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on January 4, 2015
I bought the charcoal/red in Medium and was pleasantly surprised.

Quality & Use
The red color was very vibrant, just as the pictures showed, which was surprising since the colors are rarely as bright as the model pictures for anything. The gray color was the slightly darker grey as pictured as well. The material was very nice and soft, clearly of good quality, and a bit stretchy. It has a slightly satiny-silky-smooth feel to it that does a good job outlining ridges and bumps of whatever's underneath when pulled taut. The draw strings are very heavy and thick rope-like material, and the hood interior is not only vibrant, but the same smooth material. Seams aren't bulky or thick, yet are quite strong. The material itself isn't very thick though, which would impact the style badly anyway, and is more of a slightly heavier long sleeved shirt than it is an actual sweatshirt. The hood is very small, clearly intended only for appearance and not for use, which is perfect for the style since it keeps it from hanging way down your back and feeling uncomfortable when you sit down with your back against a chair. The shirt itself doesn't have any inner liner (unlike some of the others from this brand), which further differentiates this from an actual sweatshirt used for warmth. It feels very good on the inside either with an undershirt or without, and the seams don't bind, chafe, or constrict under active movement. It doesn't appear it was the intent, but the fabric feels to be slightly moisture wicking as well, though the liner of the hood and the draw strings will absorb and retain moisture. The draw strings are also quite long, almost half again what appears in the pictures (at least for size Medium), but they tend to cling to the front of the shirt ever so slightly so they aren't swinging around all the time, but not so tightly that the static cling is obvious to an observer.

Overall Fit
As I mentioned, I bought a size Medium. I'm 5'7" with a stockier build, having a 44" chest and wide muscular shoulders and arms over a 30" waist and 34" hips. Despite what other reviewers said, it fits quite well and I wouldn't change sizes. Understanding that the point of the "hoodie" is to fit tighter and show off the physique a bit, it fits about how one would expect. It's definitely not a vanity size by any means. After the first wear following a wash, the fabric stretches out slightly (like all shirts) so it's not quite as constricting as straight out of the dryer, which is the fit I'm talking about.

Length Fit
Others have mentioned it, and I reiterate that like most of these stylish shirts/coats/sweatshirts coming out of China, the torso's short and the arms are long. For me the torso's surprisingly about the right length, coming down to just below my belt buckle when my arms are down, despite how short I am (5'7"). The arms are however a few inches too long. If you wear it how the model does, with the sleeves pushed back, it works pretty well because it gives a good amount of cloth that gets bunched up, but if you want to wear the sleeves down you'll still have some extra cloth bunching on your forearms or elbows. The cuff part of the sleeves seems to be the culprit, being overly long (as the pictures reveal), but not seeming to have been accounted for when the sleeve length was calculated for the size.

Hood & Collar Size
I've seen numerous complaints from reviewers about the small hood, and I really don't understand what the complaints are about. The style isn't one in which the hood is actually used or functional, so a smaller hood is actually a benefit (not getting in your way when you sit down or wear a coat). The rim of the hood is slightly small for the overall hood size, which gives it that slightly lifted look shown in the pictures that actually reveals the contrast lining. This smaller hood does however contribute to a smaller and thicker collar, which affects the fit and appearance a bit if you have large trapezius muscles or don't have a giraffe-like neck. If you're like me, you should plan on it making your shoulders and upper body look even stockier than a flat collar shirt would.

Arm & Shoulder Fit
Just like every other stylish shirt out of China these days, the shirt was designed for people who have no arm muscle to show off their arm muscles. The arms are narrower and tighter than most, though the slightly stretchy fabric handles even large arms well. I have 16" upper arms and very big forearms (rock climber forearms) and while the shirt felt a tighter than I would have expected, the material stretched easily to accommodate and didn't seem strained. The appearance also didn't seem abnormal, but did do a reasonable job of showing off the arms. Like most long sleeved shirts I've owned though, the cuffs were tight on my forearms when I pushed them up, and the extra long bands of the cuffs didn't do so well in appearance. The actual cuffs are only slightly more narrow than standard, but because of their extra long size and my extra large forearms, I can only comfortably push the cuffs up 1-2 inches instead of half-way up my forearms (as is usual). I suspect this is an issue that might occur for others with large arms as well, since bigger upper arms are frequently accompanied by larger forearms as well. The shoulders have a seam that runs perfectly vertical and stretches well with the rest of the fabric. My very large chest requires the shoulders to accommodate some extra stretch, which it does very well while also wrapping the shoulders themselves well. The shoulder-to-shoulder width is a little more narrow than some other fits, but consistent with a slim fit from any other brand.

Chest & Waist Fit
The chest fits like a dream, surprising for me since I have an overly muscled chest with large pectorals and laterals, and continues to fit well down to the bottom of the ribs. The fit is tight without being constricting, and shows the physique off well. Even if your chest isn't huge, it would fit well and show off the physique, but like the rest of the shirt you're not going to be able to hide moobs (man-boobs) with this. Also unlike some shirts, the arm/shoulder holes are set in the proper position on the chest, so a wider chest will not push your shoulders further into the sleeves and shorten the sleeve length like many other slim fit shirts I've worn. This is a positive since the material itself is more than capable of stretching to fit while maintaining a normal appearance and will cause the material to wrap your chest up to your arm pits rather than giving a wide batwing-underarm effect. The waist size was a slight disappointment to me, but not unreasonable. Nearly every shirt I've ever worn tends to hang a little loose around my waist, and this was no different. My waist is between 30" and 32", which I would have expected would fall within the normal size range for a Medium given the fit of the rest of the shirt. The shirt does fit very well across the stomach and below the ribs, slightly looser than across the chest, but not baggy by any means. It doesn't fit tight enough that you're going to constantly see a six-pack, but it's tight enough that even a slight paunch or toned stomach are going to regularly outlined. For fit people it's safely not ostentatious, but revealing enough to be stylish and attractive, while for those that don't have a flat stomach it will keep them from ever wearing this shirt. The waist being slightly loose could be a design choice based on the stomach fit as well. For those of us still fighting the "fit fat" stomach muscle shelf between lower abs and hip flexors, it keeps the shirt from making it look like we have a gut.
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on June 28, 2016
first of all I love this hoodie. The UPS people attempted to deliver it to me but I wasn't home at the time. Thanks to a good man who knows me, and works for UPS, I ended up still getting my package a little later that day. He delivered it to me at work. The hoodie is so light and thin, but it's very good quality fabric and its SO soft. I really love the way its cut in at the waist, and for someone who has a broad upper torso (not muscular) its really flattering to my body type and gives the illusion of a very tapered waist. A LOT of the reviews that people have posted on here say that you have to be all buffed out to look good in this shirt. That's not true at all. I personally don't think that anyone should be shammed for their body type and told that they don't need to wear this type clothing. I have lost 75 pounds in the last year (I do encourage exercise and healthy eating habits. That's how I lost the weight. I am now 190 lbs and 6ft tall), and still have a little bit of a gut and love handles. I bought a medium and it fit perfectly is all the right places. If you want to buy this shirt and you like the way it looks on you, WEAR IT! don't worry about all these people with muscles on top of their muscles that are telling you that you don't need to wear this, or that you need to meet a curtain standard to be worthy of wearing it. But back to the product, it's great quality, fit, color, size... everything! I would highly recommend it and I plan I purchasing more colors in the future!!!! Thank you GRIN&BEAR!!!!!!!!! GREAT PRODUCT
review image
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on December 17, 2013
I'm 6'1" and about 190 lbs, and a fairly athletic build with broad shoulders. This L size jersey fits great. The other aspect that impressed me was that I have slightly longer arms, and this hoodie had the extra length for that!
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on February 10, 2016
Absolutely loved the first one (Charcoal/Red) so much I decided to buy another one in white. I almost forgot I ordered this seeing how it takes a while for it to arrive, which I was fully aware of after buying the first one. When it did arrive I was ecstatic to try it on.

"Oh yeah, I'm liking thi... Wait a minute." :/

That's when I noticed some flaws in the material. At first you don't notice them until you put it on and the fabric stretches. There are two small spots near the left pectoral that looks like the fabric wasn't interwoven properly (see photo). Then I noticed one of the draw strings had threads coming loose and very visible. I took some scissors to them to reduce the fraying but their still noticeable. I decided to wear the hoodie anyways just to see if I could get over the minor flaws in the garment.

*Sigh* Unfortunately after wearing it for one day I thought I could see past the minor imperfections but I couldn't. On top of that now I have a loose thread (see photo) one foot in length on the back waist line that has come loose, which has caused other threads to come loose as well. I'm beginning to think the one I got was made on a Monday or Friday.

Overall I'm really disappointed in the fabric and quality of this one hoodie seeing how I love my other one. I would like to return this one back for an even exchange, but mailing it back to Germany costs almost as much as I paid for the hoodie itself. I'd be better off just to buy another one, but right now I'm unsure if I want to buy another one. So for now I'm stuck with it deciding if I'll ever wear it again.
review image review image review image
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on December 11, 2013
I have four of these hoodies now, and I'm and quite fond of all of them (Black, White, Maroon, and Blue). I haven't had the fit issues that some of the other reviewers have mentioned, but of course it is quite difficult to determine if clothing will fit you appropriately online. That being said, I'm 6'5" with a swimmer's build, and a "Large" is a perfect fit for me. Sleeves are a good length (go just over my wrist), and the length is great (comes down right below my waistline - a belt would show if I needed to bend over or move a lot).

These aren't traditional hoodies (those that are constructed for maximum warmth and coverage). I wear mine as a I would a shirt when out with friends for dinner or drinks. They do provide some warmth, but the material has a high percentage of Spandex in it (i.e., it is made to cling to your body and will show off the body you have (whether you want it to or not)). Personally, I prefer slim fitting clothing, but you may want to consider that when selecting your size. Overall, I'm very satisfied with the fabric. I wash mine on the gentle cycle (per the instructions), and (despite instructions to the contrary) tumble dry on low heat (who has time to flat dry a hoodie?).

Spoke with Customer Service once. They emailed back within an hour, and were very professional with accurately answering my question. If you are in the America's, be aware that this product ships from overseas, with one shipping speed. That being said, I've received all of mine within a week of purchasing. Not bad, considering some sellers in the states take even longer to ship their products.
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on December 26, 2013
After reading the reviews for this product (the height, weight, and size purchased info was the most helpful to me), I decided to go with a medium. I am 5'3" and about 145 pounds (29-30 waist) and I guess I have what can be described as an athletic, short, and stocky Asian build. I was a bit nervous about choosing the medium because a couple of the guys who bought the medium were 5'11 and 175 pounds. I normally purchase "small" in clothing but because I've been putting on some weight (muscle, hopefully), I've had to go up another size recently. Fortunately, there was another reviewer who was, I believe, 5'9" and 170-180 and purchased a large. Based on the heights and weights of all of the reviewers, I guesstimated that medium was the best bet.

So when I finally received it and tried it on, it probably turned out to be the best choice. It's probably not as fitted as it is supposed to be in certain areas, like the lower torso, but it works for me. I have about 14" arms and it was definitely snug in the arms. Also, the silk screen printed lines on the left arm wraps around the arm somewhat tight, and if you flex your arm, you will feel the pressure. As for the length, given that I'm of a shorter stature, it reached halfway down my butt, which I'd rather have it do than have it closer to my belt line. So if I raise my arms above me, the hoodie will just reach my belt line. I was worried the hood itself was going to be non-functional based on another review, but when I put it on, it fit somewhat normally. I guess I would compare it to a speed skater's type of hoodie, but not as tight. It certainly looks normal when it's not on and doesn't look odd to me at all. The sleeves are naturally long on me since they fit just right for those a lot taller than me, but it doesn't look odd pulled up.

The first day I wore it, I received compliments so I guess it was worth the money. Ha ha. If you can rock it, I'd say go ahead and buy it. If you're in a colder climate, I would probably wear something over it. It's fitted and the material is thin enough so you can probably wear a heavier coat/jacket for another layer of warmth.

As for shipping, I was informed this was shipped on 12/9 to southern California and I received it on 12/23. The time frame seemed longer than others on here, but I'm guessing it was because it was during the holiday season. I actually ordered a second one as a Christmas present a couple of days later and they both arrived on the same date.

I will probably purchase some of the other products this apparel company sells - like the buttoned up hoodie.
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on December 11, 2015
Classic Grin&Bear. The torso length is too small (when will a designer ever get this right for men?), the sleeves stretch out in circumference and shrink in length, and the hood - that damn hood.

I would recommend everyone to buy one of these and walk around with the hood on because it would tickle the hell out of me.
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on April 20, 2014
Very good quality, and it fits really well! Quite pleased with this purchase, so I'm gonna buy another one. I'm 6'1 and 175lbs with a lean body type so the large is perfect.
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on October 15, 2014
First of all get a size larger than normal. I actually read the reviews on here and it served me well. I'm a solid medium but ordered a large and it fits great. I like Grin&Bear's slim fit style, as it shows your muscle definition and tone (if you have it, otherwise it'll show your gut and love-handles). One thing to note that wasn't mentioned by other reviewers is that it isn't a very "thick" sweater/hoodie. It's very thin actually, so don't expect it to keep you very warm. Not a big deal though since I live in Southern California. My focus was on the slim fit of this sweatshirt, since a lot of the surfer or skater sweatshirts I have are too baggy. Or they show the brand name all over the sweatshirt. Which is ugly and self-promotional. But I like the fit and plain style of this hoodie. So overall it seems pretty well made and good for the price. I would recommend it and will consider buying more of their clothes.
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on October 18, 2015
I wear a US Large t-shirt regularly but after reading the reviews, I bought an XL. Still kinda small in my opinion but that's really what I was looking for because I was in the market for a tighter fitting sweatshirt.

This thing really exceeded my expectations. It's soft, very stylish, comfy. Really compliments my athletic build. I wear it almost everyday.

It's true what they say tho.. it's so thin that it's more of a hooded long sleeve shirt than a sweatshirt.. I'm okay with that though. Don't expect it to keep you warm outside in the snow or anything but its great for chilly, over air-conditioned rooms or whatever. It's still an extra layer no how matter how thin it is. The thinness also makes it wearable when its warm out, too, if you're into that kinda thing.

10/10 Would Recommend
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