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Format: Video Game|Change
Price:$14.99+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

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on August 24, 2017
My hubby finished this in less than three weeks! We love this game and it is brilliant when you are in a funk and just want to race around town full speed :) We will definitely be trying out the next one...the developers are brilliant (I would love to work for them)!
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on December 4, 2013
Grand Theft Auto 4. Well, the series itself doesn't need much introduction, but this was my first GTA game. I was impressed the second I turned on the game. The story line was excellent, and the characters were developing quite nicely as the game went on. There was a great selection of cars, and I got myself into more than a few long police chases ;) overall, a great game. Only deducting one star because for some reason, a few weeks into playing, my Xbox 360 came up with the "Disc Unreadable" message.


Great story line

Amazing selection of cars

Character Development was solid


Disc crapped out about 3 weeks in. This however should not stop you from purchasing this game, as it was most likely just my specific copy.

RECOMMENDED? Yes, I would definitely recommend this to a friend.
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on March 30, 2017
Got this for my grandson and he loves it.
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on March 29, 2012
The Good: Amazing story, memorable characters, subtle details really stand out, superb graphics, fun online play

The Bad: Crappy car handling, minor control issues, online lags more than it should, nothing earth shattering but perfected

I remember playing GTA III when it first came out. I didn't have a PS2 yet and I went over to a friend's house and played it for hours every single day. While we mostly just messed around it was something I never played before and was just so addictive. Thankfully GTA IV goes back to it's roots and brings us to good ol' Liberty City. You play as none other than Niko Bellic who is a Russian immigrant who came to LC with his cousin Roman to start a new life. The game's main attractions are it's story for once. GTA IV has a superb story that makes you want to keep playing. Gone are the lukewarm stories from previous GTAs where only the main character is the main attraction with just OK side characters. In previous GTAs you never really got a good feeling of the employers due to the lack built up story. You were just in and out of the short cut scenes only knowing what to really do. This kind of was solved in San Andreas, but even then only a select few were really fleshed out. In IV you feel every character in the game and there are tons of plot twists and it really keeps the game fresh through every single mission.

On another note, the graphics are amazing. While not Assassin's Creed or BioShock amazing they're really good. It's mainly the subtle details though such as people now put their blinkers on, cars are damaged in real time now with realistic physics so half broken fenders and bumpers sway as you turn the car, the paint can get scraped up, crowd AI is more efficient (yet not by much), better enemy AI (still not by much), further draw distance, everything has high-res textures, bump mapping and the whole next-gen works. There are a few things that they stripped away such as the whole working out system, swimming underwater (you can still swim though!), and territories. There are other subtle details such as the internet you can now use. It's a virtual made up internet, but it's still as funny as hell and has a dating system (yes it's still here) implemented on the dating website. You can get emails for side missions from employers as well. You can now take taxis around the city and either watch them drive your skip it if you want. This really helps a lot if you are tired of driving everywhere. There is also a new route system where the game will plot the safest and most legal course to your destination. Red is a target, blue is a friendly, green is a waypoint you made on your map, and yellow is an objective. This is probably one of the better additions because it keeps your from getting lost during time sensitive missions.

Another thing is the revamped wanted system. You now have flashing "zones" for every star. The more stars the bigger the circle will get on your radar that you have to escape. Cops are now showed as flashing blue and red blips and copters are now flashing X's. While we're talking about characters again the voice acting is amazing. I really felt like I was watching bits of a movie every time there was a cut scene. The characters are really fleshed out here every...single...one. You'll remember every character in the 60+ hour game and that's a really hard thing to achieve. Rockstar really went the extra 20 miles with this game and you can just feel it.

The game is huge as well, while not as huge as San Andreas it's about as big as GTA III yet it's also big as in taller as well. You can fly planes, and copters again in here and while it's a lot easier than San Andreas it's still not very fun. Speaking of controls they are more refined this time and the auto aim is a lot better yet there's still that stupid camera! Switching targets is NOT very easy. You have to press the right stick EXACTLY left or right or you won't switch targets. Whenever you do lock on Niko always aims for the wrong persons and ends with cheap deaths and what have you. The cars are also a big pain because they just don't feel right. They all feel really heavy and they slide way too much no matter what car you use. You try to put the brakes on and your car will slide and slide and you'll miss your turn, and the same goes for the handbrake. You hit it and your car spins out a few times no matter how good you are with the handling. I found this very annoying with the driving missions because it would lead to cheap and frustrating failures.

Apart from all this the game as 16 player Xbox LIVE support. You have tons of game modes from deathmatch, to cops and robbers. In cops and robbers it's pretty self explanatory. You all get in a car and try to kill each other. This is also very fun yet annoying because the game can lag a lot especially with people who have crappy connections. It also may take awhile to start a game due to everyone wanting 16 players and they just won't start the game. Aside from the minor issues GTA IV is probably game of the year worthy, but it doesn't do anything as ground breaking as GTA III did. It just perfects it 100% this time and gives us what we've always wanted. The perfect GTA game.
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on June 27, 2016
Got this for my son for his birthday. He loves it! Great game.
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on May 29, 2012
First of all I have never played any game in the GTA series before, so I didn't know what to expect. I did the research and it seemed like this one was the best of the four out there. I was right!!! I will start off with the cons because it is always easier...

Driving physics suck; it is too easy to spin out of control.
RPG rocket is too slow.
Using cheats blocks certain achievements; I don't really care though. Walking outside of a building in a black suit with black sunglasses and holding a black desert eagle and immediately spawning a "FIB Buffalo" give a huge MIB/Matrix/Secret Service feel to it. Its pretty awesome.
Pretty hard to fly a helicopter but you get used to it.
People call you a lot, especially when you are in the middle of something.
Too much swearing, it's tainting my language...

Weapons are well balanced.
Cops are relentless.
The attention to detail for that huge of a map is impressive.
All animations are there. (i.e. reloading weapons, getting into a car, opening a door...)
I love the sandbox feature.
Killing the people is pretty easy.
Tons of levels/missions.
Really cheap to buy, and it arrived fast.

Overall, it is a pretty awesome game mind the swearing. I highly recommend it to anyone who can handle the action. Not something I would let a 12 y/o play. I hope the fifth installment will be just as good if not better.
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on November 30, 2012
Originally, I bought this for the PC and I would never ever play this on any PC no matter how it is built for gaming. However, using a keyboard and mouse is way easier than a controller for this game because driving cars seems much more difficult than other GTA games. The plot is great and the new things added are a cool addition if not trivial.

The controls are a bit wonky and hard at time which is really my only complaint. I'm Serbian myself, so the fact the main character and his cousin are Serbian who speak it incorrectly at times with Russian accents is a bit annoying to myself as well, but shouldn't be a huge problem to most people.

It's definitely a great GTA game and maybe my 2nd or 3rd favorite. I've been undecided on that for years so far. The map is large, but not as large as San Andreas, and I don't see how or why sections of the city have to be blocked off either until you progress. I like playing on Multiplayer as well especially when we just want to go on a killing spree!

Recommended and a must for any GTA fan or fans of similar games!
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on February 4, 2013
i borrowed this game from a friend for a long time and in the process, beat the game. i decided to buy it so i could play the dlcs. the dlcs were amazing so if you plan to play those, just get the complete collection. the game alone is amazing though. the graphics are good for its time and the driving is pretty good. my favorite part of the game is probably running around looking for easter eggs. the multiplayer is OK and thats the only reason im not giving it 5 stars. the campaign is really good. its long enough to where we get attached to the characters and the end just really wants you asking for more. im glad i bought it on amazon because the price is low. all in all, a great game worth the buy. for parents buying this game for their kids, i wouldnt recommend it for kids under the age of 12. if your kid is in middle school, they probably already know everything said or seen in the game. great buy for a great price
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on June 11, 2014
This is the funnest violent/anti-hero/open-ended game. (I have yet to get its sequel, but nevertheless...) The graphics have gotten better since it's HD compatible. I've also enjoyed the expansion packs. The characters are interesting, evil, and funny. The stations I enjoy. The talk radios are funny despite the offensive shock value. Lazlo is a dork; Mike Whitely is a funny news person, and Bruce is a strung-out idiot. And go Wktt! Go America! Dance on, shoot on, drink on, and run-over-pedestrians-with-rag-doll- physics on! And most importantly: Remember, it's just a game, kids. Heck, it's a game within a game. Bowl on and pool on! Date on! Bye on! I mean, bye. =)
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on January 2, 2017
Wanted to replay this game from years ago so picked it up from Amazon for less than $10. I probably should have paid a few bucks more and bought the disk that contained gta 4, the Ballard of gay Tony, and the lost and the damned but still I only paid 8 bucks (i think the one that includes the dlc is $14). You always get your money's worth from a Rockstar game!
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