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on July 6, 2011
Original review (in 2011): Softer and better than other 'green' TPs out there, imo. I've tried several and then found this in a local store last fall (they since stopped carrying it). The only other place I could find it was here on Amazon and I'm glad I did! I now subscribe to it, pretty cool! The rolls are a little smaller than others (if I remember right) but we don't go through the packs as quickly as I thought we would. Hope that helps, it's hard to say much about TP!

Updated: It's August 2014, I stopped buying this several months back when we bought some that was quite rough. I emailed the company and they responded quickly, which I really liked. They checked the lot number and said it was on the lower end of their quality but still within acceptable limits. They would have refunded me, but that is not what I was after. I was hoping they'd tell me they'd had a bad batch and not to expect that roughness again...since that was not the case I have stopped purchasing. I like to know what I'm going to get when I buy a product and the difference was too drastic. AWESOME customer service and I wish I still felt comfortable buying from them!
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon April 2, 2008
If money isn't your primary motivator, if you want to use a "green" product that is of good quality, then try this.

I really hated the Seventh Generation toilet paper. Just totally fell apart and was uncomfortably rough to boot. This one is soft (not Charmin soft, but comfortably soft) and does the job without turning into mush (like 7th Gen).

However, the remarks about the short roll-life are true. I find I go through one a day EASILY just by myself (ie, not counting hubby). Buying in bulk will be the way to go if you choose this.

However, I compared it to my previous fave T.P.--Angel Soft--and it was comparable in how long the regular size roll lasted.

If you're used to double rolls, it might be frustrating. If you use single rolls and are generous with how much, get ready to change rolls daily or twice a day (depending, right?)

I like this product. As long as I can afford to, I'll buy green. But, realy, for folks on a tight, tight budget, consider how fast a 12 pack will last for you--could be less than a week for a couple, less than a few days for a family.

But thumbs up for making recycled soft on my delicate bits.

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on May 3, 2009
Was pleasantly surprised at how white (very) and soft (very) this toilet paper was. It also has a flower pattern stamped into the bathroom tissue, so it does not look industrial. Will sign up for automatic delivery as soon as I figure out how long it takes for our small family to consume 96 rolls. It shipped free, so the price comes out to just 44 cents per roll.

I do a lot of sorting and recycling, so it is nice to know that something useful came out of this labor. The 96 rolls fill up half the space under my bathroom sink. Will next consider ordering the paper towels.
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on November 7, 2017
Love this nontoxic toilet paper!
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on September 11, 2010
Well, my favorite recycled TP was actually a Sam's brand but they only carried it for a very limited time. Since then I have tried many other main brands of recycled TP (the ones at Walgreen's and Publix, Scott's, 7th generation, etc.)and found them all sorely lacking and ridiculously priced. I went back to standard TP, but I hate it because for some reason they make it so linty and it pills up on the skin (supposed to be softer maybe???). This TP is pretty awesome. The price is decent for recycled, and it is 100% recycled (min. 90% post consumer!). Though it is 2-ply it's still just a little thin which is why 4 stars instead of 5. But, this is my new fave and I am so happy it's not chlorinated, virgin pulp full of linty badness. The softness is comparable to a standard non-linty TP like maybe Angel Soft...but I think perhaps it's actually a little softer than that. In any case, it's nothing like the scratchy industrial papers so you won't feel like a total cheapskate when your guests use it.
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on September 19, 2017
Great recycled product
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on February 25, 2015
Very few sheets per roll so more frequent roll/dispenser changing. Sheets are loosely rolled making appearance of roll size larger than it is. I'm into less bother, so I wanted to buy in bulk n less trips to store. I always buy recycled products, so I guess I'll go back to Scott tissue (recycled paper content) brand. Darn. Wish there weren't so many "packaging n marketing GAMES" to muddle thru just to buy simple household necessities!
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on December 5, 2015
Great brand and great product. Eco friendly used to mean "not as good as the normal stuff" but with brands like this, not anymore. I have switched to all their paper products. Paper towels, toilet paper, tissues and napkins. They are all great and the independent research I found on the company ranks them in the top 2 for Eco friendly.
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on March 29, 2015
This is nice soft healthy toilet paper. We like storing a large quantity, instead of lugging extra shopping bags of just toilet paper on grocery shopping trips. Also the price on Amazon equates to nearly half the price per roll that I was paying at the store.
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on October 27, 2008
It seems a bit softer, though like the Seventh Gen tp the amount on a roll is kinda low but the roll itself is a little wide so it doesn't fit perfectly on our funky Ikea rollers. I signed up for a subscription from Amazon so I don't have to constantly be hauling the stuff from supermarkets, though the subscription foo seems to have some weird browser dependency issues.
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