Customer Reviews: Grand Theft Auto V - Xbox 360
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on November 27, 2013
It's been interesting browsing through the lower-rated reviews and seeing what people have to say. Some of them raise some pretty decent points and I can't deny them - you can't enter most stores, there isn't a fancy casino, there aren't as many side-games, etc.

But I want to ask the real question - does anyone really care? Did you LIKE sitting at a slot machine in San Andreas? I probably spent all of 5 minutes in that casino - outside of the relevant missions - in the HOURS that I played that game. And did you like having to go to restaurants to eat? Was that really "fun"?

NO!! It was drivel! It was time-consuming, it made you lose your focus, and bored most of us to tears. And thanks to the new "stock market" mechanic, we don't need to waste time in a casino trying to make a few quick bucks... We have to look forward people. This isn't San Andreas. For the most part, it's better.

I've thoroughly enjoyed GTA V. I actually thought the story was one of the better ones in recent times. I thought the tension between the three main characters made for some pretty unique events. Towards the end when (spoiler alert) you start getting hints that characters may be forced to kill other characters, I actually found myself quite riveted to the story. Sure some of the missions themselves were a bit odd - the billionaire car-collector guy seemed pretty pointless. The warring military/government factions actually confused me somewhat, but they seemed to confuse the main characters as well, so perhaps that was the point! The heists were pretty neat and I wish there were more of them. We'll probably get them in the form of costly DLC...

But what I've enjoyed most about GTA V was the fact that it left behind a lot of the nonsense from GTA IV. No more mandatory "man-dates", no more dragging around cousins and friends and acquaintances just so you can buy guns or hitch a helicopter ride from time-to-time. We also have our BLESSED garages back, and even some storage buildings added with the sole intent of storing our favorite cars. Thanks for that, Rockstar. I love the large map again with the differing geographic and cultural areas. I truly enjoy the "random encounters" where you're given the option to mingle unexpectedly with a random event taking place. They're repetitive after a short while, but there's a pretty wide variety of them scattered about.

In fact, the "new" things added to the GTA franchise are pretty significant. The custom car shops have much more variety than what we saw in San Andreas. The in-game internet has a wealth of additional content, including the abiliy to purchase almost every vehicle in the game. Just CANNOT find that wanna-be Corvette? Screw it - buy one on the interwebs! And of course, the whole "three characters = thrice the fun" is such an interesting change from the way GTA has always been. The only frustration I encounter is when you switch to Trevor only to find that he's wandered to the top of a mountain and is wearing a sun dress... Suddenly I'm forced to hike a mile to the nearest road and on top of that, I need to change clothes again...

There are certainly some annoyances in GTA V - for one, the police seem the hardest ever to avoid. Most of the time I hit a three-star wanted level, I end up walking out of a hospital. The AI is pretty relentless. Once I managed to escape line-of-sight and hide in a train tunnel. Somehow the AI managed to "see" me through what I can only presume was grating in the street above, and suddenly a calvary of FIB trucks came screaming down the train tracks. Police are spawned ad-nauseum, creating a "no-win" scenario for the player. Your best bet is to go off-road where the AI has a hard time with path-creation, and knock out police helicopters as quickly as possible. In short, it's not a lot of fun. I would have loved to see a Skyrim-like "witness" mechanic, where if you take out everyone who saw you do what you did, you can get away with it.

Another irritation I found was in the dialogue between Franklin (a young, black man living in a gang-ridden part of town at the start of the story) and one of his friends, Lamar. The two interact several times throughout the story, and their dialogue is annoyingly ridden with the "N" word. Now, I'm certainly not a fan of political correctness, but after a while, I simply got tired of hearing it. And since you're forced to listen to the two ramble on to each other as you drive from point-to-point in these missions, I often found myself muting the TV. Let me clear - I wasn't offended - I was simply annoyed. Some of the sentences were literally scripted as "No my 'N' you're not living like a 'N' in the hood, my 'N'..." Who wrote that crap??

Lastly, we're still stuck with a lot of collection requirements to hit 100%. Whether it's alien ship parts or "written letters" or stunt jumps or what not, it's always something. But don't forget, you San Andreas lovers, that SA was rife with that as well. Remember the horseshoes we had to hunt down? And the gang-tags we had to spray paint over...? I still remember sitting with the official Game Guide and a pencil for HOURS while playing that game... Not a lot of fun then, either.

Oh, and online... But online always sucks. I don't know why the market keeps pushing us to play with each other. I play video games to escape the tedium that is OTHER PEOPLE... I played online for about 10 minutes. I did the first mission which made no sense, and in the process apparently P'd off the other guy it paired me with, so as soon as the mission was over he killed me and stole the car I had been using. Shortly afterwards I managed to get another car and - upon happening to see the same player - I mercilessly chased him down and ran him over. I laughed maniaclly until the cops appeared out of nowhere (apparently not pleased at the other handful of pedestrians I took with him) and made quick work of my unleveled, unarmed-and-armored character. Having died twice in just a few minutes, I left online mode and haven't returned since. Personally I think the whole point of GTA is to CAUSE crimes, not be a victim of them. So to me, a slew of online players trying to cause crime on one another just doesn't fit the description of "entertaining" in my book.

Anyways, what I think you need to take from all of this is that GTA went back to what made GTA so great in the first place. GTA IV tried to be serious - your character wanted to get away from a life of crime... a game called "Grand Theft Auto." GTA V gives us a Trevor - a deranged psycopath who sees the glass not as half-full or half-empty, but as something that yearns to be shattered. GTA V adds back some of the mayhem, the larger-than-life crimes with just enough sillyness to make us smile about it in the end.

I think there's a great game here. Sure some people will yearn for more, but I've thoroughly enjoyed most of my time in the game. Oh and the graphics are amazing. I realize developers will get a better grasp of the Xbox One soon enough, but GTA V on the 360 looks as good as Dead Rising does on the Xbox One.
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on September 18, 2013
If you've ever played San Andreas then your going to love this, this game is not boring and there's alot to do, lots of off road vehicles for off-roading and lots of customization options for your cars.

Overall its a HUGE improvement over Grand Theft Auto IV, its brighter and more colorful, the people come to life in the game and better car handling, for people who care about graphics its a big improvement over IV but I'd like to point out that if you choose a game by its graphics then your never going to enjoy good games and being picky over graphics ruins the experience (but like I said they're great in this game).

No the game does NOT freeze, sadly I played it straight for over 10 hours without realizing it and it never froze nor did I experience any bugs at all, it played flawlessly, so I really don't know what these people are talking about it being buggy, if it doesn't freeze within that amount of time then I think its pretty obvious its not going to and maybe they are having problems with their Xbox and not the game.

The one thing that I do hate in this game is the crashes aren't as realistic is they are in IV, its similar when crashing in Saints Row, but I didn't pay $60 just so I could experience good crashes, I got it for free roaming, and after playing it for awhile you really don't even notice the cheesy crashes anymore, during gameplay you may notice things you don't like and an example of that would be the crashes, or maybe you don't like the way the planes and helicopters handle because of the wind blowing against it (the flying is realistic and helicopters are difficult to handle, which I like.. it'll make it harder for little kids to shoot me on multiplayer when they're in a chopper), but in my opinion this is the best Grand Theft Auto to date and I would strongly suggest you don't pass on this game because its worth it.

***THIS GAME IS RATED MATURE!!!***: so parents if you don't think your kids aren't mature enough to handle this game then DONT buy it for them, I'm sick of seeing parents complaining and the news making Grand Theft Auto games out to be a game that makes kids do bad things when in the first place the parents shouldn't even buy young kids a game that clearly says 17+ on the back and you have to be 17 and up to buy it, so please don't rate games badly based on your ignorance.

And if you get this game and notice that the online multilayer isn't up yet don't freak, it says its going to be up 2 weeks from this past 17th (GTA V release date)
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on February 3, 2014
I wasn't going to leave a review for this game seeing as I purchased it as a gift for my son and do not play myself... that is until last night when he came up to me and said "You know what, Dad? That game teaches you how to save money"..... Huh? HOW? I asked... "Well", he said "you have to save your money in order to get the things you want". Interesting! I have not heard this spin as of yet and it does make me feel a bit better letting him play it knowing that in a weird way it's teaching him how to budget his money in addition to pimpin' hoes and slappin' bitches.
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on June 27, 2015
Grand Theft Auto V is simply the best overall adult digital interactive entertainment ever created. An amazing achievement! It is so incredibly awesome; the only way to ensure this review could possibly do justice, is to advise buying it, put stereo headphones on, unplug yourself from this world and enter that one! [Los Santos]
perfect; 5 stars!

review image review image review image review image
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on April 30, 2014
GTV 5 is yet another open world exploration game made for players to travel and explore the huge continent while completing missions and enjoying everyday real world lifestyle. The game gives me a huge impression on the style of GTA San Andreas while certain elements were kept from the previous game, such as its nonrealstic, cartoonish-like graphics. Some improvements were made in GTA 5 such as driving, which was a big flaw in GTA 4, however, the graphics made the game look a bit cartoonish not as realistic as in GTA 4. This is a huge resemblance to GTA San Andreas as the same nonrealistic graphical atmosphere was produced compare with Vice City. Overall, it is quite an entertaining game. The biggest difference in this game is the choice of different players you can pick from which result in different story endings.
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on September 30, 2015
This game rocks! Being a 30+ year game vet. I've seen everything from PONG to what's on the shelves now.

The allowance for the 1st person aspect seems to almost give the game new meaning. Driving is a little harder and flying takes getting used to. Still, the 1st person aspect is like getting a new game and makes you want to play through the whole story over again.

There are a few irritations i have with this game like it being called "Grand Theft Auto"....and there are LOTS of cars you can't steal. I know, right, that's like calling something "Grand Eat Pancakes" and telling someone they can only eat the top one. Sooner or later, if you play long enough, you will get pulled into a few "glitches" that are irritating. I've actually seen someone get into a tank, that gets caught in a back alley and it looks like the tank is "break" dancing. Crazy, right?

Still, as a whole, the game is fantastic and they are still adding modes and possibilities to it so, die-hard games, BUY it!

Adult Content Honesty Warning: Now, i have to be honest to some parents here, there is a LOT of cursing going on during the Single player mode and you can walk down the street and hear a ton during the Multiplayer mode. .There is also a ton of blood and violence in this game, it was MADE for people who don't mind it.

For those of you who are against this kind of thing, this is my advice: Don't protest, don't write letters, don't complain....if you don't like it just don't buy it...and move on. History has shown us that, by making such a just make it more popular and make more people want to play it :)
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on September 17, 2013
Although I cannot review this game in its entirety, I can still tell you about some of the things ive noticed right away. I have not finished the game yet, but I am a good deal into it.

Before you even put in the playable disk you must install the first disk. Yes there are two disks, but do not install the second! (As in load it to your hard drive) Rockstar made an announcement about this, i just wanted to warn everyone aswell.

First off, as most gta games have been, you must complete a short mission before you can do whatever you like. No spoilers there.

Once you do get to free roam, it is amazing. The map is beautiful, and there is so much to do. This game is so far, amazing!
There was alot of debate about the driving engine in this game, I find it to be much better than gta 4.

-Amazing game
-Beautiful map
-Tons of stuff to do
-Driving is awesome

-You can say goodbye to your social life for a while!
-But on a serious note, there is no app for android to customize cars etc.
-Also there are some bugs. (Cars randomly flipping over, wrong clothes on character)
-no big glitches, but small things that make it not perfect.

Overall, Just buy it already! You're missing out!!

Update September 18th 2013.
-Loading (Or lack of loading) is flawless! You transition from cutscene to playing soo smoothly.
-The missions are extremely fun and have great variety!
-Ive played for about 8 hours (Focusing on missions) and im only 20% into the total missions.
-Switching weapons takes time to get used to, but is a great system overall
-Ive never been more into a story in a video game before!
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on December 18, 2013
This game was great I had a really fun time playing it A really fun think about it is that in the end each character gets about $42 million which is a nice thing but there's a twist at the end and I'm not going to spoil it for you. worth every penny
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on March 10, 2014
Best GTA so far! Aside from getting killed in the beginning of online play, the game is great. I would suggest that parents understand this is a FIRM MATURE RATING!!! Please do not buy this for your middle-schooler!!! Most of you will not heed that warning, but please understand that some of the language alone is pretty raw. I will not spend time talking about the other adult themed aspects of this game. Parents you have been warned!

Adult themes aside, this game has almost infinite game play. The size of the game world is huge and seamless. You can explore both within the single player story line that includes the perspective of three game avatars/characters, all with differing backgrounds.

Online play is fun for those that like to interact with other real life players. This adds an entire new level to the GTA chronicles. This is where game play is almost infinite. You can amass your own fortune playing a character you create, not one already pre-made. Plus, the character creation tool is very unique.

You can do jobs, race your cars, play the stock market, buy your own place, complete missions with friends.

I can go one, but this is a great game that will have you coming back to it. Well, perhaps until GTA VI comes out!
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on September 24, 2015
I love this game I play it all the time it's a very exciting game to play
review image
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