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on May 8, 2012
I received this mower yesterday and it worked great right out of the box. I would have given this item a 5-star rating, except that when the first battery pack ran down its charge, and I followed the directions to re-charge it, the battery pack failed and would no longer power the mower. After calling customer service and stating that I could not tell if the issue was actually a battery pack or the charger unit itself , I was told I would have to take the battery to a repair shop either more than 100 miles away, or over the bridge to Canada. This is a BRAND NEW UNIT, neither a refurbished one, nor a failure after months/years of use ! Customer service after purchase of a product as expensive as this one is part and parcel of my satisfaction/dissatisfaction with the item.
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on April 23, 2014
Living in Houston I had to think carefully about getting a battery powered mower. Common sense and some other reviews told me that a battery powered mower was not best suited to local conditions, but I decided to try it. Heat, tough and fast growing st.augustine grass, heavy summer rains etc.all had to be considered. I've had this mower for a year now, and used it throughout last summer and now getting started again this year, but seriously thinking I may need to go back to a gas powered mower. Credit where it is due: this is an excellent battery powered mower!!! Came with 2, quick charge 40v batteries which is great (1 battery gets front and back done). It is light, easy to start and easy to move around most of the time. Cuts a fairly even surface and bags nicely. It cannot however handle damp or slightly long grass very well and gets harder to push in these conditions,and I've not had much success mulching. Ultimately I am scoring it a 4 recognizing it's a great product, but scoring it down a notch because I cannot cut the grass high enough when needed. I did some damage to my lawn last year after cutting the grass at the highest setting trying to just tidy it up; it was way too short. In the right environment this is a 5 star mower and I'll probably keep it in reserve but am now looking for another gas mower better suited to local growing conditions.
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on October 24, 2013
I've used this mower all summer. It does come with TWO batteries, but only one charger. You can't really charge the spare battery while mowing because you'll deplete the first battery before the spare can get a full charge. I recommend getting an extra charger, but beware the chargers seem to be hit or miss on manufacturing quality. As far as the mower though, it runs great, weighs about the same as a conventional mower (unlike the super heavy Lead Acid based electric mowers) and runs pretty much full strength until the battery is dead.
Interesting feature, it has a "key", which is basically a big electric jumper you can pull out and take with you, and disable the mower while you go inside for a minute. That adds just a bit of extra safety if the neighbor's toddler walks over and tries to start the mower. Even if he could figure out the handlebar grip safety, without the "key", he cannot start it.
Other than that, this is a very normal mower. Normal problems you'd see with any mower such as clogging up when mowing wet grass, etc.. still happen.
On the up side I don't think I'll have to worry about it starting next summer after a winter of non-use, like I might with a gas mower.
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on March 4, 2017
I have been using this mower for about 2 1/2 years now and it is very, very good. Quiet, powerful and easy to push. 2 batteries are excellent. I rarely run out of juice on the first battery for our 1/4 acre lot. We have Floritam (St. Augustine grass) which is like cutting crabgrass... it's tough! But this mower handles it just fine. My only complaint is that St. Augustine grass shouldn't be cut lower than about 3 1/2" and the highest this mower would go is around 3". Called the company to see if they offered bigger wheels, but they don't. So I altered the position of the height adjustment plate to eek out another 1/2" of height. So now it does the job. Highly recommended!
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on May 25, 2013
Wow, this is a really nice machine, looks great too. Yes, it comes with (2) 40v 4 amp lithium ion batteries. Description does not specify, but it does come with 2 so I was relying on reviews for this info. Very glad it has 2 batteries, and they are small and light weight. Very light weight and easy to push.
I already had a 36v Black and Decker battery electric mower so I can give you some perspective in the difference between these two. I made a mistake buying the cheaper Black and Decker with integrated battery that you cannot easily change batteries on. I am getting busier now and cannot afford the time to cut grass twice because my battery does not make it. I have a 1/2 acre lot, and a lot of landscaping in the front takes up some grass area, but I have a lot of grass in the back. I have been cutting the front and then cut the back another day. Since I cannot buy an extra battery for my Black and Decker, I decided to just buy an extra battery electric mower, this Greenworks mower. When one gets exhausted, I grab the other one to finish the job.
For the past 3 years I have been wishing I got the self propelled Black and Decker. That is until I cut my in-laws lawn with his gas self propelled Toro. I never ever been so tired cutting grass, that Toro weighs a ton. Sure it is self propelled, but you got to turn it and go around stuff, very heavy. The Toro was fighting me throughout the mowing. Self propelled adds about 30+ pounds plus gas mowers are already a lot heavier because of the motor and gasoline. These battery electric mowers are super light, and this Greenworks is especially light. This Greenworks is a dream to use, (relatively). It is 15 pounds lighter than my Black and Decker. This is mostly because of the super light lithium ion battery. It gives you a nice feel also, with cushioned grips and great ergonomics.
Mulching is top notch with this Greenworks. I would say at least as good as the Black and Decker which is fantastic at mulching. My previous 4 gas mowers and 1 tractor would not mulch this good.
The key to the mower is a safety feature, but I am afraid the key can easily be forgotten in the machine. With the Black and Decker, you have to remove the key if you want to charge it. Greenworks should have located the key in such a way that it blocks the battery from coming out, so you cannot forget it in. Just a minor safey point.
Longevity: Doing the calculations of deep discharge cycles, these batteries have a chance to last a really long time. Time will tell. Either way, buying more batteries if needed is easy and cheaper than gas with the Greenworks. My Black and Decker is on year 3 and no sign of any degradation, and it has a regular lead acid battery. With all this battery capacity, I will use all three batteries I have now, and not run any battery empty. This should extend the longevity.
Battery range: Hard to believe so much power comes from such a small battery. Each one of these batteries are about 75% the range of the Black and Decker battery, for a total of 1.5x. So with both these batteries, I can finish the job in one mowing, without even consulting the extra lawnmower. So far to do my whole lawn, it takes 1 full battery and then I use either half of or 75% of the next battery. It is spring, the worst season for heavy growth, so they will definitely be fine in the summer.
I will update this review if anything changes.
Just a note: Once you see how good electric motors are, you will want to replace all your garden tools with battery electric instead of gas. I did. I save on gas and maintenance and durability. It will also get you thinking about electric cars. I did. I leased a Chevy Volt and love it. No more gas for me. Good luck.
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Let me begin my by saying that I while I am a big of rechargeable products (I even own a Chevy Volt), but it is not because I am an overly Green kinda guy. I simply like the convenience and simplicity of electric powered gadgets. Plug-in and charge - and off you go - there is no worries about the price of gasoline- worries about starting after a winter or any of the minor inconveniences associated with the internal combustion engine.

The Greenworks rechargeable mowers have a few other advantages - they are lightweight, very maneuverable, and quiet to operate. I use the 19 inch mower as an alternative (partial alternative at least) to running a weedwacker/trimmer. Compared to a traditional gas powered mower it is easier to mow around corners, next to my fence, between trees and other tight spots. For that purpose the Greenworks 19 inch - 40 Volt rechargeable mower has worked very well.

Notes -

- The 40Volt batteries provide adequate power - I have noticed that in mulching mode that thick grass (when you are trying to reduce grass height by about 1 1/2 inch) can bog down a bit. Slowing down your mowing speed or using the side discharge helps reduce the problem.

- Battery life of the 40 Vole 4AmpHour battery is pretty good - you can get a solid 20-30 minutes of mowing (off of a full charge) before the battery is dead

- It takes about 2 hours to fully charge the battery

- When storing the battery for Winter it is best to store the battery with 30-60% charge remaining

- Comes with a charging station - my version also came with 2 40 Volt 4Amp Hour batteries - check to find out which and how many batteries yours will come with.

- Has three mowing options - side discharge, mulching, and bagging - although the bag is a little smaller than I would like, but I rarely use since it does reduce the maneuverability of the mower.

- 6 height adjustments - it is very easy to change the height of the cut

- The handle folds down for a more compact storage

- Has a metal mowing deck - some models are plastic

- Uses a red key that plugs in next to the battery - I am not sure why it uses a key, and you would never want to lose it.

- The padding on the handle has already begin to tear around the edge, which is a bit disappointing

Final Verdict - I like the Greenworks 40 Volt Lithium Ion Rechargeable mower it is maneuverable enough to help me mow around the tight spots around my yard. I would prefer if it had a little more power, but so far I am still very pleased with the mower.

4 1/2 Stars
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on August 25, 2013
This mower is well-designed and easy to use. I love that the handle folds up for storage. My lawn uses 1.66 - 1.75 battery charges, so 2 batteries are a must. Note this is a light to medium duty mower. If the grass gets too high, it will be difficult. So I mow every 7-10 days instead of once a month. The light weight is a bonus when mowing downhill near bushes and having to pull it back. Very low noise. I always mulch, so I have no idea how the bag works (I assume excellently, as almost everything else about this mower). I do not like the super squeeze required to fold the bottom of the handle, but I understand why it needs to lock tightly. A minor point. Overall: 97 out of 100 points.
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on October 13, 2014
I had been using my Greenworks 20V string trimmer to trim the grassy area in front of my house but it was taking at least as long to rake up all the grass clippings as it did to trim the grass. So when this came up as a lightning deal during the holidays, I ordered it. I had hoped to use this to mow my small backyard as well but found that I cannot get it up the outside stairs from the street level by myself so I only use it for the front area. It now takes me 15 minutes to mow the grassy strip and all the clippings are contained in the bag! I then use my Greenworks 20V string trimmer (yes, mine is still working!) to edge all the sides of the sidewalk area. A quick sweep and everything is done in 30 minutes. Very happy with this lawn mower (and the neighbors have all been asking where I purchased it!).
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on October 13, 2014
have used it this spring, all of this summer, and half way through fall. I am really impressed with this lawn machine and well worth every penny. Using it right now to pick up some leaves on the lawn as I mow and it mulches them as good as my leaf mulcher machine. I have not have a single issue with this lawn mower. I though I would have problems it not being a self propel like the gas mower I gave up using--- but not so. I think I have better control getting to go places where I need it to go. When I get done using it I use my GreenWorks blower to clean it up. It only takes seconds and it's put away clean. Still looks like new. I am certainly glad I don't have to use gasolione anymore or pulling the cord. Just push a button plull the lever down and go. Just so easy
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on May 31, 2013
I purchased this mower to replace an older Black & Decker cordless. It has been a significant upgrade.
- The reduced weight (compared to peer mowers) is a difference maker. Especially on a hot day.
- It feels less cumbersome than my previous mower due to weight and general bulk.
- All cordless mowers should come with 2 removable batteries - as this Greenworks model does. The batteries have a great life.
- There were no issues with the out-of-box assembly.

With my previous B&D mower: I had to double mow some areas, and was constantly pacing myself to get a well cut lawn. I was hoping this would change when I bought the Greenworks. It has improved, but is still lacking. I consider this a minor complaint in the bigger picture of switching from gas powered.
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