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on October 22, 2015
MGM has done an absolutely terrible job with this product. I have the first three seasons, and for ALL of them the plastic flipper has broken on the inside. Even beyond that, the discs are very difficult to remove from the case. It's an annoyance to deal with every single time I want to watch an episode. Other annoyances are the MGM and other logos that show before and after every episode. There are also very lame menus that do nothing but spoil the endings of most episodes.

But by far my biggest complaint is that the discs themselves have problems. Again, I have three seasons on disc and virtually every single disc has playback errors. It isn't every episode. It isn't even most episodes, but it is multiple episodes on both sides of almost every disc. And it happens in both my PS3 and my laptop, so it isn't the player. That is inexcusable, and the only reason I haven't demanded my money back is that I discovered these problems too long after I purchased the discs.

So buyer beware. You may think you have finally purchased your favorite show on DVD, but you're only getting part of it.
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on April 5, 2017
My 2 DVDs work perfectly and the show is absolutely one of the goofiest, dumbest and wonderful ones I have ever watched. If you loved Green Acres or want to try it out sometime, this is the set to get! The cornball & gentle humor is joy to behold!
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on March 26, 2016
This is a silly show that gets sillier with each episode. Some of the content was probably considered pretty racy back in the 1960's. I love it because it brings back memories of me watching this with my father when I was very little. Now, rewatching it with my own children, I find myself cringing a little with some of the comments the characters make. All in all, it is still funny and I have enjoyed watching it all over again.
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on January 23, 2004
Before fully, giving my opinion on this release, let me tell you how much I've wanted it. For the past 3 years I've been searching for this... here at Amazon. That's right, every once in a while I would bring up the 'dvd' section, type in 'Green Acres', and up popped Fried 'Green' Tomatoes and anything that had 'Green' in it or 'Acres'. And then one day to my surprise back in Dec.03 it came up... Green Acres! I am there!
Ok. So now my discs have arrived... can't complain about that price point, the extras are absent but anyone that has any old time shows expected it, however, one of my discs were scratched. The packaging itself may have caused it, but it honestly looks like it's been played before or something. Impossible I guess, but that's how it appears. The actual packaging looks great and like the Outer Limits release they have squeezed a lot of material on each side of the disc, this I do not have a problem with... but should we have to watch that MGM Lion each time? A bit heavy handed... plus no chapter skips, get ready to watch the opening theme 32 times, which is a fun theme don't get me wrong, but to watch 3 or 4 shows in a row makes it tedious.
So, now I'm off to... 'the stores' and... 'the chores'!
Disc One - Side A: 2.5/5
This series starts off in a way I do not remember and I have no clue what they were going for with the narrator as a newscaster. It really isn't funny and it has no real meaning. The city parts are mildly amusing and I keep waiting for them to get to Green Acres. Once they arrived I am greeted with some fairly funny bits and I can see portions of the humor in which I enjoy; Mr. Douglas trying to teach Mrs. Douglas how to say 'Hooterville' and not 'Hoosterville' and Eb the handyman popping up after all that and asking them if they going in to 'Hoosterville'. A lot of that non sensical double talk I love quite a bit, sadly there isn't much here on Side A in that regard and the Mother character is not funny and is in too much of each show. As 'Side A' winds down I am patiently waiting for the Green Acres I remember and I am (so far) unimpressed, however I know television, a vast majority of shows start slowly, so I'm not overly concerned, and yet I wonder...
Disc One - Side B: 3.5/5
Ahh... ok, now we're talking. Right away the first episode of Side B showed me that the show was breaking its shackles. The business with the Wheat Bumps, the nonsense about the appliances really had me laughing and I must say the chemistry between Albert and Gabor is truly heartfelt. Plus you can see it in her smile, Eva is having a lot of fun with this show and that really that counts for a lot. I cannot think of a larger disaster than the chemistry between these two actors 'on paper'. You would think it wouldn't work at all and would be a real mismatch, but then again, maybe that's the beauty of it? And I must mention Eb, he is truly a great swingman for this show, much like the Goober or Gomer characters did for Griffith.
Still, having just viewed the balance of the episodes on this side of the disc, it is better than side A but still not on par with my memories, and I guess that's comman place. Some of the gags wear thin; Mr. Kimballs way of speaking, the door knob, and Mr. Haneys haggling come to mind as being funny, but shouldn't be used constantly.
Disc Two - Side A: 4/5
Well, in the interest of time/space I'm gonna wrap this up. I am about halfway through this side of the disc and really do not want to rush through this nor do I want this review to be 10 pages long, so I'll conclude with the thoughts that this series is really hitting it's stride now and I'm really having a good time. The humor is pretty much unparalleled on television or anywhere else for that matter, and if there is one thing Green Acres has shown me is just how unwatchable current comedies truly are. Television used to be rich fertile land but is now just about as fertile as the old Haney Place.
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on July 1, 2015
To be brief, I haven't seen this show on any of my available channels for so long, that I finally opted to purchase seasons 1 thru 3 on DVD (after having come across the DVDs on Amazon). In short, all three seasons are as silly and zany as I remember, with Oliver and Lisa trading their usual barbs.. and besides, it's simply convenient to be able to enjoy the show at my own leisure. No complaints with audio and video quality.
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on January 25, 2004
Well... I've been waiting for this First Season DVD set ever since I ordered the Columbia House video releases of Green Acres (late 1999-2001). Columbia House chose to release the "best" of Green Acres in no particular order, which was disconcerting to a fan. BUT, this new DVD set is released in broadcast order! It's great to see the development of the characters and it's quite satisfying to see that by the 14th episode ("What Happened in Scranton") all the characters have found their niche.
Some of the episodes have a few film scratches, but they are really minor. The sound is brilliant (no scratches there!) and the color VERY vibrant! I remember watching Green Acres re-runs as a kid, and didn't realize that the hay shoveled by Eddie Albert in the beginning credits was a green color.
Another reviewer mentioned the chemistry between Eddie Albert and Eva Gabor and I must also mention it. Interestingly, upon seeing the two actors names, one would think that Albert and Gabor would have nothing in common and be a disaster, but... something "clicks" between them just right. As the episodes move along, one can see that Eddie and Eva clearly TOTALLY ENJOYED each other and played off each other wonderfully. In fact, watch closely at the conclusion of one of the episodes (I kick myself for not remembering which one), where Eddie and Eva are in bed and Eddie goes to turn off the light (and theoretically conclude the episode). Eva leans over and TICKLES Eddie and he knocks the lamp off the table and he and Eva both laugh in an "out of character" way, all while the scene fades out and the end credits role. You can just see that they had FUN while making these episodes.
The surreal comedy starts to "creep in" to these first season episodes, although it wouldn't be fully explored until later seasons. By "surreal" I mean where the characters "poke fun" at their own show or others similar. One episode starts with Eb milking Eleanor the cow while humming the theme song to the show! Then at the conclusion he "sings" in Eva's voice, "Dahling, I love you but give me Park Avenue!" It's in the later seasons that things like the names of the director and producers appear in the opening credits on Eddie's towel (as he exits the shower), or appear in the darkness in Eddie and Eva's bedroom where she asks him who the names are, etc.
So, watch these episodes... enjoy them. And notice that they are really sophisticated "pokes" at society as we know it. Finally... these episodes (well, the ones halfway through the first season and onward) are REALLY FUNNY! Don't be ashamed to LAUGH OUT LOUD!
Let's hope MGM releases all the other five seasons!
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on December 13, 2017
I love Green Acres as a kid and still love it.This is also one of those DVDs were they don't have the play all episodes button and you have to manually start each episode which I don't like. But the show is just as funny as it ever was despite the shortcomings on this DVD.
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on October 19, 2016
Really hadn't seen a lot of episodes before I bought this because the show was already in syndication when I was a kid. Heard from a few people who said it was great. It makes for excellent viewing if you need to find something to appeal to a range of ages who are all going to watch something together. You may not all laugh at the same things, but everyone will laugh out loud at least once during each episode.
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on January 31, 2018
EXCELLENT DVD!! Love this kooky show. It makes you feel happy and forget the troubles of life for awhile!
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on January 9, 2008
The show is as fun as I remembered. I did watch them a couple of years ago on Nickelodeon. I taped them and watched them as I got time. I saw the show as a kid as I was born in 1960. I was very young but do remember the series when it was on tv. That is why I wanted to own this set really. I bought seasons 1-3. The first episodes the characters are still finding themselves as far as playing the role goes. Lisa smiled and laughed a lot which was funny and odd at the same time. She was such a beautiful woman and perfect for the part though.

Here are a couple of things that bug me. I guess I just didn't remember the laugh track being so obnoxious. Even when something happens that isn't funny, the laughs kick in. They are louder than the voices. I ended up having to turn down the volume and live with the voices being not quite as loud as I had wanted. I know the laughs were original but I sure wish they weren't there! Also after you watch an episode all the way through, there is too much junk at the end. MGM advertisement, Orion pictures, you name it. While one might be original, all of them aren't of course. Then they have DVD info as far as who mastered it, plus FBI warnings at the end of each episode. I am not sure why they thought they had to put this at the end of each episode. It is really annoying. I have found though, if you hit the fast forward button at the end, it will skip over it to the main menu. Still you shouldn't have to do that.

Now on to other things. The show was new of course and they were finding their way. In maybe the 2nd or 3rd episode, Lisa was chasing a Rooster around and the lady from the Shadyrest Hotel came up and told her you won't get an egg from him. Lisa said, oh a man chicken! Funny. But a couple of episodes later, Mr. Haney was trying to sell them a Rooster and they said they didn't have one or want one. So where did he go? Then the guy who plays the plumber is the same guy who plays one of the Monroe brothers who works on their house later. I guess they recycle these characters or find out they liked their work so put them in another role later. I am being picky. I watch a lot of this old stuff and find things like this all the time.

The first season has no extras. I was hoping for some. Still if you want the epiisodes in good color and quality, this is the only thing you will want to buy.
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