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Grand Theft Auto V - PlayStation 3
Format: Video Game|Change
Price:$21.99+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on September 20, 2013
I was excited. I had never played a GTA game before, and my local Red Box had one left! (I could try it out, and most likely buy it!) I played it for over forty hours (in two-ish days) because I kept thinking, "This is going to get better, right?" I finally just threw my hands up in the air and returned it.

I mean, it is 2013 and I expect more.

Some background: Red Dead Redemption is one of my favorite games of all time - along with Ni No Kuni, Skyrim, Dishonored, La Noire... etc. So, this is a review coming from someone new to the GTA franchise. That said, I am not a casual gamer - when I get a game, I binge-play it until the main story line is complete.

The Good:

+Some of the details are really cool. I liked how I could mainly find certain cars driving around in certain areas. For example, if I was ever out in Trevor's part of the map, the only cars available were crap.

+In most games that allow me a choice between being a good/bad person, the game is rigged so that my life in the game is easier (e.g. Dishonored, Dante's Inferno) if I choose the good path. GTA 5 is not like that (with some caveats - see "The Bad"). There was one mission I had to redo because I jacked the car up due to being chased by police (the guy I stole it from reported the vehicle stolen). When I was reanimated (haha), I chose to shoot the guy I stole the car from to see if it was a necessary part of the script that the police would be called (I mean, he could have called the police while I was chasing him). Lo and behold - I was not chased by the police and delivered the car without a scratch - to get ripped off again by the people I was doing this for. Sigh.

+I could buy stocks. My missions affected values of stocks.

+Michael, Trevor's, and Frank[lin]'s special abilities are neat.

+If I was super cheap (well, technically I am), and wanted to buy a game just so that it would take up a lot of time, this game could indeed take up a lot of time. I mean, if this game was safe for kids, a parent could just buy a GTA and keep that kid occupied for a year.

+Plane controls are decent, which brings me to...

The Bad:

+I still have nightmares about the helicopter controls. It is OBSCENELY difficult to get anything done (pick something up with a hook, and land in a target spot). It is not fun. Flight school in the game is work - unsatisfying work. Skydiving, and landing on a particular target is also a [bleep].

+There were some missions that took me back to the pointless missions in Mafia II (e.g. Mafia II: SLOWLY handing out illegal cigarettes out of the back of a truck). In GTA, there a some missions in which it is required to drive a slow vehicle (e.g. a semi, old truck). This is okay for a few missions. Fifteen missions of this makes me go crazy - ESPECIALLY if one of these later missions involves driving six miles in one (six miles in GTA is long time in a slow vehicle). It made me feel like these missions were to just take up time and make the main game longer.

+I want to kill all of the characters. They are annoying. I felt rage. The only character I kind of liked was Trevor, but he could have been so much more. Michael has a ridiculously annoying family. Franklin has a ridiculous aunt, and a ridiculous friend. The random people I encountered in missions were annoying. I know, I know - they are all supposed to be spoofs and tropes of character stereotypes - but this was just chalkboard scratching. I never even went to Michael's therapist because he annoyed me in the cut scene in the beginning. Maybe because I am female, but it really did annoy me how all of the female characters are portrayed. This is kind of forgivable because most of the male characters are stupid as well.

+When driving I could switch between radio stations. However, this feature soon loses its luster because I am jacking cars all of the time with different pre-set radio stations. Also, unless it is part of a mission, buying and/or changing clothing is kind of a waste of time. Every time I switched to another playable character, and then switched back, the character would be wearing one of the stock outfits. This especially annoyed me with Trevor.

+I started to skip through cut scenes later on as soon as I realized that cut scene was not that important because of the s[bleep] dialogue. It is annoying to listen to. Then I learned that could even skip "important" cut scenes without losing story details because the characters would chat about it in game.

+There aren't enough cool random event missions. I don't care about a blonde lady's purse getting stolen or a chef's money getting jacked. If I could, I would take everyone (WHY AM I NOT ALLOWED TO KIDNAP PEOPLE?) to the Altruist cult (the Altruist cult - one of the glimmers in this game).

+There aren't enough cool cars.

+There is a lot of detail in the city, and for how everything looks. But, barely anything is playable. I have a huge house, but pretty much the only thing I can do in it is sleep and change clothes? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

+The story line is atrocious. When I quit, I had played a little over half of the main story line. The main characters get ripped off in a good percentage of the heists, so I felt trolled. The story is predictable. I confirmed this when I looked up the ending[s] on line. I want to feel some type of attachment and emotional triggers in the story line - I did not get any of that.

+Even though I could buy stocks and property, it felt pointless to me after the first two or three times. I didn't have anywhere I wanted to use that money. In Yakuza 4, there were mini-games for certain businesses (e.g. the Hostess club).

+One time, a bit early on in the game, I spent 100k on a car. I took it to my garage, and realized there was not room. There was a car in there I did not care about. I parked the 100k+ car in one part of the driveway as I backed out the other car, there was one second in which the view went away from my 100k+ car... it was gone.


All in all, I actually ended up HATING this game. I have given it three-stars because it has "good bones". It is a pimped out shell of a game (in the same way that the Phantom Menace is a pimped out shell of movie, if that makes any sense).

I love games with a good story so that I am motivated to continue the game. If the story is not epic, it should at least have fun game play and side missions. I can spend hours wasting time roaming around Skyrim, discovering new caves, cooking, upgrading weapons and armor, and scavenging. I can spend hours grinding in Ni No Kuni, having fun doing side missions. Red Dead allowed me to walk into a saloon, play poker, lose in poker, and then tie up the guy who won, ride him on my horse to the train tracks, so that he would die, and I could take all of the money. There is nothing cool like that in GTA.

I didn't have fun playing GTA V. It just felt like a Twilight Zone world where everyone is annoying, and I can't sit down on my couch or open 99.999% of the doors. The game had some good moments - but I already experienced those moments in better form in Red Dead and The Saboteur - a game that wasn't even finished, but still blows GTA when it comes to story and simple, necessary features - like being able to climb.

I shouldn't have to compare GTA V to games that came out three and four years ago, and say, "Oh, sacrifice a bit of graphics and play a more worthwhile game."

This review isn't going to change the mind of someone who loves the GTA franchise. However, for anyone who is on the fence, and who really cares about a game's story, or has a similar "gaming merit" philosophy - this game is probably not for you.
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on September 26, 2013
The problem unbeknown to most you hard rocking gamers out there is that GTA V is merely an expansion of the physical realm.
And while all of you have been screaming for joy, praising the big gigantic map that took 265 million dollars to make, the real failure is that Rockstar refuses to take the next leap in open level game design.

You see Rockstar have a billion dollar formula. And GTA is now sitting snug next to the Call Of Duty and EA sports franchise. Refusing to implement new gaming dimensions. GTA V is simply an exercise of tweaking at its best.

No matter how much you want to dress up this game with mini-games, side missions, random encounters, car mods, tattoo parlours, clothing stores or property ownership, the reality is that we have played these mission a thousand times before. The game in itself is a dated piece of gaming. The Graphics, the size, the numbers may have been tweaked. Sure, the physical realm of GTA has been enhanced... but the open level design hasn't changed since GTA III from a decade ago.

GTA V as a stand alone game is breathtaking. But its not a stand alone game. Its in fact the 15th instalment of a decade old franchise and when you put things into context, GTA V is a complete failure.

This game is scripted by way of checkpoints. No matter how much you like to think otherwise, the 15 million copies of GTA V sold worldwide will all be completed in the same exact way.

Somewhere along the long line of GTA instalments, this game became a very linear experience. Rockstar continues to tinker and improve storyline and missions and this game just falls further and further under the constraints of predefined waypoints.

What this game has needed for quite some time is a gaming overhaul, a new open world level design to go hand in hand with the open world environment. One that is undefined. Undetermined. One to interact with. Not one to complete.

Rockstar spent so much resources on mapping the physical realm when in reality what GTA needs is mapping of a different kind.

The interaction is dated, it is lagging and lagging heavily behind.

Playing Yoga is pointless, having money is pointless, getting tattoos is pointless. These are pointless novelty interactions posing as open world game design. The world around you doesn't evolve, doesn't change, not significantly, not permanently. Not unless you proceed with a predetermined mission. This isn't real time. And your personal choices have no significant meaning.

You can't be a policeman, you can't be a FBI agent catching criminals, a SWAT leader busting criminals, a vigilante killing criminals... a hitman, a warlord, a politician, a mafia boss, a gang leader, choose factions, break factions, double cross friends, make friends, make enemies, spy, defect, disband, destroy.... These real world options are never yours to make. This type of mapping is what Rockstar should have spent some of its world record breaking money on creating.

Instead rejoice. Praise to all.... we have a GTA map that is bigger than all other GTA maps combined. Congratulations!
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on September 18, 2013
Cars are boring. Physics take all the fun out of driving. Vehicle damage unrealistic. Makes driving from episode to episode a chore like it was in games like Godfather.
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on October 22, 2013
that's really about it about this game.

see? what's the big deal?

spend the rest of the time driving badly, hurting innocent passers by.

i really don't know how this game can be educational, or even entertaining.
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on September 17, 2013
First off, I would like to state that I have been a GTA fan since the very first game was released, so here is a quick summary of my thoughts on the game.

I have written a full in depth review of the game at [...]

I have played both the Xbox 360 and PS3 version of the game, there is almost no difference between both version.

To summarize my thoughts here, I think this game is an improvement over GTA IV. However in the 5 years since that game was released, alot has changed in the gaming landscape.

Gameplay works very well and is vastly improved over the last GTA. There's much more you can do when not on main misssions. Also love the music, you can always count on awesome tracks on the radio stations.

Now coming to the reasons why I'm rating this as 3 stars...

Right now, the graphics in GTA V are good but not really impressive compared to what's out there now. The animations could have been better with the amount of budget available in developing the game.

The story, I think it's a little boring and didn't feel connection to the main characters. It start off strong and then fizzle out in the middle. By the ending, I had lost interest. With 3 lead characters, this is a story driven game, but GTA V didn't deliver a compelling tale, although it does offer a good commentary of modern American life.

The size of GTA V's world is almost too big for the game engine, I encounter several bugs along with noticeable loading time between missions.

Overall, I would still recommend GTA V if you're a fan of the GTA Series, it's definitely an improvement over the last game, just don't get overhyped or you'll be disappointed.
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on September 17, 2013
I Pre-ordered the game obviously because I wanted it when it came out. The site said that it would be shipped in time for it to arrive on the release day. Surprise, it wont be there. I'm honestly not even that big of a video game fan I really only play like twice a year but I am a principle guy. If you say that you will do something, in this case ship a product, then do it! If you can't do it, then don't say you will. I'm sure the game will be great once I get it.
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on September 17, 2013

but yeah good game tho
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on September 22, 2013
GTA 5 turned out to be overrated, with the experience and resources of RockStar expected a much better game, the graphics are pretty bad for a PS3 game seem more one of PS2, analog control not responding as well as he did in GTA 4, if one pushed analog control a little the character walked but if you push a little more he run in this version 5 are not.

after all this time, everyone expected delivery much more attractive for GTA players.

Too bad for RockStar, disappointing.
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on September 17, 2013
If you have ever enjoyed a GTA in the past you will enjoy this one. ( review edited/updated 9/24)

If you have ever stopped playing GTA due to some frustrating flaws then you may be pleasantly surprised by the changes this time around.

After playing part four there were a few things that turned me off and reduced my playtime. I am so excited to share that two of my main frustrations have been fixed.

If you have been following the media and the leaks on this game than you know it's beautiful and you have a good ideas as to wether or not its something you want to play.

Things I didn't know before:
- Probably the single most impressive thing to me that wasn't bragged about is that when you start this game up it will load up your new session. After this you most likely won't see a loading screen again without restarting the game. The world is huge and I have no idea how they have accomplished this.

- You will no longer have to drive from your house to the starting point if a mission over and over again each time you fail it. This will save you a large amount of frustration. There is a lot of content here so there is no need for you to waste time with repetition.

- You can now completely skip a portion of the mission. If you fail three times then you will be given the option to jump past a portion of the mission and move forward. There is a point penalty but I can be worth it if it saves you from pulling out all of your hair.

Most noticeable improvement.

- the cars drive excellently. GTAIV had the cars feeling as if they have four wheel drive while on ice. The cars this time around have a really nice weight to them. It's hard not to feel like you are in a solid racing game while driving around the beautiful city.


So far I have not experienced any of the bugs that other people have mentioned on here. The game has not frozen at all for me. In previous games I feel like I used to get trapped when trying to enter cars but so far I have had no issues.


This game is absolutely stunning. There is so much detail and you really feel that the city is alive. Ever area seems detailed and important. One thing to note is that if you live or have lived in LA you will feel that you are right at home. They have been able to perfectly condense the city in order for you to recognize your surroundings.

One thing to note is that it is hard to feel sometimes that the game is running completely smoothly. At times the system seems to chug a bit. There are odd little pauses and sometimes textures load a little but blurry for a moment. I want to say that this is not a Viking but rather more of a symptom of this game being designed for more advanced hardware . The hope here is that they are planning for ps4/Xbox one versions but so far there isn't a formal plan announced.

One area where the graphics are behind the earlier games is with the car destruction. It is far less realistic looking but with all of the other advancements that are found here you won't miss it.

More to come

This game has a multiplayer portion that isn't available yet. Rockstar has stated that it should be working in early October. There are a lot of promises for the online portion and when that comes out it should be the icing on the cake.
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on September 18, 2013
18% of the game complete and Wow I was afraid I was going to expect too much from this game, but it turns out I expected too little as it is one of the best games I have ever played and besides maybe Borderlands 2 has easily more content cram packed into it than Santa Claus has packed into is toy bag. It's ridiculous I feel I ripped Rockstar off for the $60 bucks I payed. Okay enough praise let's get to why else I enjoy this game. First off I have heard complaints about the car physics. If you take GTA 4 car physics and tweak them to perfection you've got GTA 5 car physics. Cars no longer slip and slide all over the road and each vehicle actually drives a little differently now. The damage seems to depend on the vehicle and amount of armor some cars can end up looking like the incredible hulk got a hold of it like in GTA 4 and then others just get dents and of course they all still can get the windows smashed, tires popped(unless you get bulletproof tires), doors and hoods and bumpers that fall off. Sometimes I have found myself trying to get away from the cops in a car with a front tire that won't spin because I smashed in the front side of the car in a crash. Planes, boats and helicopters also have a great feel to them and the damage system is perfect. The amount of different vehicles is crazy huge and one thing I love is there isn't a cop car every two feet like in liberty city although the cops are a little tougher to get away from which in my opinion is more fun. Walking and running is about the same although I felt it was slightly improved. Shooting is almost exactly the same except the auto aim isn't as annoying as in previous games. You get tons of weapons and the weapons customization is awesome. I like doing a few missions all stealthy like with my silencers attachments. Yes shotguns have silencers too(I always find that amusing). The customization for different things overall is fantastic car customization isn't super in depth, but it's enough that I found myself spending a lot of time doing it. My only complaint though is finding cars you just customized. If you steal a car and spend a lot customizing it and just leave it somewhere you can find it at an impound lot, but if you steal another car then that one goes in the impound lot and you lose your previously stolen and customized car. You can put it in your garage, but that doesn't permanently save it. The only cars that seem to be permanent are the ones you purchase. You can get haircuts, grow a beard, get tattoos, change your clothes. It's definitely nice to be able to personalize each character a little bit. You have 3 different characters you get to play as and each one has a different story to tell and abilities they are good at. Franklin and Micheal are my favorite and Trevor well he is just a psychopath and sometimes his missions actually made me a little taken back. While the story is pretty good it's no Last of Us, but that's not why I got this game. Switching between the characters was an amazing idea and it works flawlessly. To make money in this game you set up heists(different options on how to do each heist) or do little odd jobs here and there. You can also invest or purchase real estate which will produce money for you. The game is huge I haven't seen the whole city yet after 20 hours of gameplay let alone the rest of this monster map. No it's not Just Cause 2 big, but it's perfect for this game. The graphics are one of the most impressive features about this game. I am amazed my PS3 can even handle it. My performance has been great I have framerate dip one time only and it wasn't for very long. Texture pop in isn't really there either as I shocked to find as that always seemed to be a big issue for GTA games. Textures are much bigger than I expected, the animations a fluid and perfect and there is so much going on onscreen I still can't believe this is running on my PS3. I can't believe it! I can only imagine how great this game will look on PC which I will gladly get again on a steam sale. So far I have only encountered one bug and was pretty funny. There was a car stuck halfway into the road so I decided to drive over it and when I hit it the car popped back up and I was launched about 20 feet into the air. My favorite moment of this game so far though would have to be when I was running for my life from the cops(after unsuccessfully stealing a small jet that had a rough landing in downtown) down a mountain. I escaped their watchful gaze and upon running back up the mountain back to civilization I was mauled and killed by a mountain lion. It is crazy awesome stuff like this that makes the game so much fun for me and I know that was only the tip of the iceberg. If you're on the fence about this game I hope this review helps you I tried to cover as much as I good, but there is just soooo much! All in all you get your moneys worth with this game and I highly recommend it. And for any parents out there please don't let your child play this as it easily earns its M rating.
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