Customer Reviews: Green Made Easy: The Everyday Guide for Transitioning to a Green Lifestyle
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Customer Reviews

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on May 1, 2009
I am not a green person. I like and take care of the enviroment of course but I don't go out of my way to be a "GREEN PERSON", they really annoy me. But, Chris has a way of not offending people like me because he is able to pull you inline with his way of thinking. I think I am changing colors, way to go Chris!
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on August 17, 2013
In the beginning, Mr. Prelitz tells a personal story of loss and renewal that is both touching and inspiring without overtaking the book and its purpose. In fact, it helps us understand all the better his journey to a greener life.

This is the perfect guide for someone just setting out to reduce their carbon impact and live a more planet-friendly lifestyle. It also has many useful tips for someone who's been on the path awhile and wants to reduce even more without lowering quality of life. In fact, the tips in this book just may help improve quality of life all the way around.

The tips are well-organized into categories, so it's easy to find what you're looking for in any given life area. If you're looking for ways to recycle your electronic gadgets, you'll find them. If you need help with the basics, like lowering your heating bill, you'll find those too.

The only thing I didn't care for is Mr. Prelitz's take on using solar energy to help solve our energy needs. I do not understand why he is so against it, especially when it can save individual homeowners a lot of money over the life of their home.

Otherwise, the book is a gem. I recommend it.
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on March 20, 2009
At times it seems like there's so much that needs to be done to save our planet, that you just want to give up. But with this reader-friendly book, Chris Prelitz shows you how easy it is to actually do something proactive. It's a great book.
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on March 7, 2012
I really enjoyed this book, I read it in about 3 hours. The author is extremely knowledgeable and uses his own life experiences as examples of green living.
I've been going green for a few years now and have been looking far and wide for different green information and different tips and ways of living green. While much of the information provided in this book can be found in other sources as well, the author pieces everything in a easily digestible way and gives you the courage and strength to power through and live green and healthy.
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on March 23, 2009
Everyone should have this book as we are in the midst of an evolutionary phase unprecedented in recorded history. Like the title suggest, Prelitz gives us simple and do-able suggestions for adjusting to a post-petroleum future. You don't need to run out and install solar panels and spend a lot of money making most of these adjustments. He writes in a clear, intelligible way that's easy to follow and understand. He always walks his talk, having built a house that is almost entirely "off the grid." You will refer to this book for years to come and will be glad you got it now.
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on May 2, 2009
I have been a strong environmentalist and green person since I can remember and over the years my children have taught me many more ways to practice what I preach, so I thought I would be way ahead of Chris Prelitz's book "Green Made Easy". Well I was very wrong; it was a big surprise to me to read that I can do better, much better in such small and easy ways. I found his book just an incredible resource of eco-choices. His simple and daily living information on how to be practically green and how to evaluate everything we do amazed me. He is able to make me feel positive about changing some of my habits, especially when it comes to conserving water and electricity. Most of all it is his personal style that made me sit up and pay attention. His reflection on his own life and where he has come to is courageous and it is this quiet sense of doing the right thing without a lot of fanfare just a lot of fact is what makes me want to follow him in making our planet a healthier place to live. The book is well organized and laid out like a field guide - a quick and easy reference to almost anything you can think of that is green. The Green Bites are a wealth of information and serve to spur you on to making greener choices. I think he has literally changed my life and I hope he will change yours too! Thank you Chris, you are my Green Man!
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on March 26, 2009
This book is AWESOME. It is well written, engaging, and literally easy to read. I have been in the eco-sustainability movement for over 10 years, and finally here's a book that I can give my friends and family. Chris Prelitz is optimistic and truly gets what being green is. I recommend this book to people who are 'green' to the green movement as well as leaders in the movement. The information is so relevant and simple. And the stories rock! NICE!!!!!
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on January 26, 2013
How inspiring this book truly is, I have actually been lucky enough to meet with the author; Chris Prelitz and he truly is an amazing guy. This book has already made an impact on my family, friends, and most prevalently, me. I decided to write a review due to the fact the the introduction/preface was conducted so well that it was physically and mentally impossible for me to go to sleep. My intentions were originally to read the preface before going to sleep. I laid down and began to read, I was so influenced by his message that he was able to get across in the preface, that it lead to me staying up for hours reading, re-reading, and taking notes on this book because it is instilled with so much valuable information. Its almost overwhelming for my brain to take in being 16 years old(although taking notes help a lot). Anyway, I'm really looking forward to finishing this book ASAP and I will most definitely write an in-depth review on it and how it has further impacted my life and the little things I've been able to learn from this book, that I know will help my family save money. You're the man with the plan Chris, thanks for being as supportive you've already been. We all really appreciate you're willingness to share your knowledge with us.

Thanks for reading,

Reed Preston
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on December 6, 2014
This book contains jut about all the info you need to tart a green life from bulbs to cars to even personal products like toothpaste. This book should be made a part of the national curriculum of schools
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on May 5, 2009
I've been meaning to call Chris since the day I opened his delightful book to tell him how much I appreciate it. It's basic advice sprinkled with the kind of tasty ideas you can't wait to try. Like slathering coconut oil all over your hair and body as an after-swimming conditioner. Actually that was his wife Becky's idea and I may have expanded it, but he offers little asides like this throughout that make you feel you are his good neighbor just over for a chat. The side-fence kind of stories that introduce the sections are especially a treat. I loved hearing how his mother once got the whole family to plow up the back lawn and plant vegetables when his dad lost a job (How did she freeze squash in those milk cartons, Chris?).

I have shared the book with my cohousing community who, despite monitoring use of fancy photovoltaics on the roof, still relate better to simple, everyday ecology. Putting hydrogen peroxide in a spray bottle to wash vegetables or adding brewer's yeast to your pet's food to discourage fleas are handy to know. I would have liked a little more thoroughness to some of the suggestions, such as the silver polishing trick, which can damage silverplate if not done properly. But as a beginner's guide for those Chris describes as "transitioning to a green lifestyle", it is a pleasant, unintimidating way to start.

Thanks, Chris!
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