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on July 19, 2014
Gets the job done well! A 4' 10" kid mowed the lawn with it with relative ease, although someone taller/stronger has an easier time. Tall grass required multiple passes. For the first cut it was set to the highest height. For the second cut, I moved to the factory set height where all three holes lined up.

Actual Field Conditions:
Desert SW, bermuda grass from seed, first cut after growing for 7 wks from seed, patches of very tall grass (up to 7in tall) next to low patchy spots next to normal areas. Cutting every 5 -7 days during summer. The kids like the taller grass height. Tiny 532sf lawn, so a gas or electric mower doesn't make sense for such a small lawn.

Decent price, easy assembly, not too heavy while being heavy enough to mow, able to cut slightly wet lawn, quiet, takes little storage space, green (environmentally speaking)

Height adjustment requires two wrenches, plastic parts for height adjustment, plastic height adjustment rollers, does not turn 180 degrees easily (not willing to risk resting entire weight of the mower on the plastic components), rubbery foam handle covers do not inspire confidence they will hold up for long.

Notes: (not necessarily cons or pros but more so related to the general nature and expectations for this tool)
Requires multiple passes for tall grass (possibly from different directions), requires 6-8 inch overlap on rows to avoid skinny strips of uncut grass, does not cut up to the edge, may need trimmer to cut lawn borders depending on what you have adjacent to your lawn. Cannot speak to longevity of blade sharpness yet. Does not cut going backwards. Will not cut tall weeds.

Use a dollar store broom or brush to brush out grass cuttings when they stop up the mower.

Bottom Line:
I like it and would buy it again and recommend it.
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on June 1, 2017
I have a small yard and a real lawnmower would be overkill. In fact, I originally just weedwhacked all of grass. I thought it would be cool to have a old time lawnmower. My lawn in a L shape with a herb garden int he middle so most of the work is edging and I still end up basically weedwhacking the entire lawn. I notice that this mower has trouble cutting the long seed stems that come up out of the grass. They bend so much the blade has trouble cutting them.

You need to have since straight runs to get the most out of this mower. You need to get up to speed for it to cut effectively. If you have a small yard with lots of corners it will not do you much good. I will say the quality of the mower is good overall, just not that effective for my yard.
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on September 7, 2016
I have about 2000 sq ft to mow and this is a good mower for my flat yard. Got a nice cut from the mower. I don't have trees to deal with so an ideal yard for the mower. I would say it is about 20% harder to mow using your own power. I'm a 62 y/o male so I'm sure younger people would not notice much difference. It is good exercise for me though so I'm not complaining. One frustrating thing is getting jams due to small pieces of mulch stuck in the blades. Doesn't take a big piece to do it. Next year i'm going with pine mulch to get away from this problem.

Overall I'm satisfied and would buy it again. But I wouldn't own one for a medium to large lot.
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on July 24, 2015
I bought this in the spring of 2012 and it worked great through three summers, then in late spring 2015 I started having a problem with the gears only intermittently engaging the rotating cage when it was pushed. By early summer it became unusable. I assumed that the PLASTIC pinion gears had become stripped out and bought replacement ones, and sure enough that was the problem, now it works fine with the new gears (the inside part that engages the "pawls" stripped on both left and right gears -- the teeth on the gears that engage the wheels were just fine) .

The only complaint I have is that two gears that cost $1.80 each from the Great States website cost $6.00 to ship UPS Ground. So now I'm out $9.60 to pay to replace a part that should not fail after only 3 years of moderate use. When I first bought it I assumed it would pay for itself in the savings from not having to buy gas in just a few years, but since it looks like I'll be buying new pinion gears every three or so years it won't be quite the bargain that I had hoped for.

As far as the cutting ability on a bermuda grass lawn goes, it works just fine so long as the grass is no taller than a couple of inches, no complaints there (esp after sharpening the blades by "back lapping" them, which was much easier than I had expected it would be). Now if they could just equip it with proper metal pinion gears that won't strip out so easily it would be a 5-star reel mower (or Great States could at least not charge outrageous shipping charges for two very light plastic parts) -- or they could at least ship it with a set of replacement gears for when the first ones fail.
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on September 16, 2016
Does a nice job of cutting my Bermuda grass lawn. Assembly was easy and only took a few minutes. Does not work well in tall grass, but I find that cutting my lawn about once a week keeps it in check. Much quieter than a gas or electric mower and a nice bit of exercise if you don't have too large a yard. I think the scissor-like cutting action of a reel mower makes for a neater, healthier lawn. Only complaint is that I wish it was 20 inches wide.

Maintenance so far has consisted of blowing out the clippings and applying WD-40 to the blades.
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on June 29, 2016
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on January 12, 2015
Works very well on my Tiffway Bermudagrass lawn except for a few small points. First, it's very light so it tends to bounce around a fair bit over moderate terrain. Second, and related to its lightness, it struggles a bit over thick patches, and requires a few passes which I usually accomplish by doing significant overlap on each pass. The same property also makes it hard to condition to a lower setting (shorter grass) once you get a solid carpet going.

On my relatively small suburban lawn it works great, and I'm glad to be able to cut my grass in the morning without disturbing neighbors, but it is time consuming. Also the wide gap between the end of the blades and the wheels (about 5 inches) means I must use a trimmer/edger.
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on May 12, 2014
I bought this to get exercise, and also to limit noise in the neighborhood. It reminded me of the depression-era mower we used when I was a kid, a mower that lasted for more than a half-century. Well, it now uses plastic, so I doubt it will last 50 years. But it's fairly well made, and cuts just fine. It's easy to assemble, and the height of the reel adjusts. We have St Augustine grass, and it does OK cutting such spongy, tough grass. The basket was a flop, and I stopped using it. The basket works well on blade grass like we have out front, but it was useless with the St Augustine. It's easy to keep it working well. Just spray WD40 on the moving parts and off you go. All that said, I went back to a weekly gardener and now this thing is decorative. I'll play tennis or walk the dog for my exercise.
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on October 7, 2013
So easy. I have a 1000 sq feet lawn and it works really well. I put in winter rye grass and it cuts like a dream. The force needed to push this is like pushing a shopping cart full of 4 gallons of water so it doesn't really take much to push it.

my lawn is not 100% flat like some of the reviews are saying you need. bumps and all and it keeps on cutting with ease.

My lawn is weed free and twig free.

I don't know why I kept using a gas powered mower for so long.

Buy it for $87.00 and don't think twice.

!!!! Update !!!! 9/19/2016

Still works great. This is a very good mower. But as you can see it has gone up some.

I still love this mower. Made to last a life time.
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on August 7, 2009
I bought this mower because we moved to a townhouse with a small yard AND because it is a much greener alternative to gasoline mowers. This mower works exactly as advertised, and exactly as I remember them working when I was a kid. Thick grass (like big crab grass clumps) will stop it dead if you don't put some speed behind your push, and it won't cut anything taller than six inches. If you are used to lining up your wheel marks for your next pass, that is different too, because the wheels are outside of your cutting path. These are, in my opinion, fair trade-offs for being able to cut my grass in near silence whenever I want with ZERO emissions and no noise pollution.
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