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Gran Turismo 6
Format: Video Game|Change
Price:$18.64+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on February 22, 2014
Just out of high school and looking for a job I only had a few hundred dollars on my checking account on me. I went to the computer store to buy some paper to make a resume and while standing in line I saw a kiosk of Gran Turismo for the playstation. Got out of line... played a few laps with a champion white honda NSX on stage route 5....was blown away how fast and smooth it was..music was great.. nsx was my favorite dream car... got back in line and bought my paper..

went home... couldn't get the game out of my mind and drove right back to buy the game and playstation console with the last of my money hahaha...

Anyway I've owned every Gran Turismo game released and they just keep getting better and better. I loved Gran Turismo because it had a Japanese feel to it.. Japanese cars, tracks.. music.. driving around in common sports cars that you see on the streets but I couldn't afford.. it was perfect..but they didn't make it total arcade like you were driving around on snes in fzero going bezerk speeds..felt real.

And then 3 came out... 4... 5... and the menu's got heavier... bulkier.. loading got slower.. tracks stayed the same.. super cars came in and that sort of hurt the franchise for me, now it was way over the top and felt bulky without style or life.. no more could I buy a Alcyone Subaru SVX... or Toyota Altezza..(granted they still have my miata in the game..)

Gran Turismo 6 is like a giant DLC of 5. I'm a huge fan like I said of GT series and they have made the menu WAY easier, and it looks better.. but it's the same stuff as 5.. sometimes I wish they'd come out with a Initial D stage version or something that focuses on the glory sports cars of the 80's and 90's.. throw in some stylish best motoring japan music and I can tell you - people will go nuts for the game..

Ok back on track to my review... it's a good buy if you're a fan of GT series especially if you don't have 6. Wish they had skipped this and focused on PS4 but.. guess that's for the next release (hence why I gave it 4 out of 5). And Forza? Xbox? Only if you insist on a Microsoft console. And the sound? Like others have said..it hasn't changed since 3 or 4... not a huge deal to me it's the control and feeling of the game that I'm more interested in.. aggressive AI.. fun factor.. but some of these challenges and super cars turn me off.. again just me and my opinion but if you're looking for something that is an improvement from 5..there's not much.
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on March 2, 2014
But I'm being generous with 3 stars. Ive owned every single Gran Turismo game ever released and this is just a rehash of GT5, though with a revamped menu system, slight racing format changes, and yes the loading times are much improved, but it looks to be a money grab by PD. Why they didn't put effort into making an amazing and improved game to be an exclusive for a PS4 launch is beyond me. Where it matters, this game fell drastically short:
- The graphics are essentially the same as GT5 with some slight postprocessing improvements for replays.
- The sound is a huge step backwards. As many reviews have said, the engine sounds are terrible. And the traffic around you drowns out your own car which is unrealistic for the most part.
- Ai drivers are exactly the same as previous GT games, which is to say horrible. They never make any mistakes and ram into you when following their predetermined racing line. The first half of the race they are unrealistically fast, and the second half of the race unrealistically slow.
- Car damage. What a joke. Another step backwards from the previous game, if that's possible.
- And the worst problem, car modification. Again exactly the same as previous GT games with the addition of nitrous oxide, which is not really what I'd call a worthwhile addition. Practically every other popular racing game out there destroys the GT series in car customization and modification.

It's apparent they hung their hat on their physics and tire models, which yes, are quite good and enjoyable, but just not enough of an improvement to make up for all the deficits. And seriously, having 1200 cars doesn't mean much when manufacturers like Nissan have 200 of the same car model. I'd much rather have half the cars with better diversity and better customization. And really, no McLaren P1, LaFerrari, or Porsche 918? The 3 most important hybrid supercars ever produced and they're nowhere to be found? Oh but Forza has them. And losing all Top Gear features to Forza as well, it is seriously enough to push me towards buying an XBOX One and Forza instead of PS4 with the next iteration of Gran Turismo.

Overall very disappointing. I will continue to play, but I regret purchasing a new copy for near full price. This should have been a $30 expansion to GT5. I certainly hope PD has a 2014 release planned for GT7 on PS4, otherwise they really have fallen far behind Forza.
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on August 5, 2014
I did Forza 4 for 3 years. Loved it. Then Microsoft brought out the Xbox One & Forza 5. I wasnt about to spend a ton of money for a new system, new game, & Microsoft made the new system & Forza 5 incompatible with ANY steering wheels that previously worked! So MS ruined the whole thing!
I had a PS3 from 2008. Wanting to try something new, I gave GT6 a try. Low price was nice. The game is good. Good drivability. Night & Rain are cool. The game updates about once a month. Sometimes small things. Sometimes a whole new track or new cars. The monthly special events are fun. You can get free cars for reaching gold performance. They got car manufacturers to design their version of a futuristic car & you can buy or win those cars & drive them around. Some cars are designed & ready to drive. Other cars are still being designed & will come out in the future. Interesting item.
Engine sounds are really poor! Almost '90's arcade quality. I'm really surprised at this. I thought the Gran Turismo's creator was very particular in the details of his vision. Engine sound falls very short of A quality. The Forza 4 game from 2009 sounds very realistic. Why does GT6 sound lousy? Lastly, the Forza franchise still wins in visual customization. You can create anything in Forza 4 & 5! Graphics, sponsors, number plates, etc. No limitations - just your ability & time consumption. The GT franchise lets you paint SOME cars. And the available paint palate comes from the color of each car you bought. So if you want green paint, one of the cars in your garage must be bought with green paint. It's very weird & limiting! So fun to drive, limited in personal customizations.
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on September 4, 2016
I think the online portion of G T 5 XL was better than G T 6 but G T 6 has some race tracks that were on the G T 5 XL online portion of the game before it stop'd the online support in G T 5 and i don't remember Willow Springs being in the G T 5 game or in the online portion of the game so that a new one for GT 6
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on June 22, 2017
Meh, just like all the mordern Forzas and Turismos. Still a poor menu, still deal with magnet/velcro AI. Good for what it is, and good for the price I picked it up for here.

PROS: absolutely no install issues, opened up the disc when it came in the mail and ran all 21 updates back to back with no issues. Has less artifacting than GT5, which is still unacceptable in a console game.
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on April 9, 2015
I have been a Gran Turismo fan since GT2. When GT5 came out I was amazed at how much more detailed the graphics were compared to the earlier versions where you seen the trees but they were flat from the sides. When I heard about GT6 coming out I thought it would debut with the new PS4 system. Unfortunately that wasn't the case. So here you have a whole new system and you DON'T want to bring it out with one of the best if not best driver simulator game that you have? It didn't and still doesn't make any sense to me, but I have finally bought it. The one thing that I liked about GT5 was the B-Spec. I could have drivers race for me. That was fun. Watching and coaching them from the pit on a 24 hour race. I haven't gotten to that yet on GT6 so I don't know if they have that on here or not. I hope they do. And I hope they include that with their upcoming GT7 sometime at the end of this year or early next from what I have been told and read it is supposed to blow all the other driving Sims away. I hope it is as good as they are predicting. Let's keep our fingers crossed.

June 13th 2015: Update: Well I made it thru to the 24 hour races to only find out that they had indeed changed it, and changed them to a 24 minute races! What the heck?! And you do not have B-spec races like there were in 4 and 5 where you can have up to 3 drivers per car. I only hope that they put that back into 7. I will be watching the reviews to see what they have done to the new sim. With that I must change my rating to 3 because it was not as good as GT5 or GT4 for that matter.
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on January 7, 2014
The interface seems like it's from an older card based game or something. The game play is phenomenal, although if you are an experienced GT5 user and you're switching right over...you know how it is re-starting back at the beginning...easy races in slow crappy cars that you win very little money in.

Not sure on the elimination of "levels", or of the dealerships having every car available to every person from day one. Seems like it takes the fun out of "going shopping" to see what's available.

Rendering is very good, most of the carry over tracks are pretty much the same. Do some of them seem narrower? Are they being rendered even more closely to actual dimensions? I don't know, but there's some differences. New tracks are welcomed after a few years of GT5, and some of them are really fun! The backdrops to the new Matterhorn courses are spectacular, adding some additional feel to the experience.

I haven't figured out if you can stop it from going to replay after EVERY event, even if you quit to go to the garage or something, but I'd like it if there was a way.

Also, I'm glad there are more rim choices, although there is a huge section of rims that are just...I'm not sure why they are there. Tri-Spokes? For what, a Saab 900? I don't think there is one in the game, and who would put those rims on anything? That whole section of rims is a waste to me, they are all uglier and cheaper looking than any of the stock rims from any car. Above and below that section there are some really nice choices, to be fair.

To the point in the game that I've gotten to, almost half way through, I haven't needed to tune my cars as much as in GT5. You don't need to be anywhere near the pp limit for a race to smoke the AI cars. So, you can go really low and actually challenge yourself, but there is no more performance differential bonus for using lower pp cars, so...

All in all, I'm still going to end up playing hundreds of hours on the game, most of it online as the "game" portion is only so much, so we'll see how that goes until I have to get a PS4...
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on April 12, 2014
I have every version of this game dating back to the 1990s. While there are different things I would like to see developed in the game, it is still the game to beat on the consoles. Other games may offer a better racing "environment" from an arcade perspective, GT6 offers a better "racing simulation".

If you are looking for cheap thrills and an arcade setting, do not purchase GT6. If you are looking for a simulation where you have to think about your car's power, suspension setup, transmission setup etc, buy GT6 and enjoy. We learned quickly throwing all the parts onto the car and trying to make it go is not the solution. Cars have stock power ratings and some can handle more power than others. If you get too much, the car is out of balance no matter what you do. Lots of variables to consider when properly setting up a car to race in the online leagues.
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on December 29, 2013
A huge selection of cars is only awesome when the selection does not include 10 variations of the same car. I am not speaking yearly entries either. Their huge lineup of vehicles is greatly supplemented by multiple entries of the exact same car with different configurations, things you would normally do yourself in experimenting with setups. This in itself is reason enough for disliking this game but there are even more reasons. Previous generations of this game were oftentimes delayed by many years to make improvements over previous iterations, this one does not. Sure the controls are great but everything else about the game is iffy at best. There is still no real vehicle damage models, something that was perfected back in the Dreamcast era of racing games. How can longtime fans of this series blindly ignore this? The vehicle sounds are not great given the available resources Polyphony Digital has at it's disposal compare to even the arcadey Need for Speed games. The car visuals are not consistent. It is very visually clear which vehicle models are recycled from the last game and which ones are new. The same can be said for the tracks. For a company that only makes one game, I would fire the entire team and hire a new team to make the next entry or shutter the studio and buy/form a new studio of people who actually give a damn. The new Forza game is lacking in car selection and track variety compared to this game but at least ALL the content is new and fresh and even more accurate. My advice to anybody considering this game: buy an Xbox 360 and the last Forza game to get your sim racing fix. That is the last example of a truly remarkable racing sim game.
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on July 20, 2017
This is probably by far my favorite Gran Turismo game so far, the game is perfect. However I had to give it 4 stars due to the issues I had installing. There was 21 updates totaling 14GB and I had to download and install one at a time to get it to work. I recommend looking it up to see exactly how to install to save yourself some trouble.
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