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on October 30, 2015
I bought this due to wanting a stroller with shocks. We have a long gravel driveway and when we took our first stroller (Graco Modes Click Connect) our poor daughter was bounced around due to the stroller not handling the gravel well. So we debated between this stroller and the BOB and ultimately decided to give the Graco Relay a try because it is less expensive then the BOB. We LOVE this stroller for pretty much everything.

There are only two flaws that we struggle with. 1. The parent compartment is a fabric flap that hangs from the handle bar. I put my phone in there but never use the 'cup' holder as it seems like it might fall out. When I hang my diaper bag from the handles it's nearly impossible to use the parent flap. 2. The bottom storage is very hard to access from the back side of the stroller. I end up accessing it from the sides. In the end I hardly use that other then putting things in there I won't need regularly when we are out and about. (blanket, shopping bags, etc)

I would recommend this for short outings but for the lack of storage I wouldn't use it if you need to haul a lot of things.
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on May 28, 2016
This is a great stroller. The suspension keeps my son from bouncing around on my runs. The seat seems to be comfortable and he enjoys putting his feet up on the bar. The canopy is a great full coverage canopy. Probably one of the best canopies on the market. However this stroller is difficult to keep straight. Even with the adjustable alignment feature the stroller just never seemed to go straight. I have found that it is actually easier to control this stroller with the front wheel unlocked. Even running the stroller is more maneuverable with it unlocked. It folds and unfolds easily. A bit bulky to get in the trunk but overall I am very happy with my purchase. You just have to figure a few this out when you get it.
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on April 28, 2016
Love this stroller! I take my daughter running every morning and we typically go for a walk every evening. Absolutely love it!! The only comparison I can make is to a babytrend stroller (the red stroller that's pictured). The Graco stroller cannot even compare; it surpasses the babytrend stroller by a long shot! The PROS to the Graco stroller are: the elongated top to fully protect the child from the sun, the one step break lock (compared to the 2 separate break locks on the babytrend), the seat is extremely comfortable and I love that you do not have to force their little arms though the arm strap (the shoulder strap and the arm strap are separate), the suspension is amazing (on other strollers my daughter bounces like crazy down the gravel drive but in the Graco she stays asleep), the removable back tires for better storage, the color is vibrant, and the height for the handle is perfect for myself (who is 5' 3") as well as my boyfriend (who is 6' 2"). The CONS of the Graco stroller is: when I lock the front tire it pulls fairly hard to the left (It could be something I set up incorrectly, I am not quite sure). Overall, extremely happy I purchased this particular stroller!
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on October 1, 2016
We watch an adorable baby boy, and we needed a stroller that would perform well on the crushed-shell trails around our neighborhood. We are so pleased that we made this choice! He is 10 months old, and there is plenty of growing room. The large wheels easily handle the trails, and when we are on the sidewalk, this stroller is a dream! The seat/back is well-padded, the generous sun shade is great, and the little amenities pouch provides a place for a phone and a water bottle, with a zipper pocket for keys or other items needing a little more security. There is a large mesh pouch on the seat back, as well as a generous area under the seat for diapers, extra water, blanket, etc. The safety bar across the seat has a holder for a sippy cup, and the seat has a five-point harness.

We nearly ordered the Fast Action Jogger (also by Graco), as it was considerably less expensive. Although it is also a jogging stroller, we decided that the larger pneumatic tires (with shocks) were worth the extra investment -- and we're now sure of it. Assembly was simple -- no tools required. The wheels, canopy, safety bar, and amenities pouch all snapped into place in less than 10 minutes. The instructions weren't too helpful, but they weren't really necessary.

The only problem we've had is with filling the front tire with air -- and that is more a minor annoyance than a problem. (All the tires needed air when we took them out of the box.) The design of the valve on the front tire doesn't make it easy to secure the bike pump to the valve. With some effort (one person holding the pump on the valve and another person pumping), we were able to get it done. We have now ordered a new pump that screws onto the valve, rather than using the flip-lock, so we hope that makes the process easier.

We saved a lot of money on this stroller by choosing a color that is apparently from last year's stock. So we got a terrific stroller at a great price. We are delighted with this purchase.
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on January 2, 2016
So I really wanted to buy a BOB Stroller, but I had a hard time justifying a $400 jogging stroller when I don't go jogging that often. Ok, Graco to the rescue. If you can get this stroller on sale you can usually find it around $200 which is an amazing deal. The quality and design of this stroller are great. Love the giant wheels and shocks, I can go over all sorts of terrain and easily go over a street curb with no issues.

I love how they included a cup holder for both the child as well as an adult and a place to store your cell phone. On the BOB, all these are extra items you have to pay for.

I love the premium fabric that has UV protection and reflective material which is definitely a nice touch, and while I didn't know this before its nice to know you can by a Graco Infant Car Seat and it will attach directly to this without any extra accessories. I know Graco makes a Fast Action Jogging Stroller too but just comparing it with the Relay, for the slight extra price the Relay is without a doubt a better purchase.

My only issue with this stroller (and this may be all jogging strollers) is folded up its still huge. I'm unable to get it in the trunk on my Ford Fusion, but my wife can fit it in he Ford C-Max.
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on September 24, 2016
My husband is a jogger so we wanted to get a jogging stroller to use for our little one. We are very happy with this purchase, the stroller has all of the features we were looking for. Locking front wheel (a must if you plan on actually jogging), large tires, good shocks - all the most important features for a good jogger. The stroller is very smooth and although it is heavy it pushes so much smoother than our lightweight stroller. We liked that we had the ability to use a Click Connect infant carrier, but take note the instructions clearly state that THE STROLLER IS NOT MEANT TO BE USED FOR JOGGING WITH CHILD IN THE INFANT CARRIER. So, while we were excited to take him in the carrier we had to wait until he was a little bigger and able to sit in the "big boy" part of the stroller. However, the click connect feature would be great for someone who is looking to use the stroller for more than just jogging. The stroller folds easily, though it does not lock closed so we end up storing it in an open position anyway. It does fit into the trunk of our car (VW Jetta), even with the wheels on, although the rear wheels do pop off if needed. As other reviewers have mentioned, depending on your tire pump it may be a little tricky to inflate the front tire. One of our pumps won't fit at all while another pump we own fits just fine. There is a pouch to fit parents items (phone, small towel, etc) which is super convenient. There is also a wrist strap (other reviewers have stated there isn't one, it clearly describes in the manual where it is located and how to use it). Overall we are very pleased with this jogger.
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on September 26, 2016
We've been using this for a couple months now and my baby is 5 months. I would not use this as my main stroller as it is heavier than I'd like to take in and out of the car but it it a wonderful jogging stroller. It absorbs shock well and has a large shade for baby. The shade has an optional mesh square area near the handles so the parent can see the child if the shade is in use. Love that it can be used with a grace click connect car seat also for when baby is younger. I bought the cheapest color which was orange that the time of purchase and I feel like I got a quality stroller for a great price. I use it mostly for walking and have used it for jogging a handful of times, but I look forward to more jogs in the future as baby gets older and weather gets cooler. You may have to adjust the fixed wheel if it doesn't allow you to steer completely straight and veers off slightly to the side, but it should be an easy fix. The only complaint I would have about this stroller is it it doesn't really have much space near the handle for storage. We added a universal stroller organized (Ethan & Emma
Stroller Organizer, Extra Storage, Universal Fit By Ethan & Emma) that can fits 2 Tervises perfectly. Other than this it is wonderful!
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on March 26, 2016
I love this stroller! I ordered it from Canada and has it shipped to a us address. I was nervous about ordering a stroller I had never tested out in person, especially since returning it would be very difficult. However, I am so glad I did! The relay is one of the easiest strollers to push and steer that I have ever tried. It pushes extremely well, and I have used it on rough, snow filled paths. The basket has a lot of room and the loaded featured it comes with are wonderful. It folds up and unfolds easily - you actually only need one hand. I bought the stroller in pierce colours and it looks sharp and not at all bulky like many jogging strollers. I found this one to be quite similar to the BOB stroller, but this one comes with all the extra features and has a more spacious basket - all at a much lower price. I would highly recommend this one.
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on April 4, 2016
I've owned this for about a month now. This stroller is ridiculous amazing! I did extensive research before I committed to buying. Exhaustive research. This thing handles like it's on air. I don't jog, I only speed walk. (I don't think you could even call it that. More like, walk as quickly as I can but I'm likely walking more slowly than I think) I haven't locked the front wheel yet but it has a pin so you can adjust the alignment. I've owned a fixed wheel jogger and that thing was a piece. It pulled to one side so badly and I HATED it. Adjusting the alignment would have been a huge help. My son is so comfy in this, he sits for hours (yes, hours) and will let me walk as long as I want and he doesn't complain. He has his own little cup holder, and the shade is nice and full for good coverage. It does a good job of keeping the elements at bay, but not as good a job as an adjustable shade. I really love the recline on the seat. It sits up really well and lays down decently and with the adjusting mechanism, you can adjust it to literally any recline you choose. I like the pouch on the back for my stuff. It's much better than an area on the top of the stroller, because those don't typically hold smartphones. I can zip my keys and cash or debit card, place my ph in its pouch, and also there's a place for a drink. There's a large pouch on the back of the stroller also, so you can stash stuff in there as well. It has a lot of storage, overall. I'm extremely happy with this stroller and I'm looking forward to the weather getting nice again so we can get back out there and enjoy the fresh air!
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on April 17, 2015
I am fully satisfied by this stroller. Key points below
Good space available. Even my 4 year old can easily lie flat in there.
Great Manoeuvrability, easily with one hand
Air filled tyres - makes it easy to move around and comfortable for the kids
Sturdy construction
Good cover
All necessary extra fittings

Only small issue I have is as mentioned by others the tyre valves are a difficult to reach using standard bike pumps. especially the front wheel. Also would have been great if Graco had a rain cover available as an optional buy. Couldnt find anything big enough to cover this. :(
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