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on July 18, 2016
Guardians by Lola StVil was an okay book. I came across this book when I was a year or two younger and thought it was the best book ever. Now that I'm older and reading it..... it's okay.

Emerson Hope Baxter: Emmy is a girl who thinks that she doesn't deserve to have chosen things because her Mom was raped and that's how she came into the world. She's quite and has no friends except for one and she goes and dies. And the whole "I am in love with Marcus even though he is with Ameana and can't be with me and I barely know him" is kinda pathetic. Don't get me wrong, I think it's a good book but StVil can work on some things. Like relationships. And her spelling. I'm not the kind of person who really notices spelling errors, considering I make them myself. But I noticed quite a few so readers be warned.
My main problem with the book is the relationships and character development.
Emmy and Marcus?? Really?? I don't get why they attempt to be together at all. He told her he was in love with Ameana, why dies Emmy keep torturing herself? Why, why why????? And then he whole relationship with Resse was just weird. Like she thinks she "loves" Marcus but as soon as Resse declares that he likes Emmy she dropped the whole thing with Marcus and wants Resse? I'm sorry by that was so stupid to me. To me it just seemed that Emmy as acting desperate. An the fact that Marcus flipped out about the kiss? He had no reason to. Th main thing is, Emmy came across at first as a boring girl with no life beside th one friend she barley hung out with, her mom, and her cat. And now since the Angels came an suddenly is close with all of them( except for Ameana, because really who could blame her). I think Emmy was an okay character if that. She as way to impulsive, only cared about herself, was in a denial about Marcus, an when someone I REALLY LOVED and important died, she got over it pretty fast. Not to mention the fact Thatcher was friends with her mom, yet she as hardly in the book or even mentioned.
I am just saying that through all of this Ameana was justified and even warranted for her behavior. If a girl claimed she was in love with my boyfriend an keep making a move even after the Sag warned Emmy that she would be Marcus's undoing I would be posses too. An throughout her more than into just a wall.
The twins are good characters too. Rio obviously has love for his twin Miku, since he attempted to save her before they died. I like how in this book their Core remains a secret. Rio obviously ha a crush on A mean though and I think that they should end up together but reading the second book I did change my mind. Ripeness always trying to save everyone because of his power and I thought that was sweet. An stupid how he left. I mean are you tryin to get rid of everyone Lola??? Miku was a different story all together though. I found her creepy but a good charter who knew herself. Though she I kinda fast to anger and forgive.

All in all this book was good but had some things wring with it. At the end o every book though it left a cliffhanger so it felt more like a bunch of short stories than an actual book(s).
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on September 17, 2016
The storyline was fair but the guardian angel dishonesty with himself and others of his team did not make any sense as a leader his honor /dedication should've been to his elders/team and his mission. The controversy about a human relationship and an angel should not have been central to the storyline more emphasis should have been given to the unraveling of clues with dangerous action sequences on their mission after the tripled. Storyline should have developed more on the tripled per second. I felt that the immature love interest took away from the story. It should have enriched every aspect and all you got was ramblings that did not make sense. I believe that the author should have thought out the characters of the heroes especially the love interest more.
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on June 13, 2016
I was disappointed with this book. The premise was interesting, and wanted to give it a go. Unfortunately this embodied everything I dislike about YA books; the self-pity, the whining, unrequited love, all in the most juvenile of sorts. Most of the book focuses on the love story which quite frankly don't make a lot of sense, and the major apocalyptic plot line seems to be on the back burner. There were some good parts, but it wasn't enough to make me want to continue with the series.
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on March 17, 2017
I read this year's ago but never reviewed it. In my rereading this story I found items that I missed before which makes me appreciate the story more. Angels called Guardians are here to find an item that will save Earth for another thousands of years. They get one clue and it's the name of the girl....Emerson. Human with no clue what they need and her entrance into their midst throws everything into chaos. Unfortunately she's an impulsive 16 year old teen with the emotional state that comes with this age. At times it's actually painful to see her and her actions and reactions especially when it comes to Marcus who is the head Guardian and the one she falls in love with.
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on July 25, 2016
I thought it look like an interesting story. I was terribly wrong. Emerson was absolutely pathetic. She is so consumed by "love" that she has no self of worth and is in short insipid. The only character I could tolerate in this book was Ameana, Marcus's girlfriend who Emmy keeps throwing herself at.
However I could have look past the awful characters if the story flowed better. You start reading Emmy's weepy tale of woe and then a third of the way
through you get put in Marcus's head. Marcus's story begins before Emmy so you have to go back in time. Then reread through the same stuff again. It was awful because it offered nothing new. Except now you know that Marcus is consumed by this" love"too. I use know in the looses of terms bc I was being told everything is not the same as experiencing it. I was told Emmy love Marcos but never felt this. It read like a first draft of a novel. In Short This book sucks!
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on September 8, 2016
I wish you could give negative stars lol. I thought this would be a good book but was wrong. I liked the theory of it but I found myself thinking, "wow this main character is a whiny bitch". Seriously what right did she have to get all butt hurt cause she can't have another girls guy. Half the time I found myself going, "wait, what?" And really, angels can die? Aren't they ALREADY dead? ☠ Anyway book was free read it in a day and won't be readying anymore!
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on January 5, 2016
This is a great read. I bought this book and honestly it sat in my collection for about a month before I decided to read it. I was amazed at how the characters came together and how everything flowed easily. I will definitely be buying the rest of the series.
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on November 6, 2015
Great story and characters. You get into the story and everything comes alive for you. You get lost in the book and can't wait to read it to find out what happens to them. Only thing is that this is a series so you have to read the others if you want to see then through to the end.
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on April 5, 2017
I downloaded Guardians: The Girl as a free book from Amazon. First, this appears to be the first book of a multi-book saga, so don't expect closure at the end of this episode, which ends in a cliffhanger. The protagonist, Emmy, is a typically over-dramatic fifteen year old. I could not relate to her obsessive focus on Marcus, except that he looks pretty-- there is certainly no conversation or similar hobbies that would draw her to him on an intellectual level. Emmy was very irritating to me (as I'm in my mid-fifties), but I can see other teen girls loving Emmy's character and empathizing with her "love" of Marcus. As the characters are too selfish and immature for me, I won't continue the series, but I think this would be a great teen read.
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on April 18, 2016
I downloaded this book because the plot line sounded intriguing. As I read I wish this story was written by a different author. It has potential, but the dialog killed the book. I had to stop 3/4 of the way because I couldn't stand the way the author wrote this book. It was like reading something a middle school students to would write. Very disappointed.
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