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TOP 500 REVIEWERon January 27, 2015
I'm writing this on the 'day after' the great Northeast blizzard of 2015 (it turned out to not be too bad) but I've got about a foot plus more in the drift areas. I live in suburban Long Island. I have a nice size driveway, realistically sized to fit maybe 5 cars, I just finished clearing it and my sidewalks, set up and putaway in about 45 minutes.

What you're expecting from this machine: you think its going to be low power because of the electric motor. Its really not, power isnt the biggest problem with this machine (keep reading). It does a decent job cutting thru the snow. When pushing into a big drift it struggles a bit, but it perseveres. Not unlike a gas blower you need to sometimes chip away at the big piles. Also if its struggling you can just do a half pass (not the full width) and it will do just fine.

"But I'll be tripping over the electric cord". If you're a complete moron, you will run over the cord likely while standing in a melted puddle barefoot and we wont hear from you again... so problem solved. :) But with about 10 seconds of forethought, you can keep the cord to one side and go in a pattern that doesnt make you run it over. One thing I'll say though is, if you can, invest in a cord that is made for low temperature. Just the struggle winding up the crunchy frozen cheap cords makes it worthwhile - and I'm sure there are some safety issues with it as well.

So what I love about this... First, you can go ahead and make fun of my electric snowblower while you turn over a full paycheck or save up a few seasons for your gas blower for 3 or more times the price. You cant beat the price. For the price my expections were to get 'something better than a shovel' - so it well exceeded these expectations. Though there is no self propulsion - realize the only reason that exists on gas blowers is because they are so heavy. You just dont need it. This thing sorta just slides along, and needs an occasional 'umph' to dig in a bit.

The best thing of all about this - is how quiet it is. As I write this, I'm on the second floor of my house and my neighbor just started the 2-3 hour affair with his gas blower. I can hear it growling and whining and vibrating my house on this otherwise peaceful calm snowy day. Personally, I hate to be 'that guy'. Sometimes I work late and like to do what I want when I want. I had no hesitation to use my blower at 10pm last night and I dont think any neighbors noticed, its about as loud as a vacuum, maybe a bit quieter. And it turns on and off when you want it to, it doesnt run constantly. You finish a row, and you can stop it and start it right back up. I've used gas blowers - the power is great, but after you're done using it you feel like you've got a workout. The headache from the noise, the fumes, the vibrating, dragging out 5 gallons of gas. I hate the maintenance, the gas, the oil, the pre and post season, and dragging the beast in and out of the garage.

So - it sounds like I love this machine? ... eh, it could be better. Performance is there, it does better than you'd expect. But this thing just has an issue.... I've used the machine 3 times, and I've lost nuts or screws 3 times (found 2). Other reviews say it too and I read it and ignored it - but its no joke. This isnt my first time assembling something - trust me, its not the nut behind the wheel... this time. Tighten everything super tight, and get some of that nut glue. I didn't, but will very soon. Anything that looks like it could come off (which is about everything on it), wrap it in tape or take some precaution.

One very minor design issue is the power/safety switch. It sorta barely pops out so its difficult getting out with gloves on. This shouldnt influence your purchase - but maybe a product engineer is reading :)

The design of the thrower piece is kinda chintzy - so turn it slowly and carefully. It WILL get frozen in place from melted snow, and then the connection on the gimbal piece will come apart when you force it (you gotta see it for yourself, dumb design)... I had to repair this the second time I used it. Frankly the whole unit, if it was $50 more and was made of metal of some sort, I'd love it and recommend it to everyone. I am doubting how long it will last being almost all plastic (aside from the blade and the handles) - but I live in an area that doesnt get THAT much snow, so I just need it to last me a few storms per season. IF the company would figure out the loosening nut issue, and consider making at least SOME more parts out metal, this would be a five star machine. That all being said, I'd buy it again - but I wouldnt recommend it to anyone who isnt willing to make sure it doesnt fall apart on them. If you read the reviews and follow some of the tips and suggestions, it'll work for you too. I'm hoping the company makes things right and improves the machine and offers replacement parts.
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on February 26, 2015
Great for senior citizens! Arrived the night before a predicted snowfall here in the Mid Atlantic. Very easy to assemble for an over 70 year old, light weight, quality construction. Next morning I woke up to 6" of snow accumulation and still snowing and having read some of the reviews, I decided to get right out and try it out. I have a sloping 75' paved driveway (will not work on gravel driveways - throws rocks!) that it worked on beautifully. Was able to clear the entire driveway in about 30 minutes. Once it stopped snowing, I was able to touch it up perfect.
Some things to note (not really cons as they are cautioned in the owner manual):
1. Make sure you buy a power cord that can handle 10 Amps or more.
2. It tends to blow snow straight ahead no matter how you set the directional vanes.
3. Only for paved driveways as it will throw rocks and damage the blower.
review image
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on October 27, 2017
When i opened the box i thought no,, this flimsy little thing wont last one good snow fall. I thought it was cheap and I was going to return it. Then it snowed later that night. Over a foot. So, I plugged in this little wimpy looking thing and hit that first run and smiled ear to ear as it ate the snow down to the pavement and threw it who knows how many feet off to the side. About 10 good storms later the little bugger was still making a 10 mintue glide over what used to be over an hour of shoveling. Its sitting waiting for its next season as i type this. Cant wait to use it again, and yes, we get big, powerful snow storms with bitter cold. This thing will hold its own.
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on November 16, 2014
Update #2: Called up, told that they do not cover "wear" items now, which include bearings, belts, impellers (auger), cracked casing, and scrapper. They only cover the motor. Seriously, that and if the item came broken. And that casing that has been damaged under normal use is not covered. (Broken where the scrapper connects with the housing of the belt/spindle/retention bracket.) I would understand the impeller and the scrapper. (Which take the brunt of the wear.) But the casing? I have officially switched to the Wen 5662. I can state that there are a number of improvements over the Greenworks 26022. Including a impeller bearing, no flimsy retention bearing setup. (Which I had to replace the bearing twice in two years and has resulted in numerous times where the belt pops off the spindle for the impeller (auger).) And improvements in the setup of the spindle. Where the spindle is not the water seal as well (using a double lip setup.) Where the 26022 completely ate up the casing in between it and the outside, and any wet snow just seeps into the casing and then the belt starts to slip and just jump off the spindle now.

Update #1: A year later, I came across an issue. The idler bearing for the belt seized up over summer. It is a sealed style idler bearing. I didn't think it would have failed. It did, and took out the belt as well. After calling up Greenworks, I was referenced to a local repair location. They said that they were backed up a month on repairs for Greenworks. (Not an issue) So I called up again to see if they could send me the parts. They could, but only the belt, as the idler bearing was not in stock. (Bearing 6203rs) I was able to order the bearing online and have them ship the belt, but in the middle of Lake Effect Snow around Buffalo, means I will be having to shovel manually with a poor back. =( I still like the unit, and the design, and if it wasn't for the one defective sealed bearing seizing up, it would be still awesome to use.

Original post: Made in error of love and hope: Great unit. Good design. Could see how if its really cold it may be harder to direct the flow of snow (change directions.). But no issues. Honestly though, I haven't even had a chance to try it in snow.
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on March 15, 2017
Would I recommend it? Yes. If you have a power outlet and cord that can reach where you need to go - driveway & sidewalk. It works well on a uniform surface. Not so good with the curves and ridges associated with a curb and gutter. But it does a great job of dealing with the heavy lifting!

I have just used it to clear my driveway of the first serious snow this season. About 4" of heavy late season snow covering about 1000 sq ft. Two half hour sessions did it. But it took some serious pushing to get it done. Two men with manual shovels took all morning to clear the smaller driveway across the road. That's a plus for 60+ me.
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on December 16, 2016
I purchased this to use on my decks due to it light weight. However, I decided to give it a try to clear the driveway which consisted of 5" of hard-packed, icy snow. I did have to push into it like a shovel, but it bogged down and threw it about 25 ft. I just had to chip away at it, but it did the job. Not that I would ever recommend using it for this purpose, but it was more of a test to see if this could handle something other than fresh snow. Granted, I would have had a difficult time with any snow blower on that driveway. The best part, no damage to the snow blower or plastic blade. I would recommend this blower to anyone needing a small powerful blower. As for the other reviews that talk about the cord getting in the way, it does! However, that is a small price to pay for the weight and movability of this machine. I may eventually pickup another one for the back deck. Right now it is too easy to just pick it up and bring from the front to the back of the house.
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VINE VOICEon February 16, 2015
I purchased this at Christmas as a present for myself and finally had a chance to use it today. We had about five inches of snow, so we were able to give it a full test on our 50 by 20 ft driveway and sidewalk. As a Sr Citizen, I found it much easier to use than shoveling the snow out of the driveway. I'd also like to mention that it was very easy to assemble.

This blower works best on powdered snow, and blows it nicely out of the way. There are some suggestions I have if you are using this for the first time ... or planning to use it.

1) Park your cars far enough from the edge of the driveway so that you can run the blower beside it. It will not clear an area with grass, so you need a clear path.
2) Plan your path. This says it blows "up to 25 ft" but while the snow does blow quite a distance, some of the snow will fall closer. So, work from the middle out - or from one side to the other.
3) Keep ice melt on hand to lay down where you have cleared to keep your path from being icy.

All in all, it really does make the job of light snow (like we get) of 3 to six inches much easier to handle. (Under 3 inches, I usually just let the sun handle it).
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on January 15, 2018
After doing some extensive shopping on line for this model, I found it at the Amazon warehouse for about half the price of other stores. Being that it was coming from Amazon, I was willing to take the risk that it was a return "open box" item and purchased it for about $67. I received in the original box, open it up, minor assemble, good direction for that, and put it to use on cleaning the snow off my deck. Works perfect and as advertised.
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on November 13, 2014
I live in Wisconsin and we have harsh snowy winters. This snow thrower worked better than I expected. I wanted something lightweight but strong that my 12 year old daughter and I could handle. It does a good job of clearing the snow in a average city size driveway and sidewalks. We used it several times last winter including during a couple of major snow storms and it performed very well. If you have a very large driveway you might want something bigger or more heavy duty because it isn't her big.
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on January 15, 2018
This is quite a remarkable product as it is extremely light and you feel like it’s a toy. I’ve used it several times and think it’s a great product for the price. I’ve used an electric snow shovel and this is far superior. I prefer the movable vanes rather than a chute as it’s less likely to clog. Being light means it’s easy to carry it up and down from my basement with just one hand. I haven’t used it on wet snow yet but it’s great so far.
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