Customer Reviews: Gravity
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4.8 out of 5 stars
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on September 4, 2012
Coming off of the incredible "Rehab" and "Rehab: The Overdose," a much-publicized BET cypher appearance, and a universally well-received mixtape earlier this year, Lecrae has a lot of pressure to make "Gravity" the first mainstream Christian rap album. Does he succeed? My full thoughts on each song are below, although I'll give a brief explanation here (for those with limited time):
* Gravity is a significant album for Lecrae and for the industry. Interestingly, Lecrae has shifted focus on this album slightly; I wouldn't say he's "less Christian," but there's less rapping about theology (sorry, Rebel fans!) and more rapping about sin and other universally relatable concepts. I'd be surprised if there was a single track that didn't mention Jesus, directly or indirectly, but those expecting challenging lyrical theology may be disappointed (for those people, I recommend Shai Linne's "The Attributes of God").
* Because of the above mentioned focus on the sin of life, this album is probably the darkest Lecrae album ever, although the darkness is not immediately apparent from the production and sound. (Also, let's be real: "darkest Lecrae album" is not a very difficult bar to top; "dark" has never been a descriptive adjective for him)
* The production is possibly better than any Christian rap album ever, with the possible exception of Swoope's "Wake Up". High praise, indeed.
* I recommend buying the whole album to support Lecrae, but if you can't, at least pick up "Fallin' Down" - the album's standout track, in my opinion - and, depending on your tastes, "The Lucky Ones," "Walk With Me," "Free From It All," and/or "I Know."

Song-by-Song review
THE DROP - What a way to start the album! Lecrae is probably the best in the business in crafting album intros, with both "Check In" (Rehab) and "Rebel Intro" (Rebel) becoming instant classics upon my first listen. "The Drop" continues in that great tradition, with Lecrae giving the ultimate hype track for the album to come. He raps over a lush backdrop of violins and drum rolls, and the track's great production gives it a massive feel. By the end of the song, even a guitar solo has been worked into the musical proceedings. 4.5/5.

GRAVITY - Explaining the concept of the album a little more in-depth, the title track features Lecrae doing his lyrical thing and J.R. providing a solid hook. I'm not sure everything here meshes perfectly, but the individual components are all great on their own merits. 4/5.

WALK WITH ME - How does the Christian deal with pain and problems in the world? Lecrae tackles the question here, thoughtfully painting a picture of the problems of this life and praying for Christ's help. The upbeat, fun production on the song can distract you from the heartbreaking hook by Novel - "I say, `Lord, please won't you hear my cry?'/ I know that these walls can't hear me" - which reminded this listener of the trials of Job. 4.5/5.

FREE FROM IT ALL -Lecrae raps about the challenges of being in the spotlight and fans' expectations. It seems like it would be an unrelatable topic for the average listener, but it helps bring you into Lecrae's world and understand what incredible pressure he's under. Mathai's hook provides great perspective for the entire song: "Cameras flash, the curtains call, the credits roll down the screen / Critics laugh, they hate us all as they applaud / But should I fall / I'm still free from it all." 4.5/5.

FALLIN' DOWN - Absolutely epic from the first note to the close. Lecrae, Trip Lee, and Swoope are three of my favorite rappers in the genre and they definitely don't disappoint when working together. I haven't seen many Christian rap songs that really find a "groove," but this song finds it. The hook is great, the lyrical content and the verses are phenomenal, and the production is possibly the best on the entire album. 5/5.

FAKIN - I'd heard mixed things on this track prior to its being released, with some loving the song and others dismissing it as filler. Basically, your opinion on this song will come down to whether or not you like the average Reach template for a song; if you enjoy that style, this'll be entirely up your alley, and if you don't, you probably won't care for it. Personally, I'm a fan. The hook on this track is really cool. 4/5.

VIOLENCE - This may be one of the weirdest tracks Lecrae has ever released. It takes the reggae-ish sound of "Black Rose" from Church Clothes, slows it down a bit (gone is the machine-gun spit from that song), and what you're left with is a pretty cool song. I'm not a fan of the uncredited interludes from another rapper that briefly appear after each chorus, but that's all I have to complain about. 4/5.

MAYDAY - A very interesting song, featuring a verse by a secular rapper, Big K.R.I.T., and a verse by Lecrae. Although I can appreciate why a lot of people enjoy them, the verses don't do much for me personally. That being said, Ashthon Jones has a powerhouse voice and provides an amazing hook to the song. 3.5/5.

CONFESSIONS - A song that analyzes whether or not millionaires really have it all, with Lecrae explaining the emptiness of such lives. The hook's uncredited guest singer does a great job, and Lecrae's verses are well-done. This song is very good and enjoyable within the context of the album, although it's somewhat overshadowed by the other tracks present here. 3.5/5.

BUTTONS - A song for the ladies; as a teenage guy, I am probably not the target audience for the song, so bear in mind that your mileage may vary. Lecrae does some sing-rapping, but it doesn't really seem to add anything to the song. A filler track. 3/5.

POWER TRIP - Lecrae, Derek Minor (f.k.a. PRo), Sho Baraka, and Andy Mineo all take to this track, rapping about pride and humanity's compulsive need for power. Lecrae raps the hook: "Do you really want it all, the whole world in your pocket? / It'll make you a leader or a tyrant, you do the deciding." The production on this track is really exceptional, creating an interesting sonic landscape. 4.5/5.

LORD HAVE MERCY - The second single released from the album. Lecrae and Tedashii rap about their dark past and how Jesus saved them from their former lives. It's a good song, although it's a very popular topic for Christian rappers to go to and it doesn't really stand out. 3/5.

I KNOW - The first single released; a lot of people have very strong opinions on this song, and there's not a lot of middle ground here. You're either going to love this song or it's going to annoy you, much like "High" from Rehab or Trip Lee's "Robot" from earlier this year (I liked the former and disliked the latter; take that as you will). Personally, I think this song is really fun, and Lecrae's lyrical game is just as solid as the rest of the album. The high-pitched `I know's in the background have the potential to get annoying, but after listening to the song probably around 20 times, I haven't reached that point yet. 4.5/5.

TELL THE WORLD - The third single released. Mali Music provides a solid hook, but the real highlight here is Lecrae's verses. Secular listeners may not find much to take from this song, but Christians may very well geek out upon hearing this song, especially those who are particularly evangelically-minded. 4/5.

LUCKY ONES - Rudy Currence's hook is very pretty and the song has a light, ethereal sound, an uncommon sound for Christian rap. This could be the album's crossover track, akin to "Background" off Rehab. Lecrae saved the best for last on his verses, and closes the album on a very high note. 4.5/5.

Overall, while I don't think "Gravity" is Lecrae's best - I think "Rehab" continues to carry that distinction, although I know some may argue for "Rebel" - it's certainly a solid effort from one of Christian Hip-Hop's best and his most important yet. The album remains very focused on sin, consequently making it a very heavy album, despite its often fun production and its final two songs, which lighten the mood with rejoicing in Christ. It's an important album for the Christian rap industry, and I hope they succeed. Do your part and buy the album; you won't regret it and you'll be furthering the influence and ministry of one of Christian music's top artists.

EDITED 01/17/13: After four months of listening to the album, I've found that my perspectives changed on a few of the songs. As a customer, I sometimes wonder about the lasting value of albums. Here's my take on lasting value: "Gravity" doesn't have as much lasting value as Lecrae's other albums, but that fits with my initial assessment of it being a weaker (though very significant) album as a whole. It lasted longer than "Rebel" on my iPod, for what it's worth, but not nearly as long as "Rehab," which I still frequently listen to. As far as individual scoring bumps/falls go? "Falling Down" is still the best. "The Lucky Ones" and "The Drop" are still top-caliber. "Tell the World" and "Lord Have Mercy" have gotten a little bit better as I've gotten used to them; "Fakin'", shockingly, has aged very well, now becoming one of my album highlights. Meanwhile, "I Know," "Violence," and "Gravity" definitely didn't hold up quite as well as I thought they would; I agreed with a friend who told me that "Violence" just became grating after awhile. "Walk with Me" and "Free From It All" stand out less now, but they're still solid. Overall, the message is still the same -- "Gravity" is a solid if lesser effort from Lecrae. It is the quintessential four-star album. Let's hope that next time he gets all five.

And, seriously, if you haven't downloaded "Fallin' Down"... do that. No excuses.
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on September 6, 2012
This album definitely has great production, great lyrics, etc. Great album. I am really into fast paced rap from artists like GeeDA, D-Maub, etc, so the album was a little slow for me. Don't get me wrong, it is fantastic.

Here is the FULL track listing in case you did not know. This is every song possible that you can get:


1. The Drop (Intro)

2. Gravity feat. J.R.

3. Walk with Me feat. Novel

4. Free From It All feat. Mathai

5. Falling Down feat. Swoope and Trip Lee

6. Fakin' feat Thi'sl

7. Violence

8. Mayday feat Big K.R.I.T. and Ashthon Jones

9. Confe$$ions

10. Buttons

11. Power Trip feat. PRo, Sho Baraka and Andy Mineo

12. Lord Have Mercy feat. Tedashii

13. I Know

14. Tell the World feat. Mali Music

15. Lucky Ones feat. Rudy Currence


16. No Regrets (feat. Suzy Rock) [Bonus Track]

17. Higher (feat. Tenth Avenue North [Bonus Track]

18. Fuego (feat. KB) [Bonus Track]


19. "I Know" Tha Kracken Remix - [ ...]

20. "Misconception" DJ Official Remix - [ ... ]
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on September 4, 2012
This album is amazing! Lecrae gets straight to the point that he's here to proclaim the good news of the Gospel, and does so with urgency. Lecrae not only offers some of the best lyrics ever, but also mixes it up with some the of the sickest beats. Buy this album, you will not regret it!
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on September 4, 2012
All of the songs on this album work together to build an urgent tension about the weight of the issues Lecrae is rapping about. It definitely is a focused piece about the "gravity" of sin rather than a collection of songs like his previous albums which takes this one to another level. 5 Stars all the way. Get it!
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on November 18, 2012
Normally I don't even write reviews on cds or movies, but I had to do this one. I looked at all to low reviews on this cd for weeks and they kept me from buying this cd, but as time went on I decided to get it anyway to base my own opinion on it. Long story short don't believe these clowns that get on here and write negative comments because they fans of a certain label Lecrae chose NOT TO SIGN WITH and they mad Lecrae didn't sell his soul for some money like they would have. Lecrae still bringing it!!!
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on September 7, 2012
I was waiting on this album since he first announced he had plans for a new one. It really blew my mind, more so with the addition of Big K.R.I.T. as a featured artist on the track "Mayday" which in my opinion is the cherry on top of a sundae.
The production and feel to this album took a mainstream turn with alot of the instrumentals but Lecrae provided his powerful lyrics in each track of course there were some songs that were raved by critics as pointless tracks but each one gave the album a feel of it's own.
It was praised as the most important album in the history of Christian Hip-Hop music, but I disagree. This album is considered to me as one of the most important albums in HIP-HOP history because it shows this industry is not all about the drugs, sex, cars and lavish life styles other "artist" show in their songs but it has other more positive sides to it. As long as people keep supporting the mainstream artist REAL music will forever live in the Underground thanks to the major labels.
With that being said this album brings alot of passion in the lyrics as well as the instrumentals and Lecrae did a phenomenal job.
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on September 15, 2013
I purchased this as a gift & it arrived perfectly. This artist is really good & his lyrics are even better.
He takes Christian Rap to a whole different level. I don't think he labels himself as a Christian rap artist, but he raps about his story & his walk with God. Very good.
I am not into rap music, but his is very good.
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on February 19, 2014
This album has nice production and enough melody and lyric variety to remain interesting. For a person like me who has always liked intelligent hip-hop, and not the self-hyping junk that is popular, and also having come to faith in the last couple years, this was a worthy album indeed. Good enough across the board that I wanted the whole album.
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on October 7, 2015
Having bought Anomaly first and hearing Gravity I felt a lot of the sound effects and beats were brought over to Anomaly, polished up, and paced better. However on paying closer attention this album is very legitimately good and unique. Take time to listen to it, higher quality system the better, and you'll see what I mean. Lots of good stuff worked into it.
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on October 5, 2012
After Lecrae released the critically acclaimed mixtape "Church Clothes", Lecrae is back with his 6th studio album "Gravity.

Track by track Review
1. The Drop (Intro) - Highly energetic track to start of the album with. 5/5
2. Gravity feat. J.R. - 5/5, one of my favorites on the album.
3. Walk with Me feat. Novel - 4.5
4. Free From It All feat. Mathai - Great song 5/5 5. Fallin' Down feat. Swoope and Trip Lee - 4/5 one of my least favorite tracks on the album.
6. Fakin' feat Thi'sl - Thi'sl and Lecrae bring it on this track.
7. Violence - Another Favorite from the album
8. Mayday feat Big K.R.I.T. and Ashthon Jones - track produced by DJ Khalil (who produced a track off of Eminem's "Recovery" album for those who don't know who he is), amazing track by the way. 5/5
9. Confe$$ions - 5/5
10. Buttons - 5/5
11. Power Trip feat. PRo, Sho Baraka and Andy Mineo - 5/5, all of them bring in great vereses.
12. Lord Have Mercy feat. Tedashii - A single from the album featuring Lecrae & Tedashii. 5/5
13. I Know - Amazing song once again. 5/5

14. Tell the World feat. Mali Music - 4.5
15. Lucky Ones feat. Rudy Currence - Mellow track to end the album on but its still good. 4/5
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