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on June 17, 2011
The wind generator actually works well. The instructions are a bit fuzzy, for example, "the straight edge of the blade should be to the right when fixed to the hub." Sure it sounds simple enough, but what if you are on the left of the hub? The blades are not straight, they are contoured, so what the hell? I just put it together like I designed it and it has worked fine. I'm guess just a common sense approach to the assembly works best.

The charge controller also clicks. I had to contact customer service to confirm this, but a note in the instructions would have been nice to quell my fears of burning the house down when my wife called me to say the controller was clicking.

All in all it is a good product. The last tip is to be sure you're able to mount the turbine high enough to make it worth your while. If you can get it 40 plus feet you should be fine.
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on June 24, 2012
So, nice little unit, pretty solidly built, not too difficult to assmeble (pay attention to which side of the blades the washers fit!).
I was unable to find the "welded steel pipe" they reccommend for installation, so ended up uisng 2 inch heavy grade conduit and made an adapter (long, painful story).
While the unit claims to be a 400W system, I suspect that's peak under ideal conditions, we have yet to see more than about 10AMPS out of this thing in 30+ MPH winds. However, what we have noticed is that she seems very light in the tail and tends to not keep her nose in the wind. I'm planning to add some mass and area to her tail and will update this review after that. In the meantime:

Excellent price, buck a watt (if you can get all 400...)
Easy assembly
Very well built
Great instructions for adding a brake switch

The controller was worthless, but that's possibly due to the 100A I have coming in from my solar controllers (I just direct connected to my battery bank through a fuse and ammeter)
As mentioned, after the 100 hour+ break in period, still not seeing more than half the rated power.

At this point, I'd be leery of reccommending this to anyone that isn't 100% aware of what they're buying and has some knowledge of how wind generators work.

Stay tuned; I have high hopes for results from improving the tail.
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on October 23, 2012
ive had this up 3 days now with 10mph winds and have yet to see this thing so much as spin might as well stuck it up there with no blades. Does a great job at turning its nose to the wind but spin HA! NO WAY Height is 16feet best i could do for now till i wait for the pole to put it up another almost 10 feet. Hopefully that takes care of the problem. In my honest opinion the blades are not the best design for this to be a low wind model im thinking futher mod of the blades will be needed for my area maybe with some light plasitc with a little trial and error. As far as the blades go they twist the opposite direction gradual starting about mid blade to the end making them straight with 0 angle preventing wind from grabbing and causeing the spin which could cause wind drag on the whole thing stressing the pole even more. If they was going to make the blades this way then why bother to make them as long as they are? Just making the blades work against each other. So basically if you live in an area that wind is normally 10mph or less expect to have to work with the blades to catch the wind better then what they do.

Turbine itself well built and the bearing at the base is a nice touch for low drag on getting the nose to the wind but quite frankly they suck at making blades They seriously need to toss the mold for these blades in the garbage and try again.

12-2-12 Update Will not START produceing amprage untill 10mph winds and ive added attachments to the blades to make it catch more wind also exceeded the 100 hour break in.
12-16-12 Caught a steady 12mph wind today and getting 1/2 an amp out of this thing. So be warned if you live in a zone low wind like i do then find another product that may work better for you this thing is the worst money ive spent in my life total complete waist been better off to give the money to a homeless shelter to take care of people in need of help at least ide feel better about the loss of money.
Amazon will not take it back because of the outside the return window factor and if i did return it anyway ide only get 50% of my money back on it. LIVE AND LEARN. This will be the last wind turbine i buy.
12-16-12 Got an email back from amazon about 5 hours later with a return label granting me the return and refund. Ill think twice on the Gudcraft product and thier so called "low wind model"
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on November 21, 2014
Well, it ad says 400 watt and the one they sent me says rated 250 watt, and today is charging on 12volts, which is disappointing, but I'm not giving up on it yet.
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on July 26, 2014
Generator stopped working after 7 months of operation. I opened it and the scrolls is burnt. Would also add that the generator had been in the water. $ 400 + transportation in my country + VAT so I flew into the air
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on September 24, 2012
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on March 10, 2015
This turbine is junk!
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on January 6, 2013
Everyone has the WRONG idea about wind power. Get a turbine and make lots of juice because its windy at their place. NOT what smaller (under 10,000 watts) wind turbines are for. Let's say you have the 600watt Gudcraft Turbine. Most generators put ot 120v AC (3 wires) that hook to a rectifier/controller that converts that to 12volts for the batteries. Do the Math (VOLTS x AMPS = WATTS) - 600 watt wind generator at optimum output is about 480watts in a 15-19 mph wind (most turbines are designed to be optimum at this wind speed cause thats the average wind speed in most places, you hardly ever gonna see 600 watts even at 50mph wind). That 480 watts is at 120v AC, thats only 4 amps. Convert that to 12v DC and you are throwing 8 amps to your batteries. That's not much, when you consider if you have just ONE 100watt solar cell at 12v thats 8.3 amps per hour to your batteries. Now imagine a hybrid system (wind and solar both) with 300watts of solar cells, and that 600watt wind turbine. You gonna be making lots of juice from the solar cells each day (IF THE SUN SHINES! even slightly cloudy days cut cell production by about 40%) but your wind turbine is gonna be spinning in the good ole breeze day and night, constantly throwing anywhere from 1-3 amps to your batteries. Think of it as a trickle charger 24 hours a day. Reasearch how much wind you have in your area. A little all the time (5-10mph) is best. And remember, deep cycle batteries are best when charged at a low amp rate, especially as they top off. DO NOT BUY a wind generator alone. Add it to an existing solar system to become hybrid. If you take this approach and already have a solar set-up, or get both to start with, you will see that using the wind generator as it was intended, not as a stand alone, is a HUGE difference in maintaing your batteries near top-off. Like I said, that "trickle charger idea'. Deep cycle batteries LOVE a little juice all the time. No fear and stay informed. Good luck with your project everybody.
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on March 3, 2016
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on April 13, 2012
Blades will not turn even in strong wind. Self braking mechanism appears to be faulty. Blades are not optimally shaped and are further distorted because of the way they are packed. Rectifier/controller is not very well explained. Waste of my money and I get no help from GudCraft.
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