presets, alarm, and nice big clock numbers when the radio power is off. So far, the wifi connection has not drifted to my neighbors' wifis, which frequently lost the connection and I had to reset to my own wifi, as my older models have frequently done.

Grace is a good company to deal with. My old Allegro recently had a problem connecting to stations. I called the Grace Company and they quickly determined and resolved the problem by sending me a new power cord with no charge. Problem solved! That's the kind of service that keeps customers coming back.
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on September 17, 2015
I bought this radio to replace a Logitech Squeezebox Radio so I can listen to Sirius as, according to Sirius, the Squeezebox will no longer stream Sirius after 9/30/15 without a software update from Logitech, which isn't happening as the product is no longer supported. I've had the radio for only a few hours, but it appears to be a serviceable replacement for the Squeezebox. The physical appearance is very similar to the Squeezebox, although it has a slightly larger footprint. Setup was easy. I powered it up and entered my network info and it automatically started downloading software updates. There was no account to set up like there was for the Squeezebox. The Sirius app was already installed and all I had to do was enter my account info. I selected a channel and music was playing. The sound is about as good as that of the Squeezebox. There is an equalizer menu with a few presets, which are good enough for me. Otherwise you can adjust the treble and base. I take off one star because the radio doesn't seem as polished as the Squeezebox and I haven't really had a chance to explore its features, but I give it 5 stars for what I needed it for, which is to stream SiriusXM.
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on March 17, 2016
I do not like to write reviews before trying the item but this device stopped working during the first 18 hours when its screen blew out . When I got home the clock was not visible at all and could not make it work again.

So, I asked for a refund but got no response, had to file a complaint anf finally after almost 2 months I received a message and immediate refund with the help of Amazon. Thank you! I would recommend buying directly from Amazon because they manage the refunds very fast and are ready to help you.

If you are in the States you could use it (when it works) to listen music on demand with Pandora, SiriusXM, iHeartRadio, Live365, NPR, NOAA. If you are outside the Sates this feature is completely useless.

Sound quality was fine during the few hours it worked. Then, just no sound at all. You get better sound quality with many smart phones, laptops, desktops and tablets connected to speakers.

Radio Stations: The grace digital lets you get music directly from the Internet without a PC. So can you with a tablets and smart phones. There are many apps for these devices while there are just a few for the Grace Digital. When it works you can get many radio stations. So do PCs, Smart phones and Tablets. Grace Digital lacks of Bluetooth.

It can play computer files from your computer but there is not sense doing it because you can connect you PC to speakers via Bluetooth and get better sound. The Grace Digital lacks of Bluetooth.

I replaced the grace digital with a Lenovo7" tablet that works great as a music player.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on February 15, 2015
I purchased this player to replace a high end kitchen radio that lasted many years. I have other internet music devices throughout my home and have never had any problems with any of them. I have excellent wifi in my home. At first I liked the Grace player. However, the weather station stopped working after the second day and never worked again. I didn't care much about that as I use the player to primarily access one internet radio station. The past few days however I can't get that station to come in. The player is constantly 'buffering', but never getting anything. It's the same with other stations. I tried a few of my other internet music devices and had no problem whatsoever. I should have paid more attention to other reviewers who mentioned this problem. I think this player has a flaw. It might not be present in every unit, but I think it exists in enough players to warrant a pass.
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on June 24, 2017
I bought 2 different Grace models. One is by my bedside (this one refurbished) & one is hooked on my speakers in my living room (model without a speaker, new4. Comes with remotes but don'the use them, very directional vs using frequency.. They both work just fine.
My picky complaints are:
1. Long boot-up time (10 seconds-2 minutes) switching stations. Not Grace's fault.
2. Not near enough programmable buttons for your favorite stations. A bit tedious finding stations & no descriptions of stations.
3. The WiFi drops out on occasion but is regained in up to 5-6 minutes or less.
4. A bit tedious to learn how to use it, once learned it is fairly simple (becomes intuitive). Customer service will walk you through it, slowly if necessary.
5. Comes with remotes but I don't use them, very directional/infrared vs using frequency.
The great: 1. The sound on Grace's speaker is better than average but not fantastic. There is NO static or noise, crystal clear sound! Hooked up on my speakers the sound is great, no noise or distortion.
2. An adjustable light/illumination on clock/viewer can be very dim to bright, fast & easily adjustable.
3. The time display size is adjustable from very small to very large. It displays the date & day too!

WiFi radios in general: too many commercials & they last for a long time too. Love the reception & clearity. Love the 1000s of accessible stations. Without WiFi radio I could not listen to radio, no reception where I live (some garbage stations only. No good talk, even CSPAN now, or music stations). It took me 2 years + to buy a WiFi Radio because there are nightmare stories of lemons. If you get a lemon Grace will make good on a replacement!! No lies or BS crap to go through. I did not get a lemon. I bought one new & one refurbished (available only at Amazon ships from factory). I am a happy camper. Go Grace Digital!! The risk of being stuck with a lemon is non-existent with Grace Digital... My miserable 3 year delay in buying one (actually 2), was for fear of getting a lemon. I can't afford & I am wiery of buying junk/lemons! I read the reviews.
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on October 12, 2015
Replacing my original review. After several years futzing with two of these radios I give up. The first one I purchased was unable to maintain a network connection last night. In the same house or room multiple phones, tablets, Kindle readers, laptops, and a desktop have no such trouble and a network status monitor shows 100% signal strength in the room where the Grace Digital radio fails. (The main router is in the upstairs room above and I have a router extender in the next room. The Grace Digital fails with both.) When the Grace Digital radio got cranky last night I instead used a Samsung tablet to listen to Internet radio. Worked much better. I gave up long ago an the Grace Digital "app" that has never worked correctly. When they answered at all, Grace Digital's customer service said they were "working on a new version" but it's been three years plus and I'm still waiting. The app fails the same way on multiple phones and tablets from different manufacturers running different OS version so the problem isn't the device. The main dial on the second one of these I purchased was stuck and difficult to turn out of the box which says something about Grace Digital quality control. They don't even try turning the biggest dial on the box? Really? In addition, the external speaker jack failed and now the internal speaker no longer works.

I replaced this radio with an Internet radio from CCrane which has worked flawlessly from day one. If you are looking for an Internet radio I would recommend CCrane or simply use your phone or tablet with an extension speaker. This product is a shoddy waste of money.
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The manufacturer commented on the review below
on October 2, 2014
This item will not connect to a router or modem with a hidden SSID, after confirming this with Grace's support & making sure I had the most up-to-date firmware. After unhiding the SSID, it does connect; unfortunately, a subsequent rehiding of the SSID after getting the radio to connect initially causes the radio to stop connecting to the Internet. In an older neighborhood, where one can scan for 2 dozen or more wireless networks, especially from nearby businesses, this is simply not acceptable. I'll have to regift this device to someone who lives the DSL-only sticks, ugh. Ultimately, it would be nice if Grace did not have such a monopoly on these devices, and the choices from other manufacturers were a bit more robust (as these radios all seem to have similar issues).

UPDATE: The product spontaneously stop operating while I was testing it and it will not connect at all, even with the SSID not hidden. It keeps asking me to enter the WPA key, as though it's incorrect, though I've verified that I entered it correctly multiple times. I can't imagine this product working for anybody...I work professionally in computer support, and I work with networks all day. This product works nowhere in my house, and this is the second one I've tried. I hope to find another manufacturer that can hold a connection for more than a few minutes.
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on January 13, 2012
The Grace Digital GDI-IRC6000 Wi-Fi Music Player with 3.5-Inch Color Display (Black) (Mondo) is the latest digital audio product from Grace. The setup was a breeze, and I connected with my Wi-Fi router within 2 minutes, and was up and listening to Internet radio in literally 5 minutes. The voice and music quality are excellent. The color LCD display is a joy to navigate through.

I only have two small nits about the Mondo:

1. Be careful when you use the built-in handle to move the Mondo around, it could slip from your grasp easily.
2. The supplied remote control works, but the Mondo at times responded sluggishly to my commands on the remote.

There, I just laid out all my complaints about the Mondo.

People, buy this radio if you can. You will be glad you did.
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on September 1, 2016
It can't hold a internet radio station. The buffer overflows, it shuts down the station, clears the buffer and then re-finds the station. It does this continuously. It spends more time clearing the buffer and re-finding the station than actually playing music. It works slightly better with stations that stream at 64kbs but the player has no options for selecting the station streaming speed. If the station streams at 128kbs, it is useless.
It is not my wi-fi signal. The player shows four bars continuously on the graphic display and 80% or higher on the numeric display.
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