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on June 17, 2016
I'll be honest - this is the first Grand Theft Auto game that I've actually taken the time to complete the missions on. I have played GTA San Andreas and Vice City in the past, but by "played" I mean mostly just tear the city up with cheat codes to make myself invincible and have my own fun with it. Though I did buy this game back in July of 2015, I just recently got into it hardcore and dove through the rest of the missions in the last two weeks, mostly due to my not having a job at the moment and gaining a crap ton of free time to indulge in GTA. Anyway, onto my actual review of this amazing game.

People were not wrong when they said this game is so massive and detailed with numerous areas of Los Santos to explore and take on various complex missions in. Part of the fun is just driving around the big city and wandering off to the desert land and seeing what mischief I can put Trevor, Michael, or Franklin through. Though I haven't yet purchased the most fancy and souped-up cars or the biggest choppers available, it's still a lot of fun to bum around in the cars flowing through traffic and take on the cops when I'm feeling lucky. Generally, when I rack up one or two stars, it's not that difficult to evade the cops' paths and get away with my madness. As I hit 3 or the rare (for me) 4 stars, that's when I run into trouble and likely end up walking out of a hospital 10 minutes later. That's all just some of the craziness you can get yourself into, but let's move onto the three main characters, shall we?

Michael: Out of the three characters available, I enjoy Michael the most. While he goes after these incredibly insane heists and pulls in gobs of money behind authority, he tries to remain calm and collected about everything and not make the job any more difficult than it has to be. He's got a family that he cares immensely about, keeping them out of harm's way when deals may or may not fall through (spoiler?). He's also got a sweet house and certainly knows how to spend his money. I also just like his personality and how he handles situations throughout the game.

Franklin: "Rising" from the hood, Franklin is more on the neutral side for me. I don't like him, but I don't dislike him. He doesn't exactly have the life Michael has, but isn't down in the dumps like Trevor either. At the beginning of the game, life isn't really all rainbows and unicorns for Franklin, and not much is going his way or for him. As missions are completed and life progresses, however, it slowly changes for the better, without me giving too much away.

Trevor: Oh boy. Trevor is definitely his own person. I would never want to run into him in a dark alley in the middle of the day. There's no telling what he has in mind for anyone in GTA V, friend or foe. Half the time, when I played as Trevor during a mission or one of the "Strangers and Freaks" side missions, I never really knew what to expect from him during the cut scenes and interrogations. Really the only two what I would consider R-rated portions of the game for Trevor are is when he's first introduced in the game and when he meets with Floyd and Debra in Floyd's apartment.

Now that I've given some insight on each character and my take on them, I'd like to take some time for pros and cons. Sound good, yes?

- It's pretty damn easy to make money, and from various ways. There's the stock market, which, unlike in real life, doesn't ever crash, just dips up and down. Besides that, there are the heists that you accomplish which end up bringing in loads of cash, depending largely on who your crew members are. On the smaller side, there are random events that can lead to some pocket change as well.
- Guns are easy to get, maybe too easy. Just stop at Ammu-Nation when you've got some dough and you've got a plethora of weaponry to choose from.
- There's Vanilla Unicorn: Gentlemen's Club (aka Strip Club) right around Franklin's neighborhood that you can check out if you ever feel so inclined.
- Endless opportunity for exploring, new activities, having it out with the cops, races, you name it.

- I realize it's Rockstar, and this is a rated Mature game and all that stuff, but I still feel that they used the N word a little excessively. As one of the first posters mentioned, many of the lines are literally scripted with the N word in there at least 4 or 5 times. It's not like it affected me, because it didn't. It's just annoying when two characters are constantly babbling at each other with that kind of language, so I fully agree with that poster. Unfortunately, for me, this cost the game a star.
- There's kind of a lot you have to do to reach that 100% completion mark. Not only do you have to complete all 69 missions, but there are I think like 4 or 5 other categories of beefy material you need to cover in the game to really finish it off. I guess it's a con because after you've done it all, what else is there left to work towards in the game, besides more money?
- GTA Online requires Xbox Live Gold, so I'll probably never be online, but that isn't a huge issue anyway.

Other than that, this is an excellent game, and I highly recommend any GTA and Rockstar Games fans to check it out (and are of mature age of course, not sure if even 17 cuts it at a mature level with this one) and see for yourself just how large of a game this is and consider the amount of money, time, and effort that went into this beast of a video game.
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on September 24, 2014
The story is fun and brings back everything I loved about the past GTAs.

Pick up a hooker. Pay her. Shoot her in the face.

Trip on drugs and shoot aliens (very Saints Row of them).

The graphics are really good for the 360. The cars look amazing. The controls and the gameplay are amazing. The online is fun to an extent.

I will say that the online multiplayer really is an experience best done with friends. You will likely hear a bunch of 7-year olds arguing with 20-year olds and they will honestly have a verbal engagement. It's astonishing. You would think the young adult could just ignore the 7-year old's multiple conquests with his mother. He cannot, however. He must retaliate!

Or you will get the random level 300 guy with perfect armor on his vehicle that will try to kill you repeatedly. He will likely succeed because his vehicle can also survive a sticky bomb blast as well. You can't shoot him--forget that.

You will suffer playing with others in this game. They will kill you in cooperative missions. They will kill you in competitive missions.

It's still fun. The flying is great. I love to fly all the planes and helicopters and love the races. The parachuting mini-game is also a blast.

The game is also constantly given updates and gear to purchase. It's not going to be the exact same game everyone was playing 2 months ago.

The game overall is still a blast given its flaws. The single player was outstanding. The multiplayer helped to stretch it out.
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on December 30, 2013
I originally purchased this game at a local store for my son for Christmas. A few days later, I happened to be shopping on Amazon and noticed that Amazon offered this game for approximately $20.00 less than what I purchased it for. I quickly returned the game to my local store and ordered it from Amazon.

The game is definitely for older children (17+) and is not something you would want Granny or younger children to see or hear! In fact, I don’t really want to see or hear it! Not for the faint of heart at all. The violence is graphic, the swearing is plentiful... enough to make a truck driver blush, but the storylines are interesting and quickly draw in the player. My son has played it for hours since receiving it and he loves it. He said the graphics are really good too.

However, one issue to address is the fact that this game requires additional storage. My son’s Xbox 360 gaming system did not have enough storage capacity, thus requiring additional storage to be purchased in order to play the game. We went to our local electronic store to find out what we needed to purchase. We were advised that we needed to purchase an Xbox 360 flash drive. Of course, since it was Christmas, and I was apparently the only person in the world that didn't know that this game required additional storage, the local store had completely sold out of the flash drives. My son was clearly disappointed thinking that it may be several days before he would be able to play this game (I know, a “first world problem"); however, I decided to explore my options and see if an external hard drive would work. I purchased a “My Passport” Ultra portable hard drive with 2TB. After hooking up the portable hard drive to the USB port of the gaming system, we were able to follow the instructions on the television screen and load the game. So far, my son has not experienced any problems with using a non-Microsoft storage unit.

Thank you Amazon for offering this game at an affordable price!
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on April 8, 2015
This is another large leap in the GTA franchise from the GTA IV series to GTAV. The precursors were great games, but this game gives much more of a realistic 1st person feel than the other games. Which is ironic because you play as 3 characters. The characters have MUCH more personality than previous games. Steven Ogg takes this game up a notch. The graphics are much improved.

The best part, the game is still getting better! New online heists have become available recently bringing the unquestionably best part of this game online to play with your friends. All the DLCs have also been free. BUY THIS GAME. Unless you don't like violence.
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on October 20, 2013
Purchased this game day one and could only play for all of an hour before I had to turn it off. I was genuinely enjoying myself playing as Franklin, since his sidekick is one hilarious dude, but once you're forced into playing as the older White guy (can't remember his name) things started going downhill - fast. It was such a jarring shift from the streets of the Ghetto to playing as this rich White guy with no sidekick and no sense of humor. Just no. Yes, I do realize you can keep playing as Franklin, but to advance the storyline you're forced into playing one of the other characters, which I just wasn't down with.

Once Multiplayer was released however, things changed. For the past two consecutive weekends I've done nothing but stay at home and play online. The vast amount and variety of things to do are truly overwhelming at times. There is nothing quite like filling up a helicopter and robbing store to store, one guy grabs the goods while the rest defend against the waves of cops. Fun times.
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VINE VOICEon September 8, 2014
Just when you think it couldn't be any better, the folks at Rockstar top if off again! GTA 5 is awesome. It takes what we know and love about the GTA games, tweaks it a little, improves everything else, and we're left with this beautifully-made game!!! The graphics are improved - mechanics are improved. This thing is just so beautiful to watch! This time, you can play as several people, which is really cool. The way they cut from one person to another is really well-done and fun to watch. My only complaint so far, is that the crosshairs on the gun when aiming is super small! Like a single pixel! It's impossible to see - but hey - that's my only complaint! Otherwise it's a beautiful, smooth game. If you're a GTA fan like the rest of us - rest assured you will love this game!!!
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on May 12, 2014
So my 11 year old begged for this game & I thought it was a little too mature for him because way back when, when my husband played this game on play station 2, he felt like ramming a police car for a second as he passed. My husband quit the game then. Years pass & I forgot how "old" this game really seemed. It'snot a war game, it's a criminal & Ho game. When I finally got this for my 11 year old with his amazon dollars he got for his birthday, I walked in to see the drug smokin' car thieves & all of a sudden REMEMBERED how bad it gets. Soooo my son wasted his $$ and now cannot play this for a while... until he's slightly more mature. Years maybe... too bad so sad!!! And NOOOO all his friends DO NOT own this game.... just one who is totally unsupervised all the time.
As far as adult play?? This game is so stinkin' funny!! I love it! My 24 year old plays it and it's adult & drug humor are funny. It's a great fantasy game for us older twisted humor folks, but an 11 year old? NOPE!!
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on November 13, 2013
The beautiful attention to detail like your clothes getting wet up to where you wade, and when you get out, the water forms puddles on the ground. You car clinks when you shut off the engine as it cools down. The missions are a lot, 69 mission in total and I am only on 49. There are much more side missions, but the heists are where it's at. You gather crews for heists in the game to rob banks, or from jewelry stores, or steal submarines, and so on. They play out like a movie, and it is a blast. So far I have flown a small plane into a larger planes cargo loading ramp in the air, I jumped a motorcycle on top of a train and rode up to the engine, I robbed a bank and escaped down the street with a minigun and full body armor while the hundreds of cops chased after me. those are some of the many highlighted moments from the game.
The multiplayer is almost like a second campaign where you create a character and start small time but by doing missions and leveling up you become bigger and badder. I haven't played so much of that as campaign takes up most of my time, but I will once I finally beat the game.
Go play it, it's the best in the series IMO.
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on April 17, 2017
Not real sure about this version, it's not nearly as good as GTA3. Lots of aimless driving around. Bad gameplay with being 3 characters simultaneously, having to toggle back and forth. Some of the missions are absolutely boring - I was pretty disappointed. The graphics are just OK, nothing spectacular. This will be my last purchase of the series.
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on December 7, 2013
I had high expectations for this game even though I was never that big of a fan of the GTA series; I LOVED Red Dead Redemption to no end, and so was very interested in how dynamic and awesome and freeing this game looked.

I'm happy to say it exceeded expectations. I'm not really extremely attached to the characters in their storylines, but that's okay, because the rest of the game is so much fun. I dare say, it's quite therapeutic how real it is, and the sense of freedom. There are plenty of long reviews here, so I'll finish with Pros and Cons.

-Huge amount of freedom and just... too many hours of sadistic fun
-taking a nice walk or sane drive through the city is a beautiful and real-feeling experience, and almost as much fun as causing havoc
-really fun storyline
-dynamic, different characters that are very different from each other, and quite entertaining
-great driving, great shooting, and great graphics
-for those who live in the LA area, this game recreates many of those areas to scary detail and accuracy, including Venice Beach
-the small details are so extensive that you don't notice them until you play a different game

-as good as the shooting is, I was a bit disappointed because I felt it didn't live up to the Red Dead Redemption standards. Killing is nowhere near as fun or as detailed as in Red Dead
-Dying is a bit too easy, but hey, that's perfectly realistic so it's not so bad. I do wish it showed you die, rather than cutting off so early. There's something fun about watching yourself dead for longer than it allows in this game
-I don't feel too personally attached to the characters, but that doesn't take away from how fun they are
-Jumbo jets blow up way too easily... like if you drive into a trash can

So, despite some minor setbacks, this game is well beyond worth it if you need an escape! It's massive, and a great deal of fun. I still go back to Red Dead Redemption sometimes, but they are admittedly very different games, so that is okay with me!
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