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on May 27, 2009
I am currently deployed to Iraq and I needed an armband for my new iPod. I had a Belkin armband for my previous 3G Nano (which was stolen but I won't go into that discussion!), which was so-so: the armband itself was a little too short and it was difficult to use the scroll wheel through the plastic. I just happened to find the Tuneband and after all the great reviews I thought I would give it a try (not too many product reviews out there with so many 5 star ratings!). I am thoroughly pleased with this purchase. First of all, the silicone cover is super easy to put on the iPod; very flexible. I love the fact that it has a hole in the bottom to plug in the charger (that was another issue with the Belkin; every time I wanted to charge it I had to take the iPod out of the cover). The velcro strap is the perfect size for guys with larger arms (I'm no bodybuilder, but the Belkin was still a little short for my preference).

The one thing that kept me from buying this product right away was the cut-out plastic covers for the screen and scroll wheel (or is it click wheel?). I didn't really like the idea of having to cut out some plastic, but I went ahead and bought it anyways. Well, it did come with a sheet of sticky plastic covers to cut out...but Grantwood also includes pre-cut plastic covers! I was very happy when I saw this in the box. They are cut to the perfect size; just peel the backing and press in place. And they're not so sticky that you can't reposition them. Alot of the people writing reviews said they just left the scroll wheel cover off. I went ahead and put on the pre-cut wheel cover and you would never even know it's on there! It only covers the wheel itself, so it moves with the wheel, and it's very thin. That little feature had me completely sold on this product.

Some other reviews also make comment about the durability of the velcro itself. I've only had this product a short time but no issues whatsoever.

If you are looking for a simple, inexpensive armband that will fit larger arms with ease, this is the one!
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on September 19, 2017
It came with 2 sets of screen protectors, which went on well. The case seems sturdy and fits like a glove. The hole at the top for the hold button is set in the correct place and the bottom is mostly open--while still holding the ipod in place--so headphones and charger fit without taking the case off. Without stretching, the armband's circumference is ~12.5" to 20.5"; armband can also be removed.
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on November 28, 2009
Originally I bought Grantwood Technology's Run Wallet for my ID and a key, but discovered my nano would fit. I wrote this in my review, and one of the co-owners commented on my review that they also make this lovely device specifically for nanos. I bought one for me and one for my boyfriend (to fit the nano i'm getting him for Christmas) and - WOW! I was VERY impressed with the customer service, even though I didn't have any trouble. I received an email from Grantwood Technology (right after I ordered) saying if I accidently ordered the wrong skin (for wrong generation ipod), they would replace it for free. Luckily I ordered both correctly, but still it was very nice to know that the company REALLY wants their customers to be happy.

Now, about the actual product itself - it is very well designed and high quality. The silicone skin fits perfectly (i have the 3rd generation nano) and the silicone feels nice (not cheap). There aren't any sloppy seams in the silicone, seems to be very well made. Also, i like the fact that most of the bottom is open so the Nike Plus running gizmo I have can stick out of the bottom without any trouble (but the skin is obviously not open enough for the iPod to fall out!).

The skin has slots in the back for the Band to thread through. This means you can use the skin for everyday use, then slide the band through the back when you're going to run. I like the band a lot - it is fully adjustable, and just the right amount of stretch. When I adjust it for my arm, it doesn't slide down my arm, nor does it cut off circulation for being too tight. It stays put very comfortably.

The band is the same as the band for the Run Wallet I mentioned first. When I run outside, I will put both the Run Wallet (for key/ID) and the Nano skin on the same band. When I go to the the gym, I just use the ipod skin.

Oh, this product also came with a screen and click wheel protector. I overlooked this in the description so it was a surprise to me.

You can be sure if you have ANY trouble with Grantwood Technology's products, they will make it right. 5 stars!
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on February 5, 2011
After going through two previous iPod armbands which lasted less than 6 months each, my Tuneband just arrived and upon taking it out of the package, I can already tell it's going to last much longer than my two previous armbands. I previously had a griffen technologies armband and while it was comfortable and inexpensive, it was cheaply made and and the velcro pads began pulling off within the first month of use. You also had to take the ipod out of the the case in order to charge or synch with your computer. The Tuneband's armband itself is made of velcro (instead of relying on glued-on velcro circles) so there's no way for the velcro to pull off. It also allows for a perfect adjustment since you don't have to line up the velcro pads (with the other armbands, it was possible to be in-between sizes -- one adjustment was a little too big and the next size down was too small).

The skin allows for charging/synching without removing the ipod. The armband itself provides a snug comfortable fit and feels much more substantial than my previous armbands.

It's a little more expensive that some of the cheaper armbands, but worth the premium.

Feb 7 Update: I have noticed that the armband might be a little tight for people with big upper arms. My upper arm measures ~14" relaxed and I only have an additional 1", maybe 1.5" of slack to be able to loosen the band further. If you have 20" biceps, this isn't going to work for you.
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on January 23, 2010
Let's be honest here--even among the various kinds of iPod available, there's a great deal of variety between generations. My dad has an iPod, and for the holidays I wanted to get him an armband so he could wear it while working out. I couldn't very well ask him what kind he had without giving it away, and he lives in another state, so sneaking a peek was out of the question. I enlisted my mother's help to spy for me, and what she came back with was "It's tall, skinny, and gray." Thanks a lot, Mom.

I got her to give me dimensions, and placed my order, still worried I might have bought the wrong armband for what he owned. Imagine my surprise then when, the very day I placed the order, I got an e-mail from Grantwood Tech, telling me that, in the event I had ordered the wrong kind of skin to fit my iPod, I had only to reply to that e-mail, tell them the correct iPod and generation, and they would send along a new skin, absolutely free of charge. (This must happen A LOT.) All they asked was that I not throw out the armband itself, which fits all their iPod skins.

Sure enough, I got the wrong iPod skin for my dad. I replied to Grantwood's e-mail, explained the situation and gave them the new specs, and within a week I had a new, replacement skin at no cost--even though it was my own dumb fault for ordering the wrong product.

What an amazing level of customer service! I can't recommend them highly enough.

Oh, and the skin and armband work great. :-)
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on February 11, 2009
I purchased this product figuring it would be just another cheap addition to all the other armbands that I own, well I was wrong. After weeks of use while running, at work, and at the gym (5 times a week), I really need to share how amazed I am with this product. First off you CANNOT beat this price. Second, the design and materials used are nothing short of FLAWLESS!

Honestly people, I own so many different armbands, some of which I still own and some of which I have thrown away. Some expensive name brand items that I have purchased in the past are: Belkin, Griffin, and Apple, as well as some generic store brands from Circuit City and one from the Navy Exchange. Two of them had to be thrown away because they simply broke, and the others are too uncomfortable and are too bulky/heavy for what they are needed for.

The fitment is perfect and snug and has kept my Nano in brand new condition no matter how many times I have dropped it or banged it around at work.

I did not use the clear screen protector it came with, as it is not needed in my opinion. The click wheel is exposed so there is NO PROBLEM with controlling the iPod, unlike the many others with thick plastic covers over them, making it hard to control (quite irritating when you're running).

The armband itself is lightweight, EASY to use and VERY COMFORTABLE. Take it from me, the guy who has spent nearly 80 dollars on expensive brand name junk that doesn't even come close to this.
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on July 26, 2009
I have two Grantwood Technology tunebands for my two ipod nanos (3rd generation and 4th generation). I work out at the gym 4-5 times per week and I sweat quite heavily during the workouts and running sessions. I have owned my tuneband for the 3rd generation ipod nano for about 14 months and I have had the 4th gen. ipod nano for about 4-5 weeks. Both function very well for their intended purpose. I adjust the velcro strap everytime I use my ipod and I have not noticed the velcro losing the "tackiness" or the band fit losing overall integrity. I have honestly been quite surprised at how well my first tuneband has held up over the year, since I use it so often and I perspire on the armband during my workouts. I have even washed the strap and it still is holding up quite nicely. The strap is quite long, so I don't think most people will find that the fit is too snug or too big; it adjusts quite nicely to all arm sizes. I think the product is an excellent buy for the price. I have owned another brand of ipod holder and I was disappointed with product after a couple of months, but this product has worked very well for me. The fit, comfort, functionality and durability of this product are really great and I would recommend this product to anyone looking for an ipod holder to use for fitness and other sporting activities because it serves its purpose very well.
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on April 17, 2009
Since I started running I realized I need a case that would not only hold my nano but a case that allowed a space for the nike+ attachment. This is the perfect armband. It comes not only with an armband but with a silicone case for the nano. The silicone case allows for a space at the bottom for the nike+ attachment. The silicon case for the nano is easy to remove/put on the ipod and it protects the ipod. In fact I have left it on my ipod all the times even when I am not working out. There are no problems reaching the nano click wheel with the case on which I have seen with other cases. The arm band itself is very comfortable and easy to slip on and adjust. The strap is velcro. I have smaller arms so I can't say if it will fit all arms but I also had my husband put it on and it fit his arm just as easily. This is a really great armband for working out. It has kept my nano safe and dry! I am very happy with it.
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on February 26, 2011
My husband bought me an iPod several years ago, to use while I was working out. I intended to buy an armband and start using it, but I injured my knee. By the time I was able to work out again, I'd forgotten all about the iPod. My hubby found it again for me a couple of months ago, so I began searching for a 3rd Gen armband holder. Not a one in any stores nearby. For some reason, I resisted buying online and went through a few cheap generic mp3 player armbands, none of which was the right size. Both were made of material that wasn't entirely comfortable, and I finally broke down and started searching for one online. Third gen armbands are hard to come by these days! I FINALLY found this one, it had some positive reviews, so I gave it a try. This armband fits my iPod wonderfully well, is comfortable to work out in, everything you want from an armband. Since I just bought it, I can't comment on durability, but you can tell it's made of quality material. I expect it to last, and I'll definitely update if it doesn't.
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on September 24, 2016
I've been lifting with this thing for 5 years now (ordered Sept. 2011), and it still looks like it did the day i received it.

With that said, when I bought mine it was 12$. Im not sure why it's been marked up to 20$, especially since this particular iPod is quite outdated. But this little armband is definitely not worth 20$...
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