Customer Reviews: Grand Theft Auto: Vice City - PC
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on June 10, 2003
I don't even know where to begin to tell you about GTA: Vice City. Do I begin with telling you how great the graphics are? Or do I tell you how much stuff there is to do here? Or do I tell you how freakin' entertaining the whole thing is? There is so much to cover with this game that it would take me more than my 1,000 word limit to tell you everything, so you will have to settle for this:
I will break it down in categories.
GRAPHICS - The game is gorgeous. Remember how cool GTA3's Liberty City was? Well Vice City is better - and prettier. You've got the sun shining, you've got the beach, you've got beautiful blue water, and you've got bright city lights at night. Oh yeah, and palm trees. These graphics will make you wish you were in Miami.
SOUND/MUSIC - The game's sound is great. The music...well, I'm not a huge 80s music fan, so I could live without most of the radio stations. I loved how in GTA3 all of the music was original, and I loved every one of the stations. However, every time I get into a car in Vice City, I usually find myself changing the station to KChat or the public radio. But hey, if you love Michael Jackson, Bryan Adams, Run DMC or even Ozzy Osbourne, you're in luck because their songs are all featured in the game, along with a ton of others.
GAMEPLAY/REPLAYABILITY - So what do you feel like doing? Do you feel like making the big bucks? Then follow the blip on your radar to the nearest head mission. Do you want to make a small amount of cash but try for a record (and get rewards, as well)? Then you can choose from the following: Ambulance missions, fire truck missions and vigilante missions go a little way to help you redeem your bad self, while giving you some quick cash. Other things you can do is deliver pizzas, drive a taxi, and deliver "ice cream" (this is only after you purchase the Ice Cream factory). Plus, there are tons of Rampage missions scattered all over the city. Once you make enough cash, you can start purchasing different properties around the city, which is convenient because every place you purchase gives you an extra saving area (whereas GTA3 only had 3 - one in each part of the city). Another thing you can do to make some cash is to participate in assorted events at The Stadium. For anyone who wants to know how to do this, go to the stadium when the game clock is close to 20:00. When the clock reaches that time, the Stadium's doors will open up and when you enter the building, you are entered in whatever contest is going on that particular day. As for the main missions, there are a whole lot of them. I have noticed, at least so far, that these missions are a tad easier than the ones in GTA3. But I'm not complaining, since I never have finished GTA3 because I got so annoyed with it. Hopefully I will be able to finish this one, but I can guarantee that to get up to the full 100% is going to be mighty difficult, even if you finish all of the main missions. This is because there is just so much to do in this game. The replayability is extremely high, seeing as though the game is so open-ended. If you keep failing at a mission, you can just take some time off and do whatever your little bad boy heart pleases. This way, you can still play the game and accomplish stuff, even when you're stuck on the main story. And by the way, the game's cut scenes are some of the best I have ever seen - or heard. The "acting" is superb - maybe because they got a real actor (Ray Liotta) to do the voice of the main character.
Okay, so what am I forgetting? Probably a lot. I will submit my review and then something else will come to mind that I will feel I should have added. But I've gone on for too long, so I will just wrap it up by saying this: I was hesitant to spend the big bucks on this game; I figured I would wait a few months for the price to drop. I based this hesitation on the fact that I own GTA3 and am extremely annoyed with it. But I was in a money spending mood, so I bought it regardless. I am so glad I did. This game is worth every cent you have to pay for it. It will provide you with hours and hours of enjoyment, and you will most likely become an addict. I know I have. In fact, I'm surprised I was able to tear myself away from it long enough to write this review.
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on February 27, 2003
This game expands the normal standard for the Grand Theft Auto series. Rockstar North has set the stage for games to come with the mastery of neon lighting in the beautifully lit Ocean Boulevard in the game, the hundreds of hotels and buildings. Ranging from the slums to the sights, Vice City is an ultimate getaway. When you want to take a break from the missions, and just relax, hop in your favorite sports car, jeep, or dune buggy, and take a cruise down the beachfront street. Then take a cruise down the beach, but be careful, there's people lying down and walking around on the beach (this time around). Then, when you feel like a little bit of golfing action, head over to the links for some fun. No, you can't play golf. But you can take a golf cart and drive around, then whack people with a club. The addition of the motorcycles (harleys, superbikes, mopeds, and dirtbikes) give this GTA a great edge. The helicopters add a great touch of fun and exhiliration, and none of this is to be found in GTA3. So my point is, if you want to lay back in a fantasy world, but can't do it in real life, then get this game. If you want to go on shooting sprees and the likes, get this game. It's everything you want. Practically a replication of real life.
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on May 19, 2003
I just got gta3 vice city for the pc and I haven't stopped playing it. And it is so much better than the last version of gta3. The addition of motorcycles and helicopters are simply awesome. The game runs alot smoother and no long freezes like it did in prior games. The graphics are amazing and the signs and stores fronts you can read perfectly. You need a great computer to run this baby. I've got a P4 2.2 Northwood and Geforce 3 graphics card.
Becareful before you buy this game, because you will spend hours and days of your life playing it. You may lose your job, your wife, your friends, and flunk out of school, if you can't tear yourself away from it. I would also advise that this game is not be purchased for kids under 15 due to its violent nature though.
This is the best single player game I've ever bought. If they made vice city a multiplayer game it would be perfect. You can play this game for 100s of hours and it never gets boring. The missions are almost endless and keep you coming back for more. It teaches problem solving although in a criminal mind format. There are always several ways to complete a mission, which makes this game so unique.
This game is a classic!
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on May 25, 2003
What can I say? GTA3 was an awesome game and Vice City is even better. If you thought you had freedom and power in GTA3, well, you're even bigger and badder in Vice City. Personally, I love all the modifications and additions that were made. The motorcycles and helicopters are so sweet and there are neat special effects (for example, when it's rainy, it's harder to stop your motorcycle as it tends to slide).
The missions are as fun as hell and although some are kinda challenging, they're usually worth it. After completing a series of missions, you can acquire property/businesses and start generating profits. I love the storyline and the fact that Tommy actually talks now... allowing you to gain power and respect. (You can also dress up in different outfits in accordance with your missions.)
Let's see... what else? OH! The graphics!! They're pretty sweet. The graphics are awesome (with the exception of a few of the characters during cut-in scenes) and I didn't have any problem running the game on my Win2k SP3, 1.2 Ghz Celeron machine with 384 meg ram and GeForce 4 Mx 420 (64 meg).
All in all, this is one of the best games out there with hours of gaming fun. Even if you have already completed the missions, you can have endless fun walking around and testing the power of your chainsaws, knives, or swords on other people. (It is addicting, though, so you might not want to start playing it if you have a lot of work to do.) If you're into games that let you do what you want, GET THIS GAME!
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on March 10, 2004
GTA: Vice City is an awesome game. I never seem to get bored of playing it, even though I've had it for awhile now.
Maybe it's 'cause I grew up during the 80s, and between the nostolgia trip, the music from the period and the whole "Me" generation attitude is represented; this game has made it as one of my favorite games of all time...
For you hardcore gamers out there, it's well worth the cost of snacks and fast food for hours upon hours of uninterrupted game play. Load up on caffeine, call in sick and take the phone off the hook!
Aside from the whole period "feel", this is still GTA here. It's all 'bout wrecking havoc with fast vehicles, and Vice City gives you a lot of new toys to play with. Helicopters, Motorcycles, Boats, Planes (that don't suck to try to fly like the Dodo from GTAIII), tanks, and an attack helicopter after you either beat the game, or get all of the hidden packages.
Weapons in the game are decent, anything from a chainsaw to a rocket launcher, you have plenty of new weapons of mass destruction.
One thing to say, you can use cheat codes in this game, but it reduces your infamy factor. Just words to the wise.
Now then, I've beat Vice City so many times, the missions are knocked out quick when I play a new game... the real joy I get from just driving around. It's just kind of cool to run from place to place in this game while listening to tunes off the stereo.
The other plus is when the whole 1980's nostalgia trip wears off, you can load up the MP3 folder with your own music and terrorize Vice City in style.
For other things to say, voices by Ray Liota, Jenna Jameson, Burt Reynolds, and more add to Vice City's "cool" factor. The soundtrack to this game includes a lot of actual music from the 80s, including everything from Joe Jackson's "Stepping out" to Iron Maiden's "Two Minutes to Midnight".
Also, you can buy property in Vice City, which can include businesses. This includes a strip club, a porno studio, a protection ring, your own drug "front", a shaddy cab company, a money counterfitting operation and more. The fun just doesn't stop!
This game rules, and I'm very much looking forward to when GTA: San Andreas comes out for PC (release for the PlayStation 2 is somewhere September according to rumors). I can't wait to see what time period, characters, and cars the new one is going to have!
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on May 20, 2003
Let's be very frank: This game is NOT for children. It deserves the "M" rating, so no whining about its adult themes.
If you are of proper age, then this is one of the greatest PC games ever. Graphics are much improved over the PS2 version, taking advantage of the high performance PC graphics boards. On the other hand, make sure you have a good video card and fast system to run it. I wouldn't try it without 256MB of memory and at least a GeForce 3 level videocard (but with those it runs just fine).
The nonlinear nature of the game is what keeps you coming back. You can take missions from various people (just as in GTA3) when you want to do it. Some missions advance the storyline, some do not. Having completed the storyline missions for the game, I am still barely halfway through everything there is to do in the game. You can count on playing this game repeatedly for the next year without getting tired of it.
For those who have played GTA3, Vice City is an evolutionary change. More vehicle types are available, and you can now go into some of the buildings you see (and create mayhem there). Vice City even allows ownership of property. All property you purchase gives you an extra save point (no more running all over the city just to save a game), and some open up side missions (once completed, that property then provides a side income- you just show up and pick it up).
The voice acting for the game (Ray Liotta, Jenna Jameson, Tom Sizemore, and more) is top notch. The cutscenes are definitely worth watching, and adds quite a bit of enjoyment to the game.
If you liked GTA3, then buy this game. If you tried GTA3 and didn't like it, then don't bother. If you never played GTA3, but you want to try out a game that is different from normal, linear games, you owe it to yourself to buy Vice City.
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on February 21, 2004
The first thing you need to know about this game is that you don't need a game-pad or joystick to play it. It can be mastered using a keyboard and a mouse, so if you have been putting off buying this for that reason, there is no reason to do so any longer. You must drop everything and run--RUN--to the nearest store to get it. It is by far the most enjoyable computer game ever made.

The reason it is so successful is that it is a combination of several different gaming genres: first-person shooter, racing, real-time strategy, arcade, and to a smaller degree, even role-playing. The hundreds of missions contained in it often contain elements of all five, although there are those which force you to concentrate on one. For example, in one of the "rampage" missions, you are called upon to blow up ten vessels in two minutes using a rocket-propelled grenade launcher. Playing it reminded me of an arcade game I played many years ago. I believe it was called Up Periscope or something, and all by itself, it was quite fun. I put quarter after quarter in the machine. But again, in Vice City, it is only one of literally hundreds of missions contained in the game.

Like its predecessor, the game starts with an animated sequence which describes how you get to Vice City, and you then go from one person to the next to perform tasks for them. Tasks usually involve racing to blow something up, or blasting some bad guy, or stealing something, etc. Between tasks, there are plenty of other things to do. Again, like the predecessor, there are vigilante missions, taxi missions, ambulance missions, etc. But unlike the predecessor, there are variations. The vigilante missions, for example, which are as fun as anything in the game, get more complex as you go along, with added passengers, added vehicles, and more dangerous weapons. Believe me, when three submachine-gun armed passengers get out of the car you've just run off the road, you'd better be prepared to blast away, and blast away quickly. They come right at you.

The graphics and sound are just wonderful; delightful to look at and to be a part of. I must confess I was a little worried. I didn't see how they could possibly improve on Liberty City in GTA3. But they did. This one is bigger and glitzier--still realistic--and there are also more buildings you can walk into. The biggest difference perhaps is that in VC you can actually buy up to fifteen buildings. This not only enables you to save your game in different parts of the city, it also allows you to make money after performing even more missions. Other improvements include the addition of motorcycles, helicopters, lots of boats, and many more cars.

Some have complained that the missions are too hard. I would disagree with this, with one exception. Yes, some require several replays before you can finally get them right, but eventually you will with enough practice and imagination. The one that I really hated though and wish was not included was the "Demolition Man" mission. In it, you are told to use a little remote-controlled helicopter to place bombs on several levels of a building across the street, and you only have a limited amount of time to do so. This was unbelievably difficult, and far more frustrating than fun. Even worse, if you just skip it, you will not be able to get to about eight missions. It would be nice if there were some option to allow one to turn off the timer or lengthen it or something, because this was really a pain. (It would also have been nice if the on-screen instructions would have let you know that you can make the helicopter go forward or backward by pressing 6 or 9 before finally discovering this online after playing the goddamned game twenty times.) Having said that, though, I will confess that I did eventually beat it. What a relief.

Others have complained that you should be able to save the game in the middle of a mission, but I disagree with this. Most of them are only a few minutes long. If you were allowed to stop the game every five seconds to set up everything just right, it would take the fun out of it. That should be left as it is.

But these are minor quibbles. The game is just an absolute riot. Bigger, better, faster, funnier than its predecessor, with more to do, more to look at, more characters, more radio stations, better sound, better graphics, better everything. When you turn on this game you are completely immersed in a different world, a world it's almost impossible to disengage yourself from.

Right now it's the standard. The best game out there.

(P. S. If you need help beating any of these missions, feel free to e mail me.)
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on January 7, 2004
This game could have been much better. It SHOULD have been much better. The designers clearly put a great deal of time and effort into this, trying to make it one of the best video games of all time. They very nearly succeeded.
So what's the problem? Why can't this reviewer give it 5 stars? Because there are far too many "checkpoint" missions. If you've played any previous version of GTA, you know what these are: you're not picking anybody up, you're not driving anybody anywhere, you're not blowing anything up, you're not assassinating anyone...the only point of the mission is to drive a car, boat, or plane (usually the latter two) through a certain number of "checkpoints" within a given amount of time. These missions tend to be extremely difficult, because if you make the slightest mistake you won't have enough time to finish.
But the problem isn't that the missions are too hard. There are plenty of other missions in the game that are a lot harder. The problem is that THEY SIMPLY AREN'T FUN. What were the designers thinking? What made them believe that forcing gamers to try and steer an unweildy boat around Vice City through dozens of "checkpoints" - and making most of us try it multiple times before passing it - would be fun? AND THERE ARE SO MANY OF THESE MISSIONS!!! There must be at least twice as many as they had in GTA III.
I don't mind attempting a mission 5 or 6 times in order to get it right, as long as the mission is fun (as in: blowing things up or trying to outrun the cops when I've got a level 5 warrant). I hate doing it even twice if the mission isn't fun. At times, the game designers simply lost sight of what video games are for: they're supposed to be an entertaining diversion, not tedious and annoying.
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on July 13, 2004
Be Forewarned: This game is NOT recommended for younger gamers due to the excessive violence, sex (R-rated), and crime related storyline.
I recently got this game via online auction for $10; just curious what all the hype was about. Let's get straight to the point:
The GOOD: Entertaining voice acting by Ray Liotta (Tommy Vercetti the main character), Dennis Hopper (Steve Scott, the porn king), Burt Reynolds (Avery Carrington, real estate mobster), Philip Michael Thomas (Lance Vance, Tommy's buddy), Deborah Harry (Taxi controller), Jenna Jameson (porn star), etc. Facinating storyline with funny plot twists. Open game format allows playing missions in any order you want, do what you want. LOTS of cars, motorcycles, planes, trucks, ambulances, helos, speedboats, RC airplanes, etc. to commandeer and wreak havoc. LOTS of weapons ranging from butcher knife to RPGs. LOTS of 80s music (Blondie, Rick James, A Flock of Seagulls, Wang Chung, Michael Jackson, etc) and chat parody on radio stations whenever inside a vehicle. Well plotted out city streets and ability to buy real estate and business properties as the game progresses. Some missions are tough and need careful planning and weapons selection. Add your own MP3s to listen to! You can even pick up hookers if you're driving a nice car. Just too much goodies!!!
The BAD: Awkward 3rd person view of main character (views can only be changed in vehicles) which means sometimes a structure or the back of Tommy's head can be blocking your view of the enemies. Background graphics can become ungainly and bulky close up (Kind of reminds me of old Tomb Raider games). Vehicle dynamics are purely video game style/not realistic simulations. Games can't be saved during missions and can only be done at "save" houses/properties. Vehicles always exploded when turned over even when there's minimal damage.
The UGLY: Game sometimes lock up (at the car dealership) even with video setting at my desktop 1280x1024x32 native resolution. The newest patch didn't help. Last but NOT least: TOMMY CAN'T SWIM!!!
Bottom Line: FUN and entertaining game at parties. NOT for younger kids or the politically correct. The 80's music collection ALONE is worth getting this game!
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on January 25, 2004
I don't know if the point-to-point timed missions just translate poorly to the PC version of GTA VC, but I found myself repeatedly playing through not fun elements of this thing that the programmers set as bars to opening up more options in the city. (The RC helicopter mission, boring to begin with, is virtually impossible on PC.)
I enjoy a lot about this game, but the virtually exact port of the PS2 version to PC should have been tweaked a bit.
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