Customer Reviews: Green Lantern [Blu-ray]
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on April 14, 2012
I'm a fan of Green Lantern. A 56 year old fan. Before CGI the only thing out there to stimulate the imagination about the unknown powers of the universe were comic books. At least it was like that for me. We're just now discovering new sciences that I swear was first seen in comic books. Yes it was fantasy but what if it wasn't? What if there were really aliens out there. And I actually feel sorry for those that didn't think the movie was in keeping with main stream entertainment doctrine. You have to pay attention, think, and use your imagination on a movie like this. On the contrary, I felt the movie was made just for me and others like me who still believe in virtues that defines all that is good about human beings, and how to overcome weakness. This movie is the definitive description of what a Super Hero movie is. And I'm truly grateful to the producers of this movie for keeping it true to it comic book story line. For me its a gift that I fell that the timing was right. At 56 you might say I had to wait 46 years to see it on the big screen after getting my first Green Lantern comic book. And it felt great. Love this movie
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on October 18, 2011
This version of the movie has many of the stupid awkward moments cut out and some shoddy camera shots fixed up. This for all in intents and purposes is a touch up, and like any touch up sometimes it makes things worse but this time it really worked. I saw this movie in theaters in 2d and 3d and I thought it was pretty bad considering its the Green frig-gen lantern which has so much to work with. Summary this version makes the movie not only worth watching but very good.
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Green Lantern has received quite a bit of flak from reviewers for not being mainstream enough to relate to modern audiences. And that's a shame, because if Green Lantern is guilty of anything, it's of being a SUPERHERO movie.

Back before all these directors started streamlining films, revising backstories, and taking out Spider-Man's technologically-advanced web shooters, comic books were a glorious hodge-podge of the near possible, the impossible, and the just plain fantastic. Because superhero settings include every superhero and villain imaginable, they have to accommodate magic, aliens, superscience, and alternate dimensions in one heady mix. This makes for a very rich comic book series that can be intimidating for new audiences - which is precisely why movie directors cut out so much.

But you can't cut all the crazy out of Green Lantern and still stay true to the comics. And so, with tons of exposition, Green Lantern rabbit-punches viewers with world-shattering fact after mind-altering fact in the first five minutes: aliens exist, there's a giant yellow monster imprisoned in a planet, ancient humanoids predating humanity have been guarding the universe with green willpower, and there's a dizzying variety of highly advanced technical races from across the galaxy. Green Lantern makes Superman's backstory look quaint. His name doesn't help either - Emerald Flashlight has to say an oath that activates a ring that's charged by a lantern that's powered by a planet that's actually the embodiment of all sentient beings' will. No wonder critics got confused.

)o()o()o( "I pledge allegiance to a lantern, given to me by a dying purple alien." - Hal Jordan )o()o()o(

Director Martin Campbell knows all this. He makes fun of the ridiculous circumstances in which Hal Jordan (Ryan Reynolds and his fab abs) finds himself, ranging from a dogfight with two robot jets to a dogfight with a giant soul-eating monster. Part of what makes Green Lantern so entertaining is that it embraces its pulpy roots: there's the childhood sweetheart (smoking hot Blake Lively as Carol Ferris who just happens to be a successful businesswoman and fighter pilot), the nebbishly awkward villain (Peter Sarsgaard as Hector Hammond), and tough-as-nails "red Spock" Sinestro (Mark Strong). The real villain of the piece, Parallax, sounds like a 1980s video game effect - oh wait, it is! This is not a movie to be taken too seriously.

)o()o()o( "It's not a magic ring--it's a ring powered by advanced technology!" - Hal Jordan )o()o()o(

And yet, Green Lantern is no movie trifle. The challenge with a superhero who has powers like Green Lantern is that the possibilities are literally endless - the rings are powered by the hero's will, which means he can technically imagine anything. This also means that an abusive hero might imagine black holes and solve all of his problems that way. Green Lantern cleverly constrains these god-like powers by imposing plot-related restrictions on Hal's creativity. When all Hal can come up with to stop a helicopter from crashing into partying guests is a Matchbox car in a ramp, it's because he played with one in his nephew's room the day before. When he's trying to use the sun's gravitational pull as a weapon, it's because he used the Earth's gravitational pull as a weapon against the two jets earlier and because his tutor Kilowog points out that gravity is a...uh, harsh mistress. Hal Jordan might always manifest boring weapons straight out of a first-person shooter, but that's because he's harboring a lot of guilt over his military daddy's death.

)o()o()o( "You thought I wouldn't recognize you just because I can't see your cheekbones?" - Carol Ferris )o()o()o(

Speaking of daddy issues, Green Lantern is one giant ball of forest-colored father/son conflict: Hal and his military pilot father, Hammond and his successful senator father, dead Abin Sur and grieving Sinestro, Abin Sur and the newly created Green Lantern, Parallax and his newly adopted avatar's clear the Green Lantern writers were looking for some emotional hook, and that hook was spelled out D-A-D. Green Lantern tries very hard to be deep.

Unfortunately, Green Lantern can be pretty shallow at times. Parallax, remember, is an ancient being predating much of humanity's evolution, but he falls for the oldest trick in the book. We're supposed to believe that Parallax really, really, REALLY hates Abin Sur and everything associated with him. After he kills Abin Sur, you have to ask why Parallax wants to go after just Hal Jordan when he could be eating so many other Green Lanterns for breakfast.

When Green Lantern goes big, it's glorious, but when it pulls in tight, the plot turns an earth-shattering battle between god-like beings into a schoolyard shoving match. But really, that's pretty normal from superhero comics. It's just that today's movie superhero fans expect a guy in a cloak that's just like you and me without any of the world-spanning baggage.

Green Lantern's guilty of being true to Green Lantern, spandex, mask, ring and all. For those who find it implausible, maybe a superhero powered by a jade-colored light source isn't for them.
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on August 28, 2011
I'll admit up front that I wasn't that familiar with the Green Lantern character before this movie. In fact, if I hadn't have talked to a friend who was a fan of the comics, everything I knew would have been from watching the old "Justice League" cartoons on Saturday mornings -- the ones in which Green Lantern was just another random face in the crowd. At least he wasn't the Wonder Twins, but Aquaman got more love than Green Lantern on that show. Thankfully, my friend explained why Green Lantern is so cool. I mean, having the power to create anything you can imagine... that's pretty awesome stuff. Obviously, the more imaginative the person, the better, and that was my main concern going in to this movie -- that the things the writers came up with for Green Lantern to create wouldn't be that creative. But I think they actually did a pretty good job in that department. Of course you have to keep in mind that he has to come up with these things on the spot, without a lot of time to sit around and think about it. The movie does have its flaws. There are a few scenes that feel cliche and it could have used a bit more action and a longer end fight, etc., but I still found it to be a fun, inspiring movie overall. I loved the "courage overcoming fear" storyline. As it turned out, it was the best time I had at the movies all summer.
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on April 7, 2012
Some people who hate on this film obviously couldn't suspend their disbelief long enough to enjoy it. It's not the greatest DC hero, but the outer space sequences were really cool, especially in 3D, and Ryan Reynolds' suit effects were cool to see glimmer as he stood with the Core. The final battle may have been weak, but I'm sure they were hoping to set up sequels with larger battles ala Star Wars or other space opera. Hopefully they won't give up on this franchise, it would be a great way to see other cosmic DC heroes show up in later sequels.
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on July 30, 2011
I dont understand why people hated this movie so much. I have been a huge green lantern fan since i was 7 so ive been waiting for this movie for 13 years. The visual effects were great. The story (even though innacurate to the comics) was good. Ryan Reynolds played a near perfect Hal Jordan. The only problem was Hal was kinda whiny in parts in the movie which he never was in the comics. Blake Lively played Carol perfectly. The only problem I had witht he movie was the fact it wasnt long enough. The movie was only 1 hour 40 minutes. To fit in more character development and more story it should have been atleast a 2 hour movie. Didnt get enough development on the other lanterns, and the only ones you meet are Sinestro, Kilowog, and Tomar-Re. Even then you didnt get much of them. They need to make a sequel and go more in depth on more characters........the scene during the credits set up the sequel beautifully. Overall I loved this movie I sat in aww with goosebumps the whole movie (maybe because ive been waiting for this for years), but it was a really good movie. People complain because it wasnt realistic and goofy.......Has a superhero movie ever been realistic or not goofy in some way thats why we read and watch superhero movies to believe in something unrealistic.
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on November 25, 2011
Is Green Lantern going to be included in a list of the greatest movies of all time? No. Is it a bad movie? Far from it.
Green Lantern did a respectable job of telling the origin story of the character and maintained a pretty good flow for an action film. I think there are lessons to be learned for when (hopefully) WB makes the sequel, but this is a must have film for any fans of Comic Films, Sci Fi, or Action movies.
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on August 29, 2012
The problem with comic book movies is they tend to have legions of fans who adore the source material and sadly you can't fit decades of history into one two hour film. That can usually be forgiven but there are too many misteps in this movie. First off, Ryan Reynolds is a funny guy and he spends most of the time moping and being scared. Also, the chick from Gossip Girl has no place in a comic book movie. Green Lantern's cosutme is needlessly CGI so you're almost always looking at something cartoony. The villian is a big yellow cloud (cause the purple cloud in Rise of the Silver Surfer worked so well?) and his henchman is a bald guy with a weird shaped head and a horrible come over that has telekenesis. Fans of the comics were of course hugely dissapointed. Now, if you have no idea of Hal Jordon or the Guardians are, then you might actually enjoy this movie. but I wouldn't buy it without having seen it first. The 3D Blu-ray reflects the rushed post conversion job so it totally isn't worth the extra bucks. Unless you can get the 3D edition super cheep, I'd stick with the 2D version which looks a little flat.
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VINE VOICEon December 4, 2011
This review of GREEN LANTERN is for all those people, like me, who couldn't tell you the difference between Green Lantern or Green Hornet, who don't read comics, or who don't care about the origin of super heroes. GREEN LANTERN was a big summer release in 2011, and even though it featured an obscure superhero, my son and I checked it out. And...we really liked it.

The origin of how Hal Jordan became the Green Lantern is easy to understand and interesting, even as Hal travels the universe in his green ball of energy. The scenes in outerspace don't quite seem real but also don't have much to do with the story. The acting is entertaining, led by the always humorous Ryan Reynolds, who excels in all but the few parts where he has to act macho. Blake Lively is attractive, although a bit unbelievable, as a fighter pilot/business woman.

This is an easy to understand, funny, superhero movie. It's a little light on the action, and it may not have all the backstory or elements that fans of Green Lantern expect, but if you don't care about all that stuff, you should enjoy this rather short (1:45) film.
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VINE VOICEon October 23, 2011
I am one of the few who really enjoyed Green Lantern. I saw it five times in theaters and couldn't wait for the Blu-ray release. Ryan Reynolds makes a perfect Hal Jordan, heroic, funny and real. Having watched the making of features, it is amazing what the actors did with little or no tangible sets or images to work with. Director Martin Campbell let the actors ad lib many of their lines and I loved how it turned out. Ryan's reactions to flying and the alien situations were real. I don't believe he got enough credit. I also loved Blake Lively as Carol Ferris. She was a strong willed, intelligent women with strong business sense and a fighter pilot to boot. Her character was one of the strongest I have seen in the genre. She wasn't just eye candy, but a partner to Hal. I do love the fact that she knew who Hal was even with the mask on. I have the Extended Cut of this film and if you haven't seen it, the missing footage really makes the difference in this film. The theatrical version doesn't do a great job of explaining the triangle between Hal, Carol and Hector. The additional footage helps to explain this much better. The most compelling scene that was also left out of the theater version is an extended version of the scene where Hal talks to Jason about how much he loves flying. The additional scene has Hal encouraging Jason to close his eyes and relive the day he pitched a no-hitter. Hal closes his eyes as well and talks about how flying makes him feel and how to keep believing that something good is out there. This moment is where the ring actually chooses Hal, not the green glowing pick up outside. I think this really showed a bit more depth of the character and why he was chosen.

I was not that familiar with the Green Lantern character, but I really did enjoy the message of not allowing fear to overcome. The scenes on Oa were incredible (but too short) and I would love to have seen more of the other Lanterns. The making of footage gave me a deeper appreciate for what the actors went through, Mark Strong was excellent as Sinestro, and I do hope there is a sequel. I recommend the Extended cut, as it does give a better overview of the story and is a fun film. I love fun comic book films. The audiences that I saw Green Lantern with were surprisingly large (theaters 85% full with a wide variety of age groups who really enjoyed it). This was my second favorite film of the summer behind Thor. I enjoyed this more than X-Men First Class. Don't let the bad reviews keep you away. The one major issue of the release is that the digital copy will not work with iTunes. Streaming with Flixter and Ultraviolet is crap. You have to pay extra for an iTunes copy. We have so many futuristic films where man has screwed up the planet that it is nice to see a positive view of aliens and the universe with a hopeful view like Star Trek. I can't wait to see Hal vs. Sinestro!
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