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on March 27, 2018
I'm giving this game 4 stars, but I have a number of criticisms. I read a bunch of reviews of the GT games available for PS3 before I decided. None were stellar, but I thought GT5 sounded most promising and I wasn't looking for anything to take too seriously. However, I have been a GT fan for well over a decade and have played all previous versions much more seriously in the past.
The bad reviews are right. The online content has been shut-off, which doesn't bother me. The download times!... Forget-about-it! Like Seinfeld once told Elaine while she was apartment sitting: "The water takes a while to get hot, so turn on the faucet and then go downtown and do your shopping..." It took hours. But, I expected that, thank you to the other reviewers. Then, the file install is supposed to take a little under an hour. The installation stage is where my biggest grievance lies. I have attempted the installation now, probably 3 or 4 times. It doesn't take 100%. Always freezes up before completing. After about 20 hrs of game play, I had it figured out that only the Nurburgring was corrupt. Any attempt to load any part of that course for any race at all and it freezes up the game. I thought I could live with that and just work around it. And, I have been able to, for the most part, even though the very first license tests use Nurburgring. They did something really neat in GT5 which, I think, is a great improvement over GT4...a couple of things, actually. 1. You level up with driving experience, in both A-Spec and B-Spec, so licensing doesn't appear to hinder progress during primary game-play. 2. They give you a driving line with a braking indicator. This probably sounds like training wheels to more experienced GT racers out there, but I actually really appreciate it, especially playing at night when I am tired. I never used to able to play GT when I was tired, because it required too much focus and concentration. The used car lot does rotate quite a bit. I kind of like that. It encourages frequent shopping. The graphics are very good, of course. There are 2 new views during driving, one from inside the car and another that shows only the hood. I've always been partial to the 3rd person view, myself. I like to see the car move and get a better feel for any tailgaters.
So, those are some good things. Now, here is my biggest complaint so far: I just found out the rally races are corrupted files as well. That is the reason I decided to write this review. I mean, the rally races! Like, all of them, so far! That tips the scales for me. Wishing I had made a different purchase decision. Although, for the $6-8 I spent, it is still way better than pumping that money into an arcade game. So, it's all good. It is just a game. And, it is a good game (with no shooting or violence).
Peace and happy racing!
p.s. If anyone has ideas on how I can complete the installation, please shout it out!!
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This was a highly anticipated and very touted game before it's release. However after obtaining the game I found it to be just OK. The gameplay moves along sometimes at too slow of a pace because the learning curve is just way too steep. by this I mean earning the licenses in the beginning of the game will take forever especially if you keep redoing them so that you can ace them. The crash effects are unrealistic and the game allows you to keep racing even after a crash at over 200MPH, that's not realistic at all. However after putting over 20hours of gameplay into the game I find that the game is quite enjoyable. Some of the trophies are sooo darned hard to earn. Almost impossible to get gold on some. The interior shot as though racing from the perspective of the drivers seat is poorly rendered. All in all graphics for the time period were pretty good though. Don't get me wrong, as I am just pointing out some faults is all and I truly do like this game. So I will keep this short and just ad that I have a HUGE collection of racing games as that is my favorite genre. And knowing what I know now, YES I would buy this again.
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on December 12, 2010
To me, GT5 was the most anticipated game ever and, I must say, I was well prepared for it. Back in July, 2008 I got a taste of the upcoming masterpiece via Gran Turismo 5 Prologue. The entire family had a good time driving around the Ahalf a dozen or so tracks, thanks to the wonderful Logitech PlayStation 3 Driving Force GT Racing Wheel. GT5 was about to be released 'any day' so, one of Santa's gifts was a Playseat Limited Edition Forza Motorsport 3 Evolution Racing Seat in 2009. We had lots of fun putting it together and a little more Prologue driving didn't hurt while GT5's delivery dates kept changing.

Well... finally, it came. My pre-order, placed on September 21, 2009 was FINALLY fulfilled, more than one year later. Ahhh... the rejoicing. Not surprisingly, the sound of engines roaring has been filling the living room ever since Nov. 26, the day we took delivery. It's been myself, 2 kids, sometimes their friends booking time in front of the big screen TV, racing, managing and maintaining cars, gifting each other needed vehicles, playing videos of our best races for the rest of the family to see, passing or struggling with the increasingly difficult licensing tests, discussing overtaking and cornering techniques, educating ourselves on the finer points of car tuning.

And, it's true, GT5 does not have 'everything' and not all is perfect but it has 'a lot' and most of it is done amazingly well. Anyone who doesn't think 1000+ cars is 'a lot', be aware that one of the trophies is awarded for holding 1000 cars in your garage - I know I'll never get that one. The 70+ tracks are more like 50 because the number includes track mods and even the same track raced in reverse but, again, there's enough variety.

More on the 'a lot' topic. There's so much to do. My favorite activity is, of course driving but 'racing' is only one option - the GT mode - on the main menu. Like Prologue, GT5 comes with 'GT TV', just in case you feel like watching something and there's not much on your 200+ channels (always the case for me). Then, there is the most intriguing 'course maker', something I must use more, where you can create your own tracks by determining the type of road (gravel, tarmac, ice...) the time of day, number of sections, each section's complexity, weather, time of day and so on. Like I said, I haven't used this option too much. Then, there's the 'arcade mode', if you feel like maybe drifting or racing against a friend in a split screen mode, or racing against computer-controlled cars or just race on your favorite tracks for your best time.

The main option in the menu is, of course, the 'GT Mode'. It's where you will see most of the action. It's where your garage with its stable of cars is located and that's where the used and new car dealers can be found as well as the car maintenance and body shop where you can have your car painted or washed, oil changed, and your engine overhauled. Then, there is the separate tuning shop where, for a price, your car can get the mods it needs to win its races. There's so much to do here, I'm embarrassed to admit that I didn't spend too much time in the 'practice' section where every single track is available, some under specific weather conditions and times of the day/night. Another section I've only visited sparingly is the 'Special Events' where you can refine your techniques, run kart races or even race WV vans on an airfield runaway (not as easy as it seems).

Like its GT4 predecessor, GT5 comes with a license tests. I don't believe that licenses are prerequisites of anything but, besides the trophies and the cars you get whenever you get certified in one class they do give you the opportunity to practice and the six classes of licenses come with 10 tests each so there's a lot to practice and learn there.

As for racing itself, the A-spec is divided on 5 levels or 'series', ranging from 'beginner' to 'extreme' with 9 events on each series. Each event can involve racing on one or, so far, 5 different tracks. For example the Granturismo World Championship requires that you race on 5 different tracks, doing as many as 5 laps per track and, once you begin you are not allowed to restart IF you want or win the event's cup - it's probably close to 100 miles worth of racing for this event alone.

In GT5, running in a race gets you money, experience points and, if you win an event, some bonus, usually a car - the event I mentioned in the paragraph above will get you an unbelievable 962HP Veyron 16.4 '09 Bugatti monster IF you manage to win the challenge. Experience points are used to level up and you level determines which license classes you can test for, which cars you can buy and on which 'series' you race and which 'special events' you can try out. The higher the series, the more experience points and money you get. You use the money to buy cars, to maintain the cars you have and to buy mods for them. If you don't need a car you can sell it for a lot less than you bought it for or your can 'gift' it to a friend.

B-spec involves creating several racers profiles with you playing the manager. I believe that the B-spec events mirror that A-spec's but I haven't played B-spec yet and it's not likely I will do much of it.

And, talking about money, some of the cars are insanely expensive. You earn some $200,000 for racing 100 miles and winning the Pro level "Granturismo World Championship" which is not a guarantee. Well... a Mark IV Race Car '67 (a Ford) will set you back a cool $20,000,000 and there are many million-dollar cars available for sale at the dealerships. I am not qualified for the Extreme series yet but I hope that they pay a lot there because winning a race in the Expert series gets you about $30,000 and you probably get some half-a-million for winning a championship (5 long races). Well... but that's what should make the GT5 a big challenge for a long time.

And I haven't mentioned the Open Lobby section yet, where the online battles take place. Haven't had time or a good enough car for online racing yet but, last time I looked, there were hundreds or races going on there.

A few words on the technical merit. GT5 is a fantastic racing simulation. With Logitech's GT wheel you can feel every bump on the road, there are very few video glitches, the surround sound is as real as it gets, tires smoke and leave marks on the pavement when you skid, dirt flies and... yes there is SOME car damage. The car damage is usually in the form of bruised paint and maybe some minor bumper dents but it takes A LOT to get your car dented. When I managed to get the front bumper dislodged I immediately recorded the race and played it back because I couldn't believe it actually happened. Then I called the kids to show them but, incredibly, the second time I played that 'recording', the car looked as good as new. I know that there's a lot of complaining about the AI. It's true. If your car blocks the road or gets stuck in a fence it's possible to have an AI car bump into it over and over and over again. They also tend to follow whatever their 'optimal' route may be. This can be viewed as 'bad' or, if you are trying to improve your skills under 'controlled' circumstances, having the AI behaving predictably may be a good thing. So far, I'm okay with the AI. They aren't the smartest drivers in the world but, on the other hand, I do like winning my races so it's okay if I sometimes cut corners while they follow the driving line. When I'm tired of AI's I'll go online to get beat real good.

Still on the technical part. There are, indeed, little flickers and glitches but nothing major so far. A little more annoying is that only a subset of cars, labelled 'premium' have the option of showing their interior while driven. Who knows, maybe future upgrades will add more car interiors to the existing ones. Also, yes, loading times are not instantaneous. I did not mind the hour-long initial installation because it's something that you only do once but I do find it annoying that every time I get into a race I have to wait for 20-30 seconds for that race to load and, if I get out of it to change my car it has to load again.

My overall impression, after all these years of waiting is that I'm happy GT5 is finally here. I can't compare it with GT4 because I never played that but GT5 is as fantastic racing experience with a lot of depth and I expect to be playing it for many months if not years to come. By the way, my review did not touch everything in GT5. There is a lot of depth in this game and, after only 2-3 weeks I can't say that I've explored everything. I would call GT5 a definite buy but I would budget for at least a driving wheel and a 'seat' assembly for a truly satisfying experience.


NOTE on trophies:

Getting the GT5 platinum may not be 'mission impossible' but it comes pretty close to that. You need to win every single race and every special event, which is expected but then... you must earn a trophy for finishing no MORE than 1/100 second ahead of #2. Or... how about filling up your garage with ONE THOUSAND cars? Any idea how much THAT costs? It would be interesting to see how long before the first platinum winner. It will probably make it into the news.

>> Brush your teeth, it's the law! <<
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on March 19, 2011
Having played virtually all versions of the Gran Turismo franchise (with the exception of GT5 Prologue) on the various Sony PS home consoles over the years, I "had" to get this version. I'm taking my time with this game which means I haven't played it a lot - yet and therefore, my review is admittedly rather limited. So far, the game has proven to be a blend of fun and frustration just like the previous installments. The graphics, which are a traditional GT strength are pretty good, but it depends on whether or not the car is a "premium" vehicle. The courses and background are done nicely as usual. I also like the expanded selection of tracks and challenges plus the track creation/edit mode - even though it doesn't offer the option to make a course "from the ground up" as far as I can tell. The inclusion of the more famous Italian exotic car manufactures along with McLaren among others is a much-appreciated improvement for the GT series. One of the best changes I have found is the "behind the wheel" view available - about time that was done.
However, the game play is a little lacking IMO - the AI drivers still seem dumb (or perhaps too single-minded) as ever and they feel more like moving obstacles on the race track as opposed to actual competition. I was hoping that would have been corrected at this point. License tests are also somewhat uneven in difficulty level - it is possible to rack up a few "gold trophies" in a short amount of time and then get stuck on a seemingly simple test trying to find those elusive tenths, hundredths, or thousandths of a second to earn the "gold". Also, the damage the cars sustain during races tends to be on the weak/unrealistic side - if only real cars were this tough and durable.
So overall, I'd rate this game with 4 stars instead of the 5 I was hoping to give it. While I would not recommend this game for the more casual gamer who wants more of an arcade style racing game - this game is a must-have for PS3 owners who are also car enthusiasts.
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on April 21, 2013
If you've played any of the other Gran Turismo games, you know how hard some of the racing could be. The toughest thing about this game was getting the licence. The racing in this game is probably the best of any Gran Turismo that I've played so far. I have a 3D tv and the racing in 3D is awesome! I've played most all of the NASCAR games (including the new Inside Line) and I have to say the NASCAR section of this game is the most true simulated of any NASCAR I've ever played. The old EA, and Payprus NASCAR PC games wasn't this good-yes even the so coveted NASCAR 04 wasn't this simulated. The Indy section at the end of the game was probably the toughest of all the racing. The Bugatti Verone is a gift, so max it out with 1200 hp and blister those super cars at the end. It's ill handeling but it will beat the big bad Jaguar. I have a logitech G27 wheel and I don't think I could have beat this game without it. I'm very excited about the new Gran Turismo 6. Maybe it will be an even better Gran Turismo.
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on February 27, 2012
This truly is a driving simulator more than a game.

If you're buying this now then be prepared for a lengthy install process as well over 1GB of updates will be downloaded as part of the install.

Courses are fantastically detailed and stunning to look at. It's easy to get started and earn credits to buy more exotic cars, improving skills and confidence along the way. The experience is definitely more natural and involving with a steering wheel and pedal controls, and I'd highly recommend including a set.

Taking part in seasonal challenges will pay out much more than the delivered content and enable you to fill out your garage quickly. There are a range of upgrades for sale for each car enabling you to fine tune the performance. From a pure enjoyment perspective I get as much fun from a tuned Civic or Golf as I do a Ford GT - in some cases even more!

This is a vast game with plenty to explore, and hours upon hours of gameplay. Build your own courses and invite others to come race you online! An almost endless range of racing challenges await you, making this a great value.
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on January 20, 2012
Well I have to say overall GT5 is a winner. The game play is smooth the loading times are reasonable,(as long as you go in to the options and upload the core game, about 8 gigs total). I have only been playing it for a few days now, using the Logitech Driving Force GT Wheel [...]. I am glad there is no real damage consequences when you hit another car or crash in to the side of the track, I have the game Grid for that. There is visual damage to the cars, like twisted bumpers, or scuffs and scratches, but nothing really affects the driving factors of the vehicle. Well not that I have seen so far. There is a section in the game where you can "repair" the chassis of the vehicle for 21,000cr, which I have not yet to use. If there is a major change in the vehicles driving characteristics then I will re-post an update. All-in-all great game, well worth the price of it. I am sure I am going to get plenty of use out of it considering I have just started getting in to the fun stuff.

The seller I bought this game from shipped quickly, had great prices on all their games. I would with out a doubt purchase from them again. A++ for them!!!!
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on January 24, 2011
I haven't played Gran Turismo since the FIRST one on the FIRST playstation, but after having picked up a PS3 for my wife, it seemed natural to buy a copy of the current GT game. I didn't even know it had just come out. .

Anyway, the physics and cars remind me of the classic with the added benefits of sweeter graphics and some newer cars. I haven't played the "career" mode all the way through yet, but just like the original, it seems to contain a fair mix of easy and annoyingly hard challenges. One in particular, a top gear challenge with mini buses was darn near impossible and took a solid hour straight to beat. Fortunately, this one was optional, but I can't turn down a challenge.

Online gameplay (also completely new to me) is pretty cool, and I managed to race with some friends from across the country. Unfortunately, the setup for online play lacks any documentation of NAT types and requirements. Basically, if neither you or your friends router supports UPNP, you're pretty much stuck. I ended up 1:1 NAT'ing a routable IP to the private IP of my playstation and calling it a day.

Castrol Supra still rocks the game :)
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on January 25, 2011
After all the time they spent developing this game you'd really expect it to be perfect, but unfortunately after so much time being spent developing this game, it's almost impossible to meet the expectations that most people had for it. There are a lot of cars to choose from (over a thousand), and around 200 premium cars to drop your jaws and salivate over. The load times are a bit long, it can take around 30 seconds to load up a match even after you've installed the game completely (which takes up a lot of space - 10gb). The actual driving and control of the car is phenomenal and loads of fun. There have been a few patches already to address certain issues with the game, and they've said there will be more on the way. My main gripe about the game is after you reach level 20 it becomes so hard to reach the next level. It reminds me of the grind in MMORPGs. That's one of the things that made me quickly lose interest in the game. Grinding for the credits to afford those cars that cost millions or credits is also another big turn off. The online is fun, and a nice distraction from the grind though.
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on December 16, 2010
Pros- The Game has an incredibly Vast amount of content, Cars & challenging trials to go along with a competitive online mode.. The graphics are above average , the game play is superb. Its addictive..(guess that can be bad too)

Cons-Load times in the beginning are tedious, only slightly tedious once installed to disk. Thats the only complaint worth mentioning in my opinion. Wheel support is acceptable & online issues are being resolved over time..

GAME PLAY- Forgive me for going all over the place, but I will try my best to put you in the game. The game is incredibly fun to play, there is incentive to race & not stop, to get better so that you can get more credits to buy better cars(If you love cars the game is worth it just to see them all,drive them all and modify them, you can install your own wheels & select paint/Colors on most of the cars that you acquire).The idea is to raise your level of experience so that you can compete in harder races as you go along, which will earn you more credits the higher your level..Its not easy to get bored because you are always buying a new car or racing a new track or type of race which presents new challenges.. You can race in karts which is pretty intense yet a fun change of pace, there is a Nascar Jeff Gordon tutorial to play around with and try out..There is rally car racing, an event for Pickups and much more silly things like racing the Volkswagon van or Minis or Toyota Yaris events.. You have certain events for Ferraris or Lamborghinis only & typically you will win a car that is mandatory for the event upon winning Gold in the entire event(it would be nice to have the car prior to, but thats part of the game knowing the right cars to buy to use for different events..For example an event may read "Japanese Classics" (& you would then have to drive a 60s or 70s Japanese vehicle to enter that race, you will notice distinctive differences in how the cars behave & sound,a car will not stay on the road doing 150mph with standard tires or even sport, you will have to splurge on racing tires when your cars are really moving, get the wrong transmition upgrade & you will lose power, You get the idea,things you do will make differences for the most part, not sure if the oil change makes a difference or how much of an impact weight reduction really has on in game cornering, but its cool to be able to do all the fun car stuff,all be it oversimplified & sometimes far fetched! thats cool enough for me. Now if you just finished racing Chan for slips & have NOS in your car, you may not like the game if you bought it expecting all of the subtle nuances of driving & wish to smell burning rubber!lol However if you like being able to ride in and hook up a bunch of different real cars from a bunch of different Decades (I mean there are Challengers, Vettes, Mustangs, Camaros for the Muscle lovers, Skylines from all years, GTRs, Supras, Old Type R Civic Hatches,Acura NSX, THere are a ton of Audis, Jaguars, Supercars like Lambos, Ferraris, Racing editions of Production cars. Its ridiculous(there are even a boatload of regular cars that you have probably owned & will get a kick out of supercharging and hooking up), I cant name a hundreth of the content or available cars.... You can even learn about tons of cars and collect photos & information about classic cars throughout history just from playing, they are called Museum Cards, you get them just for logging in & playing each day. Now Ive only raced a few times online, but it seems to be enjoyable as long as you can figure out which race you belong in, it is a little hard to Navigate through the users and races, but once I got in it was fun, I did not experience any lag or glitches & I have The faster of the available Cable internet, not sure if thats why. I cant give you an in depth online review as I mostly play GT Mode bc at 3 hours a day for 10 days Im just approaching half of the A Spec content. B Spec is where you are the crew guy Coaching a driver to win the race, you will find that the driver doesnt need much coaching when given a good car & its cool to do the B Spec when your watchin TV to Earn credits when your not able to play, I just hit the Input button watch TV & turn back when I think the race is over.. Not fun bc you are not racing, but I think the idea here is to teach you another aspect of racing & for
you to watch the approach you should take in various scenarios, Id rather race but whatever, its there.
I will speak in Overall terms, the Graphics are superb, Cars look like the cars they are made to, the roads look like roads, the Cockpit views available on a lot of the cars are recognizable as the cars they are intended to. As far as Graphics I was not disappointed nor blown away, but I think Gameplay is the strong suit..
Now This is a subject Im very interested in, the Logitech Driving Force GT is the official Force Feedback wheel supported by the game, meaning its fully Customizable buttons, sequential Shifter(not H pattern,it just goes up or Down) & pedals shifters all function with the game. Amazon is now selling it for 100 bucks shipped free which isnt bad to see how you like using a wheel which has great reviews. but I like the idea of The H pattern stick in the G25 or newer 27 and Fanatec 911 GT3/Clubsport line.. Ive read that the 27 wheel will function fine from a few different sources, but the buttons are not customizable which is something to consider.. The Fanatec 911 GT3 RS Wheel has 3 Feedback Motors and is probably the best WHEEL out right now, all be it expensive(around 180 bucks for the wheel alone) if you need to buy the 6 plus one shifter & H pattern along with pedals as they are sold seperately on the Fanatec site.. Another wheel being touted as the "GT5 Official Wheel" is the Thrustmaster T500 RS Wheel..(Polyphony claims this may be the new GT5 top quality wheel) This wheel is the newest from Thrustmaster(which has a marginal reputation for wheels so far), and as of 12/16/10 I dont even believe its for sale yet, but pictures are available & if this wheel does come out soon GT5 will support it as Thrustmaster is marketing it as "the" wheel for the game.. The wheel has new Feedback Technology that may escalate Thrustmasters wheels past The G25/27, but seeing is believing & what I believe to be around a 500 dollar price tag for what may ultimately be just a wheel & paddle shifters is too high(even if Im wrong & 500 gets pedals & a shifter), for that I would get the triple motored 911 wheel From Fanatec and get the pedals and H pattern Shifter for around 300 altogether, Also Logitechs Website is offering the G27 with a coupon as another reviewer stated for 269(dont get ripped off,shop around) all in all its a great wheel just not customizable buttons. Best advice is to get the Force GT if you dont own a wheel, see if you even like it bc its not a great expense at 100 bucks & you can always resell it.. Or if you want a top notch fully supported wheel, wait for Thrustmaster T500, Check out the Fanatec Wheels which are compatible with G27/25 Pedals & Sticks via an adapter Fanatec sells.. It would be nice if the "most detailed simulator" for Driving was proactive enough to fully support with customizable buttons all of the best wheels out right now.. But I think If you read between the lines most of them will work just fine..As in most things, it all depends on what you want & how much you're willing to spend for it. Please Comment if you can elaborate on any new wheel info as there is not much accurate feedback around on actual GT5 Tested wheels.
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