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on May 8, 2015
GTA V is such a massive game that it will take a while for me to be able to put into words everything that makes this game truly a fantastic video game and one with the best open world to date.
To start off, the story and the world itself is primarily a satire on modern American society, which exaggerates and emphasizes issues sun as the use of extreme violence, the popularity of the media and technology, and the different types of lives to be lived. In Los Santos, you get to be three characters, which is an opportunity of gaming that I haven't really seen before, the idea to seamlessly transition to another character, doing something completely unscripted in the expansive world of Los Santos. First you have Michael, a rich criminal who decides to enter the business after he enters some rough waters; Franklin, an aspiring repo man who is trying to make it big in the world; and Trevor, the most insane character you could manage to play as in a game. I mean he is insane; pathologically, really.
The story really feels like a crime saga and though it does a fine job in the beginning, with appropriate pacing of it's set pieces and it's characters, the main fault to this game is it's second act. Many hours into the game, you'll find yourself just a bit lost in the narrative, and in a negative way. Far too much is happening for you to really get invested in whats happening, and far too many villains are introduced for me to be able to register their weight and role in the story. I found myself for at least ten hours worth of story missions begrudgingly completing tasks required from me to partake in in order to progress the story, for that reason only. It's written fine, as is the rest of the script, but it's to convoluted and almost feels as if its trying to compete with the massive variety and scope of the open world in what you could do in it.
Thankfully, the third act, which is really after the third to last heist-
I think I should actually mention a part of the story rather than just gloss over it and point out it's flaws. The heist aspect of the story are these massive events that are really being led up to in anticipation, and rarely do these ever disappoint. These heists rake in tons of money from places that you are robbing, and is really the only part in the game where control is 100% given to you.
Which leads into the second point of the story that I would like to make before we reroute back to what I was saying earlier. In most of the side missions, I persistently felt an unnerving sense of hand-holding, in which I was constantly being told what, how, and where to do something. It really took me out of it, and felt like a huge contradiction to the massive amount of freedom that you can get whilst roaming in the open world.
Now, to return to what I was saying...
Thankfully, the third act, which is really after the third to last heist, gets a tone that wasn't seen for the rest of the game. It feels a bit brooding, as if all is leading up to some grand and bombastic finale (which it does, mind you). Secrets and lies are revealed, shots are fired, and the third act makes up for most of the second acts muddled events by having a tighter script and better story progression.
In the gameplay aspect of the game, there are really two things that you will be doing: shooting and driving. Shooting is smooth and responsive, and also generally easy, as GTA V's aim is always lock on (because if it's not then it's damn near impossible to use) and the guns you continue to unlock feel more powerful and rewarding. Cover is very good in the game, some of the best movement i've seen in a game. Gunfights work absolutely well in a gameplay aspect, and I only ever failed because I simply made the wrong tactical choices of movement.
The other main gameplay aspect is the driving; I never played GTA IV, so I have no idea how it is comparatively, but I heard that V is much better. And it really is. Cars have real weight to them, and with practice, drifting can be a cool and advantageous move. Driving feels wonderful and it really is a joy to take a car (which you will most likely have stolen) and drive across the desert as the sun goes down. Gameplay wise GTA V does all that it sets out to do right.
Now for the big one; the real reason why this game is one of the best games of all time: the open world.
It is a huge cliche to say "living, breathing world" when talking about a video game's open world, but this is the first game where I feel that term really encapsulates what Los Santos really feels like. In most other games I play I feel that the world revolves around me, and while in some games it's fine, like in Infamous 2, sometimes it feels good to see a world evolving in it's own ways, not giving you all the attention. The citizens of Los Santos are living their own lives, driving to a specific destination, taking their dog out for a walk, talking on the phone (and to my surprise, I have never heard the same phone conversation twice, even including in GTA Online). Not only that, but the world is simply gorgeous, and one of the best-looking games on the system.
Not only does the world feel alive and as if it has it's own personality, but there is also so much that you can do in it. The world map will give you things to find, such as certain missions that will even possibly unlock other branching missions; but, unlike many other games, I was actually rewarded with scouring the city and Blaine county, because that allowed me to find many of the other missions not shown to me, and many of the MANY random encounters that you can run into in the world. It's so seamless that it feels organic, like it just naturally appeared and somehow now an NPC has a new story to tell me. If you keep driving in San Andreas, chances are you will see someone calling out at you, doing something curious, or holding up a store (which amazingly you can either stop them from finishing the job or actually aid them in their escape). For the first time I would have to define a certain aspect of a game as perfect. GTA V is not my favorite game, nor is it a 10/10, but it's open world is one of the most incredible things I have ever seen with countless activities and races to participate, people to meet, and genuinely interesting tasks to complete. There is absolutely no flaw in the open world, as far as I could tell.
GTA V is a masterpiece. It comes damn close to bring my favorite game, with incredible gameplay and a awe-inspiring open world to explore. It only fails in the second act of it's story, and it only fails because it tries too hard. And even then it's first and particularly it's third act is simply exquisite.
This game is a marvel, and must be played. Be warned of the poor choice you are making if you choose to not.
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on December 22, 2014
GTA V is a huge game. So much so, that a mandatory 8.4 GB installation is required to play the game. Plus, there's another 1 or 2 GB worth of updates. Additionally, Rockstar has announced that, in the not so distant future, there will be even more updates. When this time comes, you'll need approximately 12 GB of storage just for this game, and still need the play disc. If you don't play online, you do not need to update the game, but you will not receive DLC that includes an arsenal of guns for story/online mode. A flashdrive can be used to install, but it is recommended that you buy a brand new flashdrive just for your PS3 console.

Cross-console gamers: if you own a PS3 and an Xbox 360, consider buying on 360 instead. I have GTA V for both consoles, and I noticed that graphics are slightly improved on 360, and the PS3 version lags and glitches out more. On top of that, shooting is much harder on PS3. Driving on PS3 feels more like driving a real car, but is also harder. Piloting is a little easier on 360 as well, but experience is much needed either way.

Now, for the review of the game: GTA V is easily the best Grand Theft Auto game to date. You get to take control of three different characters throughout the story, each having their own missions, side missions, etc. The story follows as Michael fakes his own death to retire as a bank robber at a young age. After he gets himself into trouble with Franklin, he has to get back in the game and rob a jewelry store. This leads to his friendship with Trevor being revived. Trevor, Michael, and Franklin pull heists together, get into trouble with the FIB (parody of FBI), and must do tasks for them.
In addition to the main story, each character runs into random people, doing missions for them and making money along the way. Random events also happen throughout the large map of San Andreas, giving players the option to help others and make a few bucks. You can play tennis, golfing, darts, car races, running/swimming/bike marathons, hang out with other characters, go to a bar to get drunk, go to a strip club, rob stores, and much much more. Character customization is available, allowing you to change hairstyles, clothing styles, and tattoos. As Trevor, you can even hunt deer for cash. Buying shares in stock marketing and properties is also available. All in all, this game can be played and enjoyed for years to come, never getting boring or tiring.

GTA online, however, is not all it's cracked up to be. You get to customize the way your character looks by genetics: you select what mother, father, and grandparents you want, and alter resemblance to each figure. But there is a downside... all characters seem to look like meth heads, no matter what you do. You can participate in races and deathmatches with other players, but that's about all you can do. On top of that, Sony's online server is slow and both 360 and PS3 seems to be randomized - instead of paring you with other "newbies," you play with people 100 levels higher than you, leading to unfair deathmatches and races, and they kill newbies for fun on the streets. Rockstar has made a penalty system for players who kill other players, making them pay your hospital bill and paring them with other "naughty" players, but many have figured ways around getting a penalty.
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on June 12, 2014
Looking for something new recently I picked up GTA V. My previous GTA experience was years ago with Vice City and I never did finish that game. On the other hand I was able to stick with GTA V and complete the story mode. Having 3 characters made the game fun. I enjoyed all the characters and cannot decide which is my favorite. There needs to be a more complete manual with this game as there is lots to do. At first the controls can be pretty overwhelming, especially for someone who spends most of their time gaming on PC, but after a while, you remember what all the buttons/sticks do. The storyline experience is fun and I would recommend it. However after the story mode has been completed, I feel the game loses its replay value unless you are someone who thoroughly enjoys playing online. Once all the missions are completed in story mode, you are left to your own devices, although I was sorely disappointed that I couldn't do any more heists, even if by myself. Minus the Lester Assassination missions, the in game stock market is complete rubbish and useless. Apparently R* cares how much in game money one can make in single player.

Online mode is fun, but very limited for the solo player. I realize online mode is for playing with other people, but there are times I just want to partake in single player online play (IE, too many f-Tards in online mode), and when I do I realize how limiting it is. There are only so many missions you can do by yourself and the RP and money is tough to come by considering the prices on apartments, and high end vehicles. Most of the vehicle mod unlocks must be unlocked by winning races against other players and as mentioned, when I play alone there is no way to unlock those mods racing by myself. Again, I realize, by definition, online means playing against/with other people, but there should be more solo content for those of us a bit less extroverted.

If you have friends that also play GTA V, you will no doubt enjoy its online feature immensely and even for those us who prefer to spend a majority of our time in solo play, it can be fun, but you are limited to the missions you can do. Single player (story mode) is fun and worth it, but once over, you'll be left sitting there asking yourself, 'now what?' Real rating is 3.5 stars.
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on May 20, 2014
I've been playing these games since GTA III in 2001. Big fan.

Single player:
The missions start off pretty interesting but I feel like the game peaks too early with the first heist. The rest of the heists (and game) are kind of good but not great. The final mission feels really anti-climactic; I was expecting something crazier.

Some of the best moments are simple but silly side missions with interesting characters. I think GTA is best when it sticks to mostly simple assassination missions with a few over-the-top set-piece missions here and there. Missions where you get chased are also cool. I really liked the part in the first heist where you have to escape through the sewers on motorcycles.

Multi player:
Lots of potential fun if you have friends to play with or are not afraid to make friends online. However, I'm kind of disappointed that you have to do everything as your own avatar in the context of the online "world." There's no ability to just jump in and out of lobbies looking for rounds of Cops N Crooks or Races. You have to unlock and access the different missions by driving to them in the "world." You CAN get to new ones once you're in a "lobby" but you will kicked back out to the "world" once that's over.

This makes multiplayer more time-consuming than it needs to be. I can't just jump in and play a Cops N Crooks mission and quit. Speaking of Cops N Crooks, what the hell did they do with it? It was the best mission type in GTA IV by far.

Anyway, I recommend GTA V but not without some reservations. It's a bit bloated but there's definitely some wild fun to be had. I'll probably pick it up on PC when (if?) it comes out.
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on January 6, 2014
This game is amazing, and I hate to give it less than 5 stars but bear with me.
First the good: It's a massive game, vibrant and with graphical improvements over GTA IV that will make you wonder how they can do that on the exact same console. The sounds and sights are great, the range of vehicles, sub games and activities is massive. There are far less friend interactions and dating and such than GTA IV, but there's still plenty to do.
The controlls are excellently refined and easy to use. It makes having three characters to switch between not only an easy experience, but also a lot of fun. Got stuck? Switch characters and come back in a couple game hours. Want some extra fun, leave one character at a block and switch to another - drive back to that block and watch them interact.
Remember the witch hunt for the hidden/unfinished/unpublished sex games in GTA III? Well guess what - GTA V makes up for some lost time with nudity - male flaccid and female breasts in single player. There are some good side quests with additional sex content as well.
The game is more scripted and plays a little bit more like a movie. It is over quicker than other GTAs I thought.
It's a little less "realistic" for many things than previous games. The violence is a little muted, cars don't damage as easily and handle better than other GTAs.

The downside is they are prioritizing development for the online side of things. If you like the online experience then you're in luck and that's probably a 6th star instead of a subtraction. If you're even just slightly not thrilled with it, then you realize quickly that you are losing out in single player mode. You have access too fewer updates, fewer cars, less content. And of course they want you to pay extra money for the online stuff. Not a reason to not buy the game, but it is disappointing if you're happy playing single player and start to realize that until the next paid DLC, you're out of luck.

Also, this game really isn't for 12 year olds. The fact that you hear them playing online all the time is really disappointing.
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on February 24, 2015
Hands down the best game on the market to date. I loved this game. Yes it's beatable and I think it only took me 5 or 6 days to beat but it's so much fun! I wish they'd improve the stock market stuff but that's about it. I would like them to improve the character but they always do with each new game. I play all the most popular and best rated games like god of war (2nd favorite) and the mw series, but nothing comes close to the graphics, freeplay, skills, challenge, storyline, and overall wow factor of this game here. I don't even know why I'm making a review ...everyone already knows this is the best game by far and you probably own it too lol. Anyway I doubt you'll find anyone who dislikes this game (morals aside) .
My son will just play this all day if I let him. he just laughs and laughs and has a a great time. we've bought him other games for his age but he hates them and will only play gta5 ... go figure oh well. thanks yall
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VINE VOICEon September 17, 2013
I won't get into details or even into the politics surrounding this game. Merely I will compare this to the previous couple of GTA games and list the improvements for those familiar with the series.

+ Vehicle control is VASTLY improved over GTA4. Not quite as 'fake' feeling as the super stable control of GTA SA and GTA VC though. Which is also a plus. Cars can lose control, but it doesn't feel like you're playing Mario Kart nor does it feel bouncy like you're playing Stunt Race FX (remember that one???)

+ Improved story and characters. Basically you have three characters with different personalities. It's kind of a blend of previous GTA archetypes and personalities. You have the young guy trying to make his way in the criminal underworld, you have the deranged nut job, and you have the ex-con with a family who is bored with life and decides to get back in the game. Their stories cross and it makes for one of the more enjoyable main mission story lines in the GTA series.

+ Improved missions. I say this because you have mission checkpointing. If you fail a mission you can continue at the last checkpoint (which means you won't have to do over those tedious parts if that applies to a particular mission - in other words, if you spend 20 minutes carefully setting bombs, then have to evade the cops afterwards, you won't restart the mission if you get caught by the cops, you would just restart at the checkpoint after you detonated the bombs). You also have the option to cancel the mission.

+ Character and vehicle graphics are improved. Not a huge item of contention for most folks since GTA IV looked really good. But the character models are better quality and they are much better articulated. You actually have them moving like real people and even their fingers move independently. Facial expressions are much improved as well. People have more than the basic emotions - their eyes follow others and they react realistically. Cars also have more pop. The lines are cleaner and there is much more detail to the vehicles. Many you can actually tell what car or combination of cars they resemble in real life. It's always fun trying to outrun cops in the car based on a Prius!

+ Banter! This one I really enjoy. Previous games have included a bit, but this is really the first game where the characters truly interact while on missions. And it's not conversation that MUST be heard to advance the game, instead it's a little commentary that adds fun. It also depends on what actions you the player take. For example, when Michael's son gets in the car he changes the station to rap. If you then change the station or turn off the radio he whines and calls Michael an a-hole.

+ Huge open world. And I mean HUGE! It's similar to GTA SA - well, because it's based on Los Angeles. There are many familiar landmarks and buildings. The city has a similar shape, size, and layout - though there is much less sprawl. But it feels very similar to being in the real deal. Once you leave the main Los Santos area, the world is not as similar to the real thing. The outlying areas are not just empty swaths. There is a lot to do out and about in the hinterlands. Rampages, dirtbike and ATV races, even a few extra missions.

+ Virtually no catastrophic bugs. There are the regular little glitches and bugs. But I haven't had any of the Skyrim style bugs that force you to shut down and restart the game. Mostly just getting stuck somewhere (which isn't too bad as long as you can self grenade). But I never got stuck anywhere I couldn't get out of. There are a few interesting little graphical effects, such as people crashing cars in odd ways... but you can't really complain about these things. The game is insanely detailed and I can forgive a few glitches that don't cause me to lose hours of game play by forced restarts. 25% through and not a single restart!

+ Forthcoming GTA online. I am looking forward to playing in the GTA world with friends. And for free! How sweet of a deal is that? I'll update after they launch on October 1.

So until my next few updates, enjoy! I know folks will either love or hate this game. But it's amazing and a vast improvement IMHO on GTA IV.
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on November 10, 2013
GTA V (Grand Theft Auto Five), just like all the other GTA games by RockStar, is a sandbox game that focuses on the story of onr character. What makes GTA V so different is that you have the option to play as 3 characters, all with a unique story, which all eventually tie in together.

The story focuses on these 3 characters- Micheal, Franklin, and Trevor. Each character has their own "prolouge" before meeting up with one or the other. Rockstar does a great job with this, and the storyline. Also, this game has a completion system for each mission, and ranks you against friends on what optional objectives/challenges you have completed.

As expected, Rockstar definetley amped up the graphics and physics engine. The world of Los Santos (based on GTA San Andreas) is beautiful and immersive. Everything seems to be dynamic and realistic. In my opinion, the game feels too realistic and stiff. This is not a huge problem however.

There is plenty to do in the game besides the story, and each character has plenty of side missions. Sometimes i find these random side missions to be more interesting than the main story.

The gameplay is practically the same as GTA IV, the target system and cover is better too. Gunfights are fun and less annoying than in IV.

As explained by everyone, the Police is upgraded, and yes, much harder to escape. The cops are unforgiving in this gane, they will hunt you down for punching someone or shooting into the sky. It isnt as bad as percieved, but it gets annoying.
I also never realized how aggravating it is thay when you die, you lose $5000. Sure this isnt that much, but it adds up, and you'll find yourself losing a lot of money at times.
I havent gotten that immersed into Online, but it is great. Rockstar did a great job with this, and it seems to be fair in the loght of MP.
I would give this game 5 stars, but the few gripes that i have made me feel like this game was way too overhyped. The real rating i would give this is more of a 4 and 1/2 star rating. This game is very fun, and has a lot to do, but i find that it gets very boring very quickly. I am looking forward to any possible DLC. This is probably the best sandbox of the year, but definitley not the best of all time. I really liked the story too, favorite one next to Bully. Good Job R*!
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on September 2, 2016
I don't purchase games too often and am not a hardcore gamer, but I've always been a fan of the GTA series. GTA V is hands down the best yet. You play as three separate characters, the missions and side missions are fun and challenging. There's a big map, the,story is interesting, some humor thrown in. The graphics are fantastic and music is great, I've only played in story mode so I can't comment to online play.

This is the best GTA so far and one of my favorite video games overall (if not my favorite). I've probably played it from beginning to end about 3 or 4 times so far.
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on May 14, 2017
This game is already a classic. Just got a new copy to replace an old damaged one. Not for young children or the overly impressionable However for an adult its great
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