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on May 13, 2016
This is a comfortable chair with 3 different recline positions when faced back of the car. It is quite easy to take the fabric on and off to wash. It's machine washable. My 12 months old baby who hates car seats can tolerate for a little while until he fusses. Biggest problem with this particular chair is that the fabric is not breathable, my baby normally do not sweat, but he sweats nonstop in this seat. Headrest, back and butt gets soaked in winter and much worse in spring. I'll have to find a replacement. The photo was taken immediately after washing the fabric and re installing the seat and 30 minutes after sitting in the spring time with highest temperature maybe 75.
If you live in the hot climate, or If your baby normally sweats a lot, this is not for you. I would look for something else.
After contacting Graco, they promptly sent me a replacement chair with different kind of fabric and the issue was resolved. I was very surprised they responded real quickly. The customer service was excellent and I would definitely use their product again.
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on July 6, 2016
Since so many compared the two models in my photos, I ordered both to make my decision. Safety First Go three-in-one and Graco four-ever

Both recline to the same point when sitting on a flat surface! They have different intervals to get there, but both get to the same point. Taking a closer look, though, the Safety First model will sit in a more reclined position when the line is parallel whereas the 4 ever required more incline (books) to achieve a centered bubble (child would be more upright in the Graco than the Safety First). See photo. I stacked booked under the hind-side to adjust to the proper level. Both seats are in the most reclined setting.

The Graco has more height in the headrest. Significantly so. I was surprised how little adjusting there is with the Safety First.

The Graco is more narrow so will fit in the car better. It is still sufficient in size for a boost-aged child. I fit in it (barely). Plenty of padding for a little baby. I would feel safe putting an infant in either.

Graco material seems more water-resistant and the foam feels denser like a memory foam.

Both adjust easily in regard to recline and headrest positions and strap tension. Both have the easy release button.

The Graco is much heavier than the Safety First.

Others have mentioned the latch system to be different. (Graco being easier). I have not installed them in the vehicle yet and cannot attest to that.

I hope this helps! This is the review I was looking for when trying to make a decision. In the end, we'll be keeping the 4 ever and either returning the Safety First or keeping it for our second vehicle.

Photos: upright & highest setting, upright & lowest setting, all the way reclined in lowest setting, and side view to show amount of lift required on solid ground in order to achieve proper line/bubble placement when fully reclined.

UPDATE: we still love our Graco 4ever. We recently needed a second seat and didn't want to spend as much. After looking around, we decided to buy the MySize65. We actually find the MySize65 to be superior in a few ways:
- price
- the head cushion is a better design. I removed the one for the 4ever because the stem wasn't long enough the stay in and it seemed like the cushion behind her head ended up pushing her head forward. The MySize65 slides in behind a sleeve of fabric so it can adjust up and down, but doesn't fall out every time we put her in. The MySize doesn't have all the extra padding directly behind the head which was pushing her head forward in the 4ever.
- the MySize65 shoulder pad straps extend down underneath the chest buckle for comfort (& to remind dad how high the chest buckle needs to be).
- The MySize65 doesn't have as many recline options, but appears to have the same range - just not as many in-between options. I can't see that to be a problem.
- the cupholder is within reach for the child on the MySize, but is just out of reach for the 1 yr old in the 4ever. Downside: only 1 cupholder with the MySize and it is not removable.

Overall, if purchasing again, I think we would go with the MySize. I haven't removed either for washing, but it looks like the MySize65 will be slightly easier. Also, our 1 yr old cannot reach the cupholder on the 4ever and she can with the MySize65.
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on December 28, 2016
I love this carseat! My girls and I were in a car accident recently and this carseat literally saved my 2 year old's life. I totally have faith in it. I just purchased the same one!
My daughter seems very comfortable in it!

FYI... I had to cut the straps on the old one due to insurance purposes.
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on July 29, 2016
I just purchased this car seat and installed it easily. My daughter got to ride in it one day before a truck t-boned my wife's car. Both my wife and daughter are safe now but even though my wife got pretty beat up my daughter didn't even have a scratch on her. I know I owe the blessing of their safety to the Lord but I will also be forever grateful to the manufacturer of this car seat!!! I know it's on the pricier side of things but I will be buying another one and am forever sold!! Even the fireman on the scene of the accident commented on how nice the car seat was and asked my wife the make and model because they wanted one for their child. Thank you Graco!!!
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on May 22, 2017
Seems nice overall, but the reason for 3 stars:
1. The little one tends to sweat a bit on this chair compared to others. Not sure if its the fabric used or the padding, but definitely not as cool or breathable compared to some
2. When no baby is in the seat, the head rest tends to rattle, which can be annoying at times.
3. Just be aware that the adjustments to tilt the chair, when rear facing, is pretty much impossible when strapped into the seat. You have to loosen the belt then pull the adjustment. Would of been great if this was maybe on the side or something.

Will update as time goes by.
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on February 22, 2016
Stylish, comfy and SAFE!! My son loves it.
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on September 17, 2016
Nice looking seat.
We went to the fire station and asked the fireman to put it on for us (save them the trouble to take it off and put in on again when they "inspect" it). It took him about 15 minutes. Our baby is only 6 months old now so we have the seat in rare-facing position. The fireman did use some swimming noodles to fill up the space between this seat and the car seat. See photo.
One thing he pointed out when he asked me to confirm everything before I signed was that the whole car should shake when I shake the seat. I'm quite glad that they installed it for us, 'cause there is no way I could get the seat that tight by myself.
It is quite easy to get my son in and out of it. The paddings, though, are quite warm and he sweats a lot at the back of this head. By the look of it, paddings and seat covers are quite easy to take off, I'm not worried about my son getting it dirty.
Dual cup holder is a very nice feature. Will come in handy when we go for day trips, one for water, one for snack maybe.
Seeing how comfortable our son is sitting in it, we expect this seat to last a long time.
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on August 29, 2016
I love this care seat. So functional and easy to manage. My husband is a car guy and so he had to have the Recaro car seat for his car. He had such a hard time installing that seat (even though he is an auto mechanic). This seat was a breeze. I love the cup holders and so does my son. It's been so easy to adjust. I bought it when he was approximately 1 year-old so still rear-facing. He is now 2, and it was a breeze flipping the seat to forward-facing. I have not yet to remove any of the covers for cleaning, but it looks like that would not be too difficult to do either. In contrast, the fabric was not removeable in the Recaro car seat and it was such a pain to clean up when my son got car sick and vomited in there.
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on August 20, 2015
My son loves his new car seat!
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on June 7, 2017
I spent a lot of time comparing reviews on different car seat makes and models and decided this sounded like the best one for what I wanted. I feel like it's comfortable, strong and sturdy, without being too bulky. I love the easy headrest/harness adjustment. I didn't give it five stars though, because you can't adjust the recline after it's installed (at least not when using the rear facing mode) - the lever to adjust the recline gets pressed into the back of the seat. I guess this isn't a big issue, because I probably won't be adjusting the recline very frequently. Another down side is the button to loosen the harness. You have to slide your finger up under the seat and then press down. It's very awkward and puts uncomfortable pressure on the joint of my finger.
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