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on June 10, 2013
I did a lot of research on this case from Amazon, I will try to clear up some speculation and heresay with facts and confirmation or denial of what others have said:

When I came to look for this case on Amazon, I did it because I could not afford the full retail price listed on the Griffin website. I read many many reviews and started to worry if it would be worth a shot at only paying 45 dollars for this case. I am only 19 and I am the only income for my family, working income. But my parents are unable to work and my father is on disability. This was my only option for this case. And I don't regret it. It was stressful wondering if what I was getting would be legit or not.

As many many others have said. The main two issues with buying this discounted case on Amazon is that it is either counterfeit or an older model. I did extensive research and both issues are true. Griffin is a company that is so often victim of counterfeiting. Griffin is a good company, but many people try to counterfeit it, from what I can gather it's the way they trademark, or patent things that leaves them so vulnerable to being target of knock offs. Not only counterfeits, but wholesalers often intentionally give customers the wrong model. Both of these issues are real, and do happen, very often. However in my case, I've been given the luck of the majority. I have looked my box, and case, over and over thoroughly while doing more research on it, and I have found that not only does my case happen to be real, but it is the new model even. With those two issues being real, there are still more people getting a genuine product than those getting scammed, but it's still a risk.

As others have said, the flaps should rotate on hinges, and mine do. But they've also said that they are so flimsy that they break off on the first day. I've tested mine, pulled and tugged, and they wont come off for me. Again, I am with the majority of people getting a genuine product.

People have said that the screen protector causes some of the responsiveness to weaken. I have noticed this as well, especially in the corners. But most of the time this is not noticeable. But the corners are very weak, for example, go to settings, wallpaper, and find the background you want. When you go to select "Both" as the wallpaper, you have to press hard. The corners are very very weak, as a matter of fact, changing your wallpaper is annoying at first if you have this case. I will not lie, it is freaking annoying. BUT, you can get used to it, remember you need to press slightly harder, and stop expecting it to be feather sensitive. After a while it is not really noticeable, the annoyance goes away.

Another problem people have stated, is a rainbow effect. I do have some distortion, but only when the screen is off. it looks like a lava lamp pattern, only is lines inside of lines inside of lines. Like this ((((. But with my case, when I unlock it, this isn't apparent, and there's no rainbow effect.

Last issue I'd like to point out, is the issues with the stand. Yes, it only works in landscape. But with my case it's not flimsy, it is very sturdy and durable. When you pull it out, it's hard getting it out as you have to pull it with your nail, you know, one of those fingernail grooves. The only way I can see it breaking, is if you try to force it open, which is always the wrong thing to do, with anything in life. But when closing it, I could see it breaking, except there's an easy way to do it most people don't think about. It is an A like shape. Picture an A, you have two slanted legs, and in the middle you have a prong holding them out. /|\ If you simply push the middle prong it folds in very gently and easily, do not force the legs down, push the prong in the middle.

To summarize this. All of the reports of it being a scam, are true, there are fakes, there are companies that give you an old model instead of the new. There are defects in the screen, but for the majority it's never noticeable. just about all the reports of issues are confirmed by many people. But in the majority of the cases, they are not true. In my case I got a completely legit, and genuine product. It has issues, like being less responsive, but that's nothing I can't simply adjust to. And the issues with the stand, are probably the customers own fault for trying to force it open or shut. People complain that it broke first time they dropped it. If you drop it on the corner of a table, or on a sharp rock, it doesn't matter what case you use, nothing can stop that flat of a screen with that much weight or momentum. The case does not make your iPad invincible, it has some issues, which for me I can easily adjust to.

The question is, are you willing to let go of that perfect Apple glitz and glamour, for a durable heavy duty case? Are you willing to pay less, and try your luck and see if you are one of the majority and get exactly what you need, for half the cost? I had no choice, I had to get a cheaper version, and with all the reports of issues, I was worried and skeptical, and now that I see I am part of the majority who get an excellent product, I am completely happy with this case from Amazon. If anything I am impressed. This case is actually better constructed than my otter box for my iPhone 4s at bestbuy, and Otterbox Defenders are amazing.

It's all depending on what you need, can pay, or want to take a chance on. It worked for me it might for you.
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on September 28, 2012
Make sure when you receive this item, that is in in fact model GB35108.

The difference is significant.
-The old model has a clam shell design that envelopes the iPad. Then you wrap the clam shell with a silicone case.
-The new model (GB35108)has a front panel that snaps on over the silicone case.

In addition, the port flaps have hinges to rotate out of the way, whereas the older model does not.

Unfortunately, I had to return mine as I want the new model as indicated on Amazon's "Item model number: GB35108", which I did not receive.
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on November 5, 2012
I recently purchased this case as it was a great deal on Amazon vs the retail price of $79. When the a-frame stand broke, I contacted Griffin for a replacement stand. They asked for a picture of the box to ensure they sent the right stand, and after seeing the picture of the box responded telling me that the case I purchased was a counterfeit.
Here is the email from Griffin customer support:

"> So sorry to hear you're experiencing trouble with your Survivor case. The reason you are having so much trouble is that the case you have is a counterfeit. The biggest indicator I can see is the typo on the front for compatibility. It should say "new iPad + iPad 2", but your box has no spaces so it shows "new iPad+iPad2". I would venture to guess that on the back in the bottom right, "Military-Duty Case With Stand" has the word stand misspelled. I would also guess if you were to pull up the sticker that is covering over the bar code on the bottom, it would show Griffin P/N GB05202. That part number is for an olive green case for an iPhone. The actual P/N for the black iPad Survivor case would be either GB02480 or GB35108.
> With those indicators of it being counterfeit, I would suggest contacting your original point of purchase (in this case, probably the Amazon reseller). They may be unaware they have purchased counterfeits from their wholesaler, but it is definitely not a genuine Griffin product. So sorry for the inconvenience. I hope this answers your questions, and feel free to let me know if I can be of further help."

I'd stay away from this one!
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on December 3, 2013
Bought these for employees who work outside and in manholes. Very good protection. The little rubber covers for the ports keep moisture and dirt out pretty well. The cases are heavy, relatively speaking. They will about double the weight and thickness of an iPad, but you can drop your iPad onto the street and it will be fine. The only thing I don't like is the screen protector. It's glued in, so you can't replace it, and it's not very good quality. It scratches very easily and it has some opacity, so in sunlight, it makes it a bit harder to see the screen if you have auto brightness turned on. I contacted the manufacturer to see if I could buy just the screen protector or even the top half of the inner plastic clamshell the screen protector is glued into. Unfortunately, they don't sell just that part, so when your screen protector gets scratched up, you'll either just have to deal with it, or buy another case. The price has come down, so it's not too bad to just buy a new one, but it would be best if they just improved the screen protector and/or allowed you to buy just that part as a replacement. Otherwise, an outstanding product.
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on June 26, 2013
Received exact item ordered, easy to install, there are even YouTube videos which show you how to remove the Griffin Survivor from your 4th Gen, should you need to. I actually needed to reattach the speaker cover as its hinge popped out of its female connector when I was pulling it from my bag, a little too aggressively it appears. I also think it wasn't fully engaged after I'd pulled it out to improve sound quality temporarily. Clearly a misdemeanor on my part.

No complaints, really! It used to feel like I wasn't getting adequate contact with the buttons on the edge of the screen, however, I removed the Griffin, cleaned it and reinstalled it and it seems to be more sensitive to touch along the edges of the screen. Imagine the Griffin like a protective condom for your iPad, it protects but decreases sensitivity slightly! If you really can't stand the feel of decreased sensation, you are more than welcome to leave yourself open to the possible consequences of your desire for instant gratification! I would rather protect my investment and enjoy the pleasure (of my iPad, thank you) for as LONG as possible! Enjoy your iPad condom.
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on August 15, 2013
First thing I did was check to see if this one was counterfeit--as Amazon had stopped selling this model for a while due to that issue. the box was slightly banged up and there's no model number anywhere, unless you carefully peel back the sticker the seller slapped on the box ( which I did). and it appears I got the real thing. So far I really like it. The protective screen cover is a little hard to get on and off, which I had to do a few times to get all the dust out from under the screen. The rubberized back is a magnet for dust and pet hair. i've got 2 dogs and a cat,and although I'm not particularly untidy, I can imagine the pet hair will find this thing constantly.

All of the protective rubber tabs are easy to open except the one for the mute button, which I rarely use anyway. It also appears they fixed the issue many people had with the older models where you had to pull the audio and camera tabs back and twist them into slots to keep them out of the way. on this model they pivot 360 degrees. The stand seems very flimsy, I have a feeling it will end up breaking--I've seen people report that happening. I haven't found the protective screen to compromise the image quality or touch at all--I've got the 4th gen with retina display. it is less smooth than the glass, of course, so I notice a slight bit of friction when sliding across the screen. Overall, I'm very happy with it, especially for the price.
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on September 22, 2012
I have been using this cover for the last few days.

Fits really good. very tight fit.
Don't have to worry about where I put down my new iPad
Feels grip-y, won't slip from anywhere
decent stand
the screen protector does not interfere with the "touch" mechanism. It is a 1 to 1 ratio as far as sensitivity.

The screen protector gives off extra reflection along with colorful swirl marks. These swirl markings become more apparent under any type of fluorescent lighting. Usually the screen is bright enough so you don't see them, but enough to irritate some perfectionists. I'm assuming that the colorful swirl marks is just the nature of the screen protector
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on March 22, 2013
Let me be frank (you can be whomever you like): I don't like putting cases on electronics. I never have, and I never will. Phone? Case-less. Tablet? Case-less. They add bulk, and I can't help but think that electronics should be designed to be durable from the start. A good piece of tech shouldn't need a case.

But let's be honest: there are times when you have to protect your tech. I use my iPad on construction sites across the nation. These are not tablet-friendly places, and it is downright foolish to walk onto a site with a $500 piece of glass in your hands, ready to be dropped, dusted, wetted, or otherwise compromised.

The Griffin case makes my iPad invincible. Drops are no problem. Dust is no problem. Water is no problem. I can keep on working without worrying about my tech investment. And the build in stand is much more useful than I'd ever thought it would be.

Yes, the case is big and bulky. It is build to last, which means that it can be a pain to take it off of your iPad for the weekend. But it does its job, exactly like it says it will.

I don't like cases, but I happily use this Griffin on my 4th generation iPad any time I'm out in the field.
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on November 10, 2014
I had my ipad in an Otterbox Defender case for two years until the stand broke. Two years and not a scratch to my ipad, despite drops on tile and concrete. I saw reviews for this case by Griffin. They looked good so I figured that I'd try the product, as it was about $20 cheaper than another Otterbox.

I should have spent the extra money. First of all, the stand is terrible. It is a little plastic thing on the reverse of the case, folds too easily and holds the ipad either bolt upright or nearly flat on the table - at just the right angle to catch the glare from the light above. The screen protector is fairly loose and scratches easily and admits dust on the inside. But the worst part of this case is that it does an extremely poor job of protecting the ipad. Without a single major drop, my ipad ended up cracked in the first couple of weeks. The screen cover was so scratched up, I didn't even notice that it was damaged until the ipad began to malfunction a bit too much. It's after the 30 day window, so I can't get a refund for the product. I know I can probably get a warranty replacement, but I don't want one.If the military is truly using these cases, I'm writing my congressman.

I'm never putting my ipad in anything except an Otterbox again.
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on July 26, 2015
I have an iPad 2 that has been in this case for 3 plus years. I accepted that this was going to make my iPad bulkier and more volume than any other cases. If your willing to accept a larger case then this case might work for you.

Pros: The durability is amazing. The case takes a beating of toddlers, the weather, anything you want. It holds up well the signs of damage are minimal years into owning.

Cons: The stand his horrible, it doesn't work on any type of any uneven surface, it is super flimsy and by far the weakest part of the case. This case is not easy to get on an off and then makes it really hard to clean the inside of the case when the case gets dirty. The other thing not really talked about in this is the speaker and the camera ports. They are covered by the silicone cover. That works for the durability but is a pain for for if you want to use the speaker or the camera. They get caught on backpacks or pulled off somewhat easily. They are only connected by a little plastic and it rotates freely. The speaker cover has come off at least 20 times in my bag. I finally just took it off this then makes the case not resistance like it should be. Last complaint is the switches on the side, they stick out much further than normal iPad switches and then get hit when you place it on the desk or by accident.

The bottom line is I spent a decent amount of money on an iPad I want to protect it. The case is expensive compared to some others, but after three years of use it has paid for its self over and over.
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