Customer Reviews: Grease 2
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on July 20, 2010
Judging by the cover art, one of these actors will have a movie career after this.

"Grease 2" suffered from the same '80s sequel condition that "Caddyshack 2", "Short Circuit 2", or any non-Spielberg-related sequel had. The symptoms for this condition include not having all of the main cast from the first film (sans a few), not having the same charm and magic as the first, not having any memorable moments, and nothing significant to even merit a sequel. This movie did have Frenchy from the first movie, who goes back to high school to get into chemistry, but she only appeared in three scenes for exposition's sake, and after that she just vanished and everyone seem to forgot about her. I guess the actress got the paycheck and want nothing else to do with the sequel.

The story of "Grease 2" is essentially the same thing as "Grease 1", only gender-swapped. The foreign exchange student is a handsome nerd, and the attractive sexual-opposite is part of a feminine group that is deeply connected with the rebel biker-boys of the school. The only way for the nerd to get her attention is to be a cool biker-boy himself. I never felt a deep combination from Michelle Pfeiffer and Maxwell Caulfield because the way they initated their relationship was forced; the guy just looked at her and find her to be the one, and she kissed him from out of nowhere (granted, that was to upset the biker-boys, but she could've chose a less promiscuous option). The relationship between Olivia and John's character in "Grease" was believable since they used to have an affair before school started, so the main couple in this film was tacky. Plus, in the end, Pfeiffer's character didn't really appreciated Caulfield's character for himself, she just liked him for him becoming a badboy; that's not exactly a compelling message.

The first movie had some timeless musical classics as 'Summer Nights', 'Grease Lightning' and 'You're The One That I want'. What songs did "Grease 2" warm people's hearts? 'We're Gonna Score Tonight', 'Let's Do It for Our Country', and 'Reproduction'. I don't mind innuendo in my songs, but the songs themselves were not interesting. At least in "Xanadu", despite my eyes being abused by the sight of flashing lights and gaudy costumes, I was both blinded and pleased with some catchy tunes. Here, they don't really caught my ear, and the musical numbers were lousy at worst; a couple of them have a few instances of off-screen singing while the people are dancing, and a few others have people spoke but not in tune to the music; it worked for the 'he's sounds like a drag' line in Grease, but not here.

"Grease 2" is an underwhelming sequel through and through. Maybe most hardcore Grease fans would forgive it, but I can't say the same.
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on June 23, 2010
The original "Grease" was born all those many years ago as an affectionate memory of a Chicago high school in the 1950s. It went through a lot of changes on Its way through Broadway to Hollywood, but at least when John Travolta whipped out his pocket comb and slicked back his hair, we knew we were in the right era.

"Grease 2" on the other hand, seems adrift in time. It claims to be set in 1961, and maybe the clothes are about right, although that 1950 Studebaker looks a little dated. But what Is this movie about? The original "Grease" was about American class warfare. In the sequel (or retread), everybody seems to be on the same side.

Example: The members of a motorcycle gang loiter In front of the high school. A sexy teacher (Connie Stevens) tells them, "I want to see all of you in art appreciation class." One lout replies, "And we wanna see all of you in class, too, teacher." Rude and obnoxious, right? Not according to the teacher, who winks and says, "Maybe you will!"

That's absolutely wrong, but it's the kind of mistake "Grease 2" makes all the time. If the teachers are unshockable, if they're on the same wave length as the students; if there are no appalled double-takes, then where's the fun? Greasers are supposed to be a little dangerous, I think -- wild delinquents poised to prowl the blackboard jungle. All the kids in this movie look too old, too innocent, too safe.

That's especially true of the hero, played by Maxwell Caulfield as an Australian preppie who turns into a biker. He arrives for the first day of school as a real straight arrow, but then he falls in love with the girl (Michelle Pfeiffer) who's the leader of the motorcycle gang's ladies' auxiliary. To impress her, Caulfield buys a bike, learns to ride it and starts turning up at high school events with a mask on.

His stunts on the bike seem to qualify him for Evel Knievel's old gigs, but he lacks any aura of threat or sexuality; he's about as
dangerous as Pat Boone in "April Love," a movie "Grease 2" resembles more than it does "Grease." The movie seems assembled off the shelf. There are no inspired songs In it, the big dance numbers seem to be exercises in crowd control, and the story is this idiotic: It depends on how long it will take Pfeiffer to figure out that Caulfield is the guy behind the mask.

Does she care? Do we? The "Grease" chemistry between Travolta and Olivia Newton-John is lacking in the Pfeiffer-Caulfield match, maybe because all Caulfield does is stand around and look quizzical and mysterious, in between shots where a stunt double does his trick riding for him (that's when the mask comes in really handy). Amazingly, Caulfield doesn't even dance much, and there's nothing to equal Travolta's great dance sequences in the original. With the whole world to choose from, couldn't they have found a good dancer for the lead?

As for the period itself, take my word for it, whatever "Grease" said about 1959 goes for 1961, too. Things didn't start to change in high school until the Beatles broke loose in 1963. "Grease 2" doesn't even have the Imagination to be about a different period (nor is it really about 1961, for that matter).

After the late-'50s greaser and Elvis era, he most dramatic high school eras (from a visual point of view) were the Beatles period, the late-'60s flower-power period, the Watergate anti-war period and now maybe the punk period.

"Grease 2" could have been about any of them, and found new satiric points to make, new costume and set possibilities and new kinds of music (instead of more ripped-off early rock). Instead, this movie just recycles "Grease," without the stars, without the energy, without the freshness and without the grease.
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on October 16, 1999
My 12 year old daughter liked it and wants it for Christmas. If you have someone in that age category, chances are good that person will like it as much. P.S. I read the other reviews and long for the days when people could write and spell correctly.
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on March 27, 1999
NO WHERE near the original. I don't think the actors/actresses are near good and everything is just... 2nd quality. NOt much good looks either unlike the earlier cast.
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on February 15, 2002
This movie is a huge mistake. There is no real plot; the entire show is episodic to a fault. The songs will leave your thankful memory by the time the tape is rewound. Still, there is a strange fascination to it, comparable to, say, a train wreck. Shake your head in pity at Didi Conn gathering a paycheck while attempting to bridge this sequel to the superior original. Gasp with amazement at Adrian Zmed's hair, a feat of architecture that defies gravity, logic, and good taste. Admire Michelle Pfeiffer for making a successful career after this resume-killer. (Not since Jessica Lange transceded the remake of KING KONG ...) Laugh hysterically at the 28- to 45-year-old cast impersonating high school teens ... and expecting us to buy it!! Wonder at the utter cluelessness of Allan Carr for thinking thinking that this would sell, and then remind yourself that this was the man who gave us CAN'T STOP THE MUSIC and the remake of WHERE THE BOYS ARE. Most of all, watch this and thank your lucky stars you weren't in it.
If any other movie deserves the ROCKY HORROR treatment, this is it.
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on June 24, 2009
I've read alot of the reviews of Grease2 on this sight and must say I agree with most of the bad ones,It is a pretty badly acted,badly written movie,Not to mention the dumb songs But the one thing that I've read alot is about the ages of the cast being too old,butif you look at Grease1 John Travolta was 24 and the youngest of the leads. Olivia Newton-John was 30 at the time Jeff Conaway was 28 and most laughably Stockard Channing was 34 yrs old.and looked like a high schooler like I at 46 look like a high schooler.But the most laughable part is that Stephanie looks at the "Cool Rider" in the face albeit while he is wearing goggles and doesn't have a clue????as to who he is.The music is pure 80s kitsch and not anything 50s or 60s. Lorna Luft WTF she sucks and blows at the same time .she can't act can't sing and she's 30 yrs. old and looks 40. Maybe there wasn't a script at all and they told the "actors" to act like people would believe they were a tough gang.And the girls to act like they were empty headed bimbos who all the other students at Rydell would respect and fear.or maybe the script writers were high and or drunk and it sounded good at the time.
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on October 24, 2015
I love Michelle Pfeiffer so I wanted nothing more than to like this movie. I hosted a Grease movie party and this movie followed the original Grease. Our party of about a dozen people had enough after about 40 minutes. It wasn't the most, to say the least!

Warning: any amount of time spent watching this is time you will never get back.
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on December 8, 2002
Grease 2 was amazingly bad. People had warned me it was, but I still had higher expectations, at least for the music!
The acting in this was ok, but the music, bleach! Okay, the song "Reproduction" was fun, but the rest were pretty terrible...the songs aren't even half as good as "Summer Nights" or "Greased Lightnin'" from the original Grease.
Overall, Grease 2 was really terrible. If you love the original Grease and it would bother you to see something about the same school--and even one of the same characters--that is so stupid, don't watch it.
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on August 29, 2006
"Grease 2" is an incredibly deceptive movie. From the title, you would assume that it's a sequel to the enormously popular "Grease" from several years earlier. But no such luck. Not only do John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John not even make a cameo appearance, neither do any of the other principal characters from the first film. Further, "Grease 2" has very little to do with the original "Grease", other than taking its name for tie-in purposes, the fact that the "hero", Michael is "Grease"'s Sandy's English cousin and the film is set at the fictional Rydell High. Otherwise, "Grease 2" could not be further removed from "Grease". True, G2 does attempt to be a musical. With exceedingly painful results. Nowhere will you find the catchy, time appropriate tunes that were pleasantly scattered throughout "Grease". These offerings are dismal and just flat out horrid ("Reproduction", sang during high school biology about pollen, etc. is particularly painful)

The casting is equally bizarre. Michelle Pfeiffer is lovely and her singing is not bad, but some of the scenes are embarassing to watch. Maxwell Caufield doesn't have much to do with his role as a lovestruck shy Romeo. Adrian Zmed was terribly miscast at the T-Birds' leader and "bad boy". Lorna Luft was inexplicably cast as the Marilyn Monroe of the group (inexplicable due primarily to Luft's age). As a whole, the actors were much too old to be playing high school students.

The second deception point? That G2 might follow in the dubious footsteps of such so-bad-they're-good films as "Xanadu". G2 doesn't manage to hit that level of awfulness. It's not so awful it's good . . . it's just plain awful.
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on December 4, 1999
Ok, as if the origional Grease was not enough, now we have a brand new generation of John Travoltia wannabees. Now, if you shuffel aside the 'little' details, (such as no new plot, acting that shames even the cast of Delta Force **shivers**, and the lack of new designing on jackets) you find yourself with a corny plot that you are just SOMEHOW fixated to.
Beware, unless you have great self-disipline, you will be sucked into this movie--and completely regrett it afterwards!
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