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on January 27, 2015
For several years I have been unsucessful in finding a good tasting Popcorn to pop at home. I wanted to avoid the packaged microwave type that I had been using. After trying all the popcorn that was available in my local supermarkets and being disappointed, I checked out Amazon and noticed Great Northern Popcorn listed and was impressed with it's description and decided to give it a try. I was startled when I popped the first batch because almost all the kernels popped. The reason being is that a prominent USA brand of popcorn brags that almost all their kernels pop but unfortunately they have no taste! After tasting the first handful of Great Northern Popcorn I was greatly relieved! I finally found the best tasting Popcorn at a great value and not to mention almost all of their kernels Pop!!!
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on October 11, 2013
We had the popcorn a few times after buying two bags of it. It was delicious.
I then made it tonight and there were strange bugs in the bag that had been sealed in a glass jar.
I checked the other unopened bag and there were at least 20 live black bugs that I saw in the sealed bag.

Unfortunately no pesticides means bugs can hitch a ride. I just threw away 1 and 3/4 bag at about $20.

We really liked the flavor too. Bummer.
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on April 28, 2012
I'm a popcorn conoisseuer, there's few things I love more. And due to health issues I've decided to stick with organic popcorn after doing some research on what things are essential to buy organic and popcorn is one of them. As far as the batch I received of Great Northern Organic popcorn, many of the kernels were very hard to chew, but worse than that, there was a funny taste to several of the bites of each batch I've popped. I can only describe it as a distinctly moldy taste and the bites that didn't have it tasted sort of dirty. I don't know how else to describe it. I've never had worse tasting popcorn in my life! Reading other reviews shows me not everyone is having these problems so perhaps I just got a very bad batch? I will be trying other brands from now on as I continue my quest for organic popcorn perfection.
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VINE VOICEon June 17, 2015
Using the Presto 04820 PopLite Hot Air Popper, the unpopped kernels are almost non-existent. This popcorn pops up beautifully, with virtually no waste. Typically there are two or three, maybe four unpopped kernals that fly out into the bowel at the beginning of the popping process, but about the same number that are left in the popper when everything has stopped popping - in other words, virtually no waste.

And while I don't like plain popcorn, this is ALMOST good enough to eat without anything on it. But I'll stick to good old fashioned butter and salt. Regardless, this popcorn is about the best we've ever tasted, and is the only brand we intend to purchase in the future. What else could one want: it's organic, non-GMO, has great flavor, and there is almost zero waste!
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on October 24, 2013
When I started to pop the popcorn in my air popper I noticed little black pieces at the bottom of the bowl. At first I thought they were flakes of corn that had been crisped in the popper. Then I looked closer and saw they were actually bugs! Then I looked in the bag and there were live bugs crawling around in the bag. Unfortunately, I had already ordered another one which had just arrived, so I inspected the unopened bag closely, and sure enough there were live bugs crawling around inside the bag. I looked them up and they are weevils. I immediately checked to make sure I didn't have an infestation now in my cupboards, and hoped I hadn't eaten any weevils already since this was my third bag in three months. Wow! What kind of quality control is going on with Amazon food products? I will never buy popcorn again from Amazon, that is for sure, and maybe not any food products.
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on November 16, 2013
This is horrible! I've had this brand before, but this latest batch (we bought five of these bags) was heavily infested with bugs... after popping a bowl for sister in law, my wife said "Stacy, do not eat that popcorn!!!"... I went over to look at why she was horrified, and saw possible thousands of bugs crawling around that had just hatched inside this bag. Checked the other bags and same thing. Hopefully they did not get out of the bag into our other food. I happen to be sick last couple days, and wondering if it had something to do with eating these a few nights ago... hoping that the heat of the popper killed the unhatched larvae that I unfortunately consumed.

Would very much like the manufacturer to provide an explanation.

Would also like others to speak up if this happened to them... Imagining that this is broader than just the bags shipped to me.
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on July 30, 2012
Good: Pops just right - not small/chewy like store-brand popcorn, and not huge and dry like the super-premium stuff. Good price per pound, and this 5-lb bag is just the right size - most of Amazon's bulk offerings are 10-20 lbs which, unless you're mass-popping for an event, guarantees that the last few pounds will be stale.

Bad: Large portion of unpopped kernels; expect 10-15% duds unless you want to risk burning the entire batch. By comparison, Orville Redenbacher leaves under 5% in this same popper.

Bottom line: If the "organic" part is important to you, this is the brand to buy. If not it's still worthwhile; not quite in the Orville R. stratosphere, but it's good and tasty and costs a LOT less.

Tested with a Presto Power-Pop with fresh disc, in a 1250 watt GE microwave.
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on April 23, 2014
We love this popcorn and this is the second double pack (ten pounds total) we have purchased. We pop it up in a whirly stove-top popper with a tblsp or coconut oil and it is absolutely delicious and pops well. We have tried other brands of organic popcorn and have been sorely disappointed as some is tough, some doesn't pop, and some produces very small pieces. Great Northern pops BIG, is very tender, and when popped with coconut oil, doesn't even need butter........though we often add it. Highly recommended!
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on October 27, 2013
I bought this a year ago. Popping in oil on the stove resulted in popcorn with a hard, impossible-to-chew center. The flavor of the rest of the puff was absolutely delicious so I tried a different method - others might consider it too much work, but it is now my preferred cooking method:

I use two stoneware bowls, no oil, and two oven mitts. One bowl preheats in the microwave for 30 sec. while I measure 3 Tbsp. of kernels into the other bowl. I pour that into the warmed bowl and sit that bowl on top of the other like a clamshell. Nuke for 3 min. Pull out carefully with mitts and crack into a serving bowl. Unpopped kernels can go back in to try to pop more for another min. I do one or two 3 Tbsp. batches.

Note: a friend bought this same product recently and pops in a Dutch oven with oil on her stove top with no texture problems at all. Perhaps the crops vary season to season?
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on July 7, 2016
I have tried other organic popcorn with poor results. This popcorn pops similarly to high-end commercial brands. The popped kernels are big and fluffy. Tastes great. No chemicals or stabilizers.

I use sunflower oil. Please note that the oil WILL make a difference in the quality of the pop. ( I stay away from rapeseed (canola), soybean, and GMO oils. ) I just put just enough oil in to cover the base of a heavy bottom stainless pot. ( A thin pot will scorch.) I put the popcorn in to cover the bottom of the pan with one layer of kernels and cover. I turns my stove on high and let it get hot. The popcorn starts to pop and I wait about a minute or so and cut off the heat. The corn will continue to pop on its own. No shaking needed. Once popping stops, I wait a few minutes for any late bloomers and dump in a bowl. I wipe to the pan and give it a quick swish to remove the oil residue.
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