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on May 27, 2013
I have been a Grado fan for some time. I started listening to a pair of SR60s, then bought a pair of SR80s. I was pretty happy with the 80s for a few years, but finally decided to see what else was available up the line. I decided to try the SR325i. Wow, what a difference. Still the classic Grado sound, but now with more detail and clarity. The mid-bass is toned down a bit from the lower models, but there is more sub-bass response for a nice tight kick. These are very revealing headphones - if your music is encoded below 256kbps or your equipment is noisy, you will hear every flaw. I've had to go back to CD to re-rip some of my music since using the 325is. Some have called the 325is "harsh" in the highs, but I just don't hear it. I think those who find them harsh are listening at very loud levels, or there may be some amp/source combinations that just don't work well with the 325is.

If you are considering the 325is with other phones in the SR series, keep in mind that the 325is not only sound better, but have the nicer leather headband and aluminum cups. They have more weight to them and much more of a feel of quality than the all plastic models.
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on December 6, 2012
Well I bought these back in August and I wanted to wait until I broke them in before writing a review. Unlike my Grado Sr80i headphones 100+ hours doesn't appear to be enough because the sound has never changed.
Don't get me wrong that's not a bad thing. The Grado line of headphones have been loved and hated for their unique sound signature. The highs are often crystal clear with a sound that's so clean you catch yourself looking around because you think it's coming from your surroundings and not the music you're listing to. Their approach to Bass however is more subdued and thus they tend to perform better with certain types of music.
I listen to lots of different styles, mostly R&B, Rock, Classical, Jazz and classic Hip hop. The SR80i headphones as great as they are for the money just weren't getting it done for me when I was listening to R&B and Hip-hop. So I had read that you would need to go up to the Grado 325is in order to hear a significant difference. Well there is a difference but not just in the Bass, the soundstage is bigger and the separation is a whole lot better. The base is the nice punchy kind you're not going to get that low end rumble that you would expect on techno and some Rap but if you're disparate you can EQ it up in order to get that kind of sound.

The Bass signature is similar to the Koss PortaPro headphones just a lot cleaner but the bass is on about the same level. Contrary to popular opinion theses headphones work great on all kinds of music with the exception of those few that focus on having heavy bass.

I almost didn't give these 5 stars simply because they are not $200 better than the Sr80i headphones from Grado. I thought about it and I chose to rate the sound of the headphones rather than their value in relation to the worth of a separate set of headphones in the same family.
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on December 27, 2012
Sound quality and detail is sublime and value for money excellent. This might just be the best performance v price ratio in the hifi world. Partnered with the fantastic Audiolab 8200CDQ with its on board class A headphone amp, I now have true audiophile quality away from the main Linn system in the lounge.
I read with interest many of the other reviews and while most concur on the subject of sound quality, there is some debate around the design, comfort and build quality of Grado headphones. My comments, for what they are worth are as follows:
Open back / sound leakage etc. This is not a design fault - it is THE DESIGN! If you want total isolation and/or noise reduction then look elsewhere. You'll be missing the Grado sound quality experience but it may be more suitable for your circumstances.
Comfort. I find the 325's perfectly fine. I can wear them 2 or 3 hours easily and my listening sessions are never longer than that. Earpieces are the right size for me and the pressure is optimal for keeping the phones in place and delivering the sound quality.
Build quality. Mine are faultless. Bravo to the folk at Grado for sticking to the design and constantly refining it, spending their resources on the things that matter (getting the best sound at the price).
As for the 'numpty' who complained about the box his phones came in, please go and treat yourself to a nice box at your own expense. I'm with Grado here too.
In summary, don't hesitate, buy these headphones and hear your music in the way the artist intended, all of it, nothing taken away, perfect balance and be moved by the experience.
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on December 8, 2013
-Excellent sound: these headphones work best with classical orchestration, solo piano recordings, acoustic guitars, heavy/lite rock music; mellow/airy techno music; ambient music (Stars of Lid/Hammock); vocal music (Frank Sinatra/Dean Martin etc..); Jazz music...
-Action/adventure movies and TV shows: sound great
-Video games: Elder Scrolls: Skyrim sounds fantastic ..among other games
-Excellent build quality and materials used.
-Home studio recording (Not professional level, I realize...but I do use the Grados to record in addition to using studio monitors.)
-Sound good without an AMP (...BUT...I am running mine through a Focusrite Saffire 6 AMP that's connected to my Macbook Pro and I've notice some improvement but its not required )

-Not practical for portability outside of office or home.
- Passable sound: Rap/Hip Hop; intense Techno/House/Rave music...
- No volume control (not a huge problem)
-Comfort: the weight of the headphones can bother your head if worn for hours (but you can adjust the head band to alleviate this issue to some degree)

Bottom line: Don't even think about purchasing equivalently priced BOSE or Beats (both are garbage) - at least give the GRADO a listen before looking at other options.
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on December 2, 2011
I've had these cans for about a year now, and I wouldn't trade them for anything else in this price range. They're incredibly sturdy, and the thick gauge cable is really nice to have. I've noticed absolutely no degradation in sound quality. Quite the inverse actually; I swear they sound better the more I use them!

They have a very open, spacious sound to them. It creates a sensation of being played to in a room with incredible acoustics. This is compared to my friends Sennheiser HD 595s, which are more isolating, and feel like the sound is coming right at you. The Grados also have more definition in the low-to-midrange, while the Senns have a bit more clarity in the highs. That's just my observation anyways.

My ONLY complaint is that I experienced a little discomfort on my right ear. Unlike the Senns which seal around your ear, the Grados will sit ON your ear. When I first got them, after about an hour and a half of continuous I would develop a little bit of an ache, but this went away after a month or two once the foam cushion softened up.

Be warned though, they do NOT isolate at all. Any ambient noise is still very audible, and people around you can easily hear what you're playing. This probably isn't much of an issue, because these aren't exactly the kind of headphones you take to a noisy cafe or walk around with.

All in all, these are a seriously incredible set of cans. If you want something to take to Starbucks or walk around downtown, get yourself a pair of buds. If your idea of a perfect time is sitting in a comfy chair and really wanting to listen to and experience a record, look no further.
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on April 17, 2014
Got these headphones February of last year, and have used them every day since. I previously owned the sr125 and loved them. After coming into some cash I wanted to upgrade, so I decided that these were the ones. Right out of the box they sound great. Rich, full bass; clean higher tones; great comfort all around. Now to the bad stuff. Like the 125s where the metal rods connect to the can itself the friction fit isn't very good. On both headphones they popped off. The fix is really easy (just a little bit of epoxy), but for this amount of money you don't expect this kind of thing to happen. However, the reason I'm writing this is because one of the ears on these more expensive cans is now on the fritz. The sound keeps going off! I don't abuse these headphones and they live next to my computer for gaming and music. This never happened with my 125s so I don't know how common this problem is. My only advice to those getting these is don't overlook product registration, and make sure the vendor is approved by grado labs so there is no warranty issues. According to their website not all Amazon vendors are approved.
Final Thoughts: My situation is probably pretty rare, but make sure you keep receipts for these 300 dollar purchases. Common sense I know, but sometimes online convenience leads to not keeping track of this kind of stuff. That being said, when these headphones are working they are great. I don't claim to be true audiophile but my tastes range from classical to rap to metal and these cans can really bring about the best from all of them.
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on April 13, 2013
I had bought these headphones while having Bose QC 15 because I wanted to listen to the music at home and I could not do it with Bose QC 15 because of strong noise cancellation.
I mist say that these headphones are not so convenient from the first try as Bose as they are heavier and more "wide" on the ears.
One thing that I might say that the musical quality of 325is is much higher then of the Bose QC and I could hear tunes I could not here before.

The cable of the headphones is great - it looks very durable, but it can not be disconnected from the headset, which is a small disadvantage as if the cable is cut, there are not much you can do with it, maybe send it to the Grado to repair, but I am not sure this service exists and works properly.

Another disadvantage even for home use as mine is a lack for box or some case for them. I have one of the IKEA paper boxes, so it will stay there while not in use.

On the other side - I read many reviews on the internet saying that these headphones are not comfortable, and I might say that this is very personal opinion.
I feel quite comfortable with them on the head and I do not feel the are heavy/strong or falling off my head. They sit exactly as any other headphones of this size.
The cushions are a little bit different, looks cheaper then leather ones, but besides it they are fine.

I am quite happy with my purchase and I think that these are the best headphones I ever had.

You might want to consider a headphones amplifier with these headphones. While they work fine without it, the amp adds a lot to the quality.

I purchased these headphones with Grado adapter from large to small headphones jack and while I think the quality is not different from using any other adapter it certainly looks excellent together (I do not consider the problem of adding some weight to the beginning of the cable because of the adapter a serious issue).

Hope that helps,
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on January 4, 2016
OMG. I used to do broadcasting several years ago over 40 years and we had the very best in headphones. These blow them out of the ballpark. I have a top grade two year sennheiser and they kick them in the buttocks. The sound on these is crisp and clear, like you are sitting in front of the musicians, totally the best listening experience I have had in years. I'm spoiled. If you find a set of these, buy them quick. These are not the new e. Grado has my total musical sound respect. These people are sound professionals. From a little lady that did New York City radio.Grado headphones take you to a new level of music listenjng, Try pink floyd, Beatles, Hendrix and Stones just a few old goodies to test on. AWESOME
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on September 8, 2011
I would first like to say that I have never owned anything better than Bose over ear headphones and Sony cheapo ones. These are spectacular. I've put about 3 weeks on them, listening about every day for 30minutes- 2 hours and they continue to improve. I have them attached to an HK3490 stereo receiver being fed an optical line from a mac mini with a pure music audio server (hopefully adding a Dac-it soon). My music ranges from Sigur Ros to Vijay Iyer to DJ Shadow and Django Reinhardt. The clarity is astounding- I feel like the rest of the phones I've had were being listened to under muddy water(s) (another great Blues artist). The bass remains tight and they continue to reveal detail I had not been aware of in the music. I've often mistakenly taken them off thinking that something external to the music is occurring- someone at the door, family member calling, etc. With the other types of phones, either through compression or too much bass, the previous headphones cannot compete and aren't really a true comparison. But, if you are looking to step up, you could not go wrong with these.
Except for these few items- 1) the standard foam inserts are inadequate (IMO) for long listening times. Order the G-Cush headphone cushions. 2) Depending on where you listen (physical distance from amp), you may want to get the extension cable. I sometimes listen in the living room and the extension solves that issue. 3) As another reviewer pointed out- these are open headphones. You can hear outside noise and others can hear your music if nearby. This does not diminish the soundstage in any way that I notice.
I'm not as concerned about the lack of a case (yet) nor the adapter to fit the iPods or phones.
These are great headphones that continue to get better- no regrets with Grado. Enjoy!
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on September 13, 2013
I've recently become obsessed with putting together a vintage stereo system, trying to recreate the sound that turned me onto music way back when. I auditioned several sets of headphones, including the Sennheisers, Beyer Dynamics. Bose and Beats, all in the .$200 range. The Grado 225i was my favorite. Much has been said about the "Grado sound", as if only Grados somehow "color" the sound. I found all the phones I listened to had a different sound, and I preferred the sound of the Grados - clear and very detailed, balanced across the full frequency spectrum, unlike others that emphasized (usually) the lower frequencies. Also, I liked the open design. It's like I have a set of fine quality speakers playing. I didn't have a chance to try out the Grado 325i, but I took a chance on spending the extra hundred bucks, and I'm glad I did. I couldn't be more pleased! And contrary to many reviewers, I find then very comfortable (I wear them sometimes for two hours or longer with no discomfort at all.)
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